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Il Dr.#Giorlandino tira fuori uno studio dell'#ISS voluto dal #MinisteroSalute, mai chiacchierato e sconosciuto agli sponsor vaccinali in studio che vanno in panico.
All'inizio #Parenzo e #Merlino cercano col solito "Buttamola in Caciara" di confondere i telespettatori,
poi provano a farsi spalleggiare da #Galli, ma #Giorlandino non demorde e invita Galli a consultare anche lui il documento (dato che è sempre davanti al PC a contare le icone per addormentarsi). E purtroppo per loro, Mr.#Funzionicchia visti i dati non può smentire Giorlandino,
ma se ne esce con un colpo da maestro.. Spesso ci si dimentica che il 95% dei positivi al #Coso19 è totalmente #Asintomatico, oggi invece si dice che è grazie al vaccino...non è una strana coincidenza questa presunta efficacia?
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#Scuola e @ProfPBianchi

Quando si afferma i #bambini sono a basso rischio per il #Covid19 non si spiega che vuol dire. Soprattutto non si mostrano mai i dati, noi li abbiamo cercati e in questo thread cerchiamo di raccontarli a tutti:

#iss #infn #opendata #datibenecomune
I bambini corrono meno rischi di complicanze degli adulti.
Ma quanti bambini finiscono in ricovero ospedaliero per covid19?

Questo grafico mostra l'andamento di ricoveri su casi da inizio anno fino a scuole chiuse.

Da gennaio a maggio:
1,2% (tra 0 e 9 anni)
0,6% (tra 10 e 19)
Questo vuol dire che in media fino a maggio per più 1 bambino ogni 100 casi di positività rilevati è stato disposto il ricovero ospedaliero di almeno un giorno.

Per gli adolescenti di 10-19 anni il tasso di ospedalizzazione risulta circa la metà pari a 6 ricoveri ogni 1000 casi
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So based on the current scheduled missions going to the #ISS and need an IDA docking adapter. The earliest time there will be a docking adapter availble for the #OFT2 mission will be the 2nd half of November 2021.
So after the departure of the #Crew2 mission currently scheduled for the 8th of November, however the #Crew3 has to redock their capsule from #IDA2 to #IDA3 first. However on the 5th of December SpaceX Cargo Dragon #CRS24 needs that docking port again.
I partly blame @SpaceX here that they designed the new Cargo Dragon capsule like the Crew Dragon with IDA docking adapter instead of berthing hatch like they did with Dragon V1. The situation would be much better/flexible if only crewed vehicle would use the IDA adapters.
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Per morning DPC: #OFT2 launch weather I think I understood 50% go, and the crew asked for @nasa TV to be uplinked to them so they can watch. #ISS #Exp65
Pressure on the #ISS: 752mmHg and on the Prk: 176mmHg.
Many beams, booms and brackets that were removed from #MLM #Nauka yesterday are too large to be disposed by Russian vehicles so they have to be disposed by USOS cargo vehicles. #ISS
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#NASA #ISS #NG16 #CYGNUS - About the next demonstration being discussed - Upgraded Air Scrubber…
Both Donnie McCaghren, project manager at NASA’s Marshall Spaceflight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, and Michael Salopek of Johnson, co-investigator discussing the experiment.
Q: On Materials were tested on-orbit or on the ground? about 15 new materials tested on the ground, materlas a stronger thermally stable and better to absorb CO2
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#NASA #ISS #NG16 #CYGNUS - Dr. Ngan F. Huang, assistant professor of cardiothoracic surgery at Stanford University - Tissue Engineered Muscle as a Novel Platform to Study Sarcopenia…
Q: Why do the Study A: On Earth, this takes years to study if we can accelerate this in microgravity, we can test pharmaceuticals faster, not only to see muscle loss on Earth or in microgravity to help our Astronauts
Q: How is the experiment going to work A: Using a tissue chip system going on a scaffold the way our skeletal muscles are organized. Will look at different time points after a week will preserve the sample to study on Earth.
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Michael Snyder, chief technology officer at Redwire, Discussing the Redwire Regolith Feedstock Printer to help support #NASAArtemis…
1st time to test a new manufacturing technique and not a part on the ISS
Q: what will be the difference between testing in microgravity and a lunar environment? Not all that sure just yet on the differences.
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Good morning everyone! #ISS crew is now back awake and is just having their morning DPC (daily planning conference). Seems like the activities for undocking of #Pirs will actually take place today! #Exp65 #MLM #Nauka
Russian #ISS crew members are also doing some tasks today to prepare for a potential contingency EVA if that becomes necessary after #Pirs undocking and before #Nauka docking.
Also the OPM (optimal propulsion maneuver) that actually did not take place yesterday will now take place today affecting the Ku-Band capability of the #ISS.
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On board the #ISS many activities regarding #Pirs undocking have been canceled indicating that the undocking tomorrow based on the current status of #MLM #Nauka has been canceled. #unconfirmed #Exp65
Ok so the OPM (optimal propulsion maneuver) to reorient the #ISS to the undocking attitude for #Pirs is still on schedule! MCC #Houston reminded @Aki_Hoshide to close the window shutters for that during morning DPC (daily planning conference)
Since I am getting many retweets and likes on that tweet I like to remind everyone that this is just what I think I understoond on the translation loop during the morning DPC on the #ISS livestream. Let's wait everyone and see what the day holds up for us.
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Salió un astronauta de la #ISS al espacio exterior, lo transmitieron en vivo, les comparto algunas capturas que tomé 🙌🏼
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Et si pour changer du #COVID19 on se refaisait un petit thread medico sexuel en phase avec l'actualité, comme au bon vieux temps du twitter ? #Pesquet #SpaceX #ISS

