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1/ @Delphi_Digital is coming to Cosmos. Of course, they’ve been 👀 us since 2018 when they first started researching the ecosystem.

It’s now official, and we’re excited to welcome Delphi to the family.

Let’s take a look at its Cosmos thesis 🧵⬇️
2/ What’s Delphi, you ask? Anon, they’re one of the big 5 research firms in Web3. They’re also product creators, VCs, and a media firm.

Check ‘em out. They’re well-known for calling narratives ahead of time.
3/ Delphi’s R&D arm, known as Labs, has approx 50 souls dedicated to building new industry primitives. Since Terra’s collapse, they were faced with a difficult decision - picking a new ecosystem to focus development efforts on.
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1/ The Interchain Foundation (ICF) is a key contributor to the Cosmos ecosystem. Its work in shaping a new technological paradigm must be known to all Cosmonauts.

Here's what @interchain_io does 🧵⬇️
2/ In its own words, as stewards of the interchain, the ICF supports the creation of an interoperable, sustainable, and community-owned decentralised ecosystem.

It does this through funding, development, and assistance of teams that enable the Internet of Blockchains.
3/ In a nutshell, the ICF core team maintains the Cosmos Hub, Cosmos SDK, CosmWasm, CosmJS, IBC, and the Tendermint consensus.

However, the ICF operates multiple other programs and initiatives, nurturing the ecosystem towards greatness.
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@cosmos @_gnoland @quicksilverzone @SeiNetwork @Jackal_Protocol @defund_finance @Neutron_org @munblockchain @SignalSGNL @SelenianNetwork @RebusChain @AuraNetworkHQ @stride_zone @LegendaoNFT 1. @_gnoland : Interoperable Concurrent Smart Contracts that scale by utilizing #gnolang on @cosmos

🪙Token: $GNOT
📸Snapshot: May 20th, 2022, 3PM UTC
✅Vote NO WITH VETO on $ATOM Proposal 69 to have a more favorable $GNOT #airdrop allocation
✅CEX wallets are not eligible
@cosmos @_gnoland @quicksilverzone @SeiNetwork @Jackal_Protocol @defund_finance @Neutron_org @munblockchain @SignalSGNL @SelenianNetwork @RebusChain @AuraNetworkHQ @stride_zone @LegendaoNFT 2. @quicksilverzone : Interchain Liquid Staking for the @cosmos ecosystem and beyond.

🪙Token: $QCK
📸Snapshot: TBD
🪂 #Airdrop Size: 100MM (~50% total supply)
✅Airdrop for every zone onboarded onto the protocol. More details to come.
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📣Juno Weekly News, August15-21 📰

What happened last week to @JunoNetwork
👉Answer: #BUIDLing 🚀

Let's have a look at #JUNO 's recent activity through @coinhall_org 's article and the picture below👇

#Junonauts $JUNO
@JunoNetwork @coinhall_org 2. This is #DeFi news

@Levana_protocol Launching Their Options Protocol on Testnet.

1) What are Options
2) How to learn to use them
3) Put Options & how they can be used similar to insurance

Learn more👇

#realyield #JUNO #Junonauts #IBC #Options
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Our fellow #cosmonauts have spoken and our next deep dive that you wanted was:

👉ODIN Protocol👈

The Cross Chain Data Oracle, built on #cosmos. Or put another way:

⚛ The Open Data Interoperable Network ⚛

ODIN is a decentralized system designed to build a data oracle network based on an open protocol for interaction between participants and a sustainable economy.

Kind of like Chainlink (@chainlink $LINK) or Band Protocol (@BandProtocol $BAND).
In addition to organizing the data oracle network, ODIN is building a decentralized peer-to-peer data sharing and trading ecosystem for delivering real-world data onchain for various use cases including
- #DeFi
- Betting
- Prediction apps
- #NFTs
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@SeiNetwork's Incentivised Testnet has moved on to Act 2 and the chance for non-validators to participate and earn $SEI rewards have come!

