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I’m thrilled to announce that #RealCollege 2019 from @hope4college will now be available for FREE via a high-quality livestream!

Thanks to @Gr8rTXFdtn for making this new accessibility possible. 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Join us virtually in Houston by RSVP’ing here:…
This is exactly what you should do with your weekend Sept 28-29- get comfy at home, and pull up your device to watch the amazing @DarrickHamilton @tony_jack @stepville @michaelsorrell @trans_killjoy @Jenaeprkr @FeministaJones and yeah, moi, teach the how and why of basic needs!
But let’s be clear- ya gotta RSVP. And since we need to get moving on next year’s conference and expand the number of spaces available there, please consider donating for this free effort! It’s all on our site. We will pay it forward by growing next year’s event. #RealCollege
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Hey Cash-Strapped #RealCollege Students and those who support you:

I know the bills are hard to pay, and you often come up short. There is help available that far too few of you are currently using: you can cut down $$ going to your utility bills.

Read on for more.
Most utility companies have programs for low-income households. Your eligibility is based on who you live with (not based on your parents if they don't live with you). It is based on your income -- not your financial aid or your loans. If you are broke, you likely qualify.
These programs can mean they charge you less, help you get out of debt you owe them, give you money in emergencies (including money to avoid homelessness), and even support to help you troubleshoot other issues like medical bills! No, I am not kidding.
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I'm sitting down to work on my Income-Based Repayment recertification for my student loans. I decided to live-tweet the process.
I've been told and seen people defend the annual recertification requirement, saying it’s "easy," just log in, spend a quick few minutes, and done. I want to talk about what "easy" has looked like for me.
I’ve been in the IBR program since January 2012. I graduated in May 2010. I didn’t know IBR existed until 18 months after I graduated.
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@Romano_PoliSci @williamadler78 @cmMcConnaughy I’m running to class now but am butting in so I remember to come back later with resources. #OER is an answer to all of this (including the challenge of finding level-appropriate, high quality materials).
@Romano_PoliSci @williamadler78 @cmMcConnaughy okay, i'm back! and i'm tagging in @michaelgmiller because he was interested too. if you don't love the textbook you teach with currently, or you worry about the cost to students, you are not alone, and there is a solution- #OER!!!!
@Romano_PoliSci @williamadler78 @cmMcConnaughy @michaelgmiller on need, check out the #RealCollege stuff coming from the Hope @hope4college & @saragoldrickrab - here's their latest report…
"45% of respondents were food insecure in the prior 30 days
56% of respondents were housing insecure in the previous year"
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some #RealCollege stories from today. Student asking for an extension because of friends suicide and funeral. Prof refused without documentation. Faculty, treat your students with love.
#StudentsAreAumansFirst #RealCollege
Next up Undoc student who needed accommodation on when to take a midterm so she could appear in Immigration Court. Syllabus-no exceptions. That made the professor unapproachable from the start. Real life impacts students in the classroom.
#StudentsAreHumansFirst #RealCollege
Oh boy. Black woman, sits down in class, first word that comes up in the professor's presentation for the day is the N-word. Whole class of (mostly) white students turns to look at her seeing how she will respond. This one should be easy. Throwing that word around is never ok!
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I fully support @GovWhitmer ‘s #FreeCollege plan. Here’s why:

1. The strong messaging counters years of confusion (who believes “Do the #FAFSA and it will be free??). The doubly disadvantaged (@tony_jack ‘s words) lose out on Pell now when they don’t go to college. They will.
2. Many Pell recipients don’t get a full Pell now. This program eliminates the gap between Pell & tuition/fees - they can use the leftover for books and food. #RealCollege
3. Pell is easily lost after a year. See Paying the Price for more on that. Structured right, this program can pickup the slack and promote completion. #RealCollege
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@chronicle has published another piece arguing that #highered is out of touch with regular Americans and disliked by them. It stages the eternal battle between a dynamic society and backward educators. The conclusion is always the same: colleges must "change how they do business"
The frame is compiled from Republican talking points, particularly that college means liberal brainwashing.
@karinfischer puts this out there as though it were a common opinion, not a refutable falsehood (start w @AaronRHanlon /2
The culture wars discussion goes on for a long time, hitting themes we've heard since the 1980s. They are all about how #highered has been bad--has failed the reasonable expectations of the economy and society. Us must repent and conform to the surrounding society. /3
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The following are #RealCollege facts. Many Americans seem unaware.

1. Almost 3/4 of college students are employed. They are working.

2. A sizable fraction of those not working are seeking work— they are unemployed because of too few opportunities.
More #RealCollege facts:

3. Most homeless college students are employed or trying to find work. Most are also receiving financial aid. It is simply not enough.

4. Most college students do NOT have parents to pay their bills.
More #RealCollege facts:

5. Your “dorms” of yesteryear are now a fantasy. More than 85% of college students do NOT live in them. Many of those who do cannot afford their prices and would rather pay much less and live more simply.
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Some more thoughts in the Bloomberg gift to Hopkins.

1. The NYT headline is misleading. This is a $1.8B investment in an extraordinarily gated and rich university. Not in college affordability.

2. Hopkins has an acceptance rate of 10-13%. That’s not because of its price. It’s because it enjoys being small and gated, and believes “merit” isn’t about family money - but it is about test scores, grades, and access to rigorous coursework. Too bad research shows the opposite.
3. Giving this sort of money to Hopkins doesn’t push the institution to promote social mobility as it does nothing to change how it does admissions. In fact it lets the people allocating the more than $3B existing endowment off the hook. No accountability.
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Okay, friends, gather around for a story about why open access textbooks are so incredibly important (shared with permission of the student).
I had a student come into my office yesterday - I've worked with her for awhile now. She's an incredibly hard worker, resilient as hell, one of those students that makes the job worth it.
We were talking about some family issues she's been dealing with and then she sort of paused. She said she needed to go so she could try to talk to her professors about something.
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