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It’s quite unbelievable what appalling candidates are standing in the North West region for the #EUelections2019 .

1st up we have Robinson. Racist, convicted criminal, banned from Facebook and PayPal for his far right toxic propaganda.…
The Brexit Party (UKIP mark II) are presenting Clare Fox, a person of some very dubious opinions ove the years. I think Warrington especially and the rest of our region will have little time for her obnoxious past appeasement of IRA violence.

Info on the UKIP list topper seems thin on the ground but since the leader Batten has displayed his islamaphobic and misogynistic credentials readily several times on TV, his candidates will be pretty much the same…
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3 years ago, a super-rich elite stood up in from to a big red bus and told the masses that a vote for their pet cause was a "vote against the elites".
The masses had been impoverished by the elites for over 35y. They had been severely impoverished for 6 Years.
The masses wanted more money for the NHS and wanted to sock it to the elites.
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Three friends are in a pub. They’ve had two rounds and Nige wants to Leave. He starts telling Dave and Joe: /thread
Nige: “We have to Leave this pub, this chain of pubs is too expensive, and I want to choose my own ale. Also there’s too many foreigners.” /1
Dave: “But Nige we’ve been coming here for 40 years, you helped choose the ales they have, and we get a massive discount at all the chains. Plus the foreigners are working in the pub.” /2
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There is literally nothing new here
Corbyn never promised SM - or a #PeoplesVote. He was always against FoM. His & May's position is identical & he was never interested in what @UKLabour conference thought

Corbyn supporters who insisted otherwise were gullible or gaslighting
This isn't just about #Brexit. This is a party leader who came in on an "empower the members" ticket & has subsequently treated that membership with contempt. He's do whatever he, personally, sees fit

And if you're still a Labour MP or member - you're facilitating this
Meanwhile the front bench in @UKLabour has sunk so low that Long Bailey cannot even answer the question "would you choose #RevokeArticle50 over no deal?"

It's beyond belief that current Corbyn supporters used to attack "Blairites" for "Triangulation"

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Astounding that media STILL reporting that 44% of Brits prefer a #NoDealBrexit when that was the “EXTREME scenario” option! In fact only 26% picked it, as against 37% who want a 2nd Ref & to REMAIN IN THE EU! Even in the extreme scenarios, 42% still preferred to remain! YouGov:
In the letter 25 Labour MPs (including frontbenchers) sent to Jeremy Corbyn urging him to agree a deal with Theresa May - and NOT request a second referendum, they MISINTERPRETED this YouGov poll to justify their position. But now we have a media narrative based on this crap!
If your MP has fallen for this false position, contact them via & send them the results from (thanks @TechForUK) which will show them how many people in their constituency signed the #RevokeArticle50 petition, versus their majority!
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This is a difficult thread to post as there is just so much denial and anger about. Some of you will remember I posted about my son being unable to obtain his meds, the pharmacist saying it was directly linked to #Brexit and the situation was apocalyptic.
People laughed at me /1
But we knew it was true and coped. And still do. Tonight I have a friend in tears. Who has found out the Govt can’t stockpile his epilepsy drug. He is working off fortnightly supplies. When he used to be able to have a three monthly supply. My friend needs to know he has cover /2
Because if he has an epileptic fit or seizure because of changes in his medication (and that includes changing brands which I hadn’t appreciated) then he loses his right to drive, to even work and all his insurance becomes astronomically high. His life would change overnight/3
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If there's no freedom of movement then "close relationship with the Single Market" was always just Vote Leave style hogwash

Corbyn's Brexit is May's #Brexit

This is why the Labour TIG MPs left, because Corbyn was never going to follow Labour policy

The question for Labour MPs who want the best for the country, who don't want to buy in to Corbyn & May's anti FoM #Brexit
Will you defy the inevitable whip?
Will you do the right thing and leave Labour?

Or will you go along with the stitch up?

It was never about northern seats, there was never a Labour "Jobs first #Brexit plan" and there was never any intention to be led by the members.

May has her personal Brexit she's tried to push through & ironically it's pretty much identical to Corbyn's Brexit
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#Brexit & political disillusionment thread...
Thought #EURef campaign would be based on facts, not lies. I was wrong.
Thought media would call out #Brexit -er lies & challenge obvious bollocks. I was wrong.
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The @BorisJohnson article got a lot of responses today, unfortunately I can't seem to see any from the millions of people he claims to speak for.
(1) #RevokeArticle50
Still can't find any (2)
I'm sure they'll turn up eventually (3)
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1) Norway+ - where does it get us?
Lot of attacks tonight on #PeoplesVote supporters for not getting behind Norway+ (or Common Market 2.0 as it's been rebranded)
But really, that rebrand tells you everything that is wrong with Norway+
It's spin - sleight of hand
2) The very name of Common Market 2.0, like "Norway for Now", is an intention to pull the wool over the eyes of Leavers (and occasionally Remainers)

It's an attempt to treat Brexit as a tickbox exercise - the most technical of technical #Brexits. But lets fast forward 1 year
3) It's March 2020, the drama of the last few weeks is long behind us, and we're finalising the details on Norway+
But Leavers hate it, and will despise it as soon as the first ruling on new regulations comes through from the EU (via the EFTA court)
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Voted again tonight FOR a public vote on any Brexit deal, and to #RevokeArticle50 to prevent No Deal.

