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The biggest crime of @TheDemocrats is allowing #USA's citizens to become believers in #fascism & #misogyny & Ayn Randian #socialdarwinism by neglecting to defend #humanrights & #genderequality & #socialjustice & pursing corporate $. Biden might sneak this one out, but @Gop won
seats in House of Representatives & will likely retain control of Senate. So Biden may choose to use Executive Orders to roll back reimplement some of the 2nd Term Obama EOs which Trump reversed. But Biden won't be able, even if he wanted to do much to challenge oligarchy or
any of the other structures undergirding #militarism & #whitesupremacy. Forget about #GreenNewDeal, #M4A #singlepayer, #debtforgiveness, #housingjustice, #freecollege, raising national minimum wage, pathway to citizenship, etc. So, 4 years from now, demoralized voters will be
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(1/9) We just poured everything we got into making sure @BernieSanders won the New Hampshire primary. Here's what we accomplished...

#FITN #NHPolitics #BernieWonNewHampshire
(2/9) In the lead up to the primary our volunteer powered team:
🙋Filled <2000 volunteers shifts
📋Collected < 12,000 pledge to vote cards
📱Sent >18,000 texts
🏡Knocked >20,000 doors
📞Made >33,000 phone calls
(3/9) On average, democratic voter turnout in the four major college towns we organized in (Durham, Keene, Plymouth and Hanover) increased by over 10% since 2016 and over 30% since 2008.
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The #1 thing the debate over #FreeCollege reveals is that most Americans know very little about college today.

They think they do. Maybe they went to one or sent their kid to one.

Or they work at one.

Key word: ONE.

Let’s talk #RealCollege ...
1. #FreeCollege is about PUBLIC higher education.

There are over 4K colleges in the U.S. Of those about 1600 are public.

That 1600 includes:

~1100 community colleges
~450 regional comprehensives
~50 research & flagship unis

Yet most people think about those 50!
This leads to statements like:

“Low income students can’t get in anyway.”

“They don’t have capacity.”

“Capping their tuition will starve them.”

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Honored to support the next #POTUS: @berniesanders. A thread on why:

1. Bernie has CREATED the political conversation we’re having now. #MedicareforAll, #GreenNewDeal, #FreeCollege, #NoCorpMoney—all because of Bernie.
2. Bernie’s #MedicareforAll plan is the most honest. It trusts the American ppl to understand that we get what we pay for AND that we can do better than the insurance corps that are dragging us for their profits.

3. Bernie’s Politics are honest, upfront, and truly inclusive. When you raise the most money out of all candidates on the hard-earned contributions of teachers, nurses, and line workers, it’s because they FEEL your politics. We need that right now.

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So, tomorrow (Saturday) I’m going to watch every last #LJ19 speech and do a #megathread analyzing them all, from content to charisma to audience response. For everyone in the #YangGang who couldn’t attend, this will be your Cliff’s Notes.
Thread coming this afternoon 👍
Okay, #LJ19 analysis thread begins here. #DemocraticParty @DNC
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I just had the honor of signing HB 2158 into law, which advances two of my major proposals: it creates a statewide #freecollege program for eligible students and expands #CareerConnectWA learning. Thank you to Rep. Hansen and the many #waleg who championed this landmark bill. Image
WA state is now ahead of the nation both in providing unprecedented access to the opportunity to get a college degree, certificate or apprenticeship qualification, and in creating innovative programs to connect students with work experience. #waleg…
The #WashingtonCollegeGrant guarantees financial aid to more than 110,000 qualified students to attend college for free or at a discounted rate. Unlike other free college programs in the US, this program doesn’t come with lengthy fine print about who qualifies or doesn’t. #waleg Washington College Grant in...
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I fully support @GovWhitmer ‘s #FreeCollege plan. Here’s why:

1. The strong messaging counters years of confusion (who believes “Do the #FAFSA and it will be free??). The doubly disadvantaged (@tony_jack ‘s words) lose out on Pell now when they don’t go to college. They will.
2. Many Pell recipients don’t get a full Pell now. This program eliminates the gap between Pell & tuition/fees - they can use the leftover for books and food. #RealCollege
3. Pell is easily lost after a year. See Paying the Price for more on that. Structured right, this program can pickup the slack and promote completion. #RealCollege
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@chronicle has published another piece arguing that #highered is out of touch with regular Americans and disliked by them. It stages the eternal battle between a dynamic society and backward educators. The conclusion is always the same: colleges must "change how they do business"
The frame is compiled from Republican talking points, particularly that college means liberal brainwashing.
@karinfischer puts this out there as though it were a common opinion, not a refutable falsehood (start w @AaronRHanlon /2
The culture wars discussion goes on for a long time, hitting themes we've heard since the 1980s. They are all about how #highered has been bad--has failed the reasonable expectations of the economy and society. Us must repent and conform to the surrounding society. /3
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Defining “Socialist” isn’t hard. You just have to read their work & listen to their leaders

And what you’ll find is frightening

Worse yet, the Dem Socialists of America (DSA) actually has a good shot of gaining power if we don’t wake up & fight back

Let’s read their plan: 1/17
.@DemSocialists want to abolish capitalism and transfer ownership of “essential” industries / related businesses to the govt or worker committees.


“Wealth is a social creation and should be controlled by society as a whole.”

DSA’ers are squishy when defining which industries they’d nationalize. But the list touches every possible business, from food to electronics

Workers would then vote on which role is best for them, similar to the disastrous experiment at Zappos in 2016. (
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