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This is going to be a thread. A long thread. I need to process out a whole bunch of things that happened today.

Topics: #science #highered #gened #nonmajors #ungrading #reflections #noexams #OpenPedagogy #OER #oep #AcademicTwitter
So context: I teach non-majors. I have done this exclusively for 12 years. For many science faculty, this is the worst thing ever - and when I started I wasn't too thrilled - but over the years I've come to embrace it and *LOVE* it.
Stus often come into my classes with high science anxiety. They either have had bad experiences with science teachers, or they think they can't learn science because they were never really taught it in a way that makes sense to them. The hardcore focus on facts drives them away
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Real privilege getting to share our research on #OER and personalization with the #GoOpen community this morning. (Thanks for having me!) Figured I'd share some our key learning points here... 1/ #curriculum #instructionalmaterials
First off, shout out to the amazing leaders in the #GoOpen community. This work isn't about "free" materials, these folks are digging deep to engage teachers in curriculum, flex to meet unique needs, support effective instruction, and build a community. Super cool. 2/
We started the convo with some definition... what did I mean when using terms like "curriculum" "#OER" and "personalization"? Here was @LearningAccel starting point, curious how others agree/disagree. 3/
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In the past months, we at @GlobalYAcademy have started to improve the visibility of young global scientists. I'll starting sharing more about what I learned through this about #digitization #academies #wikipedia and the visibility of researchers. Here's a picture of NYAs
NYAs are national young academies. There are around 50 of them, some have a long and prominent history, some have just started *this week*.

Have a look…
NYAs are great (*I'm biased, as Executive Member of the GYA... :):
- scientific excellence is understood both in conventional terms, but also in terms of societal impact
- terms are limited. You have 4-5 years to *really* do work
- are typically very diverse! (@WikiWomenInRed)
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I am newer to the #oer community than many who have chimed in about the #opened19 keynote panel so I hesitated but here goes. I see a parallel to the #balancebias problem in the media, where news organizations are accused of being too liberal so try to compensate with “balanced”
reporting, by covering giving voice to views a small number of people hold that are unsupported in facts and calling that fair. Like covering climate change by quoting established science and then also quoting a climate denier and calling that fair. It’s not -
it’s actually confusing for people who are new to the issue because this #balancebias makes both views appear equally valid when they’re not. And sometimes it turns out the climate denier is funded by oil or coal companies and then the “balanced” coverage is more ridiculous.
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1/ "#OER isn’t the right solution for everyone; not every course has a viable OER textbook option." Quotes like this from Wired are such flabbergasting understatements that it's hard to tell what to do with them.…
2/ I recently estimated that there's a "viable #OER option" for less than 10% of the courses taught at a typical university. After 21 years and $100Ms of work on #OER.…
3/ And for many courses, in order to be "viable", the #OER option MUST include a digital courseware solution that at a minimum automatically grades homework and quizzes and automatically syncs these with an LMS grade book. #LookingAtYouMath #AndAccounting ...
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Pearson's moving to a digital first publication strategy.

Some thoughts and questions.

Note how this strategy is deeply aimed against used book sales.
"Pearson plans to lower its prices so that fewer students are tempted to buy secondhand books. It will also push its rental program so that fewer books ever enter the secondhand market."

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#UTA students on #OER & #Access
“They were online and easier to get to than a lot of other courses.”
“They could be downloaded and it was accessible without wifi which is helpful. You could also access it online and print if you need.”
#OpenUTA /6
“The lab manual was better written than many of my traditional lab manuals that I have used in the past. I bought the printed version of the manual but I liked that I also had access to it online so I could reprint pages to practice labeling and drawing structures.” /7
“Pdf made it easy to view, print, and read”
“It was easier to access (could read anywhere I wanted, didn't have to carry a big book)”
“The ability to see it on my phone when out and about was super useful.” /8
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One of the best things about my job is hearing directly from #UTA students about the #OER used in their courses. The feedback mechanism is a required part of our UTA CARES grant program. Here's some of what students in Spring 2019 courses had to say. #OpenUTA @utaprovost 1/?
284 students completed the survey in full about courses in biology, geography, economics, French, and student success. All of the courses required only #OER or other content available at no cost to students. I'm still missing results from at least one class but we'll carry on. /2
98% of the students said the quality of their UTA CARES course materials was better than (48%) or the same as (50%) traditional commercial resources; 2% said the quality was worse. /3
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Just got my course feedback. My students hated my online classes They really wanted me on Blackboard, I wish they knew how much of their data got sucked up. More importantly I want them to understand why they need to #ownyourdata #digped
This is such an importance #literacies lesson, such an important skill for educators to model. We have to #teachtheweb just as much as any "Big Five" they are missing this take away. It is essential to our civil society
And I thought I really nailed the navigation. I removed a third party chat app, removed an annotation app, got it down to just two websites, theirs and mine
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@Romano_PoliSci @williamadler78 @cmMcConnaughy I’m running to class now but am butting in so I remember to come back later with resources. #OER is an answer to all of this (including the challenge of finding level-appropriate, high quality materials).
@Romano_PoliSci @williamadler78 @cmMcConnaughy okay, i'm back! and i'm tagging in @michaelgmiller because he was interested too. if you don't love the textbook you teach with currently, or you worry about the cost to students, you are not alone, and there is a solution- #OER!!!!
@Romano_PoliSci @williamadler78 @cmMcConnaughy @michaelgmiller on need, check out the #RealCollege stuff coming from the Hope @hope4college & @saragoldrickrab - here's their latest report…
"45% of respondents were food insecure in the prior 30 days
56% of respondents were housing insecure in the previous year"
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So I heard about a really bad take today, that things that are available free online aren't good enough to be worth money.

To counteract that rubbish call, here I tender a list of free, online #rstats books that I recommend above paid ones #OER
This list (of course) begins with @djnavarro's Learning statistics with R. Want a brilliant, approachable entry to both statistics and #rstats when you have no prior background, I can recommend nothing else.
Got less of a psych focus and coming from a #DataScience angle, well you must read @hadleywickham & @StatGarrett's #R4DS. It has it's own supportive community (@R4DScommunity) that you should check out also. #rstats
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(1/x) In mir wächst der Gedanke,dass für #OER in DE/DACH derzeit "eierlegende Wollmilchsau"-Problematik besteht: OER soll so viele Funktionen erfüllen, dass es an klaren und eng definierten Einsatzszenarien fehlt.…
(2/x) Diese Einsatzszenarien müssten m.E. nach a) skalierbar (vgl. Konzepte wie Flipped/Inverted Classroom, die gut kommunizierbar sind) sowie b) konkurrenzfähig sein ("herausragende Alleinstellungsmerkmale" [USPs] gegenüber der Konkurrenz besitzen).
(3/x) In den USA z.B. existiert das große Alleinstellungsmerkmal des kostenfreien Zugangs für Lernende ("equal access"/Phänomen "textbook broke"). Auf Kosten als Argument zu setzen ist riskant, aber funktioniert dort derzeit. Es gibt einen klaren Mehrwert:
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Okay, friends, gather around for a story about why open access textbooks are so incredibly important (shared with permission of the student).
I had a student come into my office yesterday - I've worked with her for awhile now. She's an incredibly hard worker, resilient as hell, one of those students that makes the job worth it.
We were talking about some family issues she's been dealing with and then she sort of paused. She said she needed to go so she could try to talk to her professors about something.
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