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1/ Gut sitzende Masken auf beiden Seiten schützt 10x effektiver gegen Omicron, als guter Eigenschutz + schlecht sitzende Maske beim Gegenüber.

Und 100x so effektiv wie med. Maske.

Ich habe mir erlaubt die Darstellung logarithmisch zu skalieren und durch Pfeile zu verunstalten.
2/ Das Ergebnis basiert auf gründliche Arbeit, an der das MPI:DS in Göttingen beteiligt war.

Aus meiner Sicht kann das Ergebnis gar nicht oft genug geteilt werden.
3/ Bei meinen ersten zwei Begegnungen mit der Veröffentlichung war mir der 10x Vorteil bei der "FF" Kombination nicht aufgefallen, weil die 5er-Gruppe links auf den ersten Blick kaum Unterschiede zeigt.

Glücklicherweise sind die Zahlenwerte eingetragen.
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Thread: One of the biggest failures of this pandemic has been the public education on facemasks.

My household has 14 paper bags with 14 comfortable well fitting P2 masks. This cost $121.50, to cover 12 months if the masks are used for 40 hours total, 8 hours per day. /1
So an entire family can be protected for a long time by buying a box of 50 P2 facemasks and cycling them each day, and $1.50 paper bags, for $121.50. Or a single person could just buy a pack of 10. /2
But the reason I'm raising awareness of this now, is because we currently have a dual pandemic of 2 highly infectious variants, but only 24% of Australians have completed their 3 doses of the vaccine. It means we need to use... /3
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1/ SARS-Cov-2 is airborne and always has been.

Here's a quick 🧵 on where to find high-quality, made-in-America NIOSH-certified N95 masks that you may not know about.

Disclosure: I have no relationship with these companies, just an abiding interest in a secure, healthy USA.
2/ Indiana Face Mask Company.

Vertically integrated manufacturer that scaled up a new factory to ensure a secure supply of USA-made N95 masks. Quantity discounts available. Affordable.
3/ ReadiMask.

Maryland based company producing the only NIOSH certified, STRAPLESS N95 mask. They also make a version with an integrated face shield. If you want a FULL SEAL, then this is the mask for you.…
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🧵 Parents of teens looking for N95/KN95/KF94 masks that your teens will wear without complaint, I feel your pain. We are 2 drs w/ 3 teens. We obviously believe in high-quality masks, & we’ve struggled to find masks that fit well & are comfy enough for kids to wear all day. 1/x
Let me start by saying we have no relationship with any mask company, no one gave us any free masks, & no one asked us to review or recommend any mask. Our views don’t represent any employers. Tweeting here as parents & your kids may be different. 2/x
My teens (14, 16, 17) are both sexes & pretty average sizes, especially their faces (unlike their mom…I have a small face & can wear some kids’ eyeglass frames). We started trying the masks that we liked or had ourselves. 3/x
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2/8 To assist with @GOVUK rollout of CO2 monitors to schools @CoSchoolsTools have created 4 videos, and other materials, that aim to explain how #CO2monitors can help #teachers manage their classroom #ventilation for comfortable healthier learning.
@MichaelRosenYes please could you help us get these videos to schools?

#CommunityAction #LongCovidKids #BackToSchool
#Education #MaskUp #Kids #SpotCovid

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I’m a #triplevaxxed surgeon, now sick & isolating with #COVID19. I’m married to a #triplevaxxed rheumatologist MD & mom to 2 kids in Moderna 💉trial, all negative but #quarantining since 3 y/o is blinded to vax status. Wanna know how Hubby’s work is treating him? (A 🧵)

He works for a large private health company, so Families First Coronavirus Response Act /FFCRA doesn’t apply. He is staying home with the exposed kids (kid 2 is 3 yo & still blinded in the trial). His options?
1️⃣Use vacation time
2️⃣Take unpaid leave…
He will likely test + in the next few days given the household transmission of #Omicron, and then will STILL either take unpaid leave or use our much-needed vacation time.…

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We are in the third wave of #Covid. Community spread of #Omicron is given. Cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata are hot spots.

