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:Collapsed #FTX hit by rogue transactions, analysts saw over $600 million outflows | Nov 12
- suspicious circumstances…
- The sudden collapse of "FTX" and its #Bankruptcy filing today, has revealed that FTX presently suffers from $10-$50 BILLION in liabilities with almost ZERO assets…
#HeavenlyJerusalem. #FTXbankrupty filing today, has revealed that FTX presently suffers from $10-$50 BILLION in liabilities.
- #Ukraine was receiving money from the US, Ukraine sent it to FTX, Sam #BankmanFried and #FTX sent it to #Democrats
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#ShahRukhKhan (1992-2015) #BOI

#STAR - 1993
#MEGASTAR - 1995
#SalmanKhan (1988-2015) #BOI

#STAR - 1990
#STAR - 1997
#MEGASTAR - 2010
#AamirKhan (1988-2015) #BOI

#STAR - 1988
#STAR - 1995
#STAR - 2005
#MEGASTAR - 2010
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1/365 - Starting this thread with one of the first Motorcycles to be built in India. The @royalenfield #Bullet350. A Motorcycle which was initially built for the Indian Army but with time found patronage amongst varying genre of people achieving a cult status over the decades. ImageImageImageImage
2/365 - After selling imported Vespas for a while, Bajaj Auto started manufacturing the #Bajaj150 under license in 1959. This was one of the first Scooters in India and certainly changed the 2-Wheeler scene as it was initially available at a significant premium in the market. ImageImageImageImage
3/365 Automobile Products of India (API) was the 1st Scooter maker in India and manufactured the #Lambretta Li 150 Series 2 under license from Innocenti at Bombay in the 1960's. This scooter was very popular and made appearances in a few famous Bollywood movies too. #BikerLife ImageImageImageImage
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Journalist Ali Peter John Shares an Unheard Incident about #SuperStar @rajinikanth
We had an Award function in Chennai where we were going to present awards to the best in the four languages from the South
The owner of Indian Express, Vivek Goenka wanted "Dev Sahab" to be the chief guest
We reached Chennai and there were people in high places from my company waiting to welcome him We were put up at the Taj Coromandel The news about landing in Chennai and living at the Taj had spread all over
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#NatalieGlebova from Russia
Who was crowned Miss Universe (2005)
She has Visited india for a Awareness Tour Salman Khan also accompanied her
Press persons asked her
Do You've any Idea to Act in Indian Cinema ?
if u got a chance? with whom wd u like to Act ? Image
Salman Khan was also there
So everyone thought she'd say
Salman Khan or Sharukh Khan, Aamir Khan,Hrithik Roshan or any other khans or Kapoors
But did you know what she said?
"I want to act with #Rajinikanth
I've heard a lot about #SuperStar
if I gt a chance I'm ready to Act with Him" 😎😍
...She said...
From South Indian Actresses to North Indian Actresses
Indian models 2 international models everyone's wish is that to Act with #SuperStarRajinikanth
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#Soundarya recounts the most Memorable Incident with Her Appa #Thalaivar @rajinikanth

#Throwback 👇🏻👌🏻😍
There’s one memorable outing I’ll never forget It was in 2002,
Appa suddenly wanted to take me and a friend out for a drive Image
Appa has a trick while going to public places he goes into crowds and heads out before anyone realises it’s him So that evening, he wore a muffler and we went to Marina Beach We were just walking on the sand
when we came across a stall that had cut-outs of movie stars and you could pose for a photograph with them
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#YolandaLegaspi from #Cyprus
She's a Fan of Our #Superstar @rajinikanth ❤️😍
She Shares a lil story about How and when she became a fan of #Thalaivar #Rajinikanth Image
my name is Yolanda Legaspi working as restaurant manager in Cyprus
I am a visitor to Ireland for holiday and I met a new friend from India and stay at her apartment
She is a fan of #Superstar and she always tells about an eagerly waiting film’s release in Dublin
When she was starting for the film, I wished to join her as I wanted to saw an Indian film
She took me to the screen (UCI CINEMAS, Tallaght, Dublin ) with her where the movie is playing Kuselan
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Agnes Sandanam from Singapore
huge fan of #SuperStarRajinikanth
Agnes who suffered end-stage heart failure
she was diagnosed in 2007
Her illness causes her to tire easily, suffer from dizzy spells and have breathing difficulties
Apart from being in & out of the hospital often, She has to take 15 pills a day for her heart diabetes & a pain in her leg
She has watched all movies starring #SuperStarRajinikanth
but is unable to do so on the big screen since her diagnosis as the loud volume affects her heart
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#Superstar @rajinikanth Dancing
"Kathakali - Kalaripayattu"
Bliss to Watch 😍
#Thalaivar #Rajinikanth #Meena ❤️😊🤗