Le sexe dans l'espace ⤵️... Space XX ?
Les hommes vont dans l'espace depuis 1961 (Yuri Gagarin), les femmes depuis 1963 (Valentina Tereschkova) et le premier vol d'un équipage mixte (Svetlana Savitskaya, Leonid Popov, Alexander Serbrov) a été effectué en 1982.
Comme il est dans notre nature de nous reproduire, il est logique d'envisager cette problématique à terme, notamment si un jour nous devons coloniser des planètes lointaines, et même simplement s'y rendre (et en revenir...)
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Así se acopló la capsula del #CrewDragon a la #ISS con los astronautas @SpaceX de Crew-2 a las 5:08 am ET, un día después del lanzamiento. #LaunchAmerica
Aquí la repetición del acoplamiento 👇
Y les dejo unas fotos del #CrewDragon llegando y acoplándose a #ISS un día después del #LaunchAmerica disfrútenlas 🙌🏼
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Good morning/ evening. Just waking up for the #Crew1 port relocate shift. In a previous tweet I explained why (sometimes capsules need specific parking) , now let's talk the actual event tonight.
The whole @Space_Station crew will wake up on time at 0600 UTC as on any day. Amidst the normal breakfast routine, @Astro_illini will put away his sleeping station as the ship returns from "bedroom" to "spaceship". Control panel displays will be activated and configured.
The crew will pull ISS emergency equipment out of Dragon - it doesn't necessarily need to make the ride and can be put back at the end of the day. Dragon has its own free- flight emergency equipment.
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What is “Bloodburn”? In the @starwars Universe, this mysterious chronic hematologic condition led Greer Sonnel - Senator Leia Organa’s chief of staff - to quit spaceship racing. #HematologyTweetstory 36: hematologic changes from space travel, in fantasy & reality. Image:@NASA/1 Image
First, some sci-fi fun. #StarWars fandom source “Wookipedia” (@WookOfficial, source of below image) tells us Bloodburn is a “rare, chronic, and often terminal illness of the blood that befell (often younger) starship pilots”. Symptoms include fevers... /2 Image
Bloodburn is incurable, but usually manageable with good diet, hydration, rest, & “hadeira serum” injections (the serum itself can be harmful). The pathophysiology of Bloodburn is unclear. The “burn” part suggests radiation mediated-injury, but maybe just refers to the fevers?/3 Image
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Did you all see the #ISS pass behind the shadow of the Earth? Everything is dark and now they're in "orbital night time". The space station orbits Earth about every 90 minutes, so that means in a 24 hour day, the space station orbits approximately 16 times!! #NASASpacewalk @NASA
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Some Russian cities in winter. #Barnaul on river #Ob in #AltaiKrai, from #ISS, 11Feb2021, hi-res… @DaveAtCOGS 1/4
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Icebergs near #SouthGeorgiaIsland (in centre) in the southern Atlantic Ocean. Image taken from #ISS, 11Jan2021, shows A68a at right (under clouds), small A68d in centre, and A68e at left under clouds. Hi-res… @DaveAtCOGS 1/5 Image
These icebergs are fragments of the once large iceberg A68. Upon nearing South Georgia Island late last year the iceberg started to break up and drift in different directions. All large fragments got their own designation. #Aqua image taken 22Jan2021. 2/5 Image
Largest fragment A68a under clouds imaged from #ISS, 8Jan2021. Hi-res… 3/5 Image
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#UnAnnoFa il #genoma di "un #coronavirus" ricavato da un caso relativo al "focolaio di malattie respiratorie di #Wuhan" veniva pubblicato su #GenBank... 🧐#SARSCoV2
#UnAnnoFa... "Il focolaio di infezioni ha indotto timori di una potenziale epidemia dopo che la Cina ha dichiarato che il virus che lo ha causato è sconosciuto, ma proveniente dalla stessa famiglia di virus che ha causato le epidemie di #SARS e #MERS".🧐
#UnAnnoFa Diventa improvvisamente chiaro che il nuovo virus viaggia velocemente... in aereo. Nessun campanello di allarme in giro per il mondo? 🧐 #covid19…
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#ISS #Russia #Oxygen

