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#BREAKING US Senate votes 57-43 on impeachment charge, acquitting Trump of inciting insurrection Image
#BREAKING After acquittal in #ImpeachmentTrial #Trump denounces 'witch hunt': statement Image
#BREAKING Republican Senator #MitchMcConnell says #Trump 'responsible' for Capitol assault, despite his acquittal in the #impeachment trial Image
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BREAKING: Sen. Mike Lee has given lawyers on both sides of the #ImpeachmentTrial a copy of a log from his cellphone that shows a call from the White House at 2:26 p.m. on Jan. 6. #ClearAndPresentDanger
“That account — and the new phone record — strongly undercuts a claim from Trump’s lawyers on the Senate floor on Friday that “at no time” had Trump been informed that Pence was in danger during the hours-long riot.”
“The phone log proves that Trump’s call to Tuberville came only after he had attacked Pence as “lacking courage.” But it also provides evidence that Trump definitively knew of Pence’s predicament moments later. Trump did not follow up his tweet with any call for Pence’s safety.”
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🚨BREAKING: the Senate voted to CALL WITNESSES delaying a verdict in Trump’s #ImpeachmentTrial. Democrats will call @GOP Rep @HerreraBeutler as a witness and #subpoena her notes after she was told Trump sided with the mob as rioters attacked the Capitol.…
Kevin McCarthy told @HerreraBeutler that the Trump had said during a phone call that the #insurrectionists were more upset about the election than McCarthy was.🙄

#TrumpIsGuilty #ConvictTrump
GOP Rep @HerreraBeutler has pleaded with those who were at the WH with Trump that day, or former VP Mike Pence, to come forward and share eyewitness accounts and details about what they saw and heard.🧐

#TrumpIsGuilty #ConvictTrump
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Like all things Trump, the #ImpeachmentTrial hovers somewhere between high drama & high farce. The Senate just broke out in laughter b/c Trump's personal injury lawyer demanded 100 witnesses be deposed, and in his office in Philly, dammit. Senators now voting on witnesses.
#Breaking 5 GOP Senators Vote to Call Witnesses. There will be witnesses at Trump's #ImpeachmentTrial.

First it was 4, then Lindsey Graham changed his vote.
Meanwhile, McConnell will acquit Trump w/ or w/o witnesses. He also says that Republicans can vote their conscience. Which just highlights how Banana Republican the GOP is. They have to be told to vote their conscience by their leader who has none. #ImpeachmentTrial
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🚨BREAKING: Fulton County #Georgia DA Fani Willis is probing @LindseyGrahamSC’s phone call with @GaSecofState Raffensperger as part of a CRIMINAL investigation into Trump’s alleged CRIMINAL attempt to flip the election results.…
🔥During their conversation, Graham asked @GaSecofState whether he had the power to toss out all #MailInBallots in certain counties, Raffensperger told @washingtonpost. He said Graham asked him to improperly find a way to set aside legally cast ballots.

That’s a #felony.🤬
‼️Graham is sitting in judgment on Trump on a charge that cites Trump’s call to Raffensperger, while Graham HIMSELF is a person of interest in a CRIMINAL investigation of his own call to Raffensperger.

Graham must RECUSE.🤬

#TrumpIsGuilty #GOPSedition
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This afternoon, Trump’s defense wrapped up its oral arguments, using under 3 hours of the allotted 16. These are the biggest moments from each day of the #ImpeachmentTrial so far.…
The trial opened day one with House Impeachment Manager @RepRaskin urging senators to not make a January exception letting Trump off the hook. "This cannot be the future of America," he said.
Trump’s impeachment lawyer Bruce Castor suggested that Trump doesn't need to be impeached because the country already voted him out of office.
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NEW: Trump had NO intention of calling the rioters off. Kevin McCarthy pleaded w/ him on a call on Jan 6. But Trump didn't care. He wanted it to happen. He knew the danger. And facilitated it by doing nothing.

Wow. Republicans are speaking on the record. #ImpeachmentTrial
.@JakeTapper: So during the insurrection, GOP leader calls Trump to call off the mob. And Trump says, "well, Kevin, I guess they care more about the election than you do." As terrorists attack the Capitol & kill people.

This #ImpeachmentTrial is not over.
@jaketapper Here's the story: New details about Trump-McCarthy shouting match show Trump refused to call off the rioters. A furious McCarthy told Trump rioters were breaking into his office through the windows, and said, "Who the f--k do you think you are talking to?"…
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Then ask yourself THIS:

HOW in God's name do Republicans live with themselves?

1) Engulfed in the crush of rioters storming the Capitol, D.C. police officer Jeffrey Smith sent his wife a text that spoke to the futility and fears of his mission.

