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1/ Welcome to Options 201! You might remember me from such threads as Options 101:

Or What’s The Deal With Having Edge?

2/ I wasn’t sure if I should keep going. We’re getting closer to “how to make money in options,” and I think public sources of such claims are always and invariably scams.

But I’ve decided this is still more “useful information to know” than trading edge, so it should be ok.
3/ Let’s start by talking about time. Time is surprisingly hard to think about. But why do we care?

Well, as we said in Options 101, we want to convert our options prices into vols because of #reasons. And to do so, you need to know t_exp.
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Who out there LOVES THEM SOME CRON?!?!!

Or just uses cron?

Or... y'know... likes a good story. (Involving cron!!)

Well, this is the thread for you...
Recently, one of my cron jobs entries wasn't running the way I'd intended, so I pulled out the trusty crontab(5) manpage.

After skimming it and trying (rather unsuccessfully) to fix the issue, I decided to grab a cup of coffee and actually sit down to READ the thing.
Now, as many of you cron fans probably know, you specify the time to run the job using a format—an esoteric one, which we've all flubbed at some point—generally using digits.

But, for certain fields, you can also use symbolic names instead of numbers ("Wed", "Feb").
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Good morning, post-election frivolous performative litigation followers - we've got another new filing in Seditionists v 117th Congress et al.

It's yet another motion for a Temporary Restraining Order - making it the 3rd in 3 days.

And it's a DOOZY.…
Now, you'd think that if you kept throwing 'emergency' paperwork at the court and the court kept saying nothing in reply that you might want to take some time and figure out what you're doing wrong, but nope. Not these buffoons.
They're still not within 50 miles of complying with Fed R Civ P 65 - and my guess is that this judge might view that as entirely a "them" problem which the court has no obligation to explain.

So they're still stuck at Step 1.

But that's honestly the least of their issues.
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Also, to all my followers outside US, thanks for your patience w/ thoughts being shaped by what's happening here right now. It's hard to explain, but American Xianity (& American evangelicalism in particular) cannot be understood apart from larger political forces.
There are #reasons, of course, just as there are plenty of American evangelicals who see the danger of this entanglement to the health of the church & discipleship of her people.
More than ever, American evangelicals need the voices of global evangelicals. We need to see different models. We need to know what faithful witness looks like as a cultural minority. So thanks for bearing with me & us.
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Election Litigation Update - Gohmert.

Reply brief is in. Let's have a look. They are, mercifully, underlength. They had 50 pages available, the PDF is 43 and some of that is cover page, signatures, etc.…
Interesting table of contents. Looks like they're packing a lot in, until you realize that much of the material that's important - like their response to the "you sued the wrong person" material and "injury in fact" take up very little space.
Looks like they decided to skip the table of authorities. Presumably GoogleDocWord ate it too bad for them to fix. This will certainly further endear them to the judge.
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OK - let's get started. I've been actively avoiding other commentaries, even though I know @AkivaMCohen and others have started to look at it - I want to appreciate the full glory of this case without preconceptions.

But we're not going to start with the pleading.
Instead, we'll start by doing a docket search, because I strongly doubt the pleading itself is going to capture all the insanity - with only two weeks before Congress signs off, they've got to be looking for fast-track treatment and some kind of emergency injunction.
And, sure enough, there's a lot here - there's a motion for injunction, an affidavit, and a proposed order.

And there's a summons, which I literally cannot be reading right so I *have* to start there.…
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I guess someone pointed Lessig at yesterday's thread about his poorly-reasoned fearporn. The linked Tweet, which condescendingly points me at instructions on how to thread (because #reasons?) is the last of Lessig's six unthreaded QTs that respond to some of what I said.
And, yes, Lessig. The article is fearporn. And because of it and other crap like it, folks like me, @AkivaMCohen and @greg_doucette and others have real frightened people freaking out in DMs and replies asking for help understanding why you think they should still be terrified.
Your lack of concern certainly wasn't clear from the article. You scared people. Looking at these two paragraphs from the tail end of it, I really hope you can see why that might happen - especially with that concluding sentence.

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Federal law makes the act of providing a #falsestatement to the government a #crime.

You know what this looks like:

FBI Agent [to a person of interest, after appropriate warnings]:

"Were you at First Central Bank between 10 and 11 am on Tuesday, August 3rd, 2016?"

Person of Interest: "Not at all! I was in South Carolina, boarding the Big M Riverboat, for a day of gambling with friends."
FBI Agent: "Let me show you a video taken inside the bank on the date and time in question." [shows video clearly depicting the person of interest in the bank, video date, and time stamp confirms date and time].
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