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Best practices for Kubernetes Pods 🧵

#Kubernetes #devops
1/11: 🎯 Single Responsibility Principle 🎯

Assign each Pod a single responsibility, focusing on a specific process or task. By keeping pods lean and focused, you enhance maintainability and avoid unnecessary complexity. #Modularity #ContainerOrchestration
2/11: ⚙️ Resource Allocation ⚙️

Allocate CPU and memory resources to each Pod based on its workload. Keep in mind the QoS Levels:
- Guaranteed (requests == limit)
- Burstable (requests < limit)
- BestEffort (no limit specified)
#ResourceOptimization #Efficiency
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Few slides from a presentation on hamstring RTP I’m working on. Trying to bridge the gap between injury and performance. 🧵⬇️

#returntoplay #RTP #strength #Speed #hamstrings #performance #reconditioning Image
🧵⬇️ Image
🧵⬇️ Image
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Did you know some skills that are too difficult to learn but will help you throughout your life?

Unless you’re passionate and committed to mastering them, you can't learn them! A twitter thread... #Inspiration #Talents #Business #LifeSkills Image
Communication Skills

When you have excellent communication skills, you can excel at whatever you do in life. You can also expect a quick promotion in your job and a smooth career journey ahead.

#Profession #Lifegoals #Lifehacks #Communication #BodyLanguage
Listening Skills

Someone said it a long time back to never stop listening. Being a good listener can be a great way to make professional friends and enhance your network. As a good listener, you understand what others are saying, which can help you make an informed decision.
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Does the focus on building skills mean we might be missing a trick when it comes to improving wider org performance? No clue - but I bet Charles Jennings @charlesjennings has some insight & answers! I’ll listen in here at @LearnTechUK and keep you posted, shall I? #LT23UK #T3S2
Covering the session with me is the one and only Ben Waldman @LandD_Ben - so you KNOW I’m already having ALL THE FUN. Let the tweeting begin #LT23UK #T3S2 Image
And guess who the chair is?!?! It’s a friendly face. The one and only @ZahraCJ! Hey Zarah!!! 👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽 #LT23UK #T3S2 Image
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#PEA🇪🇺 ou #CTO🇺🇸 ?
➡️Lequel choisir pour optimiser au maximum la #fiscalité et la #performance de vos #investissements 💰

☕️Accrochez vous et prenez vous un petit café, on est parti pour un assez long #Thread🧵

#retraite #capitalisation #investissement Image
1️⃣ Le Plan d'Épargne en Actions (PEA) 🇫🇷🇪🇺
Le PEA est destiné aux résidents fiscaux français majeurs et permet d'investir principalement dans des actions européennes.

Voici un aperçu de ses caractéristiques :
🟢 Avantages : Essentiellement d’ordre fiscal sur les plus-values et les dividendes, on y revient plus bas.
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$DAG Nodes are the workhorse of the entire @Conste11ation HGTP ecosystem from L1 networks (dApps) to Global validation nodes.
Next few days I'll cover each different type:
L1 nodes
Hybrid nodes
Validator nodes

Today I'm going to start with L1 or dApps building on the network 👇
🧵1/ (L1) Nodes 🌐💻: A deep dive into the unique nodes within individual L1 Networks, their role, and how they contribute to the overall Hypergraph ecosystem.
#L1Nodes #DecentralizedNetwork
2/ L1 nodes are specific to their respective Networks, allowing them to support a wide range of applications and use cases. They differ from Global Validator Nodes, which focus on maintaining the global network.
#Networks #Scalability
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The world is constantly evolving and progress is being made every day. The #achievements of the past, no matter how great they may seem, are quickly becoming obsolete in the face of new demands and expectations.

In a minute dear young professionals, here's my charge for... Image
the new week as we take charge at our various jobs and businesses.

In today's fast-paced society, it's not enough to simply rely on past #success. To remain relevant and competitive, we must continuously strive for improvement and excellence.
The demand for #performance is higher now than it has ever been. The bar has been raised, and it's up to each of us to meet and exceed it. Whether you're an athlete, a student, or a business professional, you are expected to perform at the highest level.
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1/ Get rid of complex, traditional backend servers while building your #websites.

According to @HTTPArchive, now more than 1% of ALL websites are based on the Jamstack architectural approach


(image by C. Fayock)

#webapp #coding #developer #innovation
2/ Whether you are an experienced or a novice web developer, your main, urgent goal is to avoid:

🐢Slow loading times

🔒Security vulnerabilities

📈Scaling issues


3/ The Jamstack is a way of building web applications that utilizes modern tools and technologies based on #JavaScript, #APIs, and Markdown (J.A.M. stack), in order to decouple the #frontend from the #backend
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this amusing image passed our way this morning; it's a rendered image (like most of @elonmusk's publicity materials) of that hideously low-polygon @Tesla truck that will probably never reach market.

