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I have a question for @davidallengreen, @StevePeers, @JolyonMaugham and any other proper legal types, if you don't mind.

It stems from a post I saw a bit over a day ago...

It was suggested by the person who wrote it that IF Parliament had a vote to #RemainInTheEU, they could,
even at this ridiculously late stage, get the PM to write to the EU, revoking May's Article 50 notification, and that this would result in the end of the #Brexit insanity forthwith. Status very much quo, or ante, or something.

Is this actually true, legal people?
If it's wrong, I can save myself a huge lot of work, attempting to get thousands of people to email their MP, demanding that they force a vote on this.

If it's true, then a rapid campaign to get Parliament to actually represent the wishes of the majority might just save the
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Hi, Ursula @vonderleyen!

A #Brexit question for you. If our unelected PM uses trickery and delaying tactics after losing a vote of no confidence in him, does he succeed in forcing the UK out of the EU?

I think it would be much better if the EU extended things until we can sort
out who is actually in power here.


β€’ The majority of the people in the UK do not want to leave, we want to #RemainInTheEU.

β€’ There has not been a constitutionally valid decision by our Parliament to leave.

β€’ Article 50 was activated by May alone, with no authority.
β€’The referendum was a fraud, won with lies, gerrymandering, foreign interference, a million missing postal votes, and illegally targeted FaceBook advertising.

These, and many more facts surely require that we are not forced out of the EU by Johnson and his far right friends.
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Well now, we've had meaningless votes, and we've had indicative votes, and we have still not made anything sensible happen.

Here's a thing to try next. You'll need to tag YOUR MP in on it, even if they are the most useless creature that ever sat in the @HouseofCommons.
There's a vote they still have NOT had.

It's the free vote on whether to take the advice of the utterly corrupt advisory referendum, and leave, or be sensible and #RemainInTheEU

MPs have NOT voted on that. That decision has NOT been made.
MPs need to come up with a motion for a vote, and go to Mr Speaker with it.

About two thirds of all MPs want us to #RemainInTheEU. They can have a free vote on whether to #RevokeArticle50, as long as enough of them get together and demand it.
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Right now, there are lots of MPs saying they want to #StopBrexit, but don't think there's a way do do it using existing Parliamentary procedures.

I will let you into a secret, MPs. Every single one of the existing Parliamentary procedures was made up at some point...
And guess what? You can do that as well. Stop being terrified of the ugly woman with the gigantic necklaces, for a start.

Now, organise yourselves by talking to each other. All of you need to go to the Commons chamber, stand there, refuse to carry out whatever business the...
...PM and her gang are trying to force on you. Tell Mr Speaker, you have all decided to have a vote on whether to leave the EU or #RemainInTheEU. Refuse to do anything else, for as long as it takes for him to agree with your demand.

Then vote. Remember, Parliament is sovereign.
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The reason we are in this mess...

Most MPs are useless party drones, collecting their pay and expenses, and voting the way they are told to.

When the #Brexit advisory referendum result was announced, the correct next step should have been a Parliamentary debate on whether...
...the UK should leave, or #RemainInTheEU. That, as far too few MPs will admit, is their job. They should make decisions on our behalf.

The majority of them know we should not leave the EU, because they know how much harm it will do to everyone but a few very rich people.
About 400 MPs think we should #RemainInTheEU, but most of that 400 think that hanging on to their seat, no matter how much harm they do, is the best thing to do. Because pay and expenses matter more to them than we do. Because they are scared of the whips.
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People keep saying we should have a vote on the #Brexit "final deal".

I don't think we should wait. Why not?

Two reasons-

1/ We already know there is NO version of #Brexit that wouldn't do us all (apart from the very rich) real damage. If we #RemainInTheEU, we can get on with
repairing the damage that #Brexit has already done, which is considerable, and carry on with improving things for all Europeans.

2/ I suspect May's plan is to run us out of time, so we crash out with no deal, and hence no time to vote on it. All her delaying tactics have been
aimed at that result, including trying to extend MP's extremely long holidays, to prevent them from stopping her crazy game.

I think we can't get Parliament recalled, as the usual way to do that would need the Government to ask the Speaker, and May won't allow that.
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Here's a thought or two for all you sensible #FBPE people...

Perhaps we should not place so much emphasis on demanding a vote on the "final deal".

In the first place, there's a quite high probability that May will either prove to be incapable of getting that far, and she might
not even intend to. It's quite possible she intends to delay until we crash out of the EU with no deal at all.

Secondly, we have a clear case, with good, solid evidence, that the very narrow "win" in the advisory referendum was totally invalid. Given that the win was dishonest,
there can be no excuse for our feeble negotiators to continue with their charade, and no reason why EU negotiators should waste any more of their time on such a fraudulent farce.

May's Article 50 letter should be withdrawn, now.

And that brings me to the third reason why we
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