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“There’s no #gender-neutral #pandemic, and this one is no different!”

Read this interview @phumzileunwomen on the specific gender dimension of #Coronavirus and how this has highlighted once more the need to have more women in power!…
While #women represent 1/2 of humanity, their under-representation in political offices is appalling. This is not only wrong, but also stupid: female leadership correlates with more inclusive governance & better economic outcomes.
From crossing party lines, being more responsive to public needs, increasing stability, challenging the status quo, and inspiring more #women to run for office, #GenderParity benefits societies and enables progress.
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You know what I want for the next 3 months?
It's how America works. We can tweet against Trump all we want, but the best way to support Biden and guarantee a Blue Wave is to energize 3 movements:
2-People of Color
3-Climate Action
Nothing has been under attack more than #WomensRights since the pussy grabber took office.
I don't know about you, but I think we should have Million Women Marches regularly between now and November because the attacks are disgusting, dehumanizing, and lethal.
George Floyd's murder being caught on video energized a movement. Why stop? We will not know peace as long as we have a racist in our White House.
ICE roundups, kids in cages, Kung Flu, tear gas, wall, the list goes on and on and we should still be protesting.
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I think it’s time for the truth to come out... dirty secrets are not my burden to carry.
I’ll start by saying up until a few years ago, I was fully indoctrinated into toxic police culture. I fully bought into it. If I heard anything like my story I wouldn’t believe it. I’d hold popular opinion that she’s crazy/incompetent/vindictive/lying/slutty and a bitch.
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Good morning Eyala family ☀️ and welcome back to #EyalaReads, your Sunday selection of recommended reads about #Feminism #WomensRights and #Africa.

As #Afrifem we often say that "we stand on the shoulders of giants". How much do we actually know about our #feminist foremothers? The question came as I read @EverjoiceWin's moving obituary for Mabel Moyo. May she rest in power. @jass4justice
To be young, gifted, Black and #feminist in #Russia... Whew. Read about Maria Magdalena Tunkara, a 22-year-old Russian-Malian woman who wont't apologize for telling the truth about #racism in her country. A powerhouse.

Profile by @mkpetkova in @AJEnglish
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Headline in the Times.
Ironic if a company owned by citizens of 2 countries with appalling human rights records sack a man for thought crimes and nasty tweets.
Wierd condemnation given that the hotel's owners are members of the ruling regimes in countries where homosexuality is illegal.
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"WhY DiDnT YoU RePoRt It"

As a traumatized 16 year old, I was told (probably truthfully) by my rape counsellor -

"the police will ask you questions in a way that will make you feel like you're lying, I don't think you're robust enough for that"…
I did report it, 12 years later. A document resurfaced from my visit to A&E the morning after the incident occured. The nurse asked me if it was consensual.

Consensual, to me, as a sexually naive 16 yr old meant - did you fight him with everything you had? Not, did you say no?
My understanding, at 16, of the word consensual (or lack of) is important as 12 years later it undermined my report.

Had the nurse asked - 'did you say no' I would have given a different answer. I'm not blaming her, she was kind, I remember seeing tears rolling down her face
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The U.S. must stop supporting the monarchies that rule Saudi Arabia and UAE.

@FreedomForward and 19 organizations are calling on Congress to block all new U.S. arms sales to both dictatorships. 1/…
Both Saudi Arabia and UAE pose a significant threat to U.S. interests, regional democracy, and global security.

The U.S. must stop supporting these brutal governments and instead invest in real, tangible measures for peace. 2/
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Women are looking at the manipulation tactics of the trans rights movement and how micro abusive behaviour has gone macro. Thread:
1. Forced Teaming
3. 'Negging'.
5. Pronouns are Rohypnol
6. MRA, Incel, TRA crossover.
#GenderWooWoo #trans #WomensRights
Why are ideologies antithetical to each other being presented as natural allies?…
'We need to disavow ourselves of the idea that “transgenderism” is anything but a men’s rights activist (MRA) agenda using tools of manipulation to present themselves as victims' - @bjportraits…
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NEW PROJECT ALERT! Introducing the Gender and Covid-19 Reading List. I've pulled together readings to help us keep track of how old scripts about gender rewrite themselves in the age of pandemic.…
The Gender and Covid-19 Reading list itself is housed at the @WomenLawWCL #gender #womensrights 2/…
Because this is a crisis-in-progress, the Gender and Covid-19 Reading List is a work-in-progress. If you've written something you'd like to see on the list, ping 3/
@womenknowlaw @WomenAlso @womenalsoknow @IFESGender @OsgoodeIFLS @onGender @GenderSexLaw
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Do you live in Britain? Have you suffered abuse, oppression and marginalisation?

