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So the tumor is completely encased in the muscle, not contiguous with the compact bone.
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Something a little out of the usual #Dermpath stuff #pathology Kid, neck
So far choristoma is on top of the list
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Multicystic Renal Dysplasia
➡️ Development of the kidney is disorganized bcoz of Anomalous differentiation of the meatanephros.
➡️Most common form of cystic renal disease in children & most common cause of abdominal masses in newborns.
➡️Dysplasia usually unilateral but can be bilateral, segmental or focal.
➡️Most arise sporadically but few are familial or occur in syndromes of multiple malformations.
➡️Clinical presentation depends on extent of dysplastic involvement & degree of associated urinary obstruction
🧐 Cysts are lined by flattened to cuboidal epithelial cells and surrounded by immature stromal elements.
➡️Primitive tubules and glomerular structures may be present.
➡️Metaplastic cartilage may or may not be present. (Wasn't there in this case).
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Under the cover of 113K+ #KilledAmericans our #TaxAndBloodMoney is being siphoned into the pockets of trump+cronies+donors. Media’s refusal to NAME the truth- #TrumpGenocide #GOPGenocide #CrimesAgainstHumanity #Democide due to #Corruption+#NarcissisticVengeance+#Incompetence 2
perpetuates the normalization of the #Criminal+#Pathological, makes #Accountability impossible, allows #RisingBodyCount+#CrisisProfiteering They are rewarding themselves for 113K+#AvoidableDeaths. S.Korea 1st case same date-274 cases! PerCapita US death 64 times greater. 3
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Friends, especially White friends, in academic medicine wondering what you can do and what issues you can advocate for. A non-comprehensive breakdown by specialty. I remind you that pledging to stop hate is not enough. What you do in this moment should make you uncomfortable.
All: Faculty should advocate for a *written* statement from their Deans stating: any med student arrested in connection with protests (for any reason, violent or nonviolent #CopsLie) will not be penalized, but will instead receive a letter of commendation for living their oath.
Medical students are one of many groups out here risking our lives. Will you risk writing an email to protect our professional futures?
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#Doctors and #Medicine need an #AI update.
Bold and convincing book.

#ArtificialIntelligence has the ability to bring the fourth industrial revolution. Healthcare is deemed to be an industry which can get transformed the most.

@EricTopol is a #cardiologist, historian of the present and a #MedicalFuturist.
He believes that the way we practice medicine now ( #ShallowMedicine ) relies too heavily on human inputs and is thus plagued by human biases and imperfections.

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Age: 14-year old female
History: Proptosis & pain
Specimen: Exenteration
#pathology #PediPath #BSTPath #orbit

(*Image courtesy: Dr. Sayed Hashim)
3 main questions:
Q1. Is it benign or malignant?
Q2. If malignant - differentials?

DDx of orbital tumors in children:
1. Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS)
2. Neuroblastoma
3. Synovial sarcoma
4. Chloroma
& so on
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/02/2020-2…

What COVID-19 Means For The Future Of Capitalism, Democracy And Sustainability…

#coronavirus #future #capitalism #democracy #Sustainability
U.S. COVID-19