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I posted this thread long before the publication of the #SewellReport. Having read it, it’s clear that disproportionate focus on ‘+ve stories’ at the expense of playing down the widespread impact of structural racism was a key objective of the Commission.
The more ‘political’ statements in the report, are clearly crafted to suit a particular ideology and are a weak attempt to steer discourse away from the realities of racism. Yet so much of this is shoddy - (I wonder who proof read it before publication?)
I’m seeing unqualified statements (making sweeping generalisations), confused statements (understanding of racism, structures, systems, experiences), dodgy analysis. E.g. in a section titled ‘Perceptions & Realities’, the report says:
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May I request authors of #SewellReport who have claimed #NHS as a success story in race issues to read this thread

Recent survey of Primary in Humberside region shows very disturbing findings discrimination in NHS of 2021 /1

@rcgp @KailashChandOBE @CNagpaul @riddell_marcus
Is it acceptable that in #NHS of 2021 ability to train in ones chosen career is affected by ones ethnicity, culture and #racism #discrimination ? /2

@rcpsglasgow @RCPLondon @rcpsych @RCOphthPres @terry_moran1 @AntonEmmanuel2 @Prerana_Issar @MichaelMarmot @NHS_RobW @NHS_RHO
How can we allow🤔 in 2021 a trainee to be told by a senior trainer

'we do not accept people who are not from around here' /3

@NHS_HealthEdEng @anilkjain61 @PeaPeaspot @adamson0901 @shekhawatgp @NLaGNHS_Doctors @northlincsccg @surashsurash @Halima_Begum @Manuel_Cavazza
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I’ve experienced racism my whole life, but was in denial about how it impacted me professionally, until I was subjected to the most shameless blatant action. + didn’t fully understand structural racism, until I led a major review uncovering it. I wonder about the #commissioners?
I’m not denying the existing of enablers, ideologues, those seeking acceptance, & my general dismay at the #SewellReport, but think perhaps the spectrum of thinking extends to commissioners who are denial, struggling with their own understanding.
I always understood the manifestation of racism in systems, structures, impact of history (I was talking about all this at school when I was a teen), but in my mind I may have equated my own experiences to the actions of individuals, & the other stuff not happening to me as much.
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Just found out that I am cited in a *highly misleading* way in the #SewellReport. It uses my research to try to argue that stop and search is an effective way of reducing drug-related crime. I hope our abstract speaks for itself...

The intellectual dishonesty is astonishing.
Thanks to @AlexStevensKent for uncovering this amongst a litany of other misleading citations and distortions of evidence:
I'm sure my coauthors @pkquinton and @ben1971b will be just as surprised as I was. You can see how our research is misreported on page 160 here…
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In 2010, landing cards of Windrush arrivals were destroyed. Then people who’d come as kids, like this little boy, now seniors, threatened w deportation, loss of NHS treatments, benefits. Many lost everything & suffering continues. But #SewellReport says no institutional racism.
On how report barely mentions Windrush, put brilliantly by @ppvernon - ‘if they had focused on the scandal, they would have had to admit that there was a systematic, structural failure in the way that the Home Office targeted the Windrush generation’…
In 2018, twelve Commonwealth Caribbean countries asked for a meeting to discuss the Windrush scandal with the government before the Commonwealth Heads of Gov meeting held in UK, were denied. So much for the hands of unity in the Commonwealth..
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The #SewellReport really is a verbose, sloppy and intellectually dishonest piece of work. In the bits I know about (drugs and crime), there is a pattern of misleading readers by mischaracterising the sources it cites. Here are some examples. 1/n
To back a claim that cannabis is a 'gateway' drug, it cites a 2002 ACMD report. Here's what a later (2008) ACMD report says on the issue
To support the idea that stop and search works, they rely on a study in the BJC . While this study found a small association with lower recorded drug crime, it conclude, 'claims that this is an effective way to control and deter offending seem misplaced'.…
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A basic lesson in logic, for those that need it (1):
‘My experience of racism in the 70s and 80s is different to today’
DOES NOT imply
1. Other people’s experience is different
2. Other people’s experience is better

Different does not mean better. #SewellReport. #rishisunak
(2) ‘My experience as an adult is different to what I experienced as a child’
DOES NOT imply
1. Children today do not have the same / worse experience
2. Racism has got ‘better’

Adults are not the same as children. They have different experiences. #SewellReport. #rishisunak
A: ‘I/ they are BAME. I/ they have done really well.’
B: ‘Therefore there is no institutional racism’

NO! B is NOT a logical conclusion of A

Structural & systemic manifestations of racism are not the same as random examples of ‘success’.

