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Today my daughter met another little girl at the park. They spoke at a safe distance, then my girl ran up to me and asked if she could have her mask so that her and her new friend could play. The other little girl did the same. (1)
I was blown away. How is it that two 4yr old girls could have more awareness and consideration for each other’s health than most adults do in this country? (2)
Do you know how hard it is to get a 4yr old to do anything, let alone wear a mask? And yet she knew how important this one small inconvenience was in order to enjoy a quick game of chase!
And they even complimented each other’s mask, which were both pink. (3)
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BILL GATES is not a doctor
Not a scientist
Not a researcher
Bill Gates is one of the wealthiest people in the world who has invested a lot of time, effort & money in decreasing the worlds population
Gates has repeatedly stated "that vaccines will reduce the population of the earth"
Not reduce deaths from disease or increase the number of children living into adulthood
Like he did in Dec. 2012, in the small village of Gouro, Chad, Africa
500 Gouro children were locked in their school&
threatened that if they didnt agree to force-vaccination w/ a meningitis A vaccine, they would receive no further education
The children were vaccinated w/o their parents’ knowledge w/ an unlicensed vaccine…
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Wow. CDC reports of a huge superspreading event in 260 kids+adults from YMCA camp. ~1/2 children aged 6-10 positive. 44% aged 11-17 positive.



...oh wait @BrianKempGA blocked mask mandate rules.…
2) Camp required a test <12 days before arriving & attempted "pods"

Masks required for staff but NOT campers

Clearly these measures not enough for control. And using the pods is akin to the cohorting that CDC suggested. This is likely not adequate.
3) Here is the CDC report of the attack rates (incidence rates). Pretty uniform scores the board - if anything young adults lower risk likely because camp counselors wore masks.…
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Three new important studies came out in the past week about kids & #COVID19. All have limits (the science isn't perfect). But together, they matter, & you deserve to know about them!

A thread on the takeaways for all of us, as parents / teachers / communities? 🧵
1) First, this one from S Korea and @CDCMMWR:…

Like all the studies, this one wasn't perfect, but the takeaway: Older kids most likely transmit #COVID19 to their household at rates similar to adults. And younger kids transmit the virus, too.
What does that mean for the rest of us? It means that:

a] in schools, kids can likely transmit to teachers & vice versa, BUT

b] this study was done in households: so NO MASKS OR DISTANCING. (Very important point!)
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#futureneurologists, you asked & we heard! @NMatch2021

Top 10 things we love about our program:

1) “The University of Mississippi Medical Center, located in Jackson, is the state's ONLY academic health science center.”…
Pathology: Being the state’s big academic hub, our residents see such so much variety during their training, that when they 🎓 and practice in the real 🌎, they react something like this 👇
No discrimination: Our program led by Dr. Alissa Willis(@myelinmd) and Dr.@HartmutUschmann firmly believes that we don’t discriminate on the basis of race, color, region, religion, sex or orientation. We have always matched a good mix of residents - aka “A Mini United Nations”
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As an ER doc in a rural county with spiking cases of #coronavirus, we need @realDonaldTrump's new daily briefings about the #pandemic to be *much* different from last time. No more talk about bleach. No more misinformation about medicine. And he should finally wear a mask. (1/10)
I genuinely hope the President wears a mask to the press briefing as a signal to the several million people watching on TV that wearing a mask is simple and important. At a minimum I hope he encourages all Americans to #maskup. A national mandate would be better. (2/10)
He should explain that the massive increases in cases of #COVID19 are not merely the products of increased testing, but given a significant rise in test positive rates, are indicative of uncontrolled transmission in many areas of many states. (3/10)
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I just discovered Operation Lockstep thanks to other Patriots on Twitter. It’s 🔥 SHOCKING🔥.
Published in 2010, it’s 1 of 5 scenarios used by Rockefeller Foundation in their push for globalization.
#OperationLockstep #COVID19 Image
Just read the first page of the #OperationLockstep section. #Pandemic? #COVID19 perhaps? #Quarantine? Economic collapse? Sound familiar? Image
Face masks...#MaskUp Control, Power... Remember this was written 10 years ago! #FutureProvesPast Image
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Big Fat #NoMask thread, cuz science.

