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18 + 1 “Retweets” about LOVE & Selflessness …

Something Negative happening in the world, something Fake/Not Real, Something about corruption for people to hate upon, something about this “side” or that “side” for people to hate on 3,000-36,599-177,454 Retweets …
So tell me, what is wrong with the world today?

Something is missing, What/Who is that something?
How MUCH of the Country could care less about anything positive happening in the World today?

How much of the world only cares about placing their OPINIONS on topics happening
That MOST have absolutely NO CLUE why everything is happening as it is ? …

How much of the Country chooses with their own FREE WILL to see beyond/Rise above it all, seeing little to none of what is happening/has been happening is real?
How many sees it’s all purposely
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Done living in Hell?
Ready to Rise up PEACEFULLY?

PA PA Says Out of The Darkness & Into the Light …

If you didn’t know already, now you do.
A & W The #ROOT 🕳 🐇
Let Him know, All systems go on my end ..
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Everything has been flipped/MIRRORED For this very reason of what is happening in the world today.

All the warning signs of what has been happening for The last 100 years ignored & all the cries for help from
Those who knew shot down because what they were telling everyone who was asleep didn’t want to believe them or thought there is no way these things are happening to children ..

Want me to pull up ALL the posts made about the compounds/Farms where trafficked children get sent

There were MANY compounds all around the world with rooms FILLED with babies in bassinets, those babies are raised on these farms/compounds, indoctrinated & groomed to be sent into the world to push agendas their puppet masters NEED them to push..

How many “stars” this
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All of A sudden Skateboarding/Skateboarders matter, right?

This whole time, Skateboarding hasn’t meant shit to most the Main stream world, Now magically skateboarding matter because ones care more about the negatives happening in the world instead of all the positives
That have been shown.

What is the purpose of making some stupid post like this?
To get more people to act as [THEY]/evil needs everyone acting?
To get people to say the things [EVIL] needs everyone saying that PROVE how wicked most humans truly are?
EVERYONE should know by now how messed up this world truly is & that GOD IS THE ONLY WAY !!!

#OR MOST can just continue doing things their own wicked ways for their 15 minutes of fame, likes, follows & Retweets !

When is enough going to be enough & EVERYONE realizes there is
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Complaining about the right to choose?

Why wasn’t that right taken advantage of the night at the bar to NOT have Sex with someone ones barely knew?

A woman or man could EASILY say, “you know what I’m not going to sleep with this man/woman because if something were to happen
I’m not ready to have A baby, especially with someone I barely know” …

Same goes for pretty much EVERY OTHER SCENARIO that could be brought up.

If A woman is carrying A child from being rapped or some other Circumstances, there should be some kind of Exceptions.

Get to
The #ROOT of it all, WHAT DO YOU SEE?

The people have this world have been programmed & Hardwired to self destruct from birth on …

What ever happened to THAT side of life, sex & relationship being sacred?

It’s like there’s BILLIONS of Adams & Eves running around the world
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Home Opener

144 born in 414, Shane Browning—the Milwaukee BUCKs Won championship, HOME of HARLEY (Q) DavidSON, #ROOT of DAVID/Grandmothers Second marriage, Milwaukee ADMIRALS play at Panther Arena where DJT had A RALLY where “DO IT Q” was heard ALL AROUND THE WORLD,

WHO AM I!?!?


Get it over with !!

(Below not for anons)
.@DanScavino, here it comes.

The Storm Of All Storms, What is within will finally be released out into the world.
GOTT FREE’D & now I will make #HER Queen …

Bride Of ______ …

Do It!
Doing It!!
Just Do It!!!


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If EVERYONE in the entire world was given the KEY to the DOOR OF ALL DOORS & told it was unlocked;
-How many would check to see if it was really unlocked first before entering?
-How many do you think would use the key?
-How many wouldn’t trust at all?
-How many would Knock?
A Key & A lock, What does it ultimately symbolize?

You lock your homes when you leave, right?

So many call it Religion, I call it relationship.
How many have brother & sisters, do they have A key to your home?
Do they just walk right in?

The world
Was/has been #GIVEN THE KEY, what does it symbolize/Represent?

A world that NEEDS locked doors, why?
What’s the #ROOT of ALL doors NEEDING to be locked?
What’s the #ROOT of all the worlds struggles?
What’s the #ROOT of everyones FEAR?
What’s the #ROOT of everyones Safety?
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Incredibly happy that our @RoboStack paper has been accepted to the @ieeeras Robotics & Automation Magazine 🥳. @RoboStack brings together #ROS @rosorg with @condaforge and @ProjectJupyter. Preprint: Find out some key benefits in this 🧵: 1/n
You can now easily use ROS (both ROS1 #Noetic and ROS2 #Galactic) on a wide range of platforms: @linuxfoundation (not just a specific Ubuntu, any Linux!), @Apple #MacOS and @Microsoft @Windows - even on ARM processors including the new M1 (work still in progress, though). 2/n
Thanks to the tight coupling to @condaforge, this enables you to (very easily) install ROS side-by-side with thousands of scientific libraries, including recent #computervision and #machinelearning ones (think @TensorFlow, @opencvlibrary, @PyTorch and more). 3/n
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In this study, we show that it's not a good idea to wash roots and immediately collect #root exudates: because of the washing-induced root damage, roots are losing a lot of C and exudate profiles are likely not accurate. (1/6)…
Letting the roots recover for a few days before collecting exudates gets rid of this artefact, and allows distinguishing between species and re-application of exudates for mechanistic experiments. (2/6)
Using this 'hybrid' root exudate collection method we were able to show that root traits explain root exudate quantity and quality. (3/6)…
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Is it possible to build a custom React renderer in a Twitter thread? I don't know, let's see! 👇🏿

This thread is not going to be 100% technically accurate with the right terminology and all. I'm going to describe things as I understood them when I learned this stuff myself.
Think of React as a library that adds, updates and deletes components. That's it. It's only responsible for managing, but not rendering them.

That's what a renderer is for. React notifies renderer about any component changes so that it knows when/how to update the UI.
Examples of such renderers are:
- React DOM (renders to HTML)
- React Native (renders to mobile UI)
- Ink (renders to terminal)

React can work with any custom renderer, so theoretically it can be used to build a UI for any platform.
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The manuscript on integrated #maize #root phenotypes under #drought is now available online from @PlantPhys! Before you head there, here's a little summary on what this paper is all about:…
But before I do that, I want to thank the other co-authors, my labmates, collaborators, advisors, funding sources and everyone else involved in this massive root phenotyping effort. None of this would have been possible without their support!
To start, what exactly is an "integrated phenotype"? Tons of awesome work has demonstrated the value of individual traits (or phenes) for performance under stressful conditions. But biology teaches us, “it’s actually more complicated than that.”
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1. Hi @enovella_! Unfortunately, they removed the #angela #root in the last #oneplus5 update.
2. After your tweet, I unpacked the today #oneplus5 update…
Why the "What's new" is different 🤔?
3. You can find the and…

The call to the "door" native lib had been removed from but the "#angela #root" check in is still here.
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