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Human #intestinal #spirochetosis:
✔️#sexual #transmitted infections
✔️of the large intestine by anaerobic spirochetes of the genus Brachyspira spp.

🖊️A De Gea, @alfredomaldo ,@clarapath, @MarianaDazAlmi1, @alirri, Raquel Escudero, et al.
👇… Colonoscopic biopsy. In rou...
@alfredomaldo @clarapath @MarianaDazAlmi1 @alirri Gastrointestinal symptoms such as abdominal pain, proctitis, or chronic diarrhea are the most common manifestations.

Most cases with accompanying symptoms show improvement with metronidazole antibiotic therapy.

Routine staining methods (haematoxylin & eosin & Warthin-Starry) can identify spirochetes on the surface of enterocytes.
Histologically, characteristic findings include a decrease in microvilli &a predominantly eosinophilic inflammatory infiltrate.

#Pathologists #pathology Colonoscopic biopsy compare...
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Interestingly, the findings of this one suggest that comorbidity burden could be the driving factor behind age-related decreases in total testosterone levels in men.
- The current study utilized data from the 2004-2017 Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging to investigate the association between additive comorbidities and serum testosterone levels over time in men with a mean age of ~69.8 years.
- After controlling for various comorbidities, no association between age and testosterone was observed.
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Je m'appelle Hans. J'avais treize ans lorsque j'eus mon enfant.

Je ne le savais pas.
Mon histoire est incroyable. Lisez moi jusqu'au bout.
J'étais fils unique. Je grandis dans une famille très riche où ma mère me passait presque tous mes caprices.
Après une hystérectomie, elle ne pouvait plus avoir d'enfants.
Elle concentra alors sur moi tout l'amour qu'elle aurait pu donner à d'autres enfants.
Mon père lui fit savoir que ceci allait un jour se retourner contre elle.

Ma mère m'aimait trop pour l'écouter.

J'avais dix ans lorsque je commençai à faire les quatre cents coups. J'étais alors au collège.
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Le plan devait être bien ficelé.

J' appelai Steve pour lui fixer un rendez vous.
Ensuite, je passai un coup de fil à ma mère en pleurant.
Tout était fin prêt .
Mon père avait un voyage prévu pour ses affaires. Ce jour là, j'étais seule à la maison. Image
Je pus réajuster le programme de l'infirmière. Elle ne venait que quatre jours par semaine.
Steve fut le premier à se pointer.
Directement, il me posa la question fatidique :
___ Que se passe t'il Mara ? Qu'est-ce que je fais là ?
___ Oh rien de devais te parler.. entre...
Il secoua la tête comme un chien voulant se débarrasser de ses puces et se dirigea vers le salon.
Je souriais malicieusement. Il ne le savait pas encore mais il était l'acteur principal de mon film.
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A reflection on Western African illiterate women diaspora in Italy.
I want to share a reflection I made a while ago.

I'm a so-called second generation migrant in Italy if Ghanaian descent, working with asylum seekers and migrants as mediator and teacher.
#Ghanaians make a distinction between #wisdom (literally "home intelligence") and #education ("school intelligence").
Working with Africans, especially Ghanaians and Nigerians, as a mediator I can see too often there is a lack of the latter.
I have met several illiterate or poorly educated young women (25-35 years).
Illiteracy comes with early death, exploitation, abusive relations, early parenting and – on what concerns my job – a high difficulty to understand and adapt to Italian/European system.

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Low testosterone is destroying an entire generation of men & nobody is talking about it. In the last 2 decades, levels have fallen over 50%.

We live in the most estrogenic environment in history and because of that everybody has hormonal issues. Image
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1/14 #Men and #women experience disease differently. This is reminiscent of #SyndromeX and other chronic disease like #MECFS, #slow #virus manifestations, and even #LongCovid and post-acute sequelae of #SARSCoV2.