What works and what does not.
A thread of 10 points

1. It is clear that Omicron escapes Immunity acquired through #Vaccines and Previous Infection
2. Most cases of Omicron have mild infection, milder compared to Delta. This however doesn't mean that it will be mild in all cases. Some would become severe and need hospitalisation. Don't be stupid by buying into 'mild' theory
3. A lot of people are asymptomatic. So should you get tested for mild or no symptoms? Yes. Because only then you would isolate yourself and protect others. Also, better to detect it early and monitor rather than be caught off guard when saturation drops.
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1. Thread on Nadhim Zahawi who has said that secondary school children must wear masks... #NadhimZahawi #Masks #NoMasksInClass Image
2. NO science, NO evidence, NO risk analysis, NO cost benefit analysis, just dogma from a very sinister man. #NadhimZahawi #NoMasksInClass #nomasksinschool
3. I have asked for evidence in an FOI to Department for Education. Ask your questions if you want to know...… #FOI #NoMasksInClass #NoMasksinSchool
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Truthfully, I’m feeling more bitter than sweet entering this new year, especially when I compare it to how much hope I had entering 2021. I rounded out my last two weeks of the year on the general medicine wards, taking care of both COVID and non-COVID patients. My experiences:
-Escalating care for COVID patients but ALSO:
-Taking care of an unstable post arrest patient for 1.5 hours on the floor because there were no immediate ICU beds
-Self doing Q1H checks on patients not stable enough for the floor because there were no immediate ICU/SDU beds
-Unable to discharge patients swiftly with anything beyond a “home with no services” dispo because everything from STR to psych to delivery of equipment is back logged (seeing a theme here?)
-Extreme medication shortages, including blood. Only getting a HALF unit at a time…
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#NYE2021: So many thoughts go through my mind

2 long years ago today China alerted the world to what seemed to be a new viral respiratory illness. 1 year ago I was mentally preparing for a tough few more months & then surely we would be through #COVID19SK
Today SK sets new records for number of daily reported cases (735) and test positivity rate (26%), recognizing many more than this are infected. We have another tough few months ahead. I am tired & i'm not alone
Yet today I am mostly grateful & proud. Our @saskhealth team of over 45000 staff & physicians have done amazing things under incredibly challenging conditions/Let's start w vaccines: 1.8M doses in SK arms over the past 365 days. Countless lives saved.
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What you need to know about the #PestisSecunda. A 🧵 for 2022.
Yesterday, I posed the question; "If we've been this ignorant about the largest pandemic in human history, on what kind of foundation are we basing responses now?"
I was referring to the #2ndPlaguePandemic. 1/n
For the past several years, I've been accustomed to saying that most people have a basic misconception of the Black Death (BD), the wave of plague that swept from the Black Sea thru the Middle East, N Africa, & Europe in 1346-53. People thought it came & then disappeared. 2/n
They didn't realize that the BD was the genetic foundation for all plague outbreaks that would strike the region periodically for the next 4-500 years. Cairo, Constantinople, Algiers, London, Seville, Marseille. And 1000s of towns & villages in betw. All due to same lineage. 3/n
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1/ Q: Case numbers are jumping QUICK! What should I be doing?

A: Share your gifts without sharing COVID. Helpful gestures come in many shapes.…

#Omicron #ThoseNerdyGirls
2/ One HUGE help: Cancel non-essential plans.

Unfortunately, this includes New Year’s Eve plans. The perfect storm of a new variant & holiday get-togethers is hitting communities & health care w/ FORCE! Testing is in short supply.
3/ Health care is under extreme pressure with surging cases. If you can avoid even one additional contact, you are helping. This is a temporary and urgent request (from a health care provider).

#MedTwitter #HCWs @IMPACT4HC
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There are at least 5 hospitals in Maryland using “crisis protocols” and most others are on the brink. If you don’t understand what that means @FutureDocs gives one example - you could be stuck waiting in a hallway for a hospital bed for days. Here are a few more examples:
Instead of having one ICU nurse caring for you and maybe one other patient, he might be caring for 3 other patients.
And it turns out she might not even be an ICU nurse, she’s a regular med surg nurse who was pulled.
But if you aren’t in the ICU, you’re fine, right?
Well….turns out the nurses on the inpatient unit are caring for 6 patients instead of 4, and they have been pulled from non clinical roles like case management or outpatient.
But the doctors will catch problems, right?
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8 yo Girl.
Off food for 2 days.
Bizarre itchy rash
Called 111 told Chilblains
Mum unconvinced

Please show #teachers #education #schools


Think #COVID19 #Omicron #LongCovidKids Image
Symptoms of #LongCovid can be found in the gallery.


