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President Trump Issues Statement of Support in Persian to Protesting Iranians…
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#Iran #HRC, #MEK, #GenClark
War ein us-Millitär-Putsch im Iran geplant. Damit wäre nicht die echte Opposition der #Restartees, als Volk, wieder zur Macht gekommen, sondern die von #Clinton unterstützte #FakeOpposition, wie der @RestartLeader die MEK nennt.…
@restartleader "Following people& media have things in common:
They are anti-Trump, Pompeo & Israel,
They love #HRC, #McCain& #Pelosi,
They support each other & have millions of $
According to 1000 of docs, they are affiliated with the #IRGC& the #MinistryOfIntelligence.
@restartleader This is precisely what Hillary #HRC was supposed to do, to bring the #MEK to power to run the government while #RezaPahlavi was the monarch in a constitutional monarchy.
The real opponent of the gas price rises are in the pic below.#RestartMIGA #MAGA #MIGA
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Because of the enlightening programs of the leader of the #Restart_opposition and the intelligence of President Trump’s team, 99.8% of the people of Iran were not deceived by the regime and did not take part in the protests.
@EpochTimes 👇…
According to the statistics obtained from the videos and provided by the media, about 80,000 people of the 83M population of Iran took part in the coup fabricated by the #IRGC in November 2019.
#Infowars 👇…
Among these protesters only five to seven thousand were supporters of #RezaPahlavi and the #MEK and seventy thousand others protested because of the inflation and to change the regime.
Infowars 👇

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A few years ago, I predicted what would happen to Turkey under Erdogan. You could simply translate my programs to find out yourselves. If #Restart had its own media, Turkish people wouldn't have been deceived by Erdogan. He is #BasharAlAssad's close friend.
But the secret is ...
There is only one reason to every Kurd, Turk, Iraqi man, woman or child that is being killed:
We didn't have the media coverage.

Seven years ago, I said what would happen today!
👉Globalists & the media blacklisted us to do what they wanted; from the coup in Turkey, to …
...the split of 2 MiddleEastern countries,the divide between the Sunnis by Erdogan’s regime & soon, the massacre of them.
A good politician is someone who observes what's happening in the world & says them; which I did so; not like others who say “I meant to say".
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Dear Mr Bolton
The main reason for your dismissal was what I have written above.
You should have known that @realDonaldTrump couldn't defend Reza Pahlavi, the British globalist agent, and the MEK, the Russian radical agent!
Millions of patriots support President Trump because...
... of his patriotic beliefs!

You had mistaken Trump for Clinton; it was Clinton who was supposed to launch a fake coup, not Trump!
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What is #QAnon?

from every continent,
of every color,
and every creed,
coming together,
to help fix and take back
our corrupted world-
in the name of FREEDOM!

If that’s not a sign, God’s word is being carried out here on Earth - I don’t know what is.

The good people of France 🇫🇷
are with us!

Who else?


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In order to attract patriots, you had to confess to your disgraceful past and the whole purpose of doing that was to introduce one globalist to President Trump’s supporters so the British could later empower this person in Iran through a coup.

Mr new "Imam of the era", your past can only be forgiven by a judge and implementation of justice.
Admitting does not erase one’s corrupt past.Probably ten years later to deceive a new group of people, you will publish a new book & confess to your new misdeeds & betrayals.
Have you told patriots that you had a meeting with the terrorist IRGC and Farashgard in 2019?!
Have you mentioned anything in your book about your photos in 2019 with the son of the former shah of Iran, the official enemy of Pres. Trump & Israel and close friend of McCain?!
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Here is an Anons analyses of @realDonaldTrump’s IRAN tweet.
#MIGA #Restart
Q has two drops that say:

Locked & Loaded

@POTUS typos used to get everyone’s attention?…
Or is it Cocked & Loaded. 🤣
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New Q (7Mar): Long piece detailing origin of Google (DARPA research grants to Sergey Brin & Larry Page) & how our gov't harnessed the power of internet as mass surveillance tool to track our every move fm the start.…
Past GOOG drops:
2. IQT used by C_A to fund small start-ups w/focus on innovation. Snowden was FARM-trained C_A before NSA. Role was to "IMPACT-LIMIT NSA's ability to utilize/collect" comms & clear C_A comm path for Iran deal.
Past Snowden drops:
3. We see the fake news media, Hollywood, universities, schools, etc constantly pushing identity politics - pitting us against each other. Goal is to keep us divided. We see it here on Twitter even amongst "pro-MAGA" folks. Division is [their] goal. Learn to recognize [them].
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Tidak kira samada anda, wanita yang sedang merokok dan sedang hamil, atau sedang mencuba untuk hamil, tidak merokok namun dikelilingi oleh mereka yang merokok. Maklumat ini untuk anda.
Tabiat merokok tidak dinafikan adalah satu tabiat yang ‘addictive’, gian. Namun jika anda, wanita yang merupakan seorang perokok, berhenti merokok adalah salah satu hadiah terbaik bukan sahaja buat diri anda namun juga untuk anak anda di dalam kandungan; peluang untuk memastikan
kesihatan bayi adalah optimum, daripada mula-mula janin terbentuk dan perkembangannya 9 bulan di dalam kandungan.

Jika anda berhenti merokok, kesannya adalah berkadar terus dan langsung dengan perkembangan positif kesihatan anda dan bayi.
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Langkah bijak KKM yang ditunggu-tunggu selama ini.

Kembalikanlah hak kepada mereka yang mahukan udara yang bersih dan segar, tiada pencemaran asap rokok.

Baru-baru ini pengangkutan awam yang saya naiki sendiri juga berbau asap rokok kerana pemandunya merokok semasa memandu.
Bayangkan bas berpenghawa dingin, udara berbau busuk. Hampir sesak nafas, namun terpaksa berusaha menutup hidung dan bernafas di sebalik kain tudung.
Perokok yang masih hidup berkata, mereka tiada masalah kesihatan atau tidak kena kanser (walhal terang-terang ditulis di kotak rokok kerosakan yang boleh berlaku).
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Yesterday, we admitted a new child into our home. It’s always an exciting moment when we receive a new family member. #NewBeginning #HopeForAChild #HopeRising
We celebrate every new child in the home because this marks a new beginning for the child. We open a new page for the child to write a self-story free from abuse, trauma, hunger and all that undermine a child's wellbeing and life fulfillment. #NewBeginning #HopeRising #Restart
For us, when we admit a new child, we get the opportunity to validate our belief that every child holds great promise if given just a chance. This is why we give them a hand to hold as they rise from the ruins of a turbulent childhood #NewBeginning #HopeRising
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