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Some thoughts on David Leonhardt's shallow, decidedly un-objective analysis that substitutes narrative for depth of consideration. #realcollege…
There's lots of good reasons for some people to be worried about contracting Covid that aren't about their own possible demise. Leonhardt writes from the perspective for someone who assumes a week-long illness is a mere inconvenience.…
There is data available the the survey that the Times commissioned that would shed more light on the nuances of what people are worried about, but they chose not to share it.… Image
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Good morning!

Does all this talk about #RealCollege supports pay off for students and #communitycolleges ??

That’s what we @hope4college have been working with @AmarilloCollege to find out for the last couple of years…
The answers have implications for #BuildBackBetter and the hard work being done to boost completion rates— efforts by @AchieveTheDream @CCTrustees @CommunityCCRC @MDRC_News @usedgov etc.

💯addressing students’ basic needs is a tool you *should* use.…
Here’s what we did:

🥇We worked with @AmarilloCollege where solid basic needs supports in a campus hub were in place thanks to efforts from @LoweryHart @CaraCrowley4 @JordanHerrera_9 & their teams. Learn about those supports in our 2019 case study:…
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Just so my non-academic friends are clear: no one, absolutely no one, wants to be the chair of an academic department. ESPECIALLY an English department.
Reasons you might do it anyway:

- you’re in a decent dept that takes turns (uncommonish)
- your school calculates retirement based on highest earning years & the temporary bump will mean something (slightly more common)
- the alternative is a nightmare (often)
Also, it’s kinda like electing a Pope: you really, really don’t want to elect anyone who jumps at the “opportunity” quickly & without hesitation.
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Seeing some positive signs of shifts in the broader cultural conversation about higher ed today. A big one is a long story on community college students in Tennessee focused on how they've been harmed by the pandemic.…
It has been a genuinely rare thing for the Times to write about higher ed outside of the rarefied air of so-called "elite" campuses, and they've done it twice in three days. This story covered @hope4college's new report on #RealCollege challenges.…
Still there's more! A good write-up on a new @EdTrust report on how to steer state funding towards equity metrics so all students have access to sufficient resources.…
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Today our team @hope4college releases the largest national survey conducted during the pandemic.

For #RealCollege community members, you’ll note this is our 6th annual report.

So what’s new? What surprised me? What now? A 🧵

Full report:…
Let’s start with #COVID. It has deeply affected #RealCollege students.

13% of these 200K students lost a loved one. Twice as many among Latinx students.

Whatever the “return to college” looks like, it’s going to be marked by trauma.
Many, including our team, have been calling for increased #mentalhealth supports for years and years— particularly for #communitycollege students.

Listen to the students in our latest data— now is the time to invest👇🏻
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Read this piece 👇👇

Private universities only look like “solutions” or “saviors” of low-income students because we have systematically disadvantaged the publics through austerity. See not only Harvard but SNHU and the like.

Biden is right to focus investment on publics/MSIs.
We cannot proclaim to have anti-racist commitments and ignore the many ways that funding “choice” neither makes college affordable for low-income students nor advances the college prospects for the majority.

We should fund high quality public & MSI higher ed FIRST.
The fact that private institutions enroll some #RealCollege students - even the fact that some have higher grad rates— is irrelevant to this decision. Those statistics reflect the austerity imposed on publics to the benefits of privates.
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Emergency aid is essential for #RealCollege students and must be delivered equitably.

Please check out my new piece in @TheAtlantic for more on this urgent challenge facing higher ed 👇

#sachat #fachat #emchat #stimulus…
☑️College students face economic crises like all other adults
☑️Financial aid fails to address them in the best of time
☑️Emergency aid is key but often badly designed and delivered
☑️Congress must act now to fund EA & colleges must distribute it equitably- there’s proof we can.
There are many organizations working hard to effectively deploy emergency aid to students.

🔹@BelieveStudents & @edquityapp have a great partnership supporting @dallascollegetx @compton_college @UnitedWayKC @wgu & more
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“Dallas has processed about 9,000 student aid applications since April & awarded more than $5 million in CARES funds. Without @edquityapp I don’t know how we would have done that, especially in a pandemic when everybody is remote.”