Well @OwenJones84 is here to tell you about one of the most besieged, marginalised and oppressed minorities in Britain. That's right, you got it....trans people
Now, in this ridiculous language minefield I need you to understand that trans people is referring to MEN like this.

A proud "lesbian with a massive cock"

Poor marginalised bastard.
Trans people no longer means those who suffer from gender dysphoria and would find a huge amount of mental discomfort lifted by transitioning. Trans people means men like this and if you don't call them a woman you're a bigot, a TERF....

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My opinions on #WomensRights on this #InternationalWomensDay in this thread.

✳️ It is a fact that women of he world are generally oppressed, sometimes by other women and sometimes by men.
✳️ Also a fact that weak is oppressed by the strong in the world; weak poor oppressed by strong rich, weak Palestinians oppressed by strong Israelis, weak Muslims in India oppressed by strong Hindu nationalists & similarly, the weak women are oppressed by strong men & women.
✳️ It is a responsibility that all humans and Muslims stand up for the rights of the weak against the strong. And hence, we should all do our best to ensure that the rights of the weak women are given to them; to that extent I am a feminist.
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🇺🇸 ANONS #WatchTheWater #LightsOn
Our portal of vision may seem narrow, but our sight is clear. A grand May, 2020 announcement is coming soon. #JQIN
the wonderful new Follqwed FRENZ!

February 5, 2019
9:07 P.M. EST

THE PRESIDENT:  Madam Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Members of Congress, the First Lady of the United States — (applause) — and my fellow Americans:

#LibertySpeaks @KarenMy26623876
@plschmenk @Jogurek @GolfingJohn_
A glorious month has begun >
The agenda I will lay out this evening is not a Republican agenda or a Democrat agenda.  It’s the agenda of the American people.

#WeThePeople are LISTENING
@TheNotObvious @doingstuffwrong @trumpanputin @militarysweep
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There's a strong possibility I'm gonna loose a few friends/followers with this thread but I feel it's a really important topic so I'm going to address it.

Probably pointless saying this but trust me, this comes from a place of love and inclusion (to a certain extent)

As a woman - who from the age of 9 learnt that men 3 times her age would feel no way about approaching her for sex, who was beaten senseless countless times by a man who was supposed to protect her, raped and had her virginity taken from her by a man at least twice her age at 16
Went on to have a relationship with a man she trusted who told her he whole heartedly believed it was her fault she was raped & survived/navigated many other, less traumatic but no less poignant, experiences I find it very, very disrespectful that someone who has
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PFLP Hijacker #LeilaKhaled is not a model of #WomensRights. She is a violator of #HumanRights.

Her PFLP comrades also exploit human rights & were this year arrested for murdering 17 yr old #RinaShnerb

Where's Rina's picture?

#WomensMarch (1/n)
#WomensMarch isn't the 1st time that #WomensRights are perverted w/ #HumanRights violators like #LeilaKhaled

Female #terrorists are regularly glorified as role models for women by Palestinian NGOs, many funded by European gov'ts. #WATCH (2/n)
See #Thread on #LeilaKhaled's 5 PFLP comrades arrested for murdering 17 yr old #RinaShnerb. They worked for European-funded NGOs & claimed to promote #HumanRights. (3/n)

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Young #lesbians are part of the reason I resist the trans ideology. As a lesbian who came out in the 80s I have seen trans activists co-opt our struggles and orgs while shaming & guilt-tripping young lesbians into accepting "lady-cock" or even pressuring them into transitioning.
There are worldwide issues with #lesbians being shamed and abused by trans ppl and I won't support #lesbophobia or an abusive ideology that denies the biological reality of sexed bodies and same-sex attraction.
Lesbians have been fighting for our spaces for decades. The assault on lesbian communities has only gotten worse.
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Motion to review policies for use of city's community spaces was just discussed at council. It's @kristynwongtam's motion. KWT said goal is "to fix this, so it [a woman (Meghan Murphy) speaking at a library abt #WomensRights] doesn't happen again."…
KTW said she didn't agree w @vbowlestpl's/the @torontolibrary bd decision to allow Meghan Murphy to speak yesterday.Added an amendment(item 1) to the motion to include consultations w LGBTQ stakeholders. The review will be of policies for all (!) city facilities' community spaces
The motion passed 20 to 1.
Note that just two years ago there was a review of the TPL's booking policy.…
You can watch the seven-minute discussion starting at 2:39:25 and ending at 2:46:37 in the video of the meeting.
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You know how we got here to begin with makes me sick.

