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Air-defences at #Belgorod last night
Video from the border village in #Belgorod that was bombed by the Ukrainians has been published
Ukr drone (I think quadrocopter) dropping a bomb on a Rus position
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The Boeing Orbital Flight Test-2 #Starliner began its journey to @ulalaunch's Space Launch Complex-41. By the end of the day, Starliner wil be mated to the #AtlasV rocket. Launch is scheduled for May 19.
But it had a rather jarring glitch on the way 🙁

Earlier in the day, a hydraulic leak on the @ulalaunch transport vehicle caused some delays.

And then Starliner got moving. Looks like the wish below came true, with that sudden wind force that dislodged that window cover?

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NASA TV, Rob Navias, updating the situation now. Thread⬇️
- Zvezda's hatch was opened and crew was in process of getting things up and running when at 12:45pm EDT, Nauka began firing uncontrolled. ISS 45 degrees out of attitude. NO DANGER TO CREW! 1/x
Progress thrusters were used to regain ISS nominal attitude. Station is in a good configuration now. Russia teams will working Nauka thruster issue. 2/x
Zvezda's systems picked up the issue and tried to correct, but this attitude correction maneuver was quickly switched to Progress. 3/x
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Il lancio dell'AtlasV previsto per il 26 febbraio è stato posticipato a data da destinarsi, perciò il prossimo volo di un vettore @ulalaunch sarà... Nientemeno che #OFT2! Il secondo test dello #Starliner CST-100 di Boeing, che è stato anticipato al 25 marzo. Tarate gli orologi 😏
L'Orbital Flight Test nr.1 era avvenuto il 20 dicembre 2019, ma purtroppo aveva mancato l'inserzione in orbita per una serie di problemi che avevamo raccolto in questo articolo live, verso il fondo:…
Dopo 7 mesi eravamo tornati a fare il punto della situazione, e la maggior parte dei problemi erano già stati risolti:…
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El espacio: la última frontera.
Éste es el hilo de los viajeros (y viajeras) que han traspasado esa frontera en una aventura dedicada a la exploración hasta alcanzar lugares donde nadie había podido llegar. #Cosmonauts #Astronauts
Va a ser un hilo muy largo...
Yuri Gagarin (1934-1968). Primer hombre en el espacio y en órbita. El Vostok 1 fue lanzado el 12 de Abril de 1961 y completó una órbita (108 minutos). El abrió el camino con el nombre clave "Кедр" (Cedro).
Alan Shepard (1923-1998). Primer norteamericano en el espacio con el Mercury-Redstone 3 en un vuelo suborbital el 5 de Mayo de 1961. Su cápsula Freedom 7 alcanzó los 190 km de altura y su vuelo duró 15 minutos.
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Getting ready for @NASA's & @BoeingSpace's teleconference for #Starliner updates now that the Independent Review Team has finished their report. Thread:
Doug Levarro (NASA): Going to use today to "close out what we've been doing." <----- That better not mean no more updates, @NASA
Doug: 60 corrective actions identified. Will take several months to work through those.
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Here's the statement on @BoeingSpace #Starliner issue & formation of an independent investigative board of issues on #OFT mission last month.

Interesting notes: .... 1/9
1. Docking to the Station was a contractual requirement for #OFT but - basically - NASA might waive it/allow contract to not be completely fulfilled in order to proceed to the Crew Flight Test. 2/9
"The uncrewed mission, including docking to the space station, became a part of the company’s contract with NASA. ... Although docking was planned, it may not have to be accomplished prior to the crew demonstration." 3/9
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I’ve just remotely commanded my station to record the next pass of #starliner. Fingers crossed.
< 11 minutes to AOS of #starliner. I hope my remote network connection remains stable or reporr rx th will be delayed. Image
Nothing heard. It was an extremely low pass and dish was not correctly aimed. I like @BoeingSpace seem to have an issue remotely commanding it 😉. Thank goodness for sidelobes as next pass should be good.
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Using the TLE I posted earlier from @Marco_Langbroek #Starliner perigee would have been ~88km. Very low? It’s just approaching NA now minutes until be may bee further amateur reports. Image
I suggest observers try both frequencies. 2203.2 and 2287.5.
@scott23192 is an amateur observer with suitable equipment that is under the flight path. Good luck Scott!
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NASA and @BoeingSpace are about update media the #Starliner Pad Abort Test from Monday. Stand by for updates....
@BoeingSpace Boeing says harshest critics are the crew. All CFT crew were there. They all said "great" and "successful test." #Starliner #NASA
@BoeingSpace Spacecraft performance was "outstanding." Trajectory was right on the money. Abort engine burn was nominal. #Starliner #NASA
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