Much of the recent articles are fear porn about corona and I wanted an objective set of articles and studies to peruse, I did a historical search for this period of time:

Jan 1 2015 - Jan 1 2018

Stolen from TD.
This one seems to conclude that cloth masks do more harm than good.…
#NoMask #MaskUp
This one says masks are only effective if its tightly formed to your face, here’s a quote: ”You’re more likely going to want to find a higher quality mask with swappable filters”. Most people are just using some random cloth.…
#NoMask #MaskUp
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Thread written by my dear friend from @bcmhouston and now practicing ED doc in South Texas and shared with his permission. The toll COVID is placing on out health care system, patients and providers is hard to describe, though he does it so well. Read, #MaskUp & #StayHome(1/6)
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Checking in on the hybridForecast I'd done eleven days back, with the daily new case counts ...

We're currently at day 123 on the timeline. 25K/day was estimated by end of July. We're already past that.

Expected | Current Actuals

AP: ~ 800 | 1700
AS: ~ 1000 | 650
BR: ~ 400 | 850
CH: ~ 5 | 12

CT: ~ 75 | 135
DL: ~ 2500 | 1750
GA: ~ 75 | 100
GJ: ~ 700 | 875

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#DailyUpdate #COVID19India
Cases continue to rise at approx 3% since early June. Virus not slowing down (neither exploding thankfully) as several states report big increases. Among 3 major hotspot states: DL & TN show decline in new cases but MH continues exponential growth.
Post national lockdown 4, growth of active cases showing no decline...India needs to move towards precision lockdowns at block/district level with stronger contact tracing and more testing. Need full co-operation from community. #MaskUp India.
1) Total cases doubling in 21 days.
2) Active cases doubling in 30 days.
3) Recovered cases doubling in 18 days.
4) Deaths doubling in 30 days.
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#Covid19India: State of the States:
Daily Deaths | New Cases | Recoveries | R[t]

AN: 0 | 6 | 4 | R[t] Not Computed
Daily Deaths | New Cases | Recoveries | R[t]

AP: 14 | 1300 | 1100 | >> 1.00
Daily Deaths | New Cases | Recoveries | R[t]

AR: 0 | 12 | 9 | < 1.00
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I want to share a disheartening story with you about how someone in my life has been negatively impacted by the politicizing of #Covid19 because maybe some of you have gone through the same thing and I want you to know that you're not alone. #StayStrong #MaskUp 1/9
The other day a friend of mine invited me to a pool party this weekend and I had to tell them that I was unable to attend because of #COVID19 which is a huge bummer because a pool party and vats of wine after months of self isolation?? Yes please! 2/9
The response I rec'd was unexpected. They told me that the virus was a Dem "base" thing and that if I got my "act together" I was still welcome to stop by. If not, they would "see me after the election lol."

I was stunned. 3/9…
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#Covid19 update July 7, 2020. We remain in Stage 4, though we’re very close to stage 5. The latest 7-day average of new hospitalizations is about 75. Review the risk-based guidelines here: 1/6
Right now, we need everyone to continue to #StayHome when you can, #MaskUp & social distance when outside of your home, get tested if you think you may have COVID-19, & isolate for at least 10 days after the onset of symptoms, practice excellent hygiene, & otherwise be safe. 2/6
Tonight there are 12, 408 people that have tested positive – up 482 from yesterday. Unfortunately, 7 additional Austinites have been lost to this virus since yesterday—total deaths 151. Approximately 9,348 have recovered. 3/6
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COVID Update July 7: If someone tells you you’re “essential,” you’re going to want to run the other way.

Because “essential” now means underpaid, unappreciated, sacrificial & there to serve everyone else. 1/
In the future, definitions in @Dictionarycom are going to need to include what “essential worker” came to mean during the COVID crisis.

You were essential, but your health, your income, your life, your safety net, and your well being turns out are “not as essential.” 2/
Keeping America in steaks & Big Macs was essential to Trump as he called meat packing plants essential before they could retrofit so not to be blazing hot spots.

You show who’s essential by who you protect & who you don’t. 3/
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This is what the Growth Rate of the Total Count for #Covid19India looks like when plotted against the Log Total Count.

The LOESS line (Red, dashed) declined below the linear fit (Blue, dotted) at 8.2 (~3.5K Cases) and rose back up strongly at 12 (~160K Cases).
Set up a GAM model (in Red) to forecast when the ZERO crossing might be expected, alongside an extension of the LOESS fit (in Blue).

Expects a zero crossing slightly ahead of 15 (~ 3.25-3.5M Cases). That's when the model suggests Total Count would stop growing further.
PS: The LOESS fit, however, suggests that this could rise back up around 14 in LogN terms (which is where the two "forecasts" diverge). 14 in LogN terms is around 1.2M cases. Which we expect to hit in around two weeks time.