A I : @DirRajivMenon's Mother #KalyaniMenon Sang the "Maanikka Veenaiyaai" Portion

#Onam Special 😊
Beats Inspired from Rescue Me & MJ's Billie Jean 😊
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#Thalaivar #Superstar #Rajinikanth at #Shanthnu #Keerthi Wedding Reception

சாந்தனு மேரேஜ் ரிசப்ஷன்க்கு வழக்கம் போல நானும் என் பிரெண்டும் போயிருந்தோம் #தலைவர் வர்றதுக்கு முன்னாடி அங்க தான் இருந்தோம் #தலைவர் வர லேட் ஆச்சு அதனால போய் சாப்ட்டுட்டு வந்துடலாம்ன்னு கிளம்புனோம்
வெளிய பட்டாசு வெடிக்கிற சத்தம் கேட்டுச்சு #தலைவர் தான் வர்றாருன்னு தெரிஞ்சுடுச்சு அதனால அங்கேயே இருந்தோம் #தலைவன் கெத்தா உள்ள எண்ட்ரி ஆனாரு அவ்வளவு தான் விசில் சத்தமும் ஆரவாரமும் ஸ்ரீவாரு வெங்கடாசலபதி பேலஸ் கொஞ்சம் நேரம் சினிமா தியேட்டரா மாறிடுச்சு 😍
அதுக்கு அப்புறம் பலபேரு வந்திருந்தாங்க ஆனா அந்தளவுக்கு பெருசா சத்தம்லாம் இல்ல தலைவருக்கு அடுத்து விசில் சத்தமும் ஆரவாரமும் வந்தது கவுண்டருக்கு 😊
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#சங்கர் எனும் #ரஜினி ரசிகன் [ Part 1]
#Thalaivar #Rajinikanth Reference in Sooriyan Movie

சூரியன் சங்கர் அசிஸ்டன்ட் டைரக்டரா வேல செஞ்ச படம்
படத்தோட இயக்குனர் பவித்ரன் ஆனா இந்த காட்சிக்கு சொந்தகாரர் #சங்கர் 😊

#சங்கர் எனும் #ரஜினி ரசிகன்
[ Part 2 ]
#Superstar #Rajinikanth Refrence in #Gentleman Movie

இயக்குனர் சங்கர் தன்னோட முதல் படத்தையே [ஜென்டில்மேன்] #தலைவர் #ரஜினிகாந்த வெச்சு எடுக்கிறதா தான் இருந்தது ஆனா #தலைவர் பல மொழிகள் ல பிசியா நடிச்சுட்டு இருந்ததனால கத பிடிச்சும் தலைவரால நடிக்க முடியாம போச்சு
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"Today's Fact"

Have you ever heard about

"Time Tunnel Portal" / "Wormhole"
Shortcut For Long Journeys across the Universe

To Travel Faster than the Speed of light through Space-time as a Quick Shortcut to Anywhere or Any-when in the Universe Image
Nasa Discovered there are regions in the Earth
These Mysterious Regions known as "Magnetic Portals"
This is What #Superstar @rajinikanth Wd Hve Shown in His Movie #Baba [2002]
[ The Scene Where Baba is taken to the Himalayas where he Meets #MahavatarBabaji]
P.S : Story/Screenplay by #ThalaivarRajinikanth