I would like to offer a speculation as to why it looks so ugly.

the hideousness of the $TSLA truck is baffling, even taking into account the mind-numbing effects of being in @elonmusk's quasi-religious faction. it's the sort of thing that makes you wonder: "didn't *anyone* of importance denounce this thing during the design process?"

but that question should be the first clue: quite possibly there *was* no real design process. it's possible that @elonmusk really did "design" the appearance of the @Tesla truck the same way Homer Simpson "designed" his perfect car by idly scrawling on bits of paper.

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The #holidayseason is hectic and there’s often no way around it. So how do you balance it while holding on to your #mentalhealth? Come with me on a 🧵 and let's follow the #Magic of the #checklist 👉 1/
We’ve always been taught to learn from the best. So why not simply borrow a trick from Santa’s bag 🎅😏 Before traveling around the world in 12 hours, he's making a #list and checking it twice. #Santa is the master of THE #checklist 🤌 #Productivity 2/
It all comes down to #neuroscience. If you felt the satisfaction of crossing a #task off, then you’re no stranger to the power of the #checklist. That’s because the #brain releases dopamine when you achieve your #goals 🧠 #Productivity 3/
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How to improve your endurance capacity for increased health and performance?

Here’s a thread of some of our endurance exercise infographics 🧵👇

#endurance #performance #VO2max
Aerobic capacity is defined as the maximal rate of oxygen consumption (VO2max). A large improvement in aerobic capacity can already be achieved during an intense 10-week training program.

Non-responders to exercise probably don’t exist. However, there are people that need a lot more exercise volume to obtain the same fitness benefits compared to others.

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1/ 🧵 Tracking your #trading #performance is important! But let's face it, it's a pain in the ass. Learning #Python changed the way I trade and it's made tracking my portfolio a breeze.

👇 Below are important Python libraries and tips to start your journey:
2/ First things first, you'll need to gather your #trading #data. Use a tool like `pandas` @pandas_dev to import and organize your portfolio information.
3/ Once your data is organized, it's time to start analyzing it. Use `matplotlib` to create visualizations of your portfolio performance over time.
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Interested in bold new approaches to #modernism? Want to write a review of my book on #Jewish #avantgarde #design and #performance in #EasternEurope for an academic journal? Let me know in comments or DM and I can arrange a review copy. Keep reading for some juicy titbits! (1/9)
The Introduction asks what we can do with ‘peripheral’ modernisms and how Jewish culture and international networks shaped the avant-garde in Romania and further afield (2/9)
Ch 1 introduces an artistic rivalry that unfolds from Berlin to Riga via Bucharest, pitting the #Bauhaus against the Schule Reimann in the race to create Bucharest’s first school of modern design (3/9)
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Data extrapolation or wishful thinking?

A thread 🧵👇

#diet #training #performance
Studies are typically relatively short (weeks to months). However, we often want to know what happens with longer-term adherence to interventions such as a training protocol or a diet.

Therefore, data from studies needs to be extrapolated; make assumptions what would happen if the interventions would be continued.

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Many supplements claim to improve body composition or exercise performance. Some supplements seem promising, while others don’t seem to do anything, and some can even be counterproductive.

Here’s a thread of some of our supplements infographics 🧵👇

#supplements #performance Image
Creatine is an organic compound which is naturally present in our bodies. Creatine supplementation increases muscle creatine levels, strength and muscle mass gains during resistance training.

2/ Image
Nitrate-rich beetroot juice has been shown to increase endurance performance because. Beetroot juice supplementation can also improve repeated sprint performance compared to nitrate-depleted beetroot juice.

3/ Image
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Do you find yourself making excuses? Read this!
We try to deny it but we care about what others think of us and we all want to fit in.

Rather than have uncomfortable feelings and conversations we make excuses and avoid responsibility.
Usually excuses are made for the following reasons:

- Fear
- Uncertainty
- Lack of purpose
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🚀 We are live! Here is the correct streaming link for all of today's discussions and performances, starting with a panel on complex time with David Krakauer, James Gleick, Ted Chiang, and David Wolpert in a few moments (measured linearly...):

"One of the ideas we had with #InterPlanetary was, 'What would it take to make science hedonistic? And instead of telling people to do it, you'd have to tell people to STOP doing it?"

- SFI President David Krakauer sets the tone for this weekend's celebrations
#IPFest Image
David Krakauer: "Do you have a favorite model or metaphor for #time?"