In the Russian part of the International Space Station, cosmonauts are struggling with problems with the air supply due to a leak. The space travelers would now have to find the leak because the oxygen reserves were getting smaller,
the state agency Tass reported after switching between the ISS and the control center in Moscow. It is not clear where exactly the leak is in a transition to the "Svesda" ("star") module, said an expert on Earth.
The problem with air leakage and pressure drop in the module has existed since August. The time ids running out, the problem has to be solved, said the flight control center. It is now being discussed to hermetically seal the part so as not to endanger the air supply.
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👉Common complain of majority of RW is BJP didn't build an ecosystem
👉Had the same thought, rather I was willing to give some time as some important issues need urgent attention
👉But while analyzing some events during last few months n things taking shape I begin to doubt that we were all taken for ride
👉Ecosystem is build n working on its secret agenda from along time
👉Natural question in everyone's mind, why did it not act when x was suspended, y was hounded, z was arrested
👉Simple answer x, y & z went overboard or were harming the agenda. So sacrificed plus opposition defamed. Double gain
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Suggerimenti ai giornalisti per la prossima #conferenzastampa
#Brusaferro: "la prima famiglia è la completezza del dato"
DOMANDA: se il dato non è completo, come considerate la regione?
#Brusaferro: "questi sono algoritmi, se volete non entro nei dettagli, magari avremo occasione, e sono riportati nel DM"
DOMANDA: ci spiega gli algoritmi e perché a volte li chiama alberi decisionali? (vedi 5/6)
#Locatelli: "alcuni di questi indicatori hanno un peso relativo marcatamente importante"
DOMANDA: ci dice il peso relativo dei singoli indicatori?
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El espacio: la última frontera.
Éste es el hilo de los viajeros (y viajeras) que han traspasado esa frontera en una aventura dedicada a la exploración hasta alcanzar lugares donde nadie había podido llegar. #Cosmonauts #Astronauts
Va a ser un hilo muy largo...
Yuri Gagarin (1934-1968). Primer hombre en el espacio y en órbita. El Vostok 1 fue lanzado el 12 de Abril de 1961 y completó una órbita (108 minutos). El abrió el camino con el nombre clave "Кедр" (Cedro).
Alan Shepard (1923-1998). Primer norteamericano en el espacio con el Mercury-Redstone 3 en un vuelo suborbital el 5 de Mayo de 1961. Su cápsula Freedom 7 alcanzó los 190 km de altura y su vuelo duró 15 minutos.
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Not yet posted here, some images from #ISS of #California wild fires taken 30 August 2020. Fires in #ShastaTrinityForest. Looking east. Colour corrected. #Eureka at left on the coast, #LakeClear right of centre. Hi-res… @DaveAtCOGS 1/4 Image
Smoke from wildfires all over the place. #ShastaTrinityForest burns at bottom, #PyramidLake in #Nevada at top. Colour corrected. Hi-res… @DaveAtCOGS 2/4 Image
Smoke and #pyrocumulus from two fires northwest of #Walker #California (at upper left). #HeenanLake below centre. South at top. Colour corrected. Hi-res… @DaveAtCOGS 3/4 Image
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.@northropgrumman names its next space ship after #KalpanaChawla — the first woman of Indian-origin to go to #space - by @pabsgill… Image
The US-based aerospace and defence company, @northropgrumman, is naming its next spaceship after the first woman of Indian-origin to travel through space — #KalpanaChawla. Image
The S.S. Kalpana Chawla will be the company’s next Cygnus spacecraft to make its way to the International Space Station (ISS).

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