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👉D A R K T O L I G H T
For those wondering if #GhislaineMaxwell is connected to #MarinaAbramovic ....

It's ALL connected...

Any questions?🤔
For those wondering where the #GhislaineMaxwell connections are to #Soros

Let me introduce David #Wassong, managing director of Soros Fund Management LLC

Quantum Fund ....Roths MOS and SOROS 👇
Excellent thread on why #GhislaneMaxwell’s indictment focuses on the years “1994-1997”- WHY?
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THREAD 1/ We’re proud to present a series of articles examining how #coronavirus will impact #Russia’s foreign policy in the US, China, Europe, former Soviet states, Balkans, & Middle East. Contributions from @DmitriTrenin, @baunov, @AlexGabuev & more.
2/ The pandemic has hastened the arrival of a new era of Sino-American bipolarity that is an obvious challenge to both Russia & Europe, creating an interest in exploring possibilities for improving their badly damaged relations, writes @baunov
3/ @eugene_rumer highlights both tensions & potential for cooperation in US-Russian relations. But fresh accusations of Russian meddling in the upcoming US presidential election will send the relationship to even lower depths, he warns.
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1. DEEP DIVE of the connections of #Romney
Intel agencies, #Ukraine,Iran, China, #Soros ,#BainCapitol, #Maxwell, Bibi, Branson, #NXIVM, Bush's, Cartels, EU, #Trafficking, Clintons #WeAreTheNewsNow #Mittens #Clowns @POTUS #Qanon #RedPilledClassics

👉Thread Please R/T🙏
2. Is Bain C_A front?
After all the 🤡 like to use wealthy people as it’s front companies such as Summit Aviation
(DuPonts), CMC (World Trade Centers) & others like Air America, & US Aid.
Let us take a 👀
#Clowns #Mittens #BainCapitol
H/T @EyeDropMedia 🐸 #RedPilledClassic
3 Let us start here #Mittens #Romney
#WeAreTheNewsNow H/t @LilTigerlil
👉Endurance Specialty Holdings
👉Golden gate Capital
‘10’ Mitt Romney Scandals That Shouldn’t Be Forgotten…
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Ukrainian central bank governor Yakov Smoly surprisingly resigned amid an ongoing issue of a $ 1.75 billion government bond. Ukraine is now threatened with state bankruptcy again.
Because the country urgently has to ensure its solvency through billions of foreign bonds. Old $ 17 billion expiring Ukraine bonds will need to be refinanced this year alone.
On Thursday, the Ukrainian central bank NBU launched an offer to subscribe to a twelve-year, 7.3 to 7.4 percent yielding Eurobond through the investment banks Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. The bond was to be listed on the London Stock Exchange on July 8th.
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The breaking news of Ghislaine Maxwell's arrest points to a number of #QPosts which may connect.
Let's take a look in this thread.
#Qanon #QPosts #QanonWorldWide…
#QPost #3716 points to the "first indictment", which will trigger a mass awakening.

Is Ghislaine the first arrest which will "verify action and confirm future direction."?
#Qanon #QPosts #QanonWorldWide
Note "Marker [9]."
Today is 02/07/20.
2 + 7 = 9.
Is today 'Marker [9]' ?

Q has mentioned Ghislaine a number of times. Here's #3431 from 1 year 12 days ago -
"Think LdR.
Think Gloria V.
Think Epstein."

#Qanon #QPosts #QanonWorldWide
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#NWO 🤡🕷️🕸️
What does #Soros Xi [C]h[i]n[a] #Bush Kissinger Putin Russia Israel UK #Ukraine Roths MOS #RedCross OSS/ C_A #CFR and #OpiumWars have to do with everything?
#DarkToLight #RedPilled 💊#QArmyTeam @POTUS

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👉THREAD read & R/T🐸

H/t @EyeDropMedia meme
1.#China was always the [#DS] cabal US economic and Military replacement #DarkToLight #RedPilled 💊
George #Soros Announces #China Must Lead The #NWO H/T @RedDragonFly for Link… via @yournewswire

Full vid interview
2. Did Ya know? #Darktolight
In 1969 #Soros created t #QuantaumFund Main Investor was a #Rothschild 🧐
Quantum Funds…
Soros to close Quantum fund to outsiders…
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#Russia denies:
• paying the #Taliban to kill US troops
• murdering a #Putin enemy in Berlin
• invading #Ukraine
• shooting down #MH17
• sending mercenaries to #Libya
• murdering British citizens with a nerve agent in #Salisbury
• hacking #Germany's parliament
• manipulating the 2016 #US election
• bombing schools in #Syria
• murdering Boris #Nemtsov
• organizing a coup in #Montenegro
• murdering a #Putin enemy in London
• financing #nazis in the US and #EU
• causing #nuclear accidents that poison #Scandinavia
• bombing hospitals in #Syria
• trying to annex #Belarus
• murdering journalists in #Africa
• occupying territory of #Georgia
• providing weapons to the #Taliban

and so on and on.

