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This #iwd I’d like to shout out my mum, who lives on the GC, has spent three days delivering hot food and supplies to the northern rivers, & who plans on going back tomorrow. With permission these are some of her observations from being down in #Lismore, Murwillumbah & Coraki a🧵
2/ “We delivered this and more food yesterday. The green portable Bain marie is on loan and keeps food warm for 8 hours. 3 people cried yesterday and so many said they only realised yesterday they do need help and the gesture of feeding them a hot cooked meal meant so much.
3/ Last night some friend drove 2 hrs to my place and helped prep food til 2 am. I'm so tired I just woke up and I know I'll go in the kitchen and everything will be cooked or cooking ready to go to coraki. I think I'll sleep more while they drive down. 3 large 4wds full of
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Thread: One of the biggest failures of this pandemic has been the public education on facemasks.

My household has 14 paper bags with 14 comfortable well fitting P2 masks. This cost $121.50, to cover 12 months if the masks are used for 40 hours total, 8 hours per day. /1
So an entire family can be protected for a long time by buying a box of 50 P2 facemasks and cycling them each day, and $1.50 paper bags, for $121.50. Or a single person could just buy a pack of 10. /2
But the reason I'm raising awareness of this now, is because we currently have a dual pandemic of 2 highly infectious variants, but only 24% of Australians have completed their 3 doses of the vaccine. It means we need to use... /3
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It's sad to see the old people dying again, presumably because people can't RAT before visiting/working there, and workers are stretched beyond their limits.

Surely we could have figured this out by now! #abc730
And lack of PPE. Staff working double shifts.

This was all obvious, before letting a dual pandemic rip on 15-Dec. I foresaw it. Why can LNP never see these risks before doing their reckless let-it-rip?
And now on #abc730 they're talking about their pay rises not being granted by LNP.


LNP always short sighted.
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A few days ago - @BradHazzard told us that “the overwhelming majority of people in ICU are unvaccinated”.

But today NSW Health released its risk dashboard showing 49% of people in ICU are in fact fully vaccinated - confirming Hazzard flat out lied to us….2/ Image
You have to ask why. My guess is that it supports the LNP’s narrative of “Don’t worry about Omicron, only the unvaxed are impacted— and it’s their fault after all.”

Now - to be fair - as a percentage of population, there are way more unvaxed in ICU than vaxed…..BUT….3/
But this is just all part of the LNP’s ongoing smokescreen to prevent people from questioning them on their “do nothing” response to the pandemic.

Hopefully the media will catch on soon and start reporting on this.

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1/ Rapid Antigen Testing - It's by design
The govt invited 'sponsors' to bring RAT's into OZ. Specs published by the TGA. 18 now approved
#ScottyFromEugenics has granted an exemption for all COVID-19 measures to not include a regulatory impact statement. See RAT's amendment👇
Cost to apply to sponsor a product is $10K approx.
We now have 18 approved sponsors. Wholesalers/Retailers can purchase RATs from these 18
It was a deliberate decision to use the "Free Market" to manage supply/demand for critical health needs.
Shops will buy cheap & sell high
We are not 'informed consumers' we will have no idea if we are buying the cheap one that is only suitable for use after 7 days or the one that'll work after 1 day.
RATs have varying levels of sensitivity, depending on how long/much COVID you have.
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Either I'm a genius, or we've been misled about the PCR test load increase by the "tourism testing". It seems to have been exaggerated for political reasons against QLD. Now the rules are changing, I think the pathology problem will remain. /1
The queues may now shorten slightly, but the pathology labs will remain a bottleneck. They group doses together and if all are negative, they derive a fast result of all negative. But if enough postive samples are in the mix, this optimisation falls apart. /2
Case James Genius: I'm the only person in the whole system who thought of grouping tests for processing by tourism versus the various other reasons for the test. Tourists will be nearly all negative, and will therefore remain efficient. I hope they didn't miss this opportunity./3
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1/ $66M Because the Liberals didn't foresee more pandemic leave being needed?
Bizarre🤔A special appropriations determination that is exempt from parliamentary scrutiny (can't be disallowed) was raised last Saturday.
It goes to the NRRA who have $200M+ in unspent money.
2/ The explanatory memorandum has some clues;
👉to do this, the money must be "Urgent" & "unforeseen" (or from error)
👉It's for the $1,500 Pandemic Leave payments
👉$66M allows for 44K payments
👉They only budgeted $12.6M because of Delta.
👉They only realised last week.
3/ The NRRA new & has attracted scandals from the beginning
Liberals gave Liberals mate Shane Stone $617K salary as Chair of this new agency.
Asked about his appointment in estimates Mr Stone said he was informed by “the Prime Minister’s office by one of the very senior advisers”
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1/Friday-is your work done?
The unemployed have payments cut if they fail to do their mutual obligations
A person appearing at senate estimates can take a "Question on Notice" & answer within 30 days.
Liberal & National government have 1,372 questions overdue
2/ The number is far greater than 1,372 as each question can have multiple questions within it.

Scott Morrison isn't doing vaccine rollout or quarantine and appears to not be interested in answering estimates questions, what is he doing with his time?
Interestingly very simple questions, such as whether Scott Morrison has been briefed on QANoN is now 120+ days overdue
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#SummitCare-From Murder to failed Safety Standards
With COVID inside Baulkham Hills, it's time to understand some more about the Aged Care
Summit Care has a very good relationship with the Liberal party. Baulkham Hills was opened in 2017 with 2 Liberal's MPs their.
Much like the Maserati owning Aged Care couple in Melbourne, the Aged Care industry has been very profitable for the owners of #SummitCare. Summit Care owns 10 places and Peter Wohl recently purchase this $37M house on point piper.
#nswcovid #scottymustgo
We give $20B+ to Aged Care, (excluding the extras to pay for staff time for vaccination ($11M) or the 'Staff Retention' bonuses ($450M))
The Liberals refuse to require any transparency to show how the money is spent. If the owner has a $37M house, they don't need xtra funding
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