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When you're putting any application on Kubernetes, you have to confirm a few things if you want a successful deployment.

A thread 🧵
A few things to keep in mind are:
- Is the Pod healthy
- Is the Pod running as expected
- Does Kubelet know when to restart a failed/unhealthy container
- Should a Pod receive requests
- Should Kubelet start accepting traffic
and A LOT more

Check out my latest video on how you can implement the above with Liveness and Readiness Probes
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Como entender volumes no Docker e fazer o melhor uso para experimentar em ambiente de desenvolvimento, *painless*

👉 Mastering Docker Volumes { by @leandronsp } from @hashnode

#docker #containers #linux…
E pra quem ainda não viu, tenho mais 2 artigos sobre Docker

1. "Thinking like containers"…

2. "Docker in development, the right way"…
"ah blz fera, mas como faz deploy no GCP com Kubernetes e Pulumi usando essas paradas aí de IaC?"

👉 Rodando NGINX no Google Kubernetes Engine utilizando IaC com Pulumi e Typescript *em 7 passos*, a thread
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Мультиплатформенный образы docker - это дичь, ад и Израиль.

Завтра составлю тред, как тяжело их на самом деле собирать, и почему `docker buildx` не столь простое решение, как может показаться в первую секунду.
Итак, предположим, что абстрактные "вы" выросли, и хочется, как большим, иметь что-то типа вот такого образа…

Как он сделан? Если кратко, то есть… и…

И я на 99% уверен, что первый приготовлен `docker manifest`
Альтернативой является `docker buildx imagetools`.

Но оба инструмента обладают фатальным недостатком.. о котором позже.

А сейчас то, на что вы натыкаетесь, когда только-только начинаете копать в сторону multiarch: docker buildkit, aka buildx. Включен в docker по умолчанию.
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This is the live tweet thread for the @DockerBangalore meetup celebrating Docker's 9th Birthday.

If you're not interested, feel free to mute this thread 🔇

#docker #docker #meetup2022
Shilpa Kallaganad, Enterprise Solutions Lead at
kickstarts the meetup with her insights on DevSecOps Workflow in Modern DevOps Culture,

#devops #devsecops
@ajeetsraina, Docker Captain and Community Leader is here with his insightful overview and current state of Docker.

@DockerBangalore #docker #devops
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🚀✨ Layer 2 Landscape #11 ✨🚀

(1/15) Hello! Another busy week for #L222 #Layer2 #Ethereum. Let's dive in! 🧵👇
(2/15) Growth of the #Layer2 #Ethereum ecosystem will drive ETH to new heights! Check out this thread by @RyanBerckmans for more on L2s and ETH economics:
(3/15) We were treated to a 🔥 educational thread this week by @pythontony on how he technology behind zk proofs works:
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A Kubernetes cluster is made of control plane nodes and worker nodes. And the nodes are made up of a number of components with specific functionalities 🌊

Thread 🧵👇🏻

#kubernetes #devops #docker Image
🧠 Control plane or the master node
These nodes handle and manage the Kubernetes cluster. They don’t run any containers. The main components of a control plane node 👇
👉 API Server
👉 Scheduler
👉 Controller-manager
👉 Storage or etcd

Let’s explain these components one by one.
💠 API Server

It is the only entry point to a Kubernetes cluster that you directly interact with. User commands are sent to the API server, and we receive responses from the API server.
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Are you looking to start with 𝐊𝐮𝐛𝐞𝐟𝐥𝐨𝐰 🌈? check this step by step installation guide for Windows by Ashish Patel 🧵👇🏼…

#MLOps #ML #Kubernetes Image
Kubeflow is an open-source #MLOps tool that provides toolkits for the deployment of machine learning workflows on #Kubernetes 🚀. Supports core data science tools such as Jupyter notebooks, training ML models such as #TensorFlow, #PyTorch, #XGBoost, setting pipelines, etc
The guide covers:
- #Docker installation
- Installation of Choco
- Installation and setting of Hyper-V
- Installation of #MiniKube and #Kubectl
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Devops Roadmap from a begginers perspective = () =>