Voted AGAINST Customs Union and Common Market 2.0 - neither would give the long extension of A50 we need for a #PeoplesVote Ballot paper for Commons indicative votes with an EU flag in the box for a People's Vote
Of course the more sensible way to organise these votes in Parliament would have been to use single transferable vote / alternative vote, so preferences between options could be expressed... Icon saying Single Transferable Vote

Customs Union 273-276
Common Market 2.0 261-282
Confirmatory Referendum 280-292
Revoke to Avoid No Deal 191-292

HoC can surely find a majority if it combines one of these Brexits with a People's Vote.

On Wed, combination option is what HoC should vote on.
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1) Why I can't get behind Common Market 2.0 - too much spin
There's several reasons why I'm against CM 2.0, it's not actually on the table, few people voted for it, it's a pointless #Brexit.

But I have to say a big part of it is @NickBoles & his spin

2) @IanDunt captures the latest here but really spin has been an issue all along. Firstly it was "Norway for now" and when that was torpedoed by the EU it morphed into "Norway+" and now "Common Market 2.0"

But it's just hype, changing & tweaking to make it acceptable
3) The latest is @NickBoles pretending that abstaining on #PeoplesVote is somehow "supporting" it, calling for 2nd ref supporters to support his proposal but refusing to support theirs. Now he's claiming it's a "get out" for FoM when it is nothing of the sort
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"The [#ECJ] has ruled that a revocation should be "unequivocal & unconditional", suggesting that the ECJ would take a dim view of any attempt to [#RevokeArticle50] & then resubmit it..." But @joannaccherry says we can resubmit if we act in good faith.…
Here's a thread with several links to what @joannaccherry has said in the House of Commons about our unilateral sovereign right to #RevokeArticle50 and perhaps to resubmit later if we so choose:
There is a massive irony in this whole question. #Brexit was seen as a way to 'free' a 'subject' UK from the #EU. But #Article50 recognizes that each member state of the EU is an independent state with a sovereign right to decide in its own constitutional way to leave the EU.
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1) 1 march, up to a million, no arrests, almost no police presence
another, a few 10's of thousands, Tommy Robinson & Farage speaking, 5 arrests, massive police presence, people drinking from cans whilst burning EU flags - and this
2) Are all remainers angels and Leavers devils? No. Are all Leavers racists & xenophobes? Of course not.

But that doesn't mean that the 2 movements are broadly the same, or equivalent, and we shouldn't pretend they are.
3) every time the stupidity of Brexit itself is called out - the response is "are you calling 17.4 million people stupid?"
Every time xenophobia is highlighted - the response is "are you calling 17.4 million people racist"

So we don't. We allow brexiters to shut down the debate
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it's Saturday, we are STILL in the EU, so i'm off to join my group at our street stall and help campaign for a #PeoplesVote (or just #RevokeArticle50!!) ❤️💪🇪🇺🇬🇧

have sent my mum on ahead as she is technically more valuable than me lol she flies through the sign-up sheets!! 😁
eh?? where's Leave Means Leave?

were they having a late one rioting in London last night or have they just given up the fight?? 😁🇪🇺🇬🇧

#PeoplesVote #RevokeArticle50 @peoplesvote_uk @euromove
thanks SO MUCH to all the people who donated to our PayPal!! 100% of it has gone towards our 1000 new leaflets and has covered 2/3 of the cost of printing them!!

we're flying through them! lots of people want a #PeoplesVote to #RevokeArticle50!! 😁🇪🇺🇬🇧

@peoplesvote_uk @euromove
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1) What do you think Leave looks like?
I have the utmost respect for @jessphillips but I see her and other MPs this morning saying "no, these thugs don't represent *my* Leave voters"

I'm sorry, they do, this is what Leave & #Brexit looks like
2) I'm sure there's many people who think they are taking a principled stand on #Brexit - but really, what did they think would happen?

