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.@NextRevFNC with @SteveHiltonx

After all of the #Resisting and government shut down the wall is still going up.
President Trump scores a major victory in the supreme court this week.
.@SteveHiltonx says @realDonaldTrump is putting together a really immigration bill.
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I don’t believe that hate should be normalized in our society. The breakdown of civility is something no one should be proud of. When need to reestablish some basic boundaries in society to bring humanity back in. Without basic morals we are becoming a nation who is thriving on..
Cultural war and systemic destruction of civilized behavior. We cannot beat hate with more hate. We must overcome hate with love and tolerance. If we keep adding more anger to our society it is only going to provoke more chaos and division. If we are truly #resisting tyranny then
We need pple to step up and show that there is a better way. We are more than just ourselves. We are the masses, from the least of us to the elite. We need leaders in every part of society to show that they are willing to make sacrifices themselves to advance the oppressed and...
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I like this song and I personally feel the distain of war that this song portrays in my soul. Don Henley is a leftist. I’m a conservative. Yet the hatred for war is identical and for the identical reason.

It’s the worlds largest forced profiteering of all of human history on humankind.

He’s been fighting the DS for decades.

We are fighting the DS now. But where is the left? Fighting us!

What they refuse to see, what they refuse to understand, what they #Resist ...
... is US and @POTUS who are trying to put an end to war and the profiteering from war.

Trump is the MOST anti-war President in US history. And he succeeds!

Where is the left, who have pontificated for decades in ending war?

They are #Resisting!

But then you look, you ...
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Dear Liberal Men:
The women in your life are tired--shit storm laws are coming down hard and fast that are aimed at US & we are doing ALL the heavy lifting. ALL of it. While simultaneously #Resisting every other cluster f*ck coming at the country,
#Womensrights #men #allies
working, raising kids, and everything else.

You know that scene in #WonderWoman where Steve and the guys held the car door on their shoulders so that Wonder Woman could launch off of it?

#men #resist
Men are equally responsible for pregnancies. You need to step up and fight this with us b/c we are taking flak from every angle right now.

Be an ally. Be loud. Make yourself heard. Hold the damn door for us to launch from.

#resist #women #Ohio #Georgia
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Thread incoming...

The Topic: Crossing a Dangerous Threshold...

We knew this was coming, knew that there would be a push to incite violence as a means to distract and deflect from the bigger crimes which are being revealed.

And make no mistake, this is all drummed up, faux outrage pushed to DEFLECT from very serious crimes being exposed.
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