“It was perfect timing for us,” says @Iamkeithcurry , president of Compton College. “I think they’re a great resource. They’ve been very helpful to us as we move forward.”

THERE— After years of researching the issue, I wanted to directly help. It sure looks like we are!
How are y’all supporting your #RealCollege students in 2021?

Let @David_Helene know how we can help!
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This is the worst justification for discrimination and bias. How does this sh*t get published?

Let's begin at the end and decide that students are not saplings.…
Truly, we need to stop looking at students as:
1. Data points;
2. Pigeons;
3. Objects for our deliberation.

Students aren't not people. They aren't not made from the same material that every underestimated genius has been made from.
Skinner was wrong. Behaviorism is wrong. Education is not made of buttons you do or do not, can or cannot push. Education is proof that humans are capable of doing and thinking in ways we never would have expected.

To think that some students 'just can't' lacks imagination.
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The NYT has some of the best education reporters in the country, but stories like this are why so many people who work in and around higher ed see it as a force for harm. ImageImage
There are thousands of homeless college students. But they NYT thinks choice real estate is what this moment is about. Most students are not "renting giant houses with friends — sometimes in far-flung locales." ImageImageImageImage
People are worrying that they will be evicted right now, but "groups of students have named their college houses and made them social media official, creating shared accounts where they plan to post about their lives together."
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Classes start today. It’s my first day teaching in @TULiberalArts as a member of the Sociology Faculty.

It’s also my first-time teaching an online only course to undergrads...during a pandemic.

This is the start of an ongoing #RealCollege thread about #TempleSocEd 👇
We’re finishing out week 2 and today had an optional meeting about the midterm project. 9 members of the 35 person class showed up. Most had cameras off when we began. I started by asking each how they were doing this week.
We spent 15 min sharing. We learned about challenges with kids at home doing school, two students who don’t have desks, another struggling with a landlord & several w financial aid problems. By the end of 15, all cameras were ON!
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Students are not paying for seat time in lectures or mode of instruction.

They are paying for learning that comes with good pedagogy and experienced, knowledgeable instructors.

Unfortunately powerful anti-education forces don’t want anyone, inc students, to understand that.
Faculty, if you think the only way students get value from your course is via synchronous FTF sessions with you, this reflects a lack of pedagogical training on your part.

It’s not your fault. The system doesn’t want you to succeed and support students.
Students, if you think that “what you paid for” is in-person courses and on-campus experiences, do some deep thinking about the WHY of college for you.

What sorts of learning do you seek, and why?

Adaptability is key to success in the 21st century. Grow into it.
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What will #realcollege look like in the fall?

The institutions like the ones in this NYT article represent only about 1/2 of US higher ed -- private & public 4 year not-for-profits.

What happens for the other half: 2 year & for-profit institutions?…
"Ohio State is a large community of 100,000 people."

So quaint.

@CUNY has 257,000 students. Was there a reason that the NYT snubbed the largest higher ed institution in its city?
The stories we tell about coronavirus matter. College isn't just dorms and football games. In fact, 1 in 3 college students don't go the types of colleges they are talking about in this article; they go to for-profit schools or 2 year colleges. What is happening there?
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.@AlyssaAnnBowen & I are working on a project & need your help to highlight the struggles of 1) students 2) staff 3) grad workers 4) contingent & 5) TT faculty during COVID-19. If that's you, would you share a short video of your story using #CollegeOnCovid? #realcollege
We're hoping to use your stories to help pressure folks in power 1) to recognize how widespread these struggles are & 2) to render meaningful aid to those in need.

Please RT & share your story if you can. I believe that if we put our voices together, we can fix this thing.
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Shout out to @econroy_1 who kicked off this webinar with a breathing exercise -- self-care is so important right now. @saragoldrickrab @hope4college #CovidCampus
"A lot of these students won't be here in the fall if we don't take care of them now." @saragoldrickrab #RealCollege #CovidCampus
Know your students: they may be thinking more about food, housing, or childcare than they are about their education right now. @saragoldrickrab #RealCollege #CovidCampus Image
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ATTENTION FACULTY with students affected by #COVID19:

If your students are dealing with basic needs insecurity and need help, here's an opportunity for you to assist them.