#Russia declared #war against the West in 2014. It's time to fight back.
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1) #Covid19 #CultOfPodesta #PodestaGroup #Covidien @snjbear68 A FB thread by Brian Skroski transferred to Twit via screenshots with a pictures at the end.
The masterminds of the coup, #Coronavirus #ContactTracing, #Vaccinations and the destruction of our #ConstitutionalRights
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The government of #Ukraine released documents that confirm the #bribe of $50 million for closing the #Burisma #Biden family case. Let’s call this thread: #JoeBiden is fkd
The good news? Ukrainians don’t fluff& flower their press conf with back slapping bullshit but get straight to the point so I’ll start at the top & work through doing my best to capture their words: New Details in the case of #Burisma bribe and new records of Convos #Bidenisfkd
So they begin with a breakdown of what’s being covered:
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#CFR Epstein & NXIVM... D A R K T O L I G H T
#TheMoreYaKnow #RedPilled 💊

Seagram heiress Clare Bronfman pleads guilty in alleged sex cult case…

Gates too……

Do you believe in coincidences?
#CFR Bilderberg's Trilateral Commission & The Media 🔺
#Darktolight #RedPilled 💊
Where was #CreepyUncleJoe we he admitted to firing a prosecutor in #Ukraine ?

#CFR #RedPilled💊 @POTUS

👉D A R K T O L I G H T
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That @washingtonpost obtained a copy of #JohnBolton book and everything you ever heard about @realDonaldTrump @POTUS #Trump ? Well, it's worse.
1. Trump thought Finland was part of Russia.
2. Trump had no idea the UK has nukes.

MORE highlights from…
3. "#Trump asked Chinese Pres #XiJinping to help him win the 2020 U.S. election, telling Xi last year that ^'ed agricultural purchases by Beijing from American farmers would aid his electoral prospects"
4. The #Ukraine quid pro quo was real
5. Turkish Pres #RecepTayyipErdogan handed #Trump a memo claiming innocence for a Turkish firm under investig by the U.S. atty for the So District of NY for violating Iranian sanctions. Trump then told Erdogan he would take care of things
6. Trump was fixated...
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Bolton says Trump asked #China to help him win the 2020 election.

When meeting with Xi in 2019, Trump “stunningly, turned the conversation to the coming US @POTUS election...pleading with Xi to ensure he’d win.”💥

#TrumpChina @thespybrief…
Bolton says Trump alluded to #China’s economic capability to affect the US campaigns: “He stressed the importance of farmers, and increased Chinese purchases of soybeans and wheat in the electoral outcome.”🤬

Bolton: “I would print Trump’s exact words but the government’s prepublication review process has decided otherwise.”
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I've got a ton of writing to do and I'm procrastinating again, so I'm going to do a little thread about #Singapore, #COVID19, and eggs
#Singapore has three local chicken farms, which meet about 26% of local eggspectations. According to @ChannelNewsAsia, there were 521 million 鸡蛋 produced locally in 2017:…
Our main supply is yolked to #Malaysia, which in 2018 provided for about 73% of our needs. So with #COVID19 and movement restriction orders in our neighbour, there were concerns that food supply — including the precious telur — would be disrupted.…
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In #Ukraine, a civil society NGO published a report on MPs income & property declarations. 153 out of 247 MPs of the ruling Servant of the People party of President @ZelenskyyUa appear to be hryvnia millionaires in terms of cash assets they own:…
In total, 247 Servant of the People party MPs declared monetary assets in the amount of $41.6 million in available funds, with 90% held in cash & 10% at bank accounts. That's ~$168,400 per MP.
In the meantime, average salary in Ukraine in April 2020 was some $400 per months. That's mere $4,800 per annum.

So much for the 'Servants of the People', what do you think, President @ZelenskyyUa?…
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1. News: Association of American Physicians & Surgeons SUES FDA for “Irrational” Interference of Access to Life-Saving Hydroxychloroquine

How many DIED b/c of the FDA? The INFECTED & DEAD, b/c of LOCK-DOWN!? - Thread 6.15.2020… @realDonaldTrump #FRAUD
2. News: Experts Say Retired Military Officers Who Denounced The President of the U.S. Trump Could Be Prosecuted: 10 US Code § 888 – Art. 88: Any commissioned officer who uses contemptuous words against the President... be punished as a COURT-MARTIAL…
3. News: DISGRACEFUL! NBC Anchor Craig Melvin of the network’s “Third Hour” of the “Today Show” asks Senator Scott if HE'S A 'TOKEN' GOP BLACK… #EnemyOfThePeople #FakeNews #ThatsRacism!
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US media continues to propagate fake news that Maidan protesters in #Ukraine were massacred by police & deliberately omit overwhelming evidence that both protesters and police were massacred by snipers in Maidan-controlled-buildings.
Overwhelming evidence, such as testimonies of absolute majority of wounded Maidan protesters & over 200 witnesses, videos & confessions of Maidan snipers, forensic examinations, etc. show that protesters & police were massacred by Maidan snipers.…
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#Ukraine‘s Former President @poroshenko is now officially charged with ‘abuse of office’. If found guilty he could be sentenced for up to 10 yrs in jail. I can assure you that the case has major repercussions and int partners will look into the case 1/…
The GPO hasn’t yet decided whether Poroshenko, a current MP, will be arrested. I sincerely hope that everyone involved knows that they are playing with fire. A court proceeding could carry significant political cost for #Ukraine and its standing internationally. 2/
Chancellor Merkel has had good relations with Poroshenko. We can only assume that she will follow this case and the other ongoing investigations (I counted more than 10) against Poro’ closely. Is the case against him really rock-solid? 3/
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