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The hardest thing for #hospitality now is to get the balance right.

Yeah, sure, we want people to come out and spend money.

But we want them to do it safely, so we don't end up in a local or regional lockdown - with zero / little Govt support.

That means your old #marketing messages ("look at these drinks! Come down with all your mates! WOW BUY ONE GET ONE FREE ON SKITTLEBOMBS ALL NIGHT!") might be a little wide of the mark, especially if they encourage risky behaviour.

Even more pernicious are the 'nudge, nudge, wink, wink, isn't the nanny state stupid lol?' messages.

**The rules aren't there to stop your punters having fun.**

The rules are there to keep them safe, keep you safe, and protect your business in the medium- to long-term.

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Kitchen Sync are delighted to be at the #RMOY2020 UK Restaurant Manager of the Year 2020 @TheSavoyLondon with @IoH_Online.

These competitors are a huge inspiration to our sector.. but who will prevail?
Now the first candidate is carrying out a team briefing in front of a live audience.

One ‘staff member’ even pulled out a mobile phone 🤯 to try and catch them out. They politely called it out.👍

No pressure then! #RMOY2020
The next task is to welcome and seat four guests... so just be chatty, relaxed, informative, professional, flexible, and did we say informative?... all in front of a live audience.. and with the clock ticking away. #RMOY2020
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And we’re off! Joelle Fanghanel welcomes the room and introduces @UKHospKate, outlying her wealth of experience. #Hospitality2030 #loveUWL
“When was the last time you bought anything new?” Not a replacement gadget or a new item of clothing. Something entirely innovative... Kate was posed this question at the start of her time at @UKHofficial. A thinker!
Thoughts from business leaders. We’ll be leaving Brexit to one side for now so Kate can cover the breadth of other issues having an impact. #hospitality2030
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People who like interior design and dinner parties tend to conclude that they must have been blessed with the gift of #hospitality. But this is not the gift of hospitality. This is the gift of a box of chocolates.
Having (or aspiring to have) a nice house with an underused spare room in which to entertain exotic guests who confirm the loveliness of your home has little to do with the deeply disruptive biblical notion of hospitality which starts in the heart (rather than the Ikea catalogue)
The Greek word for #hospitality, φιλοξενία (filoxenia) literally means ‘friendship to strangers’. It‘s about sacrificial kindness to strangers rather than friends. A hospital for the hurting, a hostel for the homeless, a hosting of those who are unwelcome and unloved elsewhere.
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Stoked to announce @ZooKeys_Journal published our @BatumiRaptors data paper! It explains how our #citizenscience project monitors the autumn #migration of >1.000.000 #raptors in the Eastern Black Sea Flyway, and how to use our #openaccess data @GBIF/@NLBIF! - 1/n

Many #raptors migrate primarily by thermal #soaring. To do so they travel by day and avoid high mtns and open sea. This leads to spectacular raptor aggregations in overland #flyways. One of the world´s largest raptor flyways occurs along the eastern Black Sea coast in SW Georgia.
The Eastern Black Sea Flyway has its narrowest point just north of #Batumi, where the coast and Lesser Caucasus form a clear "bottleneck". The mtns are not extremely high but present a significant barrier for #raptors on #migration due to low and dense cloud cover. @BatumiRaptors
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A leader in #Igbo land must be very careful. They recognise that the line between sanity & insanity is very thin. Once one starts chorusing ijọm instead of ijọ́m, s/he is on his or her own. Like the said madman casting nothing over the bridge shouting, "13,13, 13..." The bridge
having hung over a deep turbulent river, people gathered to wonder what 13th bawl it could've been. So, a more inquisitive one went closer to see. At once, the madman scooped, plunged him over and began to sing, "14, 14..."

The Igbos know fleeing away, isn't cowardice in any way
Onye Igbo maara na ọhịa a hụrụ ozu nza abụọ na ihe na-egbu nwa nza, nọ na ya.

Kama ihe ga-ata isi ya, ya kpuru okwu ya. #Igbo
He doesn't sit out with insanity. He doesn't take counsel of psychopaths. Once a sound mind, crosses over to the other side of reasoning, the rest
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Good evening, #entrepreneurs! Let us discuss this week's #GEMChats on #startups and #disruptors to the #tourism industry.

Feel free to #RT, reply and engage with us as we go on with this thread.
The answers to the #poll indicates that most of you feel the biggest gamechanger to the #tourism industry in this #Industry40 is the rise of low cost airlines followed closely by travel accommodations #startups like @Airbnb and @agoda.

Well, you aren't wrong there!
Low cost airlines #democratise travel for everyone. As @tonyfernandes puts it in @AirAsia's tagline: "Now Everyone Can Fly".

Flying had been considered a luxury accessible only to the middle class and well-heeled (sic) - Jack Yu writes at…
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Trump Hotels' website still lists Trump SoHo New York among its properties in the Our Hotels menu. Select its name though to access its page and there's a message about it being renamed
National politics correspondent for Newsweek, Nina Burleigh, with a fun find on a TV above the bar at the Trump Hotel DC
Two errors in the 2nd graf of Breitbart's Trump Hotel DC article:
-holdings aren't out of @realDonaldTrump's hands: trust isn't blind & he can profit from it
-Trump Org told Congress it was estimating foreign receipts—not auto donating in full
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