Sores at the sides of the mouth.
This child tested positive for #COVID19

Please RT to help others #SpotCovid

#education #schools #teachers
#Omicron #OmicronVarient #LongCovidKids Image
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📍4x kids hospitalizations—NYC reports “4-fold” increase in pediatric hospital #COVID19 admissions for Dec 19th versus week of Dec 5th. Over half of hospitalizations in kids <5–all unvaxxed. 🏥 in kids 5-11 all unvaccinated too. ➡️Protect kids! #vaccinate #MaskUp #Ventilate Image
2) Don’t forget it’s not just “hospitalizations”—most people with #LongCovid were never hospitalized. And children’s brains are very sensitive. We must protect kids from #LongCovidKids. Neuron damage (such as smell loss) is just the tip of the iceberg. 👇
3) The surge in kids COVID hospitalizations is not just in NYC, but also in England. Pandemic record kids #COVID19 hospital admissions in England during the same week as the NYC spike!! This is now a multi-continental #Omicron crisis in kids.

Figure by @Antonio_Caramia Image
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🧵I have to say it: Christmas break is going to be bad. I'm watching confirmed #COVID19 cases⬆️ exponentially at our highly-#vaccinated school w/ a #MaskMandate & HEPA filters in every class. Make a plan now for how you'll handle Xmas & #quarantine when someone gets #Omicron.
2/ Think about how you can create a separate space for the person(s) infected. Remember #OmicronIsAirborne. Pick a rm w/ windows to open & its own door if your home allows. Today put a fan there that can be used to improve air exchange. Put a 🌡️, an O2 sat monitor, good masks.
3/ Go get a MERV13 filter for your HVAC at Home Depot or Lowe's or online. While here, get the stuff to build a simple, inexpensive, highly-effective Corsi-Rosenthal box. You can see what this is here. Build it now so it's ready.
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🧵It is now clear that we are going to have to get people to #MaskUp to get thru winter without US health care system collapse. #Omicron is way too contagious. #VaccinesWork & #GetBoosted, but they will not be enough on their own. So this thread is for people who hate masks:
2/X: If you hate masks because the ear loops make your ears sore, google "ear savers." That's the term I've seen used for various products that spare your ears w/ masks. Examples in pics, but if you can sew on a button, make some. What else are you gonna do in #quarantine?
3/X: You can get a beanie, headband, baseball cap, head scarf, whatever & attach button or hooks of any kind that you can get from any sewing store or online, & attach your mask loops to that. Ear pain solved! It's important to have a snug fit so try diff distances.
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New York #COVID19 record cases—deaths are quickly rising too. Broadway shows are cancelling abruptly again. I’m cancelling trips myself. The #Omicron wave will hit hospitals hard—pray for doctors, nurses & respiratory therapists over the holidays. #MaskUp #GetBoosted Stay safe 🙏
2) Just in - @CNN will be closing its US offices to most workers ASAP due to rising cases. I remember when CNN last did this suddenly in spring 2020 as NYC got hit real bad. This is very deja vu.…
3) I’m switching from regular KN95 to N95 now in indoor places with other people— #Omicron is so contagious. Make sure your kids use a minimum KN95 or KF94 or FFP2 mask. I’ve been warning about this for over a year. But I’m upgrading to N95 now— see @projectn95 (no commission).
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I know personally 3 people receiving monoclonal antibodies this evening. All have had 3 doses of #COVID19 #vaccine or prior infection + 2 doses of vaccine. All are careful. They all have risk factors, but all are pretty symptomatic. Jan is gonna be…rough. #MaskUp. #Omicron
Tweet 2: A lot of people seem to be panicking based on this anecdote. Panic is NOT productive. Instead you need to calmly plan & act to reduce your risk. These are some effective things you can do right now:
👉Upgrade your masks. No more cloth alone. Best is N95/KN95/KF94...
Tweet 3: As an alternative to N95/KN95/KF94, if you can't tolerate those or don't have them, I rec a surgical mask (ASTM level 3, 3-ply is great) w/ cloth mask over it. Read this:…. The non-profit @projectn95 has vetted, affordable PPE including masks.
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🤶Dear Santa: Please, we need some Public Private Partnerships in ##Westchester for Christmas and the Covid Surge! Can you transfer some #privatesector elves to help @westchestergov provide free, accessible (by mass-transit and by drive through) rapid #PCR #testing Also, 1/6
🎅for stocking stuffers, how about enough seven-piece packages of rapid #antigen #testing for home use, available by mail or at local #health departments or local houses of worship or even by #reindeer for every #Westchester resident, free, upon request? Also, 2/6
🎅maybe Mrs. Claus can come on down to speed up our county health department to get #TestToStay rolling in our 40 #publicschool districts? It's been too much talk and no action. Finally, just want you to know, 3/6
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📍The coronavirus is airborne. Very airborne. Even if you don’t see anyone—doesn’t mean the aerosols aren’t in the air. WATCH📺

