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1) It's no secret that the HIGHEST returns often come from low cap projects.

After writing threads on more than 50 projects here are my TOP low cap picks for the future.

2) $MLT

@MILCplatform felt the need for a change in how content is traded globally.

It took them around 5 years to come up with a project that aims to revolutionize the process of content licensing.

⏩ Low cap sitting at 12m market cap

3) $CHNG

@FinanceChainge has been called "the most liquid dex on the market".

While there have been many emerging dex protocols, I consider #Chaingefinance one of the best with their background.

⏩ Low cap sitting at 16m marketcap

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🫣@Thinkin_xyz Open Beta is Live! 🚀

💡Every Beta tester will get reward.

Let Our #Blockminati team take the part.

🧐Why Should you Join this #Airdrops ?

1. they are providing1,000,000 $INK token reward pool to all users.

2. This is based on #Algorand & Social Media Project Image
👉Step By Step Guide

1. First create a wallet on @myalgo_

2. #Testnet Faucet link:

3.Now Open the thinkin website and connect your wallet. Image
4. Set the wallet to test network.

5. Now Register with your email.

6. Click on your profile and set your username and profile picture.
7. Now post something in your own. (like in the image) ImageImage
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1/ #Manta101 #WhyManta
@OneBlock_ 专访Manta创始人、密码学家 @shumochu

1.1/ 为什么选择零知识证明?
Shumo 从2018年开始关注零知识证明,2019年在 #Algorand 任Research Scientist(研究科学家),Algorand有业界最强密码学团队,创始人图灵奖得主、麻省理工学院教授Silvio Micali,也是零知识证明发明人。
不为人知的是,Algorand当时还有全同态加密的发明者Craig Gentry,大家在交流时都认为零知识证明是未来趋势。

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Hi #Algofam! I’ve been busy creating an unofficial, curated ecosystem directory website for #Algorand projects, and am very pleased to launch it today:

Until now, the directory has just been a spreadsheet, but I’ve always wanted it to be snazzier.

So, despite being as technical as a turnip I decided to have a stab at building my own website.

I am very much not a coder, so things are pretty basic right now.

But all the details I collated for the spreadsheet version of the directory have been ported over, and I’m happy with how it’s looking and working.

It needs a good info audit, which I'm working on next.

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1/ What's new in #DeFi?

To find out, let's follow where the money flows.

Early stage projects that raise during bear markets, have a good chance to come out strong into the bull run.

These are top 7 projects that raised money in September 👇
2/ First of all, @WuBlockchain reported that there were 97 public raises in September, down 23% compared to the same period last year.

Web3 and Infrastructure fields saw the most deals with #DeFi accounting for only 15 of the deals.
3/ In this thread I cover top 7 #DeFi Seed round projects.

'Seed' means that it's a very early stage for supporting projects until they can generate cash of its own.

Please note, that most of these projects don't have a token or app launched yet, but planning to do so soon.
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A l👀k into the #Algorand Blockchain

💚 Historic Overview & Team
🌱 How it Works / Specs
🪙 Market Cap, etc.
💻 Ecosystem Review
Algorand is a 2-tiered, public blockchain founded in 2019 by Dr. #SilvioMicali. The grandfather of #cryptography, and co-inventor of zero knowledge proofs.

Additionally, technical leads John Wood & Dr. Dan Boneh support & contribute to its growth.
Algorand launched to solve the #trilemma, a theory that believes a blockchain can only have 2 of 3 -- Decentralization, Security, and Scalability.
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New to #Algorand? Check out all these videos to get you up to speed!

Heads up, this thread may be absurdly long!


🧵 1/ Image
Let’s start with #Algorand #DEX’s

@pact_fi interview:

@HumbleDefi interview:

@AlgodexOfficial interviews: ,

Older @HumbleDefi interview:

@algofiorg ⬇️
🧵 2/
Onto #Algorand #Lending protocols! (And @AlgoFoundation #defi governance options)

@FolksFinance interview:

@algofiorg interviews: ,

@algogard interview:


🧵 3/
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This week's @Algorand related #TwitterSpaces.

A thread. 🧵
Expand all 👇
Set reminders ✅
Let's chat about life, DeFi, NFTs and $ALGO.

Cross chain NFT discussions with @might_be_genius. #ALGO #TEZOS #ETH. 🌈 🤝…
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Now I am watching closely Router Protocol $ROUTE @routerprotocol

- Router Protocol is a cross-chain messaging protocol uses a #mesh network architecture.
- Voyager (the main dapp) enables cross-chain asset swaps by leveraging DEX's liquidity & aggregators.