2) London has fallen,” the 35-year-old tapped on his phone at 2:38 p.m. on Jan. 6, knowing his wife would understand he was referencing a movie by that name about a plan to assassinate world leaders attending a funeral in Britain ...
3) The text confirmed the frightening images Erin Smith was watching on live stream from the couple’s home in Virginia: THE CAPITOL HAD BEEN OVERRUN ...
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2nd Question, from @LindseyGrahamSC et al.: Does a politician raising bail for rioters encourage more rioting? (Reference to @KamalaHarris). One-word answer: "Yes." #ImpeachmentTrial
@LindseyGrahamSC @KamalaHarris Question was for Trump team
@LindseyGrahamSC @KamalaHarris It was answered by Castor.
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THREAD: If you’re still unsure whether or not Trump planned and #Incited the #Insurrection with his #BigLie about the election being stolen, failure to concede, and committing to peaceful transfer of power. Let’s agree to disagree.


2/ We must not ignore what Trump failed to do. Once the mob overran the Capitol PD, broke into the Capitol bldg, and the #Insurrection was underway, Trump REFUSED to call off the #Insurgents awaiting HIS instruction. He even told them he’d be w/them.

3/ Trump’s Campaign planned the rally and invited the mob. D.C. Mayor Bowser was ready on December 31st. The #Insurgents said Trump took care of the Nat Guard for THEM. They KNEW the Nat’l Guard wouldn’t be on site and the ~2,000 Capitol PD force could be easily overrun. —>>
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Congressman @ericswalwell used @KylieJaneKremer’s tweets as evidence during the #impeachmenttrial trial & accused @america1stwomen of inciting violence.

This is outrageous for a couple of reasons...

1️⃣ @america1stwomen has hosted rallies & visits 2 Capitol Hill & SCOTUS numerous times & we’ve NEVER had any incident involving violence

We did 2 #marchfortrump cross country bus tours & NEVER had any incident

That’s not who we are or what we are about

2️⃣ It’s outrageous that @RepSwalwell would go after & attack a US citizen on the floor of the Senate & @KylieJaneKremer can’t defend herself

#Swalwell is inciting hate & violence against a US citizen. This is NOT okay

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🧵 The story of the Capitol riots is being told again this week as the Senate holds Donald Trump's #ImpeachmentTrial.

Here is what almost two dozen lawmakers told The 19th about January 6, in their own words.
The 19th reached out to all 143 women in the 117th Congress to ask about their experiences.

Twenty-three, all Democrats, shared their points of view, many remembering new details after a month of processing.
Some lawmakers recalled texting their loved ones goodbye while in the House chamber.

Others remembered barricading themselves in offices, while several described running through the hallways toward safety, terrified that they'd be killed at every turn.
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1of4:Let me be clear having served as fmr VP @Mike_Pence’s Homeland Security Advisor:This opening #ImpeachmentTrial salvo by Trump’s defense lawyers is full of bald faced lies-I was in the WH the day Trump orchestrated a violent response to peaceful protestors in Lafayette Sq...
2of4:#Trump used a violent response to peaceful protestors for a law & order campaign moment. He made calculated efforts to play up the Antifa/Law & Order narratives last summer. There were WH mtgs where it was discussed how violence/show of force would help his re-election...
3of4:#Republicans who try to equate BLM protests w/ the insurrection on #Jan6 are simply supporting these false narratives. There is nothing Law & Order about repeatedly preaching violence in the months before & on the day the violence takes place at the Capitol...
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#LIVE: Trump's defense team takes the stage as the former president's impeachment trial continues…
"Patently absurd": Michael van der Veen, one of former President Trump's lawyers, claimed that the impeachment trial created a dangerous precedent. He said Trump's language was "ordinary political rhetoric."

#ImpeachmentTrial #Impeachment
Trump defense attorney David Schoen accused House managers of manipulating the former president's words, claiming top Democrats have used the same rhetoric in their own speeches.

#ImpeachmentTrial #Impeachment
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Trump's legal case today will be short. Expect an onslaught of diversionary #whataboutism & false equivalence—the propaganda content from Foxnews & RW media maligning BLM racial justice protests w/ cherrypicked images of Black people yelling & buildings burning. #ImpeachmentTrial
Bigly gaslighting & whataboutism hits every agitprop point: Witch hunt, completely divorced from facts. No serious person could believe Trump incited insurrection. Nothing in the text could ever be construed… Russia didn't hack the election… Cancel culture! 🙄#ImpeachmentTrial
Schoen says Dems rely on rumors—Even on reporter @AndrewFeinberg who once worked for Sputnik! Then plays disinformation montage of people saying "reportedly". Says, Doubt the evidence b/c Ds manipulated video & tweets. But admits a tweet's wrong date was fixed. #ImpeachmentTrial
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#Thread: Smoking Gun for Impeachment: Proof Trump’s Call to March on Capitol was a Crime #ImpeachmentTrial #ImpeachmentTrial2 #CapitolInsurrection…
Here is the smoking gun...

Trump’s GOP defenders say that Trump merely called for a march to the Capitol, a legal act of protest.

