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The Top 3: 23/04/23

Another busy week in the world of web3! The Menu today is an SEC Case, an internet breaking mint, and some beyond exciting DeFi developments.

Lets dive into it!
1️⃣ SEC Identifies Algorand and Five Other Tokens as Securities amidst Bittrex Case

The #SEC claims that listing of tokens OMG, Dash, ALGO, Monolith (TKN), Naga (NGC) and IHT Real Estate Protocol (IHT) on #Bittrex constituted unregistered securities offerings.
Quite interesting considering that previously, Gensler had promoted/commended the #Algorand token, one of the six under fire.

This promotion falls under the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, which regulates the offer and sale of securities
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1/5 "The 1st one we're working on with them is a digital version of their multi-billion dollar Money Market Fund...We're also working with them on a range of #crypto ETP" 17:50
@simonbarnby CMO @ArchaxEx about the partnership with @abrdn_plc
@hedera $HBAR
2/ "The custody solution supports around 20 different #blockchains, but in terms of where we're seeing usage, I mean still a lot of people are using #Ethereum, #Polygon, #Tezos, #Algorand, #Hedera, #Avalanche. I guess they're kind of the main chains" 15:35… Image
3/ "We're driven by client demand as to, you know, what chains we support. At the moment it's kind of #Ethereum, #Polygon, #Tezos, #Algorand, #Hedera, #Avalanche. I mean, they are frontrunners and those are the ones we're focused on for custody" 44:30… Image
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0/ Interesting times ahead for @WadzPay. These points have been extracted from the latest AMA with @Anish_tweeets today.


1/ I will only cover points from the AMA that interest me:
- WadzPay 2.0
- USDC Algorand
- WadzPayChain (WPC)
- Geographical Markets
- WadzPay Offices
2/ WadzPay 2.0
It is technology enhancements that allows better settlement, consumer experience, seamless flow of funds, tokenisation etc.
It is a combination of different layers which is WadzPay and their strategic partners such as Algorand, USDC and others. ( $XDC is a partner)
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As Cardano and @Algorand are EVM-compatible too thanks to Milkomeda’s interoperability solutions, it is exciting that @SupraOracles will enable these ecosystems to use their cross-chain oracle network.

Learn more 🧵👇

Currently, in beta testing on over 35+ testnets, the network is poised for mainnet launch in the second quarter of the year. Milkomeda A1 and C1 developers will soon have access to @SupraOracles ’ services, further expanding the potential of these thriving ecosystems

SupraOracles is a decentralized oracle network that combines multiple data sources through a unique, Byzantine fault-tolerant architecture to ensure that false or malicious inputs don’t distort the data points published on-chain.

@SupraOracles offers oracle services and VRFs.
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#Bitcoin is the only #blockchain that offers

Dynamic participation for validator nodes in a decentralized environment

None of the PoS #blockchains can offer this

But Ouroborus Genesis will make #Cardano the first PoS #blockchain with this capability

How? Here's a Thread🧵👇
Ouroboros Genesis is a highly anticipated upgrade to the consensus protocol of #Cardano in 2022

This upgrade is designed to address the issues of costless simulation and the bootstrapping problem and mitigate the threat of long-range attacks

in a decentralized, open environment
To understand how Ouroborus Genesis will give #Cardano the same security guarantees ad #Bitcoin

We need to start from the basics

To understand this topic from a first principles perspective!

For that let's start form #Bitcoin
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The $kas founder, Yonatan Sompolinsky, pops up all over the place in crypto. Just take a look at his Scholar page . Thousands of citations of his research .…

Let’s dig a little deeper.
lets Start with the most obvious ones many of you will be familiar with. $eth #ethereum white and yellow paper. Located here…

just Ctrl + f his name to confirm .

#ETH ImageImage
Next up #Polkadot .

$dot is Another well known and respected project from Gavin Wood. Yonatan appears in their Grandpa paper here :… Image
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Thread: This Week's New Protocols! (Jan 26th, 2023 Edition)


Greetings friends - here's all the new protocols we flagged over the last week!

If you find this helpful please RT! 🐸🫡

1/x Image
Disclaimer: We highlight every new protocol we find once when initially found, and again if/when it gets added to @DefiLlama or @DeBankDeFi :)

We also don't include NFT projects, or Tomb forks/meme tokens/etc.