- Users can pay for transfers with the source chain's native gas token or with $USDC, $ROUTE (50% discount), $DFYN (20% discount)
- 10 EVM-compatible chains integrated so far
- #Cosmos, #Algorand, #Solana, #Elrond is coming next
- FDV still only $66M
- Pathfinder algorithm

- Router can use more "techniques" to bridge assets unlike ohter bridge projects
- Router Protocol will launch own L1 blockchain on #CosmosEcosystem (Q1/2022)
- CrossTalk SDK - cross-chain communication framework for developers to build native cross-chain dapps

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To celebrate @Algorand mainnet PERF has increased 5x after new upgrade from 1,2k transactions per second (tps) to 6k, we r releasing a new ver. of Algorand Ecosystem Landscape today. 50+ newly n active projects has been added onto it. A proud moment for whoever believes #Algorand
You Said, We listened, We Did - A newcomers list (56 projects) is provided for you to compare V6 to V5.
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1/ We’re only in the first week of September, but so much has already happened in the NFT space.

Here’s a roundup of some exciting Web2 brands taking the leap into Web3 👇
2/ FIFA launches their NFT platform, @FIFAPlusCollect, on #Algorand, leading up to the Nov' 22 World Cup.

The FIFA+ Collection will be launching later this month and will bring together moments, art and images from the World Cup, much like @NBATopShot.…
3/ @Ticketmaster has also announced their partnership with @DapperLabs and the @flow_blockchain, using the chain to mint tickets as NFTs.
Besides using NFT technology to ensure authenticity, NFTs also serve as memorabilia and ‘proof-of-attendance’!…
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Looking at you, @Algorand devs!💻🤓

Even though #Algorand has a diverse dApp ecosystem, there's still a serious lack of key developer tools🔨🚫

We're here to fix that. SubQuery helps you index data so fast that it will blow all of your competition away💨 #byebye

How? Read🧵⬇ Image
When we asked Algorand teams how they solved their #DataIndexing needs, most of them said they built their own solutions🔨💻

But that's really slow and labor intensive!

Luckily, SubQuery started supporting Algorand this August💪
At SubQuery we have an open-source SDK that is easy to use and lightning quick⚡

It provides you with a standard GraphQL endpoint, or you can just query the postgres database directly📰
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A few weeks ago I saw this tweet by @JSway1984 about a possible name for a FIFA NFT wallet.
Noticing that @FIFAcollect was available, I grabbed it to avoid someone with bad intentions taking it and potentially messing things up for #Algorand.

Today a video by FIFA came up on my feed, and when looking at it I realised the whole '+' bit would be pretty important branding-wise to FIFA.
So I looked up @FIFAPlusCollect – to find that it was registered in May this year.

@FIFAPlusCollect has 5 followers, & follows 1 account – @RosieLabsGlobal, a 'marketing services' firm.
I took a look at their clients – nothing interesting. So I looked at their team.

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1/13 📅Here is the monthly catch-up of Global #DeFi market analysis. Last one is here below with some conclusions about Smart Money leaving Defi. Was it still the case on July? Quick thread but you'll get the general trend where ecosystems are exploding.
2/13 TVL on @Defilama is at 68b$ at 31/July, increasing by +21% since end of June.
3/13 On the other hand, #crypto total market cap just crossed the 1b$ threshold and sitting now at 1,075b compared to 848b end of June, so +27% increase.
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1. It has 3 Use Cases☑️

2. And 4+ Unique Functionality☑️

See more 👇 #ALGORAND #ALGO Image
Rekeying is a powerful protocol feature which enables an #Algorand account holder to maintain a static public address while dynamically rotating the authoritative private spending key(s).
This is done by executing a "rekey-to transaction," which modifies the account object's authorized address field.
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Recently, #Algorand has become a hot topic among the #CardanoCommunity

The curiosity peaked, especially after @JohnAlanWoods left @InputOutputHK

To become the new CTO of @AlgoFoundation

So, here is a thread on #Algorand & its Pure Proof of Stake(PPoS) algorithm🧵👇 Image
@JohnAlanWoods @InputOutputHK @AlgoFoundation The purpose of this thread is to focus on👇

• Nodes & Network

• Accounting model

• The team behind #Algorand

• Launch & Initial token distribution

• Consensus & Pure proof of stake(PPoS) sybil protection

To provide a basic understanding of #Algorand
@JohnAlanWoods @InputOutputHK @AlgoFoundation Team👇

Algorand is a L1 Blockchain

Founded in June 2019 by computer scientist & MIT professor Silvio Micali

Who co-invented many breakthroughs at the heart of modern cryptography

such as VRFs & zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs)

& won the 2012 Turing Award for his contributions Image
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1/ @AlgodexOfficial - where did it go wrong and why didn’t it take off after the Mainnet launch?