You start with "legitimate concerns on immigration", move to "EU bullies" & wartime comparisons, and turn a blind eye to people like these
3) you end up with a sitting MP agreeing with protesters that "they (MPs) have betrayed you" and going along with simplistic "you voted to leave, what's the problem" arguments whilst voting against a #Brexit deal that would let us leave

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We have reached the end of the road with this Tory disaster, this quantum of #Brexit created & destroyed by & for Tories, a Frankenstein Brexit which now should tear to pieces the party that made it. Schrödinger's Brexitstein Monster, the movie. But what should @UKLabour do now?
First, it is really important for all of us in every party to know what Brexiters & #TheresaMay hoped we never would know: we were able to trigger this #Brexit attempt to become independent because by the terms of the TEU we were in fact independent & free to use #Article50.
As @joannaccherry has insisted in Parliament (something also said almost in passing by Kenneth Clarke), we can #RevokeArticle50 now to avert a disastrous #NoDealBrexit. That doesn't have to be the end of Brexiter hopes. It gives us the time that we need to reflect & rethink.
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1) In case we all forget:
We didn't leave the EU last night because brexiters *simply could not agree* on a #Brexit they all liked

This was their failure,written in the stars from the day they won a completely ambiguous vote

They chose candy floss over a plan

2) we're not leaving because Vote Leave refused, *by design*, to articulate what Leave looked like. As a result they had a majority they couldn't use for anything, because any attempt to turn it into reality saw that majority splinter into soft/hard/no deal #Brexit
3) Vote Leave knew they couldn't win with any particular Brexit, so they didn't define it. They didn't think ahead to (or didn't care about) the implications of trying to turn that plan into a real #Brexit

Because they're cavalier idiots
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All that is left is to #RevokeArticle50
Seriously - nothing else now makes sense
Leavers: I'm not unsympathetic to your desires. I know there are big problems with the EU (though I also believe there are bigger problems with leaving). But it's plain now that your supporters in Parliament gave it their best shot, and failed. Time to call it quits.
It now comes down to a brutal choice: no Brexit or no deal. To help avoid the national calamity of no deal, please sign this petition:…
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More Old Bailey Sophistry from Codpiece Cox admitting that in order that today's vote is NOT an attempt to repeat #MV2 (to comply with Speaker Bercow's re-iteration of 1604 convention) it is also NOT a #MV in sense of #EUWA18 Section 13.1.b

#BBCpc #EUWAdebate #VictoriaLIVE #LBC
Attempt by Codpiece Cox to scare House into voting in a #MeaninglessVote for #WA (only) solely to secure the offered (actually only technical) extension of #BrexitDay from Apr 12 to May 22 sans guarantee of any other extension. Sophistry.

#BBCpc #EUWAdebate #VictoriaLIVE #LBC
Of course, if the House falls for Codpiece Cox's scare tactics, none of this will figure in future utterances by #TheresaMay's #Brexihadis - the headlines will scream 'Parliament approves #Brexit arrangements' (sans qualification or caveat).

#BBCpc #EUWAdebate
#VictoriaLIVE #LBC
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1) for #RevokeArticle50 petition
Final push to 6 million

Please consider posting the link on, a local site for each neighbourhood which I tried and got about 10-20 extra signatures in my area.

Tips below…
2) if you are joining for the first time, hide your street number by going into privacy preferences and selecting to only show your street name (probably a good idea anyway, most people seem to)
3) a simple message is probably best "putting this here for those who are interested"

Consider adding "around X voters, around y% of all voters in our area have already signed (to give it some local interest)
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There seems to be some confusion about why @theSNP MPs abstained on #Boles & #Clarke amendments last night but it’s really very straightforward so here’s a thread explaining why #Brexit #IndicativeVotes
So @theSNP preference in line with the majority of #Scottish voters is to #Remain in the EU but v early on @scotgov put forward a compromise position in #ScotlandsPlaceInEurope to stay in the #SingleMarket & a #CustomsUnion & it was endorsed by @theSNP conf
It’s important to appreciate that to benefit from freedom of movement is vital for Scotland’s economic & demographic needs & to benefit from it you have to be a member of the single market.
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Well now, we've had meaningless votes, and we've had indicative votes, and we have still not made anything sensible happen.

Here's a thing to try next. You'll need to tag YOUR MP in on it, even if they are the most useless creature that ever sat in the @HouseofCommons.
There's a vote they still have NOT had.

It's the free vote on whether to take the advice of the utterly corrupt advisory referendum, and leave, or be sensible and #RemainInTheEU

MPs have NOT voted on that. That decision has NOT been made.
MPs need to come up with a motion for a vote, and go to Mr Speaker with it.

About two thirds of all MPs want us to #RemainInTheEU. They can have a free vote on whether to #RevokeArticle50, as long as enough of them get together and demand it.
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You'll have to wait a little longer for the result of the indicative votes... counting still underway!
@BBCParliament #ParliamentDrama #BrexitBoxSet
While you're waiting...

1. Sign #RevokeArticle50 petition if you haven't already done so:…

2. Support the Lib Dem campaign to #ExitFromBrexit

3. Put the kettle on & make a cuppa - everything is better with a mug of tea! Keep calm and drink tea mug
Oooh... it's happening very soon I think
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