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Billions will fall victim to the greatest deception ever perpetrated against humanity in the history of the World.

Believe ♻️ Be Evil Image
End of the World

First there is a bank run, then “Conman” Trump is arrested, and later assassinated.
Donald J Trump
The Self-proclaimed “Chosen One”.
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When @selenagomez showed up in the #SNL monologue with #MartinShort and @SteveMartinToGo I squealed “It’s the baby!” Because I have now reached Black auntiehood and it’s delightful.
Sprinkles/Pringles the Elf is a mood. And I share it.
One of the most wonderful moments of my journalism career was when I quoted Franck’s line “He’s a genius and we need his miiind” to Martin Short and he drolly corrected my pronunciation. “No, that’s Jon-ous.” I loved that he played along. The best.
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SNL Dress Rehearsal with Steve Martin and Martin Short and special surprise guests!!! #snl ImageImageImageImage
Standing in line Image
I love Steve Martin’s purple suit! 😍
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Just saw Chappelle's #SNL monologue. With the caveat I'm terrible at predictions I expect:
1. People will be annoyed (either for the monologue itself or as an excuse for other things he's said)
2. People (including Jews) will defend him (either on principle or substance)
3. It's not that I think Chappelle is bulletproof (though he's close) he's very intelligent in what he says and how he says it. But bec of his status and stature, he also becomes a proxy for a lot of other fights.

In any event, I don't see his career being meaningfully impacted
4. As I understood Chappelle's monologue, the key point is that there are double standards regarding who can say what about whom.

If my Twitter feed is any indication, everyone agrees this is a problem though there's rampant disagreement over the details.
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I love Dave Chappelle but this #SNL monologue is really sus.

"if it's a group of black people, it's a gang, if it's a group of Italians, it's a mob. If it's a group of jews it's a coincidence and you can't talk about it"

That's not a joke, its just anti-semitic.
anti-semites in the replies jumping at the opportunity to tell me about how:

"He's just joking, pussy! Now hear me out! The jews control everything!"
Oh! For those in the replies that the American education system has failed, the reason it’s sus and anti-Semitic is the following:

The comparison to black gangs and Italian mobs is something called “disanalogous”
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This is a story about @VeraDrew22’s fight to #FreeThePeoplesJoker: Hours before the film envisioning the Joker as a transgender woman trying to break into comedy was set to premiere, Warner Bros. Discovery objected to it as copyright infringement.…
“They would be able to keep me in litigation forever because they’re a billion-dollar media conglomerate and I’m a broke trans woman,” she said of the letter WBD sent just before the film held its first screening.…
So what is “The People’s Joker”? It’s been billed as “the world’s first impressionist superhero/queer art film” and was made with the help of hundreds of contributing artists all over the world during the pandemic.…
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Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson sit down for a joint interview about their real-life friendship and “deeply organic” onscreen chemistry: “From the first day of rehearsal on #InBruges... there was just an ease and a little bit of giddiness.”…
Ahead of their reunion in Martin McDonagh’s new film “The Banshees of Inisherin,” the duo reflects on their careers, the cult status of "In Bruges" and how Farrell and McDonagh convinced Gleeson to host #SNL.… ImageImage
Gleeson says McDonagh helped write his #SNL monologue.

"I wanted him to do ['SNL'] more than I wanted him to do 'Banshees' or 'In Bruges,'" says Farrell.…
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.@kenanthompson, the longest-running #SNL cast member in the show’s nearly half-century history, is probably best known for playing a variety of hosts on talk and game show parodies.

Now, he’s stepping onto the #Emmys stage, hosting the awards ceremony.… Image
What can viewers expect from his hosting duties?

“I’m going to be pretty straightforward — a good monologue and keeping the energy up will be my approach. I enjoy honoring artistry and creativity.”…
Thompson says he hasn’t talked to his “SNL” colleagues and former #Emmys hosts Michael Che and Colin Jost: “I have not been in touch with them, necessarily.”…
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Pete Davidson is saying goodbye to #SNL.…
According to a report from Variety, Davidson, one of the TV institution’s youngest cast members ever, will officially depart Studio 8H after the Season 47 finale airs this weekend.…
Upon joining the ensemble of “SNL,” Pete Davidson quickly became a standout thanks to his self-deprecating comedy style and charming tendency to break character onstage.…
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“Hi Gay!”

The #Hacks breakout star Megan Stalter breaks down the hallmarks of what has fast become a comedic archetype: the @megstalter character.…
“I love to play people that are a little bit in their own world, yet there’s something endearing about them,” said Stalter. “Someone whose house is burning down but they have a smile on their face. And they’re like, ‘Everything is fine!’ when it’s not.”…
“There was something in me that always thought I was special. Even when I was really bad. And I don’t know where it came from,” Stalter added. “Probably my mother loving me too much or something.”…
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The biggest names in comedy are about to descend upon L.A. for the massive Netflix Is a Joke festival, a citywide celebration featuring more than 250 shows over 12 nights at 30-plus locations. If that sounds overwhelming, we’ve got just the thing for you:
This day-by-day guide includes interviews with top talent, appreciations of our favorite acts, and vital information to keep your comedy festival running on all cylinders.