#DevOps #Linux #Docker #Kubernetes

Here's a thread :
1. Learn & Understand OS Concepts :
Get familiar with Linux understand the different process of memory & process management learn about virtualization Image
2 . Networking Concepts :
Learn about network layers different protocols like http ftp ssh how to listen on different ports & concepts like network security
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Ca va bientôt faire quinze jours que ma psychiatre m'a mis sous #anxiolytiques "light". En cette période, j'ai accompli:
1) J'ai finalisé `SakuraYaku`, l'outil de trad' collaborative de #SakuraTaisen pour @Kmeuh, qui attendait depuis un an que je prenne ~6 heures pour set up un S3, une SQL, et mettre en ligne un ActiveAdmin.
2) J'ai migré mes multiples DBs payantes à 9$/mois pièce chez Heroku pour tout centraliser sur une seule DB à 15$ le tout chez AWS.
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Cloud-Native Learn-by-Doing Platforms (part 2) ✏️

I closely reviewed 10+ platforms providing a hands-on learning experience to study:

- Linux
- Containers
- Orchestration
- other Cloud-Native stuff

My findings (thread) 🔽

#kubernetes #docker #containers #linux #sre #devops
1. A Cloud Guru (acloudguru .com)

A really massive platform for individuals and businesses.

- 360+ courses and 1,600+ hands-on labs
- Clouds: AWS, GCP, etc.
- Tech: Kubernetes, Docker, Serverless

- Servers
- Temporary cloud accounts

2. Developer Sandbox for Red Hat OpenShift (developers.redhat .com/developer-sandbox)

A free platform with a private OpenShift playground:
7 GB RAM, 15GB storage 🔥

Almost no educational content, but combines well with kubebyexample .com.
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It's really a testament to #Docker Desktop that there isn't a comparable tool for local Linux containers on macOS/Windows that solves 80% of what people typically need out of a container runtime locally (1/5)
Just off the top of my head:
- install/update many tools at once
- LinuxKit mini VM on HyperKit (mac)
- Host + WSL2 VM support (win)
- cli tools: docker, docker-compose, hub-tool, docker scan, docker compose v2, docker buildx
- enabling BuildKit
- localhost port maping from VM-to-host
- menubar settings/service management
- GUI for managing objects
- Dev Environments
- VPNKit to work over client VPNs to remote IPs
- bind-mount files from host to VM
- Optional K8s on top
- Built-in K8s LoadBalancer
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Looking for info on alternatives to #Docker Desktop minimal features (run containers on localhost and works with compose)?
Note, like @jbeda and many others have pointed out... that #Docker Desktop is great, and I've been a paid supporter for a while. We also need a free-for-everyone minimal solution for macOS and Windows to run some local Linux containers from the CLI.
Maybe you don't use a GUI to manage local containers, or you don't need k8s builtin, or you don't need it to work over VPN's, or have reliable host bind-mounts, or work on localhost DNS, or built-in image scanning, or avoid managing a full Linux VM, or buildkit setup.
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Did you really know what provides @Docker Desktop for you?
Obviously it will start a Virtual Machine with Docker Engine installed and setup, but Docker Compose, Docker Scan, BuildKit will be there too, ready to use! #Docker 1/5
It will also setup proxies and services, such as DNS, to interact between your local machine and the VM, like a native Linux setup, with volumes, networks, port bindings, so you don't have to manage this by yourself. 2/5
You will also be able to configure the resources used by Docker Desktop (CPU, memory ...), setup your company proxy or start a whole configured local K8S cluster within a click 3/5
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Weird #gitlabci behaviour.

When I use "only: - master", everything's fine (docker login, build, push).

When I use "only: - tags", the "docker login" command fails "Error: Cannot perform an interactive login from a non TTY device".

Any idea?

#gitlab #Docker
If you want to check, it is in this repo:…
Well, problem solved, thanks to a #redditor.

It is not a "weird" behaviour, but a normal one when you misuse the tool (as I did) 😀

The error message indicates the creds are not valued. This is because my Gitlab CI variables were "protected".
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Next up, we have @taylorotwell on @LaraconOnline

Thread about keynotes from Taylor's talk.

