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Put the #IRGCterrorists on the terrorlist and safe more than 100- 1000 lifé, please and now.
Can you remember the last Iran massacre in November 2017? Even during the massacre, when the internet was shut down and the irgc mass murderers were rushed into the middle of the crowds,
after which the bodies were floating everywhere in the rivers, no one cared either. I typed my fingers sore, found in the environment not even people who wanted to raise their voice for the lives of the people and their free self-decision. @IsraelinGermany
Simply no one cared.
This time, even the mainstream media are reporting at #iranprotests2022, I hope that it will not happen again as long as the cameras keep on it or at least it is reported in the West.…
@JustinTrudeau are the first leader, like help
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Chinese military's Eastern Command announces military drills around Taiwan will continue indefinitely (for now).

One possible explanation is "faux Escalate to Deescalate".

i.e. Feign strength, to provide cover for gradual 'redirection' away from the theater, i.e. deescalate. /1
China's military drills has potentially generated 2 effects that Beijing dislikes:

1. 'Broken window effect':
Other countries are considering more high level visits to Taiwan -- in a show of solidarity, e.g. Lithuania. See:
2. 'Catfish effect':
Even multilateral vehicles like @ASEAN Foreign Ministers Meeting - which had largely refrained from critical commentaries on China-Taiwan relations - was spurred into issuing a statement of concern on 8/3, and further 'internationalizes' Taiwan issue. /3
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#Pd disperato per tenersi Mattarella

E vogliono pure che Draghi stia a Chigi : domani il #Duce risponde #stocazzo…
Mattarella o la sua controfigura Amato
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Today’s personal income and consumer spending data for June reaffirm our view that the reopening continues to drive a powerful #restart — and there’s still room to run. 1/4
In the #services sector, particularly #leisure and #hospitality — which bore the brunt of lockdowns and restrictions — the #spending splurge continues as consumers make up for lost time. But spending is still a little more than 3% below its pre-pandemic level in real terms. 2/4
On top, consumers still have a large war chest of accumulated #savings, a good share of which we expect to be deployed over coming quarters, further strengthening the restart. 3/4 Image
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میخوام براتون نقاشی های jon mcnaughton رو توییت کنم و کمیهم روش تحلیل کنم واقعا زیبان و این نقاش در جریان یک چیزهایی هست
در این نقاشی چند چیز قابل توجهه
1پوکر بازی کردن
2ترامپ در حال دیدن بازی و چشمک زدن
2این که نقاشی قدیمیه و جو بایدن کنار کاملا هریس نشسته
3سگ ها زیاد با نژاد های مختلف
4نزدیگ شدن به ساعت 0
5تقلب در بازی
6نقاشی کشتی با مظمون نجات
7مهره های زیاد قرمز نسبت به آبی
8 نماد های لوستر
فردی که داره با تقلب ورق آس گشنیز رو میگیره آس دل داره
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Tidak kira samada anda, wanita yang sedang merokok dan sedang hamil, atau sedang mencuba untuk hamil, tidak merokok namun dikelilingi oleh mereka yang merokok. Maklumat ini untuk anda.
Tabiat merokok tidak dinafikan adalah satu tabiat yang ‘addictive’, gian. Namun jika anda, wanita yang merupakan seorang perokok, berhenti merokok adalah salah satu hadiah terbaik bukan sahaja buat diri anda namun juga untuk anak anda di dalam kandungan; peluang untuk memastikan
kesihatan bayi adalah optimum, daripada mula-mula janin terbentuk dan perkembangannya 9 bulan di dalam kandungan.

Jika anda berhenti merokok, kesannya adalah berkadar terus dan langsung dengan perkembangan positif kesihatan anda dan bayi.
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Langkah bijak KKM yang ditunggu-tunggu selama ini.

Kembalikanlah hak kepada mereka yang mahukan udara yang bersih dan segar, tiada pencemaran asap rokok.

Baru-baru ini pengangkutan awam yang saya naiki sendiri juga berbau asap rokok kerana pemandunya merokok semasa memandu.
Bayangkan bas berpenghawa dingin, udara berbau busuk. Hampir sesak nafas, namun terpaksa berusaha menutup hidung dan bernafas di sebalik kain tudung.
Perokok yang masih hidup berkata, mereka tiada masalah kesihatan atau tidak kena kanser (walhal terang-terang ditulis di kotak rokok kerosakan yang boleh berlaku).
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Yesterday, we admitted a new child into our home. It’s always an exciting moment when we receive a new family member. #NewBeginning #HopeForAChild #HopeRising
We celebrate every new child in the home because this marks a new beginning for the child. We open a new page for the child to write a self-story free from abuse, trauma, hunger and all that undermine a child's wellbeing and life fulfillment. #NewBeginning #HopeRising #Restart
For us, when we admit a new child, we get the opportunity to validate our belief that every child holds great promise if given just a chance. This is why we give them a hand to hold as they rise from the ruins of a turbulent childhood #NewBeginning #HopeRising
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