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Was this #dogwalker a #whitewoman by any chance?

Because for the life of me, I do not get how all can ignore what happened to #myson #AmbroseGGBall in 8 solid years unless it was @MPSHaringey posting up all the wrong information, wrong days and dates,
the wrong locations, wrong description of clothing , the wrong Fox pub, all different times of the night, leaving out the vital information leading up to during and after my son went @missingpeople, did not response for 56 hours after all the calls myself and others had made over
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8 reasons why I wake up at 4:30 am

- A thread - Image
At the beginning of 2022, I decided to wake up at 4:30 am.

Like you probably now, I questioned the efficiency of waking up that early.

But wait till the end of this thread to comment your disapproval.

Here is why you need to wake up earlier:
1. No interruptions

• No kids yelling
• No phone calls
• Silence
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I have heard so many people talk about new or worsened #insomnia during #COVID19.

My PSA for today. Do not lay in bed if you are not sleeping! #sleep #sleeping #CBTi @nytimes (1/6)…
I know that with disrupted schedules, and sky high anxiety, this can be tough, but it is the #1 sleep advice I have given clinically this year. You want your bed to be a place associated with sleep and comfort, not worry and frustration (2/6).
Create a safe and cozy space for yourself somewhere outside your bedroom, and if you can't fall asleep within 15 minutes (you know that feeling!) get up and read/do a puzzle/listen to a podcast, until you're sleepy and then try again (3/6).
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Incidents relating to #black #magic.

So, it happened in 2013 and at that time my elder brother got married. My brother and my bhabhi were quite happy with each other and everything was good for almost 3-4 months. Then one day during night we all were in TV lounge and my bhabhi..
was sleeping in her room and all of a sudden she started screaming, my brother and mother rushed towards the room while me and my other brothers didn't went inside and she kept crying and shouting for almost five minutes then she passed out...
When we asked our mother what happened she told us that she had several cuts on her body like someone cut her with blade. Personally in my mind the first thing that came was she could've some medical issue and she cut herself as she was good with all of us and we were good...
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I'm clutching for subjects, visiting @YouTube for videos describing projects you can perform if you are quarantined. Today I went out to go to the pharmacy and then find a place for a couple of dozen shots but my car battery was dead.
Lynn drove me to the pharmacy, but I refrained from asking her to drive me places. That project awaits my battery being jumped today or tomorrow. I'll need to spend an hour driving around so that should present me with plenty of opportunities.
I think I can stop boring you with #selfies for a few days, but only after I present this one last one which is an experiment in motion blur as well as the classic #blackandwhite portrait:
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Don’t we all love fun facts about wildlife? In our #WildAboutFacts series, we bring you some striking images and facts about the animals around us. Let’s begin the series with #Leopards.

Join the discussion and post your #leopard images!

Image: Vinay NP #NiFHiveFeature

#Leopards are actually the smallest among the genus of big cats. These elusive #cats prefer to hide in trees or in caves during the day.

Image: @rajivkalsi #NiFHiveFeature

#Leopards are not picky about their food and feed on a wide range of animals. They crouch low and sneak on their prey before attacking them.

Image: Arjun Guha #NiFHiveFeature
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Historical Buddhist statue at the Mes Aynak site in #Kabul, #Afghanistan, #Buddhism
Centuries old "Ekamukhalinga " ( Lord Shiva) in #Afghanistan , now in #Kabul Museum !
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