Except for this: it wasn’t legal. And Trump and his team knew it.…
During Wednesday’s trial, Rep. @StaceyPlaskett laid out the evidence our team first broke in @ConsortiumNews & on the @Thom_Hartmann Program: The sponsors of the Jan 6 rally at the Ellipse promised, in writing, there would be no march on the Capitol.
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I'm getting a lot of questions about the prayer before the #ImpeachmentTrial at the Senate. This #THREAD has your answers.

The prayer is given by Senate Chaplain Barry Black. Yes, the Senate has a chaplain. Yes, your tax dollars pay his salary. And the numbers are shocking: Screenshot of the senate chaplain saying the prayer. Text of the Senate Chaplain's prayer.
I wrote about this back in 2016.…

From 2000-2015, Congress spent more than $10 million on prayers, the vast majority of which are to the Christian god (more than 96% of prayers in the House were Christian).
The Senate Rules give the chaplain ONE job: to pray.…

Do chaplains do other things? Sure. But they're paid to pray. The claim that they accommodate the religious freedom of Members of Congress may have made sense when DC was an unpopulated swamp... Excerpts from the Senate rules showing the chaplains single Excerpts from the Senate rules showing the chaplains single Excerpts from the Senate rules showing the chaplains single
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DeGette: The crowd chanted the same words as Trump—at the rally and again during the Capitol siege: "Fight like Hell, Fight for Trump. Stop the Steal." They responded to his calls and followed his instructions. They said he invited them, he told them to do it. #ImpeachmentTrial
Raskin: Michigan Capitol siege was a dress rehearsal for storming US Capitol. Trump praised it, sided w/ the extremists against Gov Whitmer. Even after violent extremists were arrested for assassination plot, Trump vilified HER—not the violent insurrectionists. #ImpeachmentTrial
If you're not shaking, you're not paying attention. Trump's sociopathy is fully exposed. He unleashed violent extremists & radicalized Americans to turn against each other so he can stay in power. He happily incites violence, even civil war. A Putin goal BTW. #ImpeachmentTrial
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#LIVE: Former President Donald Trump's 2nd Senate impeachment trial continues today with House managers wrapping up their opening arguments.…
"We're listening to Trump": House impeachment managers play videos showing January 6 rioters explicitly saying they are following Trump's orders to siege the Capitol

Rep. Diana DeGette says rioters "truly believed that the whole intrusion was at the president's orders. And we know that because they said so."

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A thread on the #ImpeachmentTrial thus far.

The House impeachment managers are presenting an emotional case.

They can't prove incitement, so they are trying to hold Trump broadly responsible for the riot.

Trump's team has yet to present a basic outline of his defense.

The House managers went too far yesterday by using faulty "evidence," and spinning a conspiracy theory that Trump *planned* the riot. They also lectured the Senate on accepting election outcome -- a bit rich, after Russia "collusion." And using @EricSwalwell was an insult.

The defense needs to explain its argument:

- There was no incitement
- The Democrats have used violence for years
- The trial is the wrong remedy for the riot

Since the managers insist the election was fair, Trump's lawyers can also discuss the abuses described in @TIME.

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House impeachment managers misquote @SenMikeLee. Chair @SenatorLeahy rules that material not in the record can be quoted. Lee appeals, saying his motion was different; the managers’ claims about his statements were false and he was the only witness to them #ImpeachmentTrial (1/4)
Lee asks for vote on appeal; it starts; confusion ensues. @SenSchumer suggests absence of quorum. Staff takes attendance; chaos. Lee withdraws appeal; Schumer withdraws vote; @RepRaskin withdraws statement (which he says was accurate quote of news article) (2/4) #ImpeachmentTrial
.@RepRaskin says he’s happy to withdraw it because it’s immaterial. Lee, clearly upset, notes that Raskin’s not the one being cited as a witness. This is the problem with a snap impeachment that relies on media coverage, rather than an actual investigation #ImpeachmentTrial (3/4)
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Did you see this part of #ImpeachmentTrialTwoPointOh? Police bodycam shows the perspective of the cop as the #terrorists beat him.…
Here's film of @SenSchumer running to escape murderous and treasonous #DomesticTerrorists. (Please stop calling them rioters!)…
Did you realize the #GOP is using #ImpeachmentTwoPointOh as a fundraiser? Shameless #fascist shitheads! "Republican National Committee is fundraising off of Trump #ImpeachmentTrial"…
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OK - #insurrectionBlues case of US v. Dominic Pezzola re-starts, minutes after #impeachmentTrial breaks for dinner. DDC Magistrate Judge Meriweather is ruling to detain him pending trial. Inner City Press will live tweet, below, for now, song…
Judge Meriweather: Maybe I was given the wrong [pre-trial] report.
Inner City Press has reported on Pezzola:…
Judge: He has no criminal history; he has children and a spouse
Judge Meriweather: The danger is that Mr. Pezzola would engage in further activities like storming the US Capitol or other government buildings. In making that predictive judgment, I had to think if there were conditions, GPS for example
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