That's why I've Always Say
He's not just an Actor or Normal Human He's more than that

"#Rajinikanth the Mysterious Man" 😎😊
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Thread 7/7 on #Thalaivar #RajiniFilmography

1️⃣5️⃣0️⃣th Movie

Name of Film : Muthu
Language : Tamil
Director : K.S.Ravikumar
Music : @arrahman
Release Date: 23.10.1995

#45YearsOfSuperstarRajini | #Thalaivar | #Superstar | #RajiniFilmography | @rajinikanth Image
Film No : 151
Name of Film : Bhagya Debata
Language : Bengali
Director : Raghuram
Music : Burman Brothers
Release Date: 23.12.1995

#45YearsOfSuperstarRajini | #Thalaivar | #Superstar | #RajiniFilmography | @rajinikanth Image
Film No : 152
Name of Film : Arunachalam
Language : Tamil
Director : Sunder.C
Music : Deva
Release Date: 10.04.1997

#45YearsOfSuperstarRajini | #Thalaivar | #Superstar | #RajiniFilmography | @rajinikanth Image
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This Thread is Complete List of #Superstar #RajiniFilmography starting from #ApoorvaRaagangal to #Annaatthe 🤘 with

Music Director
Released Date and Poster


#Thalaivar @anirudhofficial @dhanushkraja

Thread 1/7 Image
Film No : 1
Name of Film : Apoorva Raagangal
Language : Tamil
Director : K.Balachander
Music : M.S.V
Release Date: 15.08.1975