Analyse the data.

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POC have been left reeling from the gaslighting and historical revisionism in #SewellReport.

Our lived experiences of institutional racism is being denied, and our reality questioned.

White people, it's time to use your power and privilege to push back

⬇️⬇️⬇️ Text post: white people, now is the time to use your power a
Silence is not an option, we need everyone to push back against the narrative of racism denial - and do the work of building a truly anti-racist Britain.

Here are three things you can do in coming days, weeks, and months. Text post: you cannot stand by whilst this racism denialism
1️⃣ Acknowledge that institutional racism exists in our society, our institutions, your organisation, and in the charity sector.

True anti-racism work starts with acknowledging how these structures operate in your org and addressing past harm. Text post: 1. Acknowledge that institutional racism exists i
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I know everyone’s dunking on the bit in the #SewellReport where they suggest that instead of teaching the downside of colonialism we make a fun list of Indian-origin English words, but I think it might start more conversations than you think
Loot, for example
The Hobson-Jobson dictionary of Colloquial Anglo-Indian slang is available online. It contains a wealth of context and I’d fully support its use as a textbook
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The contents of the #SewellReport should come as no surprise. @IRR_News and others warned of this when it became known that the commission was being put together by Boris Johnson's policy lead, Munira Mirza.

A short THREAD…
The #RaceReport features familiar arguments that Mirza has made in the past, including on sites such as Spiked Online.

An article Mirza wrote in 2017 in response to the Lammy Review on racism in the criminal justice system serves as a useful comparison.…
Mirza has regularly made the point that people's experiences (or indeed evidence) of institutional and systemic racism are actually driven more by a 'perception than a reality'.

One of the subheadings in CRED's report is 'Perceptions and realities'

Left: Mirza Right: Sewell
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Having read the #SewellReport carefully, I’m going to focus on the education piece with some general comments about the approach.
1) I think it is important to note that the recommendations of government commissions do not gain as much traction as policy (see previous commissions on a whole range of subjects). In that light, the recommendations are not as valid as they are made out to be.
2) The notion of ‘participation’ used in the report is very strange indeed. Participation in politics in a democratic society is all the things that have been mentioned as happening in the periods before. You would think that pluralism would be well understood. It is not.
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Some thoughts on the #SewellReport reflecting broadly but using health an example

Throughout the report, the role of racism is 'explained away'. For example, Covid-19 disparities are merely about where you live with, what job you do and how poor you are ImageImage
Ignoring the elephant in the room that shapes each of those factors: racism

That's despite study after study demonstrating how structural and institutional racism determines where you live, what job you do and how poor you are Image
But how many times can you respond "look at all the evidence"?

On one hand, it leads to a distracting debate

On the other, it's a pointless battle if a single positive outcome for a particular ethnic group is apparent proof that bigger-than-the-individual racism cannot exist Image
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The #SewellReport and its conclusions hit particularly hard today. I can imagine that a lot of British people from minoritised communities are feeling particularly gaslit by having our lived experience dismissed in such a public and patronising way. I have some thoughts:
The report has actually presented quite a bit of evidence of systemic disadvantage, despite significant cherry-picking of data. However, they have dismissed a lot of things as being due to SES, as if accepting that POC are more likely to be poor isn't, itself, systemic racism.
There is also an assumption that a finding that shows any minority group having positive outcomes (or even an improvement in poor outcomes) indicates that racism doesn't exist. I don't think that that assumption would have passed peer review.
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Will be reading/commenting on the #SewellReport in full after I’ve read it carefully but this is very interesting indeed. Michael Young’s work on ‘powerful knowledge’ used to justify the conclusion.
The problem is, Young’s work is not as secure as people seem to suggest.…
I think it is very interesting to think about who is not on the commission and the coverage of the non-disclosure agreements participants in the commission had to sign.
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