I've prepared a step-by-step guide to help you with it.


#IBCGang #Cosmonauts #Cosmos #Crypto
1. Go to

2. Click on the “Connect” button at the top right-hand corner.
3. Currently, only Kelpr wallet is supported. Approve the connection.
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Introducing Neutron - the most secure permission-less smart contract platform for Interchain Finance:

1️⃣ CosmWasm Enabled
2️⃣ Cosmos-Hub Secured
3️⃣ DeFi for the Interchain…
The Cosmos eco has been gathering steam: a recent example of adoption, @dYdX is moving to its own custom appchain.

Not all teams need the same degree of customization, though. Most would rather avoid the overhead of building a generic zone.

So, where to deploy?
Currently, no Cosmos zone ticks all boxes:
◻️ As secure as the Cosmos Hub ($1bn+),
◻️ Features CosmWasm,
◻️ Full IBC support (including Interchain Accounts and Queries),
◻️ Permission-less.
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Whilst our co-founders are making waves; @fraser_again at #money2020 & @ankurb at @DcentralCon before uniting at #Consensus2022, the fun doesn't stop for the team

Day 5 of our #OpenSource-athon, with 5 useful APIs for @cosmos builders


As #Cosmonauts know the @cosmossdk offers APIs for built-in modules using gRPC, REST & Tendermint RPC however we noticed a few that it can't provide, so we built them...

This collection of custom APIs can be deployed as a @Cloudflare Worker or compatible serverless platforms
1. 🧮 Total Supply

#Crypto tracking websites such as @CoinMarketCap and @coingecko require an #API endpoint for reporting the total supply of tokens in the main/primary token denomination.
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Day 2 of our #opensource -athon and another useful tool

@cheqd_io's cross-chain address convertor is able to automate the derivation of any chain address from the #cosmoshub address.…

So, why is this useful?

There is an assumption in the @CosmosEcosystem that wallet addresses across different chains, such as, @cosmoshub, @osmosiszone and @cheqd_io, are all identical.

This is because they all look very similar.

However, each chain's wallet address is actually unique
Interestingly, each network's wallet address can be derived using a common derivation path from the #cosmoshub wallet address.

Using one derivation path #BIP44 means that users that use one secret recovery phrase and core account to interact with multiple networks.
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You’re scared, but you want to make money.

Here’s a 🧵 on the psychology behind “scared money don’t make money.”

“Scared money don’t make money” actually goes to risk.

If you’re scared, your risk goes up.


Well, a significant portion of risk is internal, specific to you.

Your habits, your thoughts, your emotions.

All of these are risks.

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Here we go #Coffeegang! The @Fortisoeconomia TLDR…

What a ride learning about $FOT has been! 🎢

*Sips Coffee*

Are you ready to add some #Airdrops into your morning Coffee? 🪂☕️

Let's go #Cosmonauts, into the Castle!🏰


1/22 ☕️🧵
🚨I’m going to be as real as I can be here, anything that you invest into this project EXPECT it to go to $0.00!

🚨That's as clear as I can get about the RISK FACTOR we are talking about here!

🚨I DO NOT think this is a scam project but it’s MEGA HIGH RISK!


🥄The task of the $FOT token is to reward the behavior of the participants of Fortis and other connected Ecosystems.

🥄$FOT is also the Governance token of the Fortis Ecosystem

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GM #Coffeegang!

@JACKAL_DAO is on the Radar for an #Airdrop to #Cosmonauts but what do we know about it? 🤔

*Sips Coffee*

They are still in development and don't have full doc's yet but here's what we know!

1/x ☕️🧵

🥄Hot Cloud Storage vs. Cloud Computing with Akash.

-This is a compliment rather than competition to Akash Network.

🥄Hot Cloud storage held on the Jackal P2P Network which is incentivised by the $JKL Token

2/x Image
🥄Bridging Secret Network with Filecoin to provide a cold storage solution.

