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Thread: While it's true #ShaneGillis should be fired for using anti-Asian slurs, it's impossible to hold #SNL accountable for its complicity in anti-Asian racism w/o also addressing the troubling potential for how they'll use new cast member #BowenYang. 1/
Based on SNL's past, it's worth asking: why cast Yang now? Is it because SNL wants more Kim Jong-un sketches? Or because they need an EA man to portray presidential candidate Andrew Yang? In either scenario, is the goal to uplift Asians or mock them as strange or dangerous? 2/
It's easy to celebrate Yang's hiring & condemn Gillis' remarks, but it's important to see how these two decisions are just the "quiet" & "loud" versions of the same anti-Asian racism coin. We don't have to guess at what kind of sketches Yang will be in—we've already seen it. 3/
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Is it possible for @DJKhaled to perform without like a million other people on stage? #SNL #SNLFinale
That's a hard no. What would a song of just DJ Khaled sound like? Is it just him yelling "DJ Khaled!" Every 30 seconds of so?
Like how much did this cost? #SNL #SNLFinale
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Ok, I’ve begun my #GameOfThornes journey. So far, the only one who I want to root for is Sean Bean and Blonde Dragon Egg Lady. @VforVintageVera @with_luvey
2 in. Joffrey is a piece of shit and Arya is literally me. He doesn’t make it out of this, right? I look forward to that Ep. #GOT @VforVintageVera @with_luvey
I also *want* to like Sansa Jonas but she is so petulant I want to slap her. And the Lannisters are an incesty Lucius x Narcissa Malfoy. Convince me otherwise. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #GOT @VforVintageVera @with_luvey
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Meetin’ in the ladies room!!! #SNL

This makes me so happy
But I also feel like anyone born after 1987 won’t get this
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"Clueless white guy goes to refugee camp determined to prove that #migrantcaravan actually has it pretty good" would make a pretty solid #SNL sketch, but it is also a thing that @CIS_org is paying @BensmanTodd to do. For as much as everyone involved sucks, this is still a new low
Just a few of the shitty things that @BensmanTodd has done in #PiedrasNegras:

--complained that refugees are receiving medical/dental care

--complained that kids get to play soccer & watch movies

--published a photo of a child w/o permission & implied that he is a gang member
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Trump: Day 758
-170th Day at Trump Golf Club
-225th Day at Trump Property
-Disturbing Meltdown on Twitter
-Asked Abe 4 Nobel Prize Nomination
-Tower Eateries Cited for "Live Mice"
-Rented 40 Rooms to Ex-Maine Gov
-Lawsuits Mounting Over Declaration
-Protests Scheduled 4 Tomorrow
Day 863 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 714 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama.

The FISA warrant Trump referenced targeted Carter Page. #TrumpLies
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1. I love Kate McKinnon. But, I didn't love the 'drunk on power' portrayal of @SpeakerPelosi on #SNL last night. Coupled with the Furies piece in NYT by @maureendowd it's particularly troubling.
2. No one plays harder ball or behaves more brazenly than @senatemajldr, and he is backed by a #GOP that will not be dissuaded by concerns of ethics, compassion or decorum. This is what we're up against. We voted in a blue wave, but, specifically, a wave of women leaders.
3. I don't imagine you voted for this female leadership because you wanted to continue on the destructive path of Trump and the #GOP. Yet, right away, we're placing patriarchal constructs on these women and judging them on likability, niceness, and decorum.
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Your daily reminder that women are not responsible for men's bad acts.
#Franken resigned after EIGHT women accused him of sexual misconduct/assault.
He chose to leave the Senate rather than face his accusers.
Calling responsible women "mean girls" is #misogyny.
No other Democratic senators were accused of sexual assault.
Just Franken. Not one of the Democratic presidential hopefuls like Booker, Brown or Bernie (I know, "he's not a Dem!") were accused.
Just Franken.
A lackluster senator replaced by a more progressive and active woman.
Franken truthers still claiming that women are to blame for his actions because you liked #SNL are divisive and misogynist.
Sometimes men we like behave badly.
It's a (dangerous) fact women have had to deal with for millennia.
Don't accept it--tell/teach men to be better.
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Whatever team Paul Simon is on, consider me an in kind member.

His haunting & magical performances tonight on #SNL were needed & inspiring.

To the haters, get some empathy (humanity) and a life while you're in the checkout line.

There are different kinds of perfect.

Tina may not have the same moves she did at 50.

Billie Jean King might not have the same swing she did at 30.

And Paul Simon may not have the same range.

But you what? When they had it they had like no one before or since. Be grateful you lived to witness such greatness.

At 77 Paul Simon has earned the right to sing with whatever voice the gods have seen fit to leave him with, and I am quite certain, for the vast majority reading this tweet, even now his abilities far, far eclipse what you will ever be able to do.

#perspective #PaulSimon #SNL
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1) @Alyssa_Milano made a surprise appearance on #SNL last night. Kind of.
2) Matt Damon can still get it.
3) #SNL should not take any breaks until after 2020.
#SundayMorning #SundayFunday
"I don't know the MEANING of the word 'stop'!"
#SundayMorning #SundayFunday #SNL
Kate McKinnon as Lindsey Graham is *perfect*.

"Please stop saying Bill Cosby."🤣🤣🤣
#SundayMorning #sundayfunday
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My (probably unpopular) take on #SNL's #KavanaughHearing skit:

I understand that it's important to take a break from all the despair. I understand that comedy can serve as a much needed pressure release valve. Certainly I make jokes. I laugh at other's jokes and 1/
often feel a sense of community because of it. Less alone in seeing the absurdity - the frustrating, rage-inducing absurdity of where we are.

Having said that, I didn't laugh at #MattDamon's impression. Not because Damon has made some really telling and shitty comments 2/
about #MeToo (although the idea that doing this send up might rehabilitate his rep better than any lukewarm apology is insult to injury). But because I couldn't help but imagine how #DrFord would react to it. Beyond that and more importantly from a societal perspective, 3/
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Your favorite #SNL sketches: a thread.
Lazy Sunday
Close Encounter
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(1) This thread is about a Great American and a great movie. In fact, the movie was made by this Great American, who we affectionately know as #BillMurray.
(2) Unlike the current trend of celebrities jumping over each other to denigrate the efforts of the current administration and .@POTUS, during a short interview on #CNBC Mr. #BillMurray made the following 'positive' remarks (can jump to 1:50 if need be):

(3) It is a measure of how highly respected #BillMurray is by all sides of the political spectrum that he can offer the comments he made and not be attacked the next day.
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Trump: Day 371
-Draws Boos During Davos Q&A
-Doesn't Apologize 4 Racist Tweets
-Missed Economic Growth Targets
-Wants $716B in Defense Spending
-Needs $24M for New Refrigerators
-Ending Funding 4 Space Station
-Tracking License Plates Across US
-"Great Friend" Steve Wynn Under🔥
Day 476 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 326 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama. #fakenews #TrumpLies
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Why you should still tweet with me after #BB19: a thread
#Survivor is back next week and no one is safe from the shade. Give us good gameplay or go home!
#Bull is back next week to get you off 😇 @M_Weatherly
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#Emmys2017 Thread 💫
Justina Machado and Rita Moreno 💫
#OneDayAtATime #Emmys
The boys from #StrangerThings 💫
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