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Hi @KTRTRS @TelanganaHealth I'm having fever since a week. Visited area hospital yet no test. When might I get tested? Respond please. It's no joke.
@TeluguResist please RT and ask fellow Hyderabadis to RT.
@MosesTulasi hi please RT.
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Dear @KTRTRS sir and @Eatala_Rajender my friend and his mom suffering with COVID symptoms and this is CT scan report of his mother.
They went @HospitalsApollo @VirinchiH but they saying no bed are available.
Please help them @CPHydCity @hydcitypolice
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I am writing dis thread to educate people hw irresponsible the @TelanganaCMO @Eatala_Rajender @TelanganaHealth @ts_health @KTRTRS @MoHFW_INDIA govt is. One of my family member tested positive last week & guess wat till nw d primary contacts hve nt been examined and tested. 🙄👎
None of the govt officials visited the hse till nw and examined the condition of the patient. By God's grace we have a doc in our own family and we r getting treatment frm dem. Guess wat daily I receive a call frm Govt covid Helpline and dey dem selves r nt sure wat to say🙄🤦‍♂️
One of the primary contact is hvng on and off mild symptoms and is nt sure hw to get tested. The #Telangana govt has failed in controlling #COVIDー19 & is just giving excuses fr the questions raised. Just imagine d condition of other patients who don't hve a doc in der family 😢
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Plotting the active #COVID19 cases in #India

#Delhi seems to have managed to #FlattenTheCurve, atleast for now

#Maharashtra, #TamilNadu & #Telangana continue to rise

@amitsurg @aparanjape @oommen @c_aashish

This is the graph for #COVID19 related deaths

The slope here is subdued for most states, which is good!

#TamilNadu still shows no sign of slowing down here

These are the total cases of #COVID19 across the different states in #India

#Telangana shows a sharp increase as seen in the 1st graph of this thread

#Maharashtra has slowed down slight but not enough as yet

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Corruption of #Telangana #KCR govt peaks while fight against corona ebbs below abysmal pit

Few contrasting statistics below

Numbers on d face of it don't lie, but spin abt no.s on d back of it can be made to lie blatantly

tht is what #Media savvy & fact opaque machinery being nurtured by #KTR is doing in #Telangana with impunity

Brute majority in assembly with 3.5 yrs term remaining is d spine behind tht open arrogance from father & callous glaring ignorance from son below

Legendary #KCR talked abt crushng #Covid_19 in #Telangana in turn #COVID19 is cruising its way into #Hyderabad households much faster with a mind-blowng positivity rate next to none nationally to break into d top 4 position in active #COVID cases in no time #TelanganaCovidFailure
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We were told that he required ventilatory support but that, they did not have beds available.
@CareHospitalsIn @YashodaHospital @kimshospitals
My father succumbed to a heart attack in an ambulance while waiting outside the hospital. He was not even given a fighting chance for his life.
@MedicoverIN @asterprime
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HEARTBREAKING: “Can’t breathe, they removed the ventilator. It’s been 3hrs, I asked and they said u had enough. I feel that my heart stopped beating, nothing left in me.Bye daddy,bye everyone”-last video of 35yr old man who succumbed to #COVID Family wants video shared #Hyderabad
I had to check with family before sharing. They want the world to know what is happening in #Telangana
Details: A 35 yr old man gets admitted at Chest Hospital, Hyderabad on #Covid suspicion on June 24.
2days later, on Friday, hospital hands over deadbody saying he passed away
Family does cremation with 30 other people. Then they see this video. And then the #Covid test report comes saying he was positive. Not only this young man’s life was lost due to lack of facilities, his family & friends who cremated him without knowing are now at high risk.
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How is #Telangana doing? #COVID19India #StateHealth
1) TS has the 10th highest total case load in India.
2) It has the highest growth rate of active cases in India.
3) It has the second lowest tests per million: 1802 (1/5)
1) Total cases are doubling in 7 days.
2) Active cases are doubling in 5 days - highest in country.
3) Recovered cases are doubling in 13 days.
4) Number of deaths are doubling in 32 days.
How many NEW cases daily? 7 Day moving average:
1) Telangana is adding approx 875 cases daily.
2) TS has the highest count of new cases after the three hotspots of MH, DL, TN.
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An update on the #COVID19 confirmed cases in #India

# of days for 0-1L cases- 70+
# days for 1L-2L - 15 days
# days for 2L-3L - 10 days
# days for 3L-4L - 8 days

#MasksSaveLives #CoronaVirusUpdates

@nebuer42 @aparanjape @c_aashish @MulaMutha @AkshayMarathe

Plotting the moving average of new cases and new deaths due to #COVID19

#Gujarat again has a higher CFR. #Maharashtra also shows no signs of slowdown and CFR higher than the national ratio

The next 12 most affected states.