Trump sexual predator telling Kavanaugh angry drunk rapist to sue his victims for liable!

@GOP keeping records hidden during the hearings so they could overthrow #WomensRights!

#ImpeachTheMF #MeToo

He lied about knowing #DeborahRamirez & we undoubtedly know he lied about raping #ChristineBlaseyFord!

I came out with my story of #WhyIDidntReport after keeping it in since I was 16 all because of the bravery of #ChristineBlaseyFord.

#ImpeachKavanaugh #TimesUp #ImpeachTheMF
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Jill Abigail, an 80yr old feminist and veteran @NZGreens member wrote an opinion piece for the Green Party publication Te Awa questioning the current neglect of women’s sex-based rights in the party in favour of pushing gender identity ideology... 1/
The piece has since been pulled down, condemned by co-leader @MaramaDavidson , and caused a ruckus in the party. You can read it here:…
This morning Jill spoke to RNZ about the situation and about her concerns. Thank you for being a brave, strong voice for women, Jill. Speak Up For Women supports you completely. #solidarity #speakupNZ #womensrights…
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For too long, #HERstory has been relegated to the sidelines. So, I'm taking matters into my own hands & as we continue our fight for a #WomensHistoryMuseum will be sharing stories of incredible American women so that we can all be #InspiredByHer - I hope you'll share yours, too. Image
For our first #InspiredByHer feature, we are inspired by our 9/11 first responders. Brenda Berkman was part of the first class of female firefighters in the @FDNY, a 9/11 first responder & is a founder of the United Women’s Firefighters (@unitedwomenffs). 📸: @womensmediacenter Image
For our next #InspiredbyHer feature; a true American intellectual & artist, #ZoraNealeHurston. Though too many of her accomplishments went unrecognized until after her death, she was a groundbreaking force in American literature - notably writing Their Eyes Were Watching God. Image
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At same period the UK Authorities, banks & state owned companies all converged with their plans to take our home, our car & our money, my mother's #DWP welfare benefit was also targeted on several occasions, the worst being what happened at #Adecco #Guardian #TheTimes #GMB
My mother was seeking #employment & arranged an appointment with #OfficeAngels who she was already registered with & had worked for, for years. However, the time & date of the appointment was at a similar time to that of her sign on with the #DWP. #Jobseekersallowance #Jobseekers
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Let me ask @realDonaldTrump, should these women have gone home for asking for Freedom?

They were complaining about their status in America?

@realDonaldTrump Should Mohammed Ali been asked to go home for speaking out?

@realDonaldTrump Should the #Irish have been asked to go home?

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Before you defend the mullahs in #Iran & stop efforts to hold them accountable--know the struggle of the #Iranian people & their pains and sufferings as described by imprisoned #humanrights activist #GolrokhIraee… 1/18
We, who tolerated the pain, the poverty, the fall into the depths of fundamentalism, and over a century of tyranny. We, who were lashed but stood up. We, who lost our people but survived. We, who spread our empty tablecloths but carried on.

#Iran #FreeIran
By the grave of our pens, we sang the song of freedom & did not relent. Now we're pounding at the trembling pillars of fundamentalism. Until the cracks in the wall of theocracy r widened, we shall stand, even if the hangman’s poisonous dagger pierces in2 our body..

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Reading some @NASAhistory, and was curious who this was...
Her name is Poppy Northcutt, and she's the first female engineer to work in Mission Control at @NASA_Johnson #Apollo8.
For half a century, pop culture has immortalized a group of quick-thinking, pocket-protected men as the face of NASA’s mission control room during the Apollo program. But amid this sea of men, was one woman: Frances “Poppy” Northcutt, engineer and return-to-Earth specialist #NASA
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