A thread summary article 🧵….
2/14 "#Women are up to 75 per cent more likely to experience #adverse #reactions to #prescription #drugs than #men because of a range of differences in #traits between the #sexes, according to a new study from The #Australian #National #University (#ANU)."
3/14 "The researchers believe more should be done to take this into account when treating #diseases."
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Shout out to all the men…
the men who;

Never fell for the lie of face coverings,
Never scanned in to gain entry,
Never got the you-know-what,
Never stopped speaking up,
Never stopped standing up.
Shout out to all the men…
the men who;

Will never eat their bugs,
Will never wear a dress for fashion,
Will never wear make up,
Will never be confused about their gender.
Will never forget the legacy of our forefathers.
Shout out to all the men…
the men who;

Still open doors for ladies,
Still give their seat to a pregnant woman,
Defend their communities in times of trouble,
Have the eyes to see straight through this divide and conquer agenda.
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In this one, exogenous testosterone administration was found to alter the metabolome in such a way that lipid substrates were preferentially utilized over amino acids, something that was in turn associated with attenuated muscle proteolysis during a severe energy deficit.
- Testosterone administration altered androgenic steroid, acylcarnitine, and amino acid metabolites during severe energy deficit compared to the placebo group.
- During the recovery period, when testosterone was not administered and the severe energy deficit had ended, many of these changes reversed.
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The first ever event of its kind, the Men’s Health Matters Series is brought to you by The Low Carb Lifestyle Hub.
3 day virtual series capturing knowledge, wisdom, inspo from incredible men in the health space, sharing why men’s health matters.
Each presenter answers a series of questions designed to show you how you can also make health matter.
Qu asked: why does health matter; what where the lightbulb moments to rethink how to optimise their health; what tips can you share to help others optimise their health.
Many also covered in depth about their particular area of interest, and other important factors to be considered when it comes to achieving health in this modern world. These men have shared from their heart and minds, how to make it easier to optimise your own health.
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What a MESS 🤣👹. #AcademicTwitter y’all having a nice lunch break?
Hey tenured white men, I DID ask nicely the first few times. Stay cool today. It’s a scorcher 😂🔥❤️‍🔥
@Kimjacobarriola @ravibell @laneygradschool @EmoryUniversity

What about that 25% raise “we” have been discussing for 67 uninterrupted days? weigh the costs, get back to me, I’ll be setting the #academic world aflame until you do. Rock boats!

#Antivost Lustberg, PhD
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Since your malicious cyberattack timelines matched cybersecurity’s research to strengthen security for years and now, you hack alone but with a cooperative goal to damage national security. Which Advanced Persistent Threats group/s #APTs are you in, #Animez_UK? Image
Converting traditional crime to cyber-enabled crime and becomes a malicious attacker against the UK, for

1- financial income,
2- #sexual desire and #harassment with #pornography sent to #women,
3- attacks for #politics against the UKGOV.

#Animez_UK ImageImage
1st stage- early life:
-Experienced #exclusion/#discrimination.
-Didn’t learn to communicate with #women.
-favours #authoritarianism.
-enjoys #control targeted women & whom against his will.
- Expresses hidden #hatred & #violence on through cyberattacks.

#Animez_UK ImageImage
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I was excited to “share” my first “message” with the students. At 20 years old, I found myself leading a ministry, feeling ready to take on the world. I was going to figure out what generations before had not.


#men #bible #examples #itsgoodtobeaman
I was going to bring a “fresh” understanding of the text when I taught and engage the hearts and minds of the youth with clever understanding that gripped them deep in their inner being. 2/8
I finished my “message” which centered around some odd (heretical) illustration about God revealing our “true” selves as we “look in a mirror dimly”, scribbling words like “lust”, “low self-image”, and “popularity” on a big white piece of paper with a Sharpie... 3/8
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Policing is facing #recruitment crisis: # applicants continue to ↓ across continent.

One tool freq used by #police = recruitment videos. But what do these videos highlight & how can they affect who applies?