Also these are NOT vetted in any way so DYOR!!!

Let's dive in!

New protocol called @VetmeToken. Twitter bio states “VetMe is a platform providing users with an escrow service; OTC DEX on the blockchain and a vetting service with KYC AI system.” h/t @Only1temmy:

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1/📑 Weekendowe podsumowanie tygodnia nr 3.

👉 Wszystkich zabieganych zapraszam na podsumowanie wybranych wpisów z tego tygodnia.

Pamiętajcie także, że wiele ciekawych i aktualnych wpisów możecie znaleźć na linktree:

Zapraszam do czytania 👇 Image
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.@MultiversX is a better base layer for the global economy than #Ethereum. Why? Because #MultiversX has robust primitives to build upon. Let's take one example with token standards: ESDT vs. ERC-20. 📚🧵
Anyone holding a large amount of $ETH would violently disagree; technically speaking, this is quite objective if we want crypto to grow. ESDT, with the transition to #MultiversX, is now eStandard Digital Tokens.

Besides fragmented scaling or lack of it, ERC-20 token smart contracts have been the root of wallets inadvertently being drained. Because of #MultiversX accounts and ESDT (native assets), no smart code needs to be executed dealing with tokens.

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#Algorand self-proclaims itself to be the world's most powerful and sustainable blockchain.

Let's see if that's true or not. @Algorand

This project review as well as other reviews & free crypto guides can be read more clearly on my website:

1/ 🧵👇
2- @Algorand is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain that was founded by Silvio Micali in 2017, who developed the whole protocol from scratch, focusing on decentralisation making $ALGO one of the time-tested #cryptocurrencies in this space.
3- #Algorand is designed to combine the powers of both traditional and decentralised finance by focusing on the #blockchains' three largest problems: security, speed and decentralisation!
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I read the @AlgoFoundation 2022 Part 2 report so you didn't have to! The reports covers the 6 month period between April 2022 - September 2022.

Thoughts, analysis, and some questions below 🙌
2/ The report starts off noting a $50M contractual claim against 3AC, in which the hedge fund violated its OTC deal by selling its $algo early.

This is a nothingburger, but does imply a substantial amount of $algo sell pressure came from 3AC in May/June.
3/ Next is the $35M loss of funds in @hodlnautdotcom, as initially disclosed via Twitter on Sept 10, 2022.

On its website, the Foundation claimed that this 3% of total assets. At $algo $0.32 on that date, it would imply total assets of $1.16B.
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Well, well, well,
Look who was right.
I’ll be ready to accept apologies from the #algo apologists.
Don’t thank me, thank @AlgoFoundation who’s kept dumping more supply on the market
#Algorand #Algo #Algofam
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Open Question: I'm going to show a set of images and I'll ask the question at the end.
#Algorand #Algo #Algofam
% gain from 12/31/2020
- Market Cap: 36.41% [white]
- Token price: +32.67% [purple]
- Difference: Market Cap +3.74%
% gain [loss] since 12/30/2020
- Market Cap: -25.66%
- Token Price: -26.97%
Difference: MC + 0.5% (negligible)
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1) It's no secret that the HIGHEST returns often come from low cap projects.

After writing threads on more than 50 projects here are my TOP low cap picks for the future.

2) $MLT

@MILCplatform felt the need for a change in how content is traded globally.

It took them around 5 years to come up with a project that aims to revolutionize the process of content licensing.

⏩ Low cap sitting at 12m market cap

3) $CHNG

@FinanceChainge has been called "the most liquid dex on the market".

While there have been many emerging dex protocols, I consider #Chaingefinance one of the best with their background.

⏩ Low cap sitting at 16m marketcap

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🫣@Thinkin_xyz Open Beta is Live! 🚀

💡Every Beta tester will get reward.

Let Our #Blockminati team take the part.

🧐Why Should you Join this #Airdrops ?

1. they are providing1,000,000 $INK token reward pool to all users.

2. This is based on #Algorand & Social Media Project Image
👉Step By Step Guide

1. First create a wallet on @myalgo_

2. #Testnet Faucet link:

3.Now Open the thinkin website and connect your wallet. Image
4. Set the wallet to test network.