@JamesGleick: "You've already mentioned a river; that's everybody's favorite. Borges said time is a tiger. People talk about it as a thread. We ONLY talk about time in metaphors." Image
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Hello hello London! 👋🏻 We’re at IET Savoy Place, London for DSS London 2022 by #YugaByteDB. It’s gonna be super interesting tech session starting at 2 pm today! Don’t miss my #Live #Tweets in this #thread! 🤩🧵
@Yugabyte #DSS22 #DistributedSQL #PraveenScience ImageImageImageImage
Yes, the setup is going on for the grand presentation of the #Tech #Track. The master is teaching the student here! #JustKidding Say hi to Julie Wise and Dave Roberts from #YugaByteDB! 👋🏻

@Yugabyte #DSS22 #DistributedSQL #PraveenScience ImageImage
We’ve got our Social Media / Content Director @rachel_pescador from #YugaByteDB here, who’s busy at work and got some cool #swag! 🤩

@Yugabyte #DSS22 #DistributedSQL #PraveenScience ImageImageImage
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Il Sex drive, crescita muscolare, confidence, mascolinità...

Che cos'hanno in comune?

Derivano tutte dal Testosterone...🧬👇
3 anni fa mi sentivo mooolto meno "mascolino", di come mi sento ora, perchè?

Perchè avevo i livelli di testosterone basso, ma non avevo mai correlato il mio "non sentirmi mascolino" al testosterone... Non avevo ancora così tante informazioni come ora
Nel momento in cui me ne sono accorto, ho prenotato le analisi del sangue 🩸...

Sono rimasto shockato quando ho visto i risultati:

2,67 ng/ml 🤯

la mia mascella era metaforicamente a terra, in quel momento si erano come collegati tutti i punti nel mio cervello
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Why JavaScript Generators fix 90% of your problems when working with big loads of data 🤯

Let's? 🧵 /1 Image
I've seen many people facing performance problems on the @nodejs platform or even on vanilla JS on the browser and when I ask what's happening they usually blame the language. /2
Although, when I look at the implementation, I see they are trying to process all the data simultaneously. /3
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Question for my #performance folks: Any new ideas or insights on getting reproducible performance in the cloud (and AWS in particular)? Specifically on configuring a cloud instance to minimize performance variability /1
My team has spent a lot of effort controlling noise in the past, disabling hyperthreading, using numactl, disabling frequency scaling and sleep states, using placement groups, etc. /2…
I would love to learn more knobs to make things better (lower variation). In particular, we’ve found newer processors and cloud instances to have more performance variation than older ones, and we need to deal with it. /3
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A indústria petrolífera em 🇦🇴 foi a que mais investiu em capital humano ao longo dos últimos 30 anos. É provavelmente o sector + eficiente da nossa economia e a porta de entrada das nossas receitas.Uma indústria extremamente orientada a processos,tecnologia e competência [thread]
Eu sou resultado desta indústria, trabalhei durante 11 anos a base de #processos e orientado a #performance e #resultados. Tive que apresentar em vários projectos o resultado do investimento feito pela empresa na minha formação, a prova dos 9…
Na minha opinião a principal lacuna das instituições públicas em 🇦🇴 está na qualificação do pessoal. Podemos fazer os estudos que quisermos o “root cause” vai sempre lá parar. O desenvolvimento de competências custa caro, leva tempo e precisa ser posto à prova…
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1963, Cambridge, MA. A psychologist is about to run an experiment with profound impacts on how instructors view students and leaders view their people.

Bob Rosenthal is about to discover the #Pygmalion Effect.

A thread about unlocking #potential for leaders and instructors Image
But first, h/t to @rcbregman. You can find this and other lesson on human nature in 'Human Kind'. I highly recommend it.

And to people like @UpSkillYourLife, @dklineii and @SahilBloom, all of whom have touch on this before. Image
@rcbregman @UpSkillYourLife @dklineii @SahilBloom Back to Bob. He sets up two cages, each with the same maze. Then puts signs on each cage identifying one group of rats as highly intelligent, and the others as dull and dim-witted.

The catch? Both groups are perfectly normal and exactly the same. Image
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Does caffeine improve exercise performance for everyone?

A thread 🧵👇

#caffeine #coffee #performance Image
Caffeine has shown to improve exercise performance. Therefore, caffeine is a popular supplement among athletes.

2/x Image
There appears to be much variation in the individual response to caffeine. This may be explained by variation in the CYP1A2 gene, which determines whether caffeine is metabolized fast or slow. Therefore, the effects of caffeine may depend on the activity of this gene.

3/x Image
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