Thanking everyone 😅
Stupid internet got disconnected. Alright, we are back on.
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I wan to start a thread #KubernetesZero2Hero
This video is about basic #Linux #commands
2/n #KubernetesZero2Hero
Removing #Vim fear
3/n #KubernetesZero2Hero Understanding #YAML from Nana
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Como depurar programas #Python 🐍 através da linha de comando. 🐛 #debugging #debug


A maneira mais fácil de interagir com um script Python é usando o argumento `-i` (interactive) no python ou no ipython.

$ ipython -i

O script é executado e então o terminal interativo abre permitindo a inspeção do estado das variáveis.
Para uma depuração mais estruturada o melhor é o pdb que é o debugger built-in do Python…

Executar e parar na linha 5
$ python -m pdb -c "until 5"

O script é executado e então ao chegar na linha 5 o interpretador pausa.
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#frontend engineers: What is your dream CI/CD pipeline? 🥰

Here is what we have at @contrahq 👇👇👇
precommit and prepush #git hooks are used to catch issues before they are pushed upstream.

* precommit runs only on staged files (takes few seconds)
* prepush runs #eslint #typescript and unit tests (takes up to 20 seconds)

Every time a commit is pushed:
1) We build a #docker image & bundle cypress and other development dependencies. This allows us to run all subsequent tasks using the same Docker image.

It is fast. Takes 2-4 minutes. 🏎
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The "docker run" command allows you to instantiate a container from an image. That means you can easily create an instance of an application, server or microservice.

Here's a quick visual guide:

Here's the general format of the command:
The output from "docker run" gives you the unique ID of the container. Seeing such output means your microservice started successfully.

You can use the ID later to stop your container or open a shell into it.
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Yesterday I posted some of the amazing graphics that @ManningBooks have done for my book Bootstrapping Microservices!

Today I show you some examples of how awesome the code listings are with annotations rendered in their final form...

@ManningBooks A simple Node.js microservice:

#nodejs #microservice Image
@ManningBooks Adding a microservice to your Docker-Compose file:

#microservice #docker Image
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I'm about to buy a new MacBook Pro 13" with the famous Apple M1 SoC.

Let's see how ready it is for developers.

A thread ⤵️

Legend: 🔴 = not working, 🟢 = working

🟢 Rust is working!

`aarch64-apple-darwin` is part of the Tier 2 platforms,….

See the PR,….

#AppleSiliconM1 #rustlang
🟢 Python is working!

It is part of macOS Big Sur.

#AppleSiliconM1 #python
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What is Docker? Let's explain! 🐋🐳

(Thread) 🧵👇

🔌Before I begin: This thread is also available in a more convenient and more accessible format at my new project "Let's Explain" (where you'll find all my other "let's explain" threads as well):
So you've just built a project. Let's say it's a to-do app. There are plenty of things involved:

- front-end
- back-end
- database...
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Choosing the right tech stack is one of the most important decisions when building a software product.

The ability to scale quickly depends on many factors but having the proper tech stack may be the most important one.

(Thread) 👇
1/ Tech stacks not only impacts the scalability in terms of performance but also provides flexibility and agility to evolve the product, eases the development of ecosystems, and attracts and retains talent.
2/ I am sharing in this thread, some of the components of our tech stack at @intraway that are working great for us.
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A new undetectable (0/61) #Linux malware is hijacking misconfigured #Docker servers with exposed APIs—mostly hosted with popular cloud services like AWS, Azure & Alibaba Cloud.…

Attackers managed to run this campaign under the radar for at least 6 months.
Besides this, Intezer researchers @NicoleFishi19 and @kajilot also found that the attackers also managed to compromise the host machines by binding newly created containers with the server's root directory, allowing them to access or modify any file on the system.

Organizations running Docker instances are advised not to expose APIs to the Internet, but if they still need to, then ensure that it is reachable only from a trusted network or VPN only.

Find best Docker security practices here:…
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