Here’s my thoughts on my first attempt into crypto entrepreneurship: 👇

Many others were involved too but I am not sharing everything out of respect - so can’t give the whole story
2/ I started the project last April in 2021 because #Algorand had no DEX, and as an avid fan I was impatient to fix this. There was clearly a *ton* of pent-up demand for a DEX - this was quite obvious.

After I launched the project, we soon tons of community and VC interest.
3/ Keep in mind prior to this project I had no management or fundraising experience.

For a while the project had no money.

However, I very quickly enlisted people via Twitter to help out and were “paid” in IOUs basically. Without going into details, people came and went.
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I looked into #Avalanche #Elrond and #NEAR lately. pretty surprised how centralized they are compared to #Algorand. there's one pattern in L1s that makes you understand Algorand better /1
#Avalanche #Elrond #NEAR have like many L1s great engineers in their teams. the tech they provide is solid but and here comes the big difference to Algorand: complete lack of world leading cryptographers /2
I would go as far as to say Silvio and Shafi alone (just 2 members of Algorand) have invented more in cryptography than n L1 teams put together. and Algorand has more cryptographers at the Inc and Foundation all leading innovators /3
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❌ Algorithmic stablecoins
✔️ Over & multi-collateralized stablecoins

This intern loves $aUSD.

Here's how @AcalaNetwork can take it beyond @polkadot and @kusama, increasing the accessible active user base from 1 to 15+ million users.

#acala #AUSD #Polkadot
@AcalaNetwork @Polkadot @Kusama $aUSD is uniquely interoperable by nature, meaning it can transferred cross-chain to any parachain on Polkadot or Kusama.$aUSD can also be trustlessly integrated by any Polkadot or Kusama parachain DApp.
@AcalaNetwork @Polkadot @Kusama This is made possible by @polkadot and @kusama's #XCM, a is fully on-chain internal messaging protocol realizing the vision of "shared security".

Thanks to XCM $aUSD can become the defacto stablecoin of @polkadot and @kusama. But what about using $aUSD outside the #DOTSAMA? 🤔
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I want to explain how massive this partnership is, and in some ways, why $WTK partnering with $ALGO is bigger than with #Amazon

CBDC ➡️ Central Bank Digital Currencies
First let's talk about $WTK 🛒

- Interoperable and agnostic blockchain based payment system
- Provides infrastructure for CBDCs, stable coins, and cryptocurrencies
- Executives have experience with SWIFT, MasterCard, Ripple, Visa, Fidelity, etc.

- ISO20022 complaint
- 500+ partnerships
- Carbon Negative
- True proof of stake
- 25M accounts
- 1.5M transactions a day
- No forks
- TPS is expanding to a possible 40,000 TPS
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▶️ Después de lo sucedido con $Luna y su stablecoin $UST, creemos que es muy importante saber en qué se diferencian $USDT, $USDC, $BUSD, $UST y $DAI.

¡Like ❤ y RT 🔁 para más hilos!

⚖️ ¿Qué son las stablecoins? ⚖️

▶️ Son activos digitales desarrollados para replicar el precio de una moneda fiduciaria o bienes materiales de valor

▶️ Las monedas estables están diseñadas para proporcionar estabilidad cuando los precios fluctúan enormemente

¿Cuántos tipos de stablecoins distintos hay?

Hay cuatro:
▶️ Respaldada por fiat ( $USDT, $USDC o $BUSD )
▶️ Respaldada por criptomonedas ( $DAI )
▶️ Respaldada por materias primas ( $PAXG )
▶️ Basadas en algoritmos ( $UST )

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When evaluating ecosystems for growth historically we can identify 3 common trends.

A thread...🧵
Believe it or not, the first trend is a figurehead or even a martyr.

Common examples that come to mind @VitalikButerin @IOHK_Charles @cz_binance or even Satoshi himself. Though it's not required the top ecosystems seemed to have a central advocate regardless of their influence.
This is a sub trend but narrative is also important. During the Wonderland days #AVAX exploded In growth because advocates spoke about how it was the L2 solution for DeFi causing waves of money to enter the ecosystem to build temporary roads. ETH scaling issues helped.
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#Algorand in 6 tweets🔥

Here are the most important things you should know about the Algorand network.

A thread 🧵👇
1. #Algorand is a #DeFi focused Layer 1 chain. It’s Turing complete, scalable, and secure. Users can easily use and port digital currencies and create smart contracts on Algorand.
2. #Algorand does not have any gas fees. Instead, Algorand has a fixed transaction fee, which is roughly 0.001 ALGO. The Algorand network is also extremely fast. It can handle around 1300 transactions per second.
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