#RealCollege (1/3)
Since 2016, FAST Funds have supplied faculty with grants to distribute to students in need as they see fit. There are 18 sites thus far. Believe in Students typically opens new FAST Funds each fall but in light of COVID19 are going to *immediately* open at least 5 new sites.
Explore what the FAST Fund is all about and apply now. If you're selected, you can receive up to $5,000 to help your students.

Apply here:

Background on Believe in Students:

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I want to share some perspective and strategies for transitioning to online courses, based on my experience teaching distance-learning courses going back to 2008. Thread. #highered #digped #academictwitter #realcollege #edtech
I had students from all over the country and world in those classes, including on active duty in Iraq and other military zones. The first DL course I taught was a mix of ACTUAL MAIL and email (for students who were abroad). #highered #digped #academictwitter #realcollege #edtech
I came to learn that a student in the Green Zone in Iraq had a couple near misses (a CO and friends died). They had a hard time & I wondered how they managed to do course work (emailing papers / feedback monthly). #highered #digped #academictwitter #realcollege #edtech
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Thank you, @bfister. Having a stable job ≠ monotony.
@bfister "The grind of gig work is its own kind of monotony. The anxiety of always seeking work and never knowing security is not the kind of “flexibility” anyone wants." @bfister 👏👏👏…
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Student parents need more support with #KidsOnCampus. We see across thousands of parents & guardians in our research that childcare services, designated family-friendly spaces, and tutoring or afterschool services would be highly valued on campus.…
Proud to work with institutions like @MonroeCC that are leveraging our research to implement family-friendly study rooms in @mcc_library to support students and their #KidsOnCampus:…
@MonroeCC @mcc_library Grateful to @saragoldrickrab for drawing attention to policies that prevent needed services like these from being offered and to all those who are now sharing their stories & experiences. #KidsOnCampus #RealCollege
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New report from @EdNCES today includes some #RealCollege numbers that may surprise you— especially those who think:

1. Community college is already free or very cheap.
2. Private nonprofit colleges offer such great financial aid they’re a better deal.…
Take the sticker price and subtract grants, and you’ll see:

1. On average community college is more than $12K per year.

2. Private nonprofits are more than $10K per year more expensive than publics.
Public institutions would be a heckuva lot cheaper if we didn’t allow private institutions to use federal dollars so heavily- dollars the publics badly need.
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The #1 thing the debate over #FreeCollege reveals is that most Americans know very little about college today.

They think they do. Maybe they went to one or sent their kid to one.

Or they work at one.

Key word: ONE.

Let’s talk #RealCollege ...
1. #FreeCollege is about PUBLIC higher education.

There are over 4K colleges in the U.S. Of those about 1600 are public.

That 1600 includes:

~1100 community colleges
~450 regional comprehensives
~50 research & flagship unis

Yet most people think about those 50!
This leads to statements like:

“Low income students can’t get in anyway.”

“They don’t have capacity.”

“Capping their tuition will starve them.”

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When students ask me what college is going to cost, I tell them to add $10,000 to whatever the college says it will cost you after grants and scholarships.

Here’s why. This is #RealCollege.
Information about college prices come from the institutions, which list their tuition and fees, along with estimated costs of books and supplies, transportation, room and board, and other expenses. “This is the sticker price.”
Living expenses are a substantial yet frequently overlooked portion of the real price of college.

When you hear someone running for President say they are going to “make college free” ask them how they will address living expenses.

Increasing Pell is NOT an acceptable answer.
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Dear @PeteButtigieg - It is clear you haven’t spent much time in public higher education, where just 1% of students are the children of millionaires. Almost all of those attend out-of-state.

Please don’t propose policy without a clue.

Thanks. #RealCollege
Recommended reading for Pete.
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The student debt crisis was intentional.
And remains intentional.
I’ve been working and not on twitter. I see the calls for a thread and will do soon as I can!
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