CFR is under control for most of these which is a good sign.

#Telangana has the highest CFR amongst these followed by #Punjab

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#Hyderabad based doctor succumbs to #COVID19. First doctor from #Telangana to lose life to virus. On 16th he was admitted to KIMS hospital with high fever. He was tested for #covid& when results came positive, he was shifted to Gandhi, 2days later he passed away. #TelanganaModel
The SHOCKING part is, the date of death is 22nd June, TODAY. TIME of death is 4:23pm. How could the staff at #GandhiHospital declare a death about today evening in the afternoon itself? Someone needs to answer the family at least. The way things are being handled is scary.
This doctor was only 42 yr old!! A general physician who used to run a private clinic at Khairatabad area. Hope the family finds strength to cope up with this huge loss. #FrontLineWarrior #TelanganaCovidFailure #Covid_19
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Plotting the moving average of new cases of #coronavirus & new deaths in #India

#India: Recorded 2003 new deaths yday - (CFR - 2.86% to 3.36%)

1409 were from #Maharashtra (CFR - 3.66% to 4.88%) and 437 from #Delhi (CFR - 3.22% to 4.11%)

@aparanjape @c_aashish @oommen
Next 12 most affected states by #coronavirus in #India

Deaths in #Telangana have fallen, which is a positive development but the new cases haven't.

Increase seen in #Punjab and #Uttarakhand

Next 12 most affected states by #coronavirus in #India

No major changes here

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Moving average of new cases of #COVID19 and new deaths in #India

#Gujarat has a way higher case fatality ratio than the national value, followed by #WestBengal and #MadhyaPradesh.

We need the CFR to fall to 0!


@aparanjape @c_aashish @MulaMutha @nebuer42 @oommen
In the next 12 states, #Telangana has the worst CFR followed by #Punjab - though the latter is lower than the national CFR.

#Uttarakhand has seen a sudden spike in deaths over the last few days, though luckily the base is low

Deaths due to #COVID19 in #India is yet to really slowdown, we need this to happen.

Early #detection, #quarantine, #treatment & #Masks4All is crucial for this.

Given that we have to live with this for a while, we need to reduce the #deaths to zero!

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It is better to go to a crematorium rather than coming to Gandhi Hospital, these were the last words of TV5 journalist Manoj, according to his family & friends. What led to the sudden demise Manoj wasn’t just #COVID__19 but apathy.Startling revaluations by his brother #Telangana
Along with Manoj his brother has been tested positive and is at Gandhi Hospital currently. What he is describing is how terrible our preparation is! #Telanagana #COVID__19 #Manoj
No beds in ICU! No oxygen cylinders anywhere. They had to get even the health minister call to get some treatment.If this is the case of a journalist cant begin to imagine what is happening to regular people. Isn’t this murder? #TelanganaCovidFailure #ManojWasMurdered #Telangana
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One of the many reasons I will continue to support AAP:

A 9 month old infant was refused a liver transplant in #Telangana since his extremely poor parents could not afford it. Just when his parents had resigned to their misfortune, by a stroke of good luck,
2. The family came in contact with @SanjayAzadSln & @AnitaSingh_ . The parents brought the infant to New Delhi & @AnitaSingh_ & @SanjayAzadSln opened not only their heart but their home as well to them. They were looked after as part of the family & the search for the best
3. Hospital with the best doctors began. Finally, @BLK_Hospital, the the request of @SanjayAzadSln admitted the child free of cost towards the end of February 2020. At the forefront remained @SarveshMishra_ who ensured that any tests/ requirements of the parents & the child were
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'Rajasthan'....Why NOT getting some limelight in #COVID19 context? At a Glance:
- 5119/mil tests
- 66% recovery rate
- 31% active cases
- 2.23% mortality
- 3% growth rate, which needs to be down further.
The state is doing fine so far!! #rajasthancoronaupdate Image
States w/ 1000+ #Covid_19 cases: Sample tested until 31 May & Positive rate(%)
#Maharashtra 14.63%, highest
Trouble: Delhi, Telangana, Bihar & Gujarat, need intervention.
Excellent: Andhra, Karnataka, J& K positive rate below 1.5%.
Good: Rajashthan, Haryana, UP #COVID19India Image
As on 1 June, #TamilNadu added 1162 new cases. Positive rate stands at 9.77%, highest in last 7 days. Recovery 57%, Active cases 42%, mortality is just 0.79%. #TamilNaduCoronaupdate #IndiaFightsCoronavirus @Sheks65 @pibchennai
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A vaccine may come out in September timeframe due to innovations done by Pharma companies in the country.
1 Cr+ masks to be available for the poor 3/n #TelanganaLockdown
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#JUSTIN || 11 new #coronavirus cases recorded in #Telangana today. Total no of cases mounts to 1,096 of which 439 are active cases. 43 patients discharged today. Total deaths 29 and 628 patients discharged so far, said @TelanganaCMO @timesofindia
A Telangana worker has died of #COVID19 in #Dubai. Last rites were performed in Dubai itself. Death average is 2.64% in #Telangana: @TelanganaCMO
#Telangana's recovery rate is 57.3% higher than India's recovery rate of 27.40%. Telangana is close to flattening the #COVID19 curve. As per #Hyderabad based biotech companies, vaccine for #COVIDー19 may be out by August: @TelanganaCMO
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Why can't @bandisanjay_bjp help the people of Karimnagar instead of dividing people on communal lines. Our @PMOIndia says don't link religion with #COVIDー19 but seems his party MPs doesn't follow his instructions. 1/n

@asadowaisi ImageImage
@PMOIndia said 15 lacs will be credited into every account but even in this crisis time, a meagre Rs. 500 was credited. @bandisanjay_bjp Ask for relief package for Karimnagar. 2/n
Show me one leader in #Telangana who has donated ration kits like my leader @imAkbarOwaisi. How much relief packages has @BJP4Telangana has distributed till now? Rather than doing politics, do some social work and stop linking religion with Corona. 3/n
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#JUSTIN || From tomorrow, all persons who step out to purchase groceries, should carry ID proof which carry their address. This is going to be done to make sure everyone travel with in 3 km radius: @TelanganaDGP Mahendar Reddy said a press conference today
Even people who want to visit the hospital should go the nearest hospital and compulsorily carry an ID card. If someone wants to visit super specialty hospital, they should produce the concerned documents earlier issued by hospital to the patient: @TelanganaDGP

All government employees in #Telangana will be issued ID cards with different colors. Six different colours have been decided for six working days: @TelanganaDGP

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A state-wise analysis
- Underlying dynamics of the epidemic, the human factors and interventions that have resulted in the trends for each state - 10 states covered in this thread
- Reading the plots
Our customized epidemiological simulator for India-specific questions & the modelling parameters
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Examples of Exemplary Service are money.

when thay stay out for us; Our duty is to stay home.
#COVIDー19 #coronavirus ImageImageImageImage
All this for US.
Let's do our bit. ImageImageImageImage
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I chaired the meeting of Standing Committee of NBWL today through VC and approved wildlife clearance for number of developmental project proposals submitted by 11 States.
@PIB_India @MIB_India
We approved 2 infrastructure proposals related to laying of Power Transmission line and construction of highway in Goa state, which will give boost to tourism development.
@PIB_India @PIB_Panaji
@moefcc @DrPramodPSawant
Proposal of Maharashtra Government for amendment to construction of Nagpur - Mumbai Super highway approved, which shall boost the overall growth the region.
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Ophthalmology HOD of RIMS medical college,Adilabad #Telangana
Dr.Idris Akbani attended #TabligiJamaat
He hid this information from officials& RIMS,attended OT where 100s of surgeries r done,attended OPD with 100s of patients per day😥
He infected deliberately to many innocents.
Whoever asking proofs, this is @the_hindu newspaper.
Now dear muslims who r writing so bad comments on my original post.
Plz spread your hatred somewhere else🙏
News is 100% truth.
Final result can be anything,but tweet was 100% correct.
Adilabad govt,police,media every1 know it.
Don't spread negativity &stop threatening me🙏
Just bcoz I revealed a doctor's extreme negligence.
He attended #TabligiJamaat,then didn't inform anyone,continued working in hospital till police find him on 1st april,His relatives,fellow #muslims r threatening me. @drharshvardhan
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