🥄Incentivized data storage with Filecoin makes it a good choice for the network.

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So much going on in the #Cosmos Ecosystem #IBCGang it’s easy to look over some of our OG’s!

@Akashnetwork_ has a ton going on with $AKT with an extensive roadmap!

*Sips Coffee*

Why don’t we do a dive in on what Akash Network is if you don’t know #Coffeegang!

1/x ☕️🧵

🥄Akash is an open source Cloud platform.

What is a cloud platform?

A cloud platform refers to the operating system and hardware of a server in an Internet-based data center.

Use Case:

🥄The cost of hosting an application using Akash is about one-third the cost of Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

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Good Day #Cosmonauts! The Wait is Over!

Your Thread for @oraichain is here!

*Sips Coffee*

And Yes, There Will Be #Airdrops!


1/x ☕️🧵

🥄Oraichain interconnects AI and Blockchain

🥄Services all major blockchains

🥄Uses both Optimism and Zk-rollups

🥄Verifiable and Trustless AI execution

🥄Decentralized Data and AI platform

🥄Standardized protocols for high applicability

Use Cases:

🥄Data Hub

🥄Oraichain AI Marketplace

🥄 AI - Yield Farming

🥄Face Authentication in Smart Contracts

🥄Authenticity checks on products and news

🥄Credit Score Checked Loans

🥄In Game Pricing for Blockchain Games

More to be developed

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There’s been a lot going on lately #Cosmonauts!

We thought we would lighten the mood with some Alpha on a Play-to-Earn game destined for the #Cosmos, “Elements of Cosmos” @cosmoselements

*Sips Coffee*

Oh and Yes, there will be #Airdrops!

Grab a Coffee and lets go…

1/x 🧵

AAA Game built in the Cosmos with Unreal Engine.

(“AAA”: For the insiders a familiar term, for the others; an AAA-game is a game developed by one of the bigger publishers in the industry)

This is an open World, Play to Earn game with Cosmos Characters.

The style can be described as an action-adventure /indie game with an open ending

With your in-game character you will be able to complete various tasks and missions in the game.

As well as venture to other planets and worlds to complete different objectives.

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Axelar is a Decentralized Multichain bridge that has been discussed as being a pivotal bridge for the #Cosmos.

*Sips Coffee*

On that note, we though you #Cosmonauts deserved a TLDR Thread to get acquainted. ☕️


🧵 1/18 Image
Axelar Goals:

☕️Plug and Play: Simple Bridging

☕️Cross Chain Routing: Become more like the traditional internet.

☕️Upgradeability Support: Seamless upgrades across Blockchains

☕️Uniform Language: One language for basic needs

☕️Decentralization: The Network and Protocol must be Decentralized

☕️Safety: Being a Bridge safety is a #1 Priority

☕️High Liveness: Must be able to support application load

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🧵 on some of the major smart contract chains, their different approaches, and how HOPEFULLY (for the love of all that is holy) we are moving away from simply "X chain is superior because it did XXXX TPS on a closed environment testnet"
#Ethereum #terraluna #Solana #AVAX
As @epolynya has alluded to several times, #TPS numbers are almost meaningless now. Especially anything under 100k.

At the risk of having this thrown in my face 5 years from now, TPS is essentially solved.
This is due to many things but some reasons include:

- #modular designs (@CelestiaOrg, #ETH + #rollups, and @avalancheavax to an extent)
- Rollups, in general, and how they can somewhat "defeat" the #ScalabilityTrilemma
- @IOHK_Charles & his giga brain (ok maybe not this 😉)
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So along with the $STARS #Airdrop @StargazeZone is looking like it’s going to be a heavy hitter in the #Cosmos.

*Sips Coffee*

Well we are at it again #IBCgang!

Grab a coffee and dive into #Stargaze with this TLDR Thread,

1/x 🧵
NFT Blockchain / Market

Stargaze is an NFT Blockchain / Market built in the #Cosmos ecosystem.