5. Now Register with your email.

6. Click on your profile and set your username and profile picture.
7. Now post something in your own. (like in the image) ImageImage
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1/ #Manta101 #WhyManta
@OneBlock_ 专访Manta创始人、密码学家 @shumochu

1.1/ 为什么选择零知识证明?
Shumo 从2018年开始关注零知识证明,2019年在 #Algorand 任Research Scientist(研究科学家),Algorand有业界最强密码学团队,创始人图灵奖得主、麻省理工学院教授Silvio Micali,也是零知识证明发明人。
不为人知的是,Algorand当时还有全同态加密的发明者Craig Gentry,大家在交流时都认为零知识证明是未来趋势。

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Hi #Algofam! I’ve been busy creating an unofficial, curated ecosystem directory website for #Algorand projects, and am very pleased to launch it today:

Until now, the directory has just been a spreadsheet, but I’ve always wanted it to be snazzier.

So, despite being as technical as a turnip I decided to have a stab at building my own website.

I am very much not a coder, so things are pretty basic right now.

But all the details I collated for the spreadsheet version of the directory have been ported over, and I’m happy with how it’s looking and working.

It needs a good info audit, which I'm working on next.

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1/ What's new in #DeFi?

To find out, let's follow where the money flows.

Early stage projects that raise during bear markets, have a good chance to come out strong into the bull run.

These are top 7 projects that raised money in September 👇
2/ First of all, @WuBlockchain reported that there were 97 public raises in September, down 23% compared to the same period last year.

Web3 and Infrastructure fields saw the most deals with #DeFi accounting for only 15 of the deals.
3/ In this thread I cover top 7 #DeFi Seed round projects.

'Seed' means that it's a very early stage for supporting projects until they can generate cash of its own.

Please note, that most of these projects don't have a token or app launched yet, but planning to do so soon.
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A l👀k into the #Algorand Blockchain

💚 Historic Overview & Team
🌱 How it Works / Specs
🪙 Market Cap, etc.
💻 Ecosystem Review
Algorand is a 2-tiered, public blockchain founded in 2019 by Dr. #SilvioMicali. The grandfather of #cryptography, and co-inventor of zero knowledge proofs.

Additionally, technical leads John Wood & Dr. Dan Boneh support & contribute to its growth.
Algorand launched to solve the #trilemma, a theory that believes a blockchain can only have 2 of 3 -- Decentralization, Security, and Scalability.
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New to #Algorand? Check out all these videos to get you up to speed!

Heads up, this thread may be absurdly long!


🧵 1/ Image
Let’s start with #Algorand #DEX’s

@pact_fi interview:

@HumbleDefi interview:

@AlgodexOfficial interviews: ,

Older @HumbleDefi interview:

@algofiorg ⬇️
🧵 2/
Onto #Algorand #Lending protocols! (And @AlgoFoundation #defi governance options)

@FolksFinance interview:

@algofiorg interviews: ,

@algogard interview:


🧵 3/
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This week's @Algorand related #TwitterSpaces.

A thread. 🧵
Expand all 👇
Set reminders ✅
Let's chat about life, DeFi, NFTs and $ALGO.

Cross chain NFT discussions with @might_be_genius. #ALGO #TEZOS #ETH. 🌈 🤝…
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Now I am watching closely Router Protocol $ROUTE @routerprotocol

- Router Protocol is a cross-chain messaging protocol uses a #mesh network architecture.
- Voyager (the main dapp) enables cross-chain asset swaps by leveraging DEX's liquidity & aggregators.

- Users can pay for transfers with the source chain's native gas token or with $USDC, $ROUTE (50% discount), $DFYN (20% discount)
- 10 EVM-compatible chains integrated so far
- #Cosmos, #Algorand, #Solana, #Elrond is coming next
- FDV still only $66M
- Pathfinder algorithm

- Router can use more "techniques" to bridge assets unlike ohter bridge projects
- Router Protocol will launch own L1 blockchain on #CosmosEcosystem (Q1/2022)
- CrossTalk SDK - cross-chain communication framework for developers to build native cross-chain dapps

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