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The more I dive into Bayesian, the more... my mind is blown.

Here's why. 🧡

#rstats #python #datascience Image
First, Bayesian is like normal regression. Except way better!

It literally solves issues in-sample by sampling. Lots of times!
Second, confidence intervals are realistic.

Unlike normal regression, Bayesian regression accounts for changing variance.
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My biggest mistakes were never in my insights.

My mistakes were in overconfidence. 🧡

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In business, I've made great regression models that have predicted how much sales we were going to make.

In fact, this helped me increase revenue from $3M to $15,000,000 per year at one of the companies I worked at.
BUT my models were NOT perfect.

In fact, I'd argue that the BIGGEST flops were due to overconfidence.

Believing my model was better than it actually was.

Things that hurt me:
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I'm excited about this next session at #ExploreSAS => "Super Demo: The Science Behind the Batting Lab" by @SASsoftware <= #DataLiteracy At Bat…
#SportsAnalytics #BigData #Analytics #AI #MachineLearning #DataScience #SASVisionary #Data4All #Analytics4All Image
Live session at #ExploreSAS => "Super Demo: The Science Behind the Batting Lab" by Gunce Walton,
Manager for Advanced Analytics R&D at @SASsoftware
#DataLiteracy #SportsAnalytics #BigData #Analytics #AI #MachineLearning #DataScience #SASVisionary #Data4All #Analytics4All ImageImageImageImage
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Want to get a Data Science job at FAANG?

Learn from the best Data Science program πŸ“ˆ

Here's my recommendation!

A thread 🧡 πŸ‘‡πŸ»
1. EXECUTIVE POST GRADUATE PROGRAMME IN DATA SCIENCE from IIITB is one of the most renowned and sought after Data Science program in industry.

Enrol now to expand your Data Science skills and enhance your technical proficiency. Sign up hereπŸ‘‡πŸ»
2. Reports suggest an average salary hike of 57% and a whopping highest salary offer of 1.23 Crore INR. Image
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Why does every beginner data scientist fall for the "deep learning trap"?

True story 🧡

#rstats #datascience #deeplearning
When I was first learning data science this cost me at least 6-months. Seriously...

I was building a model for predicting which quotes would become orders.
I had just finished using a linear regression (didn't know about logistic yet) to make a predictive model.

Yeah I know - I was a noobie using regression instead of classification. So what?!
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A pillar of good coding is good documentation. And it goes beyond just comments.

How to write great documentation for your code in R.

#rstats #coding #datascience
Documenting your code is essential so that others, or future you, can understand what is going on.

Coding is complicated. What is obvious to you may not be obvious to someone else. Good documentation can help them out.

The first thing we will look at are comments.

In R, one of the first things you probably learned was writing a comment with a hashtag #

When writing comments focus on the why - for instance, giving some business context is more useful than explaining what is going on in a simple calculation.

2/18 # Bad ---  # Multiply dollars by exchange rate to get pounds
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And the winner of the 2022 SAS Hackathon is...
(awarded by 100+ jurors from among 71 contributing teams from 50 countries, co-sponsored by Microsoft)
#SASVisionary #SASExplore @SASsoftware #AI #MachineLearning #DataScience #DataScientists
Keep alert for the 2023 #SASHackathon, coming in a few months.
@SASsoftware #SASExplore #SASVisionary #AI #MachineLearning #DataScience #DataScientists
Here's how I promoted it earlier this year...…
Congrats to the #SASHackathon Winner!
See more news on
@SASsoftware #SASExplore #SASVisionary
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Want to become a Data Scientist? πŸ“ˆ

Here are the 5 popular websites to up-skill!

A thread πŸ§΅πŸ‘‡πŸ»
1. Coursera
2. Edx
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When I first learned R, I struggled making data visualizations with ggplot2.

Here are the 3 things that helped me.

#rstats #R #datascience #datavisualization
Data visualizations are absolutely the most important thing to learn because of story telling...

... the ability to help your business take action.

AND the most powerful R library for static data visualization is ggplot2.
But ggplot2 has a STEEP learning curve.

3 things that helped me...
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#DataScientists, DataOps Engineers, Business Data Users/Analysts, #ML/#AI Engineers & more! Join me + 1000's of other Data Enthusiasts at @SASsoftware EXPLORE online for FREE => 100+ sessions, peer breakouts, & free training:…
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Some cool @SASsoftware EXPLORE sessions TODAY:
* Leverage KT Charts with Streaming Data to Improve Industrial Processes
* Banking Hyperautomation with SAS Intelligent Decisioning
* Ensuring Fairness in Analytics-Driven Decision-Making
* Data Catalogs Ignite Your Analytics Journey Image
🌟By the way, the above are just 4 of the 100's of sessions this week at #SASExplore. We've just started. We are in the opening session now β€” there's tons more yet to come.
#SASVisonary @SASsoftware #AI #ML #DataScience #MLOps #Analytics Image
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Embarrassed by your #R code?

Here are 4 mistakes beginner R coders make AND how to avoid them.

#rstats #datascience
The reality is you aren't going to become a master R programmer over night.

But I see beginners making the same mistakes time and time again.

And they are easy to correct.