This is an independent Blockchain solely focused on NFTs which aims to be community owned.


$STARS will start with an initial supply of 1 billion. An additional 1 billion STARS will be issued the first year.

Stargaze will be cutting inflation by ⅓ per year. This is inspired by the Osmosis “Thirdening” model.

There is a max $STARS supply of 4 Billion.

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Good Day #Cosmonauts! If you aren't a #LUNAtic already, you might not have heard about @marsprotocol yet! $MARS is a borrowing and lending platform in the #Terra Ecosystem.

*Sips Coffee*

While diving into the Litepaper we decided a thread was in order!

1/20 🧵
Mars Protocol
Lending / Borrowing Protocol
Terra Blockchain
LUNA / UST (Potential for Any Collateral)

Mars is a borrowing and lending platform in the Terra ecosystem.

What makes $MARS unique compared to most protocols is the diversity of assets you can offer as collateral to borrow against.

In most lending protocols these are limited to a few tokens.

$MARS opens this up to any token on the #Terra Blockchain and potentially across #IBC.

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All about #Cosmos: the empire of #blockchains .

Mega bull case 🐂

Massive airdrops, grand vision, holy shit this ecosystem is nuts don't sleep on it

A thread 👇🧵(1/21)

$ATOM #CosmosEcosystem #COSMONAUTS Image
1. #Cosmos is layer 0. It itself is not a blockchain.

It’s a framework for building independent and sovereign blockchains, called zones, that exchange information permissionlessly. Image
2. Instead of having every independent blockchain build itself from scratch ( which is crazy inefficient), Cosmos provides a template known as #Comos SDK.

Cosmos SDK makes deploying a zone as easy as launching a smart contract (HUGE).
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What is @JunoNetwork ?
A permissionless interoperable L1 smart contract network which contract or agreement can be valid & usable across multiple sovereign networks in cosmos ecosystem.
What's is unique about it? Let's dive in!
#Cosmonauts @cosmos $ATOM $JUNO
- the worlds first permission-less, designated interoperable smart contract network,
- Pioneering CosmWasm development and adoption,
- Eliminating common smart contract L1 bottlenecks,
- Sister Hub to the Cosmos Hub - Preserving the neutrality of the Hub by offloading smart contract usage/congestion to a designated contract zone,
- Governance by ATOM stakers which become JUNO stakers. Stakedrop where 47% of the genesis supply goes to ATOM stakers on a 1:1 basis
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So, I think in general, not too much news regarding cryptos (other than $BTC and $ETH) reaches the ears of #cosmonauts. And in some ways, thats probably a good thing. But today i want to queue everyone in on whats happening with $XMR #Monero, why its important, and maybe get
🧵/2 some input from some $SCRT people that know more than me about how #SecretNetwork might deal with similar possabilites.

So starting from the top, on the off chance you haven't heard of Monero, I consider it to be one of the 5 OG coins along with ETH & BTC, DOGE and LTC.
🧵/3 Although the price action wouldn't lead you to believe it, it's seen very favorably in the eyes of many people who value what crypto is at its core. Many people even argue that Satoshi's full vision for Bitcoin was something a lot closer to Monero than what BTC is now.
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El espacio: la última frontera.
Éste es el hilo de los viajeros (y viajeras) que han traspasado esa frontera en una aventura dedicada a la exploración hasta alcanzar lugares donde nadie había podido llegar. #Cosmonauts #Astronauts
Va a ser un hilo muy largo...
Yuri Gagarin (1934-1968). Primer hombre en el espacio y en órbita. El Vostok 1 fue lanzado el 12 de Abril de 1961 y completó una órbita (108 minutos). El abrió el camino con el nombre clave "Кедр" (Cedro).
Alan Shepard (1923-1998). Primer norteamericano en el espacio con el Mercury-Redstone 3 en un vuelo suborbital el 5 de Mayo de 1961. Su cápsula Freedom 7 alcanzó los 190 km de altura y su vuelo duró 15 minutos.
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