#MaskUp! or #StayHome
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Today I read @paulmromer thread - particularly the part about schools (I recommend it!).

And we need to talk about #SchoolReopening, from a scientific perspective.

So here goes, with thanks to @sarita @ambilinski @RobinCogan @abuttenheim & others:
1) First, there is so much we still don't know about the science of #SchoolReopening. So it's tough to say "you will be safe" given that we still aren't sure.

For instance, we aren't sure whether kids spread #COVID19. We THINK they don't spread it:…
.... but this goes against the science of MOST respiratory outbreaks, where kids are MOST likely to spread the virus.... so a lot of us are scratching our heads on this one.

For more details, check out this great piece by @HelenBranswell…
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#COVID19Lagos update as at 3rd of July, 2020

📍748 #COVID19 tests were conducted on 3rd July, 2020 out of which 87 new cases were confirmed at 11.63% positivity rate.

📍42,348 #COVID19 were conducted in Lagos till date out of which 10,926 turned out positive.
📍Out of the confirmed cases 1,695 patients have since been discharged from #COVID19Lagos care centres following full recovery.

📍6, 259 of the cases monitored in communities by #COVID19Lagos response team have either fully recovered or positively responding to treatments
📍365 of the cases are currently under isolation in public and private care centres.

📍However, 2,430 active cases in the communities are yet to turn up for admission in care centres either due to fear of stigmatisation or preference for home care treatments.
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Good morning #Nasvhille:

We warned two weeks ago of a notable shift in the growth of SARS-CoV-2 #coronavirus.

Today we will see the new growth phase is in effect. Follow the science and thread below. If you like what we do, please like and share the information.
Trend is stark & straightforward with another 3 record breakers.

1⃣ 4 consecutive days of SARS-CoV-2 #coronavirus (orange) at or above 343
2⃣ Highest case count to date is now 608
3⃣ Moving average is now at 353 per day

Adherence to #MaskUp and #PhysicalDistancing is crucial.
🗓️In the weekly chart, we sum the # of SARS-CoV-2 #coronavirus cases in #Nashville per week. It provides another perspective from the daily chart above.

It is clear that we had a very important week in our city's trajectory. Analysis from weeks ago helps us understand it.
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If someone asks: What's the evidence for mask wearing? Here is a list of *SEVENTY* papers, including reviews/meta-analysis and individual studies, in reverse chronological order. Includes 31 from 2020 alone (!!). META = meta-analysis or systematic review.

"Visualizing the effectiveness of face masks in obstructing respiratory jets," Verma et al., June 30 2020, Phys Fluids:…
"Community Use Of Face Masks And COVID-19: Evidence From A Natural Experiment Of State Mandates In The US" Lyu et al., June 16 2020, Health Affairs:…
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I frequently get asked about risk of catching #covid19 from various activities.

I love this diagram.

As your personal risk goes up (bc of your own health, or because of #covid19 prevalence in your area), engagement in risky activities should stop.
And a clear, consistent list of what to NOT DO right now (regardless of personal health or local #covid19 prevalence) - DO NOT:
* go to bars
* go to indoor parties (50+ people)
* go to public indoor events where people are yelling or singing

#StaySafe #MaskUp #July4th
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#Immunity in simple terms:
1. Innate immunity
Physical barriers = shuts door on intruder
Non specific defences =kills any intruder soon after entry
2. Acquired immunity
Learn to kill a specific foe = system has to learn to identify and tailor make antibodies, needs time
Physical barriers = stickiness of nasal passage, the slime, intactness of skin etc : Tries to see if the doors can remain shut
(Now if you are clever you erect further barriers you #MaskUp)
Non-specific immunity = kills 'any' intruder, starts straight away: system we share with plants /animals
Foreign protein sighted->
Chemical cascade-> kill, recruit killer cells, signal virus infected cells to rapidly kill themselves!
+send signals to next line of defence
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We all need to #WearADamnMask, but we can also make it a lot more comfortable! There are so many mask sewing patterns out there--if you hate your current mask, try a different pattern. (these tips help with choosing a purchased or no-sew mask too) 1/
Cloth masks need:
- at least 2 layers of tightly woven cotton fabric
- no valves! Valves only filter air you breathe in, not air you exhale--exactly the opposite of the point
- to fit securely over your nose & under your chin
- to fit snugly at the sides of your face 2/
Here are some sewing patterns I’ve tried and the pros and cons of each. What I like (in a mask and a sewing experience) isn’t necessarily what you like, so try different patterns and experiment with the fit to find your favorite. 3/
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