➡️ you need high quality N95 / KN95 / KF94 / FFP2/ FFP3 masks.

➡️ also please ventilate, get HEPA filters, get upper room UV.
2) VENTILATION is key. Both ventilation and masks needed to reduce risk indoors. But most buildings not ventilated well enough.


“Until we recognise that #COVID19 is airborne we are setting ourselves up for repeated failure”
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@WalshFreedom Am I tired of needing mask mandates. Sure i am. But that doesn't mean that mask mandates aren't necessary or that they don't work. Americans are the most selfish people on the planet. Having freedom doesn't mean doing what you want, when you want. To enjoy the benefits of society
@WalshFreedom cont/ you need to also bear the responsibilities of society. You follow rules/laws. You participate in your own governance. You sacrifice a little for the benefit of the many. When you are elected to office, you compromise with people of opposing parties/viewpoints. This 80s me,
@WalshFreedom me,me crap ( and I am an 80s girl) has got to stop. This antisocietal, anti-educational, anti-intellectual, anti-science bullshit has to stop. America didn't get to be a world power by being anti-anything. #vaxup #maskup, #backup #washup #growup
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@Dr_D_Robertson Except they didn't #Lockdown in Japan

And had many with antigens over year ago

Didn't #LockDown in Sweden

#COVIDIOTS have to switch from comparing deaths to 5 yr av which hides not just all recent peaks but all historic stats

To just previous year

When had freak low deaths!
@Dr_D_Robertson Sweden had BELOW AVERAGE deaths with #COVID

#COVIDIOTS had to compare with previous freak low year not usual peak-hiding 5 yr av to make BELOW AVERAGE 2020 death rate seem like big jump

If #LockDown works why always use damned lies & "statistics" to make (asymptomatic) "case"🤦‍♂️
@Dr_D_Robertson Infection peaks dropping before #Lockdowns imposed

Catastrophe need to avoid is economic

ONS predicted 200,000 deaths from #DiseasesOfDespair from just FIRST #LockDown

Estimates already reached 500,000 from that alone😱

ON TOP of deaths from reduced & refused NHS services!🤦‍♂️
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#COVID19vaccine math update for #Quebec:
- 29k doses yesterday; 30k 7-day rolling average.
- Huge drop in 3rd dose pace; only 11k yesterday vs 23k on Friday. (We need to be at 90k+ daily by now.)
- 40.6% of 5-11s have 1 dose, but pace slowing.…
Only 40.6% of 5-11s in #Quebec have a 1st dose, and another 8.9% have appointments booked. But that's still more than 50% of kids in that age group unbooked.

New bookings have dropped off to <2,000/day. This is worse than even the low estimates of 60-70% for this age group.
3rd doses: Only 22% of over 70s and 2% of 18-69s in #Quebec have received them so far. We're averaging only 13k 3rd doses per day.

At this rate, it will take until March 2023 (not 2022!) to give boosters to everyone who has a 2nd dose.

Omicron will take over by January.
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