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#NRI youth killed at #AnandpurSahib came from a family of #soldiers, father a serving Capt; was training as a #tattoo #artist | Pardeep Singh had come to pay obeisance at Shri Anandpur Sahib on the eve of #HolaMohalla
He objected to few men who were using loudspeaker in their jeeps to play songs. In the brawl that ensued, those miscreants stabbed Pardeep to death. #HolaMohalla witnesses one of the largest religious #congregations in #Punjab & is celebrated at #AnandpurSahib in Ropar every year
#PardeepSingh’s uncle #GurdialSingh told that Pardeep had gone to #Canada in 2016 after completing Plus Two and was now the #PermanentResident (PR) of the country. Pardeep’s younger sister #KiranbirKaur too is in Canada.
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Was eigentlich undenkbar ist, passiert gerade beim BV #Brambauer in #Lünen: Der stadtbekannte Lüner Nazi André Machill ist Sponsor des Vereins. Machill ist kein unbekanntes Gesicht, sondern seit Jahren aktiv in der rechten Szene. Ein Thread. (1/5) #nonazisdo #nonazislun
Machill ist einer der aktivsten Nazis im Kreis #Unna und schon seit Ende der 2000er Jahre in Kameradschaften organisiert. Zuletzt meldete er mehrere #Querdenker-Demos in #Lünen an. (2/5) #nonazisdo #nonazislun
Der Wannabe-Tätowierer sticht Kameraden Nazimotive. Seinem engen Freund, dem Dortmunder Faschisten Chris H., tätowierte er das Konterfei des verstorbenen Siegfried Borchardt samt Schriftzug „SA-Siggi“. Ziemlich hässlich btw. (3/5) #nonazisdo #nonazislun #Tattoo
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🗞️ Selon une étude récente publiée par Crypto Head, les recherches de #tatouages liés aux crypto-monnaies ont bondi de 222% au cours de la dernière année.
#NFT #NFTCollection #NFTCommunity #NFTs #nftcollector #NFTdrop #NFTartist
1 900 requêtes impliquaient le terme de recherche « tatouage cryptographique ».

« Bitcoin tattoo », d’autre part, a vu 1 600 requêtes de recherche au cours des 12 derniers mois et « dogecoin tattoo » a eu 700 recherches.
Environ 956 publications Instagram avaient le hashtag « #cryptotattoo » et seulement 11 publications contenaient le hashtag « #dogecointattoo ».
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Ornamental tattoo: macroscopy & microscopy.
🔬Dark particles of tattoo ink stay in the dermis.
#pathology #tattoo
Thread ⬇️ ImageImageImageImage
Tattoo ink should be deposited in the dermis, which is a "permanent" layer of the skin: that ensures its durability. Tattoo artists recommend a deepness of 2-3.5 mm, depending on the type of skin.
❌A superficial tattoo may lose color intensity due to epidermal regeneration.
❌If the ink is deposited in the hypodermis, it causes "tattoo blowout": pigment diffuses in the hypodermis and lead to a permanent, blurry halo of colour around the tattoo. It appears immediately after tattoo injection, and it may be mistaken as a hematoma.
📸 (own experience) Image
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It is a terrible disease that enters your body through #wounds & can kill in days if nothing is done fast!

{SHARE to create awareness!} ImageImage
2\. #Tetanus results from a #toxin produced by the bacteria called Clostridium tetani.

This toxin makes your muscles to contract on their own (i.e. involuntarily), becoming rigid like this; Image
3\. Tetanus lives in soil & animal feces. It can live there for years. It may then enter your body through:

-#Wounds contaminated with soil or feces

-Skin #punctures by nonsterile needles (e.g. when injecting illegal drugs, #tattoo or body piercing)
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#Vanilla prices are likely the most volatile of any agricultural commodity.

After a 5-year boom, prices seem to crash this year.

Time for a thread 🧵on vanilla price volatility, the impact of high prices on smallholders in #Madagascar and what might happen now. 👇👇👇 ImageImageImage
#Madagascar is the largest producer of vanilla today, accounting for roughly 40% of the global harvest.

Almost all Malagasy vanilla is farmed by smallholders in the north-east of the country in agroforestry systems.

(Photo by Dirk Hölscher) Image
Farming vanilla is highly labour intensive – starting from the establishment of the plantation, over hand-pollination, harvest and curing (clockwise).

No wonder vanilla is expensive! ImageImageImageImage
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[Thread] #Tattoo J'avais PROMIS de faire un petit tour de mes tatouages, histoire de vous en parler et de révéler parfois le pourquoi du comment. Je ne les ferai peut être pas TOUS ( parce que certains sont reloo à prendre en photo ) et pas TOUS d'un coup ( parce que flemme ♥ )
Le premier et donc le plus vieux, il date de fin 2009 si mes souvenirs sont bons. Ce sont des initiales, celles de ma grand mère paternelle qui m'a élevée comme sa fille - à la place d'une génitrice défaillante -. Côté coeur. Elle a toujours une place très importante pour moi ♡
Les lettrages, qui ne vieillissent d'ailleurs pas très bien (hormis un sur les deux <3). Ne Zhaley ( Ne regrette pas ) & Ne Boisia ( Ne crains pas ). Une espèce de philosophie de vie qui me correspond très bien. Je vis sans regret du passé & sans crainte de l'avenir.
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