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🧵 Jak #AI zmienia naukę?🧵

Czy sztuczna inteligencja rozwiąże największe problemy dzisiejszej wiedzy i stanie się nową, przewodnią metodą dokonywania odkryć i postępu naukowego? 🚀

Postaram się udowodnić, że TAK.
#ai #nauka #metodologia #sieci #neuronowe

1/21 👇 Thomas Kuhn
2/ Definicja "nowej metody dokonywania odkryć" obejmuje 5 cech:

∙ Radykalna nowość
∙ Szybki rozwój
∙ Spójność
∙ Wpływ
∙ Duży stopień niepewności

System klasyfikacji zaproponował Daniele Rotolo i jego zespół z Sussex University w 2015 (czyli, przed ostatnim boom na AI).

AI przeżywa "drugie boom", częste zjawisko w przypadku nowych metod naukowych.
1. faza teoretyczna — naukowcy dostrzegają potencjał, ale początkowa faza przynosi setki problemów.
2. nowe zastosowania — przejście od "badania metody" do "badania metodą".
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The #Proton-M third stage from the #Nauka launch is now coming down faster and faster.
Current prediction models place reentry within 2 days from now, either late August 5 or early August 6, with the trend in predictions tending towards August 5.
@SSC_NL ImageImage
These reentry forecasts are also on my blog:…
The #Proton-M third stage from the #Nauka launch now has less than one day left in orbit. Current model forecasts suggest a reentry in the morning of August 6 UT. ImageImage
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Per morning DPC: #OFT2 launch weather I think I understood 50% go, and the crew asked for @nasa TV to be uplinked to them so they can watch. #ISS #Exp65
Pressure on the #ISS: 752mmHg and on the Prk: 176mmHg.
Many beams, booms and brackets that were removed from #MLM #Nauka yesterday are too large to be disposed by Russian vehicles so they have to be disposed by USOS cargo vehicles. #ISS
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I had forgotten I have a little old @Raspberry_Pi beside my desk creating timelapse videos of the ISS Live stream. It created this little masterpiece of the start of the #Nauka shenanigans yesterday. More info to follow /1
@Raspberry_Pi As far as I can see this seems to show the station completely flipped over during the emergency. Camera starts the view is facing nadir - lifts up - you see the limb of the earth on right side - a short signal loss - then when back you see earth now on LEFT side. /2
This IS what the telemetry plots I creating have also been telling us - but - this (for me) confirms it "by observation" so to speak.
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The @Space_Station Solar Array Alpha Rotary Joint(s) - SARJ - remain parked after the #NAUKA anomaly. I am guessing some very careful inspection needs to happen before they are unparked. Image
SARJ are parked prior to spacecraft docking/undocking and usually return to normal operation soon after. The individual solar array sections separately rotate to provide some sun-tracking but they are also parked a little closer to the dock/undock. /2
This plot shows a little more of the telemetry from before proximity ops (Nauka docking) up until a few minutes ago. /3 Image
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NASA TV, Rob Navias, updating the situation now. Thread⬇️
- Zvezda's hatch was opened and crew was in process of getting things up and running when at 12:45pm EDT, Nauka began firing uncontrolled. ISS 45 degrees out of attitude. NO DANGER TO CREW! 1/x
Progress thrusters were used to regain ISS nominal attitude. Station is in a good configuration now. Russia teams will working Nauka thruster issue. 2/x
Zvezda's systems picked up the issue and tried to correct, but this attitude correction maneuver was quickly switched to Progress. 3/x
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With #Nauka dock scheduled for 9:24 AM EDT - based on the #Pirs undocking telemetry, we should see SARJ lock at 7:29 AM and Pitch Up beginning 8:19 AM. Will find out soon! Alas, that means pitch up will be in ISS eclipse so we won't see that happening @Space_Station.
I'm sure the priority is to have #Nauka dock during @Space_Station daylight and 9:24 AM EDT is about 7 minutes before eclipse - so that makes sense.
And... don't rely on my timing guesses here.. things could be very different for #Nauka dock vs #Pirs undock. I am nevertheless very curious how this will turn out.
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Good morning everyone! #ISS crew is now back awake and is just having their morning DPC (daily planning conference). Seems like the activities for undocking of #Pirs will actually take place today! #Exp65 #MLM #Nauka
Russian #ISS crew members are also doing some tasks today to prepare for a potential contingency EVA if that becomes necessary after #Pirs undocking and before #Nauka docking.
Also the OPM (optimal propulsion maneuver) that actually did not take place yesterday will now take place today affecting the Ku-Band capability of the #ISS.
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On board the #ISS many activities regarding #Pirs undocking have been canceled indicating that the undocking tomorrow based on the current status of #MLM #Nauka has been canceled. #unconfirmed #Exp65
Ok so the OPM (optimal propulsion maneuver) to reorient the #ISS to the undocking attitude for #Pirs is still on schedule! MCC #Houston reminded @Aki_Hoshide to close the window shutters for that during morning DPC (daily planning conference)
Since I am getting many retweets and likes on that tweet I like to remind everyone that this is just what I think I understoond on the translation loop during the morning DPC on the #ISS livestream. Let's wait everyone and see what the day holds up for us.
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Good things come to those (modules) that wait. It's LAUNCH DAY for the #Nauka science lab! The long-delayed module finally gets its time to shine. Liftoff is set for 14:58:21 UTC / 10:58:21 EDT form Baikonur

Article from Katya Pavlushchenko (@katlinegrey)…
With less than an hour to launch, let's take a trip through #Nauka's long history. There's a reason it's lovingly referred to as the "long suffering module."

A thread.... 1/x
#Nauka was originally a back-up to Zarya, in case that critical first ISS module was lost in a launch failure. Nauka, or FGB-2 as it was called then, was nearly complete when Zarya successfully launched in Nov. 1998. 2/x
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