Here are the 4 most common mistakes and how to easily correct them.
1. Not using comments

This is a huge no-no.


Because comments help others understand your code INCLUDING future you.
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What does a data science experiment look like and how do you design the first round of experiments?
#DataScience #MachineLearning #DeepLearning
Data Science experiments start with a question. How does the business keep customers subscribed or maintain their current level of spending?

Notice this is not the standard definition of churn and there’s a good reason for that.
#DataScience #MachineLearning #DeepLearning
Take existing data, train models, and compare them (multiple single models and ensembles) to the EXISTING customer retention process’s performance. This is your first experiment! Why haven’t we used a test dataset?
#DataScience #MachineLearning #DeepLearning
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More REMOTE internships in #DataAnalytics , #DataScience and #MachineLearning

It's better to start with internships.
You have higher chance of getting the job and your interview won't be as difficult.

Good luck!

@WELLcertified : Data and Analytics intern (remote)

Salary: $20/hr…

@EideBaillyLLP : Data Analytics intern (remote)…

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What do model testing and accuracy metrics really tell you about your model's performance in production? Very little.

Test sets provide baseline accuracy metrics telling you how well you've modeled the dataset. That's not enough.
#DataScience #MachineLearning #DeepLearning
Remember what models learn, a function. That function represents a system like a customer's reaction to an ad or a part of the supply chain.

A trained model learns a function that's only as complete as the training data.
#DataScience #MachineLearning #DeepLearning
If your data contains all the features and only the features impacting the system/behaviors you’re trying to model
Represents the full problem space, then the function your model learns will perform well in production.
#DataScience #MachineLearning #DeepLearning
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Most data science interview questions are trash and don't do a good job assessing capabilities.

I have hired over 100 data scientists. Here's my framework for creating and asking effective interview questions.
#DataScience #MachineLearning #jobinterview
A competent Data Scientist wants focused, intelligent, high level interview questions. We are comfortable with interpreting, synthesizing, and providing our perspective. It’s a core capability.
#DataScience #MachineLearning #jobinterview
In an interview, that comes through in our answers to well thought out questions. We are looking for an opportunity to showcase our experience. We want to talk about what we’ve built and the results we’ve produced.
#DataScience #MachineLearning #jobinterview
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It's normal to get stuck while doing #DataScience or #MachineLearning projects even if you're following a tutorial.

This happens most times due to outdated packages or unclear concepts.

Here are 5 top sites/ blogs that have helped me find my way out countless times.

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6 FREE resources to practice Data Science Interview Questions

A thread πŸ§΅πŸ‘‡
1. Alexey Grigorev's (@Al_Grigor) Data Science Interviews GitHub repo:…
2. The 9-Day #DataScience Interview Crash Course

(has 27 FAANG problems sent over 9 emails)
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A list of the most useful #Python libraries you can use for #SEO right now. 🐍

This updated thread will tell you the main libraries for #DataScience and #NLP that you should consider.

Use them in your workflow! 🧡
Numpy & Pandas: the foundations for data analysis, just learn them.

Without these 2 libraries, you cannot do Data Science at all. Good knowledge of Pandas can get you quite far.
Advertools: the best SEM library out there.

It’s very useful for crawling, log file analysis, analyzing SERPs and querying the Knowledge Graph.

The ideal Swiss knife you need in your arsenal.
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You've probably installed a bunch of packages in R.

But did you know they are a fantastic way to organise your own analysis?

A thread on how to write your own package in R.

#rstats #coding #datascience
Packages are collections of code and data, combined together into one tidy bundle.

This makes them great for analysis projects - not just for downloading packages like dplyr or data.table.

Writing a package might sound intimidating but I'll show you how.

Let's say you have code, data and outputs for some analysis in a single folder.

If you aren't working inside an R project already click File > New Project > Existing Directory > Browse (select the folder) > Create Project.

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I'll be documenting the available #DataScience #DataAnalytics and #MachineLearning / AI roles (Internships; Entry-level, Junior, mid-senior and Senior roles) in this thread (which will be pinned on my profile).

Note: Late applications nullify availability.

- Good luck
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Available Entry-level #DataScience roles! (REMOTE)

PS: Entry-level year requirement varies, but mostly spans between 1-3 years of experience.

- No crime in applying!
- Try to acquire the skills that appear the most (#Python, SQL, Analytics, #MachineLearning)

Good luck!

@Spotify : Entry-level Data Scientist (Remote)…

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This is a thread about how anyone can use publicly accessible sequence databases and free software to discover new things about #genomes, #biology, and life on earth.

#Bioinformatics #Genomics #Evolution #Science #MolecularBiology #DNA #Research #DataScience #LifeSciences Image
Genomes are absolutely loaded with complex information, most of which we still don’t understand.

Complete and near complete genome sequences are now available for many organisms.

However, decoding the information in these genomes remains a slow and difficult process. Image
A large proportion of most published genome sequences consist of DNA that is incompletely understood in terms of its evolutionary origins and functional significance. Image
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2022/2023 Internships in #DataScience and #MachineLearning

- Take your time to apply!
- Read the Job descriptions well!
- Update your rΓ©sumΓ©s with the Job descriptions (you don't need to have all the skills needed).

Good luck!

@figma : (Data Science intern)…

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