Here are 31 performers to look out for, as chosen by The Times.
If Pete Davidson isn’t the most discussed comedian of 2022, he’s certainly in the top three. As one of the biggest draws on the festival’s first full day, the #SNL star will appear at two “Pete Davidson and Best Friends” shows at the Fonda Theatre.
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And this, everyone, is the greatest video of all time:
#SNL couldn’t do better than this. @nbcsnl
I don’t have a soundcloud but I do have an NFL podcast @rnramerican
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Owen Wilson, Kim Kardashian, Jason Sudeikis and Rami Malek have been tapped to host #SNL next season, as the show livestreams on Peacock for the first time.
NBC intends to livestream the sketch comedy show on its Peacock streaming hub as the program launches its 47th season, marking the latest attempt to put the show in front of a broader audience.
The first host of the season will be Owen Wilson who will be paired with Kacey Musgraves.
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hey everybody! @gabbfern and @MKMetivier here (i’m taking the pic lol), live at the #Emmys2021 red carpet

do you have any qs you want us to ask? drop em in the replies⬇️
five seconds of #Emmys2021 red carpet

(it actually took one full minute to walk all the way down lol)
follow us on tiktok 😌
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Norm Macdonald, known for his deadpan delivery & fearless commitment to bits that would make other comedians cringe, has died at 61.

From late-night appearances to letting jokes bombs for his own amusement, Variety looks back at his most iconic bits.
Macdonald created one of the most iconic #SNL impressions ever with the help of a novelty foam cowboy hat and the nickname “Turd Ferguson.”

Watch the clip:
Macdonald’s “Weekend Update” coverage of O.J. Simpson generated some of most incendiary jokes about the trial on #SNL.
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Norm Macdonald, the comedian, actor, writer and #SNL alum, has died at 61 after dealing with a cancer diagnosis for nearly a decade.
The Canadian comedian kept his cancer diagnosis a secret, dealing with it in private for nine years.
Macdonald joined the cast of #SNL in 1993 and began his memorable stint as Weekend Update anchor until early 1998. Macdonald was known for his impressions of Burt Reynolds, David Letterman, Larry King, Quentin Tarantino and many more.
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Fan of #MollyShannon’s Mary Katherine Gallagher?

The actress is opening up about a dark part of her history that influenced the iconic character…
So complete was her dedication to the Catholic schoolgirl that she’d willingly throw herself into a pile of metal chairs, without padding, and barely register any pain.…
In her years of fame, she hasn’t talked much publicly about a fatal accident within her family or its aftermath.

Speaking with The Times, she opens up about the experience and how it shaped her career.…
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Tonight's #SNL has everything:
- midgets
- billionaires
- market manipulation #doge
Sketch suggestion: billionaire calls a life-saving diver a pedo
Sketch suggestion: billionaire manipulates the U.S. market with a tweet
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Once we idolized astronauts & civil rights leaders who inspired hope and empathy. Now we worship tech innovators that create billions and move financial markets. #nomercynomalice #SNL
Zuck's empire has been disarticulated—a new king will seize the Iron Throne. Behold the Launcher of Dragons, Borer of Tunnels & Father of X Æ A-Xii. The coronation will take place before a live studio audience, with Tesla long bots and adoring CNBC personalities.
.@elonmusk is now the most influential individual in the world — so influential, he can distort the modern world’s premier platform, our free market system.
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Saturday Night Live just took a dig at Israeli apartheid: #SNL
This 👆 is their 2nd best dig since the un-aired Chuck Hagel confirmation parody where they skewered US politicians for over-the-top pandering to Israel:
& as the replies show a concerted effort to deny Israeli apartheid, here is a mountain of evidence proving it:
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按照 #比特币 目前价格超过3.3万美元计算

搞评:只要比特币存在于世,定价权在中国(政府+权贵+矿主)手上 ImageImageImage
#比特币 #Bitcoin 去年3月最低跌破5千,美国总统选举11月3日1.4万,大选争议中却暴涨,21年1月3日最高价达3.4万,2个月翻一倍还多,只要告知买入,即能合法赚大钱且匿名隐蔽,是最佳跨国行贿手段
1月6日前更是决定美国总统胜负关键,若没结果,还有1月20,结果若定,疯牛行情就没必要了 ImageImage
经历过2015及2020年,如果你还不明白“政治才是一切的主宰”,那么也没必要再琢磨了。 Image
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Hilaria Baldwin, a New York wellness personality and yoga studio owner who's married to actor Alec Baldwin, came under fire for misrepresenting her heritage and nationality over several years…
Baldwin admitted Sunday that she was not half-Spanish and that her given name is Hillary.

(Although she had claimed her place of birth was the Spanish island of Mallorca, she was born in Boston, internet sleuths found)…
The scandal gained traction on Twitter as users posted threads appearing to show her story changing down the years through media appearances and others identifying themselves as her ex-classmates, saying her name was always “Hillary”…
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My question: What sketch did Bowen write for Timmy, and what is going to happen in the sketch? 🤪 #SNL
“I’m oral.” 😂
“I snuck in their butts.”

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