In new article, I explore these ?s:…


1/15 Image
Police #recruitment #videos serve several related functions, incl to:

1. Attract prospective applicants to the PD;

2. Communicate specific roles, responsibilities & benefits of a career with the PD;

3. Help prospective applicants assess their potential with the PD.

In light of their functions, it’s important to consider how content of #videos may impact who applies for #policing #careers, and, in turn, who becomes police officers.

This is especially relevant given the challenges currently facing #policing, like the legitimacy crisis.

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#ICYMI: See How Cheap A Woman’s Life Is!😞
#Turkey: A Turkish court on Monday handed down a reduced sentence of 23 years to a man who killed his ex-lover on the grounds that the victim had “provoked” him.
Gültekin was strangled and then, set on fire by her ex-boyfriend, Avcı, who
confessed to the murder.
The court first handed down an aggravated life sentence to Avcı on charges of premeditated murder.
But the court later ruled to reduce his sentence to 23 years based on Article 29 of the #Turkish Penal Code (TCK) that is often used to reduce sentences for
#Men accused of such crimes on the grounds that the victim provoked the murder with her actions.
Avcı’s #family members who faced up to 5 years in prison for aiding and abetting, helping to cover his tracks and concealing evidence of the crime, have been acquitted of the charges.
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Since we are getting a few questions ano daw ba ang Group Fun or GF and what happens in these events - well here's some quick facts. (a thread)

To meet alter friends, join the Viber GC.…

#group #fun #asian #men #pinoy Image
✅1. How to join GF?

Well, maraming GF events na available and can be sourced from Twitter, IG and TG. PERO ang recommended GF would be the ones na tried and tested na ng friends mo within your circle.

So wag mahiyang magtanong - ask your friends the right questions.
✅2. May bayad ba ang GF?

Most of the time YES to cover the expenses of the venue, food, condoms, lubes and many other things. Kaya wag magtaka kung may charge.

TIP: Hindi lahat ng mura ay sulit. At hindi lahat ng mahal ay dapat i-turn down. It's always a different experience.
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Who is being let down by current #pensions policy?
⚡low paid
⚡self employed
#men & #women in their 40s
⚡Part time workers below £10k threshold for autoenrolment
⚡mothers not claiming child benefit
#50sWomen recognise the shortcomings!
#FullRestitution ImageImageImageImage
Strange isn't it (or maybe not!) how many of the groups let down by #pensions policy contain significantly large numbers of #women?
Younger #women would do well to support #50sWomen, who have seen all these failings coming & are fighting on YOUR BEHALF to force Govt action!
Not least of which would be to carry out a proper #gendersensitive #impactassessment on any future changes in #pensions policy or implementation, which was denied to #50sWomen, & to begin to consider the ratified #CEDAW convention in any proposals
#WaspiFullRestitutionNow ImageImageImageImage
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Monkeypox multi-country outbreak @ECDC_Outbreaks 23 May 2022

Cases of #monkeypox acquired in the #EU have recently been reported in 9 EU Member States: ✔️Austria
✔️Sweden, and
✔️the Netherlands
1/4… Image
The predominance, in the current outbreak, of diagnosed human #monkeypox cases among #men having sex with men (MSM), and the nature of the presenting lesions in some cases, suggest transmission occurred during #sexual intercourse.
The overall risk of #monkeypox is assessed as:
✔️ moderate for persons having multiple sexual partners (including some groups of #MSM) and
✔️low for the broader population.
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Optimism is in the air in Hollywood as the summer movie season kicks off this weekend with the release of #DoctorStrange2. The @AP is here to guide you through what’s coming to the big, and small, screens this summer.
After two down years because of the pandemic, analysts say summer profits could approach 2019 levels. Pre-pandemic, the summer movie season regularly accounted for around 40% of the year’s grosses.
Expectations are high for #TopGunMaverick, which sees Tom Cruise reprising one of his most iconic roles, has waited in the wings for two years for the right moment to fly into theaters. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer says he never wavered in wanting to release it in theaters.
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