#45YearsOfSuperstarRajini | #Thalaivar | #Superstar | #RajiniFilmography | @rajinikanth Image
Film No : 2
Name of Film : Katha Sangama
Language : Kannada
Director : Puttanna
Music : Vijaya Baskar
Release Date: 23.01.1976
#45YearsOfSuperstarRajini | #Thalaivar | #Superstar | #RajiniFilmography | @rajinikanth Image
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நான் அரசியலுக்கு வருவது உறுதி என தலைவர் கூறியதும்,நம் கண்களுக்கு தெரிந்தது,தமிழ்நாட்டிற்கு ஒரு "விடியல்" "மாற்றம்"நம் தலைவர் என்ற நம்பிக்கை. ஏற்கனவே அரசியலுக்கு பழகிப்போன தலைவர்,"அம்பு விடுறது தான் பாக்கி" என்றதும், பல அரசியல் வியூகங்களை உள்ளடக்கி கூறுகிறார் என்றே தோன்றியது(1/11)
ஆன்மிக அரசியலை முன்வைக்கும் அவர் எவ்வாறான கருத்துக்களை பிரதிபலிக்கிறார்?அவருடைய எண்ண ஓட்டங்கள் எத்தகையவை?தற்போதைய திராவிட அரசியலில் இருந்து எவ்வாறு மாறுபட்டுள்ளது?திரையில் மட்டுமல்லாது,ஒரு மனிதனாகவும் ரசித்த தெய்வத்தின் கருத்துகளை ரசிகையாக ஆசைகொண்டு தொகுத்து வழங்கும் பதிவு இது
தன் ரசிகர்கள் மேல் அதீத அன்பும் நம்பிக்கையும் கொண்டவர் தலைவர்.என் ரசிகர்களுக்கு அரசியல் கற்றுதர தேவையில்லை,அவர்கள் மற்றவர்களுக்கு கற்றுக்கொடுப்பார்கள் என்றார். வெளியில் சத்தம் போடுபவர்கள் போடட்டும்.நாம் சத்தமில்லாமல் செய்வோம் என்று சொன்னது அரசியல் மாற்றத்துக்கான கோடு.வலுவான கோடு.
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#NaanPottaSavaal [ 07-08-1980 ]
a Cowboy-Themed Movie
First Movie which the screen Credits Carried The Title "#SUPERSTAR" For #Thalaivar @rajinikanth
Bhairavi [1976] was the 1st Movie Of His,whose posters Carried the Acronym "#SuperStar" given by Kalaipuli S.Thanu
But 1st Time #Superstar Title Transcended on the Screen was in the feature #NaanPottaSavaal
the Revered Brand Label of #Superstar Title Flashes in Different colors as the #Thalaivar #Rajinikanth Walks towards the Cam (Audience)
This #SuperStar Title Music Inspired by the Music theme From #BruceLee's
"The Way of the Dragon"
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The Pleasure of Directing #Superstar @rajinikanth s not something that can be easily expressed through words
even if it was a cameo as an associate director who gets to Direct the Superstar
@mamtamohan relives the moments from the time she got the call to do the role to the shoot Image
Her Experience with #SuperstarRajinikanth
The call me when I was shooting a Malayalam movie in Dubai We were shooting under a tight schedule and they couldn't do a single day without me.That is when I got this call for making an appearance in Kuselan
My part seemed interesting because they told me that it was "Rajini Sir's" idea that we come up with a character like that I did not have any second thoughts other than asking my directors whether they would let me go or not
They Gracefully obliged and I was off for five days
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Actress @reddysameera Showers Love On Her Kid In #Superstar @rajinikanth Style
The love for #SuperstarRajnikanth never ends among the celebrities
Even normal people compare their kids with #Superstar whenever their kids do fun in a stylish act
#SameeraReddy shared a video of her Daughter #Nyra a 10 months baby trying to wear the sunglasses Like #SuperStarRajinikanth's famous sunglass flip
she captioned the video
"Mass baby #babyThalaivaa #rajnikanth #superstar "Summa pere ketta athrudula"
#SameeraReddy & Her Mother #NakshatraReddy Are Avid Fan of #ThalaivarRajinikanth
Her Dream is work with #Thalaivar #Rajinikanth it’s not only her dream but also her parents dream She walking towards #Thalaivar and asked “Sir I want to work with you”
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#Thalaivar #Superstar
@rajinikanth had named #NarayanaraoPatil as 'Daddy'
This visit between the two had happened when #Thalaivar was no star yet
What made #Thalaivar call #Patil, 'Daddy' ? Read On 👇🏻 Image
Narayana Patil met #ThalaivarRajinikanth 50 years back,when there was no stardom attached to him.
In fact, #Thalaivar did not have anything and even was struggling to find food and accommodation
In the same time, Patil was working as the supplier at #Woodlands Hotel
he had helped #Thalaivar when he had joined Madras Film Institute for film training. it was Patil who had provided food and accommodation to #ThalaivarRajini
Thus, #ThalaivarRajinikanth and his friends had started calling Patil as "Daddy"
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This Thread is on who is Maridhas??

Maridhas about salem express way Politics.

Maridhas about Periyarism.

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@KieseLaymon @Occidental Hey Kiese: I'm handling something now for my (disabled) dad. I'll write u back later, bro. I'm a v nice person -- u can fact-check w God. 😉 But I will not allow #ZinziClemmons to get away w her drive-by to kill #JunotDiaz's career. JD didn't forcibly kiss her. #apologizetoJunot
@KieseLaymon @Occidental Hey Kiese: Too bad we're connecting abt this #JunotGate fiasco, as u're a smart brother I'd love analyzing culture w/. Listened to ur talks. Interesting kings/queens pt @DukeU. I fact-checked #Trayvon's parents' book passage @Essence for terrific exec editor, JM. U & I 4 justice!
@KieseLaymon @Occidental @DukeU @Essence Justice: This #JunotGate fiasco started May 4 @SydWritersFest when ur 30-something #WOC writer friend #ZinziClemmons took mic & publicly accused #JunotDiaz (@mit_cmsw @BostonReview @PulitzerPrizes) of harming her 6 yrs prior. ZC then tweeted JD had cornered & forcibly kissed her!
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