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#PhotoOfTheDay, #Thread, #Motivation:
There isn't a single person out there in the #art community who hasn't hear of #DragonBall.
This is the story of the real life Super Saiyan, Akira Toriyama.

Link to shot:…

#photography #storytelling

Akira Toriyama may have been born in 1955, but our story only begins in 1977, when he was unemployed and had dropped out of University to become a full time #artist.
In 1980, he had created his first manga called "Dr. Slump". But it was limited mostly to Japan. Do remember,

that this was the post WW-2 Japan in which Mr. Toriyama was born and people from other countries didn't have access to #Japanese (#にほんじん) culture the way they do now. Back in 1980, people had no idea what #anime and #manga were.
After Dr. Slump, Toriyama would go on to
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As an aspiring #Artist , I love to Paint/Sketch my own perspective & observations of things that inspires me. I've been doing this for a decade & would love to share it on this platform.

Hence, I am starting this thread where I'll add my couple of #artwork everyday. Let's go...
"Under the same moon, Let's watch it together, tonight."

This is made with Soft Pastel on Black sheet.
Follow on #Instagram for more:

#StarryNight #moon #night #NightSky #Sketching #sketch #art #artwork #artistsontwitter #Artists #Artist #artistsupport Image
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1/11🔥Good news: The CoOllOok Orion Shop will be officially launched and orders can be placed from Monday 6 June 2022.
The website is translated into 5 languages 🇫🇷🇬🇧🇪🇸🇷🇴🇵🇹


#elrond #ElrondCommunity #ElrondNFTs #ElrondNetwork #art #artist #Maiar
2/11 The website has been designed in compliance with the laws in force concerning the protection of personal data and privacy.
#elrond #ElrondCommunity #ElrondNFT #ElrondNetwork
3/11 Prices are displayed in euros and are converted in real time to $egld.Free shipping all over the world.
You can pay your orders with @Utrust and @Stripe
At CoOllOok Orion, we contribute 1% of our revenue to carbon removal
#elrond #ElrondCommunity #ElrondNFT #ElrondNetwork
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The wait is over!🔥

Dear members; Please welcome Thais Akanne @thaisakanne - The talented #creator behind your monthly (3rd) #ElrondNFTs #Art airdrop!🐍 ⬇️ Image
Thais is a Brazilian #artist based in #SaoPaulo. She has drawn inspiration from her fascination with the #supernatural, #cinema & language and how those create connections & brings people together. She specialises in expressing the #female form as a #protagonist. ⬇️ ImageImage
Thais Akanne spent weeks working on unique 6 #Medusa themed #ElrondNFTs and named them Hera, Eva, Hydra, Asmodeus, Adelina and Apophis. ⬇️ ImageImage
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We are beyond excited and happy to announce that our friend & talented #artist Fernando Quevedo @Quevedoart is joining Club Gorgon as a Lead Art Curator! He is the master behind many amazing #artworks including our first, members #NFT airdrop, #SkullsNFT💀

#Elrond #ElrondNFTs
He is a Brazilian visual artist with a masters degree in 3D Animation and Special Effects at Digital Media Arts College, Florida, USA. He also holds a BA in visual arts from Atlantic Union College in Massachusetts & BA in graphic design from Eastern Connecticut State Uni. in USA.
Fernando worked as a graphic #designer and #illustrator on the main TV networks in Brazil. He currently lives in São Paulo and he is completely dedicated to his acrylic on canvas artworks and #NFTs.
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Here’s a detailed thread on what @Mintifyme is and why you should care about it if you are into #NFTs as a collector, artist, or trader. 🚀

2/ Mintify ( is an NFT platform that helps you discover, analyze, and trade your next favorite #NFT. We launched our MVP in 60 days 🤯, assembled a team of 10, and sold almost 💰200k worth of memberships with 0 marketing. 🚀 Mintify NFT Platform
3/ Here’s a list of some of our features that you might be interested in as a #trader:

- Smart notifications (ENS, SMS, Email, Push)
- Upcoming Drops Calendar
- Collection Analytics (#ETH/#SOL)
- Volume & Floor Notifications
- Wallet Analytics (PnL, ROI, Value) Mintify Trending Collections
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🧚🏼🧑🏼‍🎨 Passender Moment für eine erneute Auktionsreise? Was denkt ihr? *raschelt mit Papier & klappert mit Pinseln für die #Nordstadtkatzen 🎨🐈🐈‍⬛
🧑🏼‍🎨 Okay: Butter bei die Fische!
Ihr dürft von Beginn an „mitmischen“ - Format wird ein DIN A4 mit weißem Rand. Im nächsten Tweet folgt die Umfrage für

- Palette 1 (6 Farben)
- Palette 2 (8 Farben)
- Palette 3 (8+ Farben)

Bedeutet nicht, dass ich alle Farben der Palette nutze. ImageImageImage
🧑🏼‍🎨 Mit welcher Palette soll ich für die 2. #MeowBenefizAuktion zu Gunsten der #Nordstadtkatzen arbeiten?

💚 Die Umfrage läuft 1 Stunde 💚

(Fotos der Paletten, siehe Tweet davor!)

🎨 Ihr entscheidet! 🎨
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🧵#artbook #fanart #fannibals #art #artists
1. The #artistsontwitter community is amazingly talented. I've supported many fan-run Kickstarters for artbooks. Now publishers are now getting in on it. Sadly fan artists who are not contract-savvy are open to exploitation...
2. I've seen a lot of tweets about an upcoming themed fan art book to be printed by an indie publisher. They set up a Kickstarter & raised over $160,000. Some artists were invited to create art for the book & subs were opened for everyone else.
3. To submit, artists were required to send in a completed work of art & wait to see if they were selected.
If selected they would not be paid a cash fee.
They would get a (insert drumroll...)
Free book, and of course, Kudos. (Whoop)🙌🙌🙌
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Since it's #InternationalWomensDay, here's a thread of TEN #BlackWomen #Creators in #Anime and #Manga Spaces that you NEED to know about!
First up is: @NeyshaPlays, an exceptionally talented
multidisciplinary Digital Creative. She's a podcaster, writer & pop culture critic and an AMAZING Cosplayer. Is there anything that she can't do?

P.S. The answer to that question is NO. She can do everything!
Next we have: @tudzdotexe! Tudz is a #BlackBritish Youtuber, Podcaster, Streamer and Magical Girl. Get into her content please, because it is AMAZING!

Her #Podcast: @4EyesAcademia

Her #Youtube Channel:…
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#artist #aesthetic #music #HottestGuyOnEarth #ImeanReally

PART 1 ミ★ The Voice ★彡

PART 1 ミ★ The Voice ★彡
PART 2 ミ★ Sex on Fire ★彡

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If you haven’t read @USTreasury report on money laundering in #art world, do so this weekend. #NFTs in clear sight - and not just digital art! First (?) step to #FinCEN rules requiring #KYC and much more under the #BSA. @CoinDesk summary flawless. But read the rest. 1/7
@USTreasury report puts #NFTs in full view of policymakers. Not just #artNFTs. We predicted this focus a year ago as well as focus on issue of “innocent” #artist receiving “dirty money” royalties on resale - which is flagged in this report. 2/7
@USTreasury says some NFT platforms may already be subject to FinCEN rules “depending on the characteristics of the NFTs that they offer.” Not limited to, and not excluding #artNFTs. Immediate compliance obligations - no if and when @SEC finishes its exchange rules. 3/7
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#HeroesofMavia will be a giant among mobile #crypto play to earn game. I know.

Big statement. What makes me so sure?

Why do you ask? Follow the thread to the kingdom of $RUBY and $MAVIA
This game is exactly like Clash of Clans in gameplay. CoC is already loved by millions and has established gaming groups that make money and careers off of CoC.

I know. Your question is something like, "how do you know that this will be adopted?"

Because I know the community
VC Groups such as @0x_Ventures @Delphi_Digital and huge gaming guilds such as @GuildFiGlobal are making their way to become Land #NFT owners.

But what if I told you that I talked to a Clash of Clan guild manager with dozens of clans...

But thats nothing, you say.. well hold on
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1/🧵 Another week of exciting content on the #WalledCulture blog:
➡️ @glynmoody covered how digital images of #PublicDomain works get captured, why #artist nor #academics should sign away their rights, & why Singapore 🇸🇬 sets an example to follow with its updated Copyright Law 👇
👉 Cultural digitisation for the many, or cultural depredation for the few: time to choose…

#Museums #ArtGalleries #PublicDomain #GLAM #CHIs #Wikimedia #Wikipedia #WalledCulture
👉 Why are #TaylorSwift and #academics all in the same boat? And why is she more fortunate?…

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They’re all there!

The pencil sharpener,
the favorite pen, the brush!
Plus a pencil! I just found #ALLTHETHINGS
behind my desk!
Waiting for primed canvas to dry,
printing up references,
fighting the urge to make this #painting #portrait
Currently procrastinating by sharpening
in the house😂
Its a holiday gift of the
grandkids for grandma.
I already mentally
shot down these ideas
Flexing w MASSIVE muscles, like @Schwarzenegger cerca 1985.
Smoking a bong on a couch together like teenagers.
Riding a wolf into a bloody battle.
I was trying to be serious.
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#Trudeau jets to Tofino for vacation on 1st "#TruthAndReconciliation" day.

Father of my children, #Indian, #sixtiesscoop survivor, worked all day to survive in #colonial system. He can no longer sit in a local coffee shop, let alone a plane. #NoJab…
#TruthAndReconciliation is marketing-as is #OrangeShirtDay2021 & holiday for white people on stolen land. Reconciliation would be giving land back. EuroAmerican destroys everything in path. #Indigenous peoples rep. less than 5% of pop. -yet support approx. 80% all #biodiversity.
#TruthBeforeReconciliation would be criminal charges against those responsible for res. schools & dead children. "However, as w/ any criminal case, the charges would be laid by the Crown—which would essentially amount to the govt putting itself on trial."…
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🟣 #CrowdfundMonday: Community #Crowdfunding for Diverse Independent Creatives


SEP 20TH | 10AM PT

Share your campaigns LIVE.
#filmmaker #artist #gamedev #theater #author #BIPOC #LGBTQ #women #disability #inclusion #YHBNEWS #RT…
Promoting #crowdfunding can be difficult. But not when you're part of the interactive community at #CrowdfundMonday! Since 2012, we have shared resources to help each other minimize the costs of marketing our short and long-term campaigns. /1
In the spirit of "Artists Supporting Artists," we encourage our community to amplify #crowdfunding campaigns for creators in emerging entertainment which promote inclusion through:

✅their content, and/or
✅their intentional hiring of cast and crew.

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Matthew Alfieri Melbourne Florida #artwork
Matthew Alfieri Melbourne Florida #art
Matthew Alfieri Melbourne Florida #artist
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How to Earn Income

Build your Income Empire Following These Trusted Methods

•Active vs Passive Income

In this thread,
we’ll be looking at ways to build a Passive Income Empire.
Dubbed PIE

First, we need to understand the differences:

-Active income:
Trading time for money

-Passive income:
Money earned that requires little effort to maintain


I see you PIE lovers sharing your screenshots when they arrive👏

Dividends are the most predictable. Companies pay them out from profits. If they use debt to pay dividends, then, I have 3 words for you; RUN, RUN, RUN

Capital - Dividends - Growth
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𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗠𝗼𝘀𝘁 𝗨𝘀𝗲𝗳𝘂𝗹 𝗪𝗲𝗯𝘀𝗶𝘁𝗲𝘀 𝗢𝗻 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗜𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗻𝗲𝘁

I will be sharing unique , useful, and interesting #websites in this thread.

🚀Goal - 10,000 websites. 🚀

⏩ A Thread ⏪

🙏 RT for more exposure .

#unique #internet #useful #knowledge #worldwide
1: 🚀YayText .com🚀

You can use this website to use Bold, Italic, Underlined text on #Facebook , #Instagram , #Twitter ........

2: 🚀Fast .com🚀

You can check speed of your Internet connection from here.

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🎨⏳📜Nautilus Cup, Chicago Art Institute
During the Age of Discovery, European artists were inspired by the exotic materials suddenly available to them. Goldsmiths seized on the opportunity to include wondrous and seemingly magical materials -
-including coconuts, ivory, ostrich eggs, and, in this case, a nautilus shell from the Indian Ocean - into works of art that celebrated both nature and artifice. These types of objects were also popular with collectors during the 19th c, when the mounts on this cup were reworked.
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KORRAKANI BEWARE – Evidence of BellaToons’ Return!
The following thread contains evidence showing that Korrakani may indeed be BellaToons under a new name and an updated art style.
#Korrakani #KorrakaniBeware #BellaToons #BellaToonsBeware #Art #Artist #Furry #Beware #Scam
As a lot of you finding this account already know, there has been some controversy over Korrakani and who they are. Many people think that it is BellaToons simply because of her art style. While I understand how similar Korrakani’s and BellaToons’ styles are, I know some...
...people want more evidence – the style similarity is simply not enough. In this thread, I will explain all the evidence I have gathered in an effort to prove that Korrakani is in fact BellaToons. Please read through everything carefully – some things may be hard to follow...
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@tari has hit a home-run with Yats based on the appeal of universal aesthetics, ease of entry into the #NFT space for #creators, and a viable model of scarcity #economics. Lastly, they are good fun!

#Yats are modern hieroglyphs. Visual communication is ancient, and crosses all language barriers. The best Yats will capture human experience without being overly complex. Simplicty means mass appeal.
#NFTartist will find #Yats an easy medium to work in. The 4/5 string Yats are going to yield the best return for artists on a budget bc these can be created for $4-$8, and offer more room for expression.
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What is a person's identity? How do we define an individual?

When a child speaks its first word known as the mother language, it gives itself an identity.
It is also said that the mother language is the in-born language, which a baby has already familiarized even in the gestation of the mother before it was born.
First announced by @UNESCO on 17 November 1999, #InternationalMotherLanguageDay🌎 is celebrated annually on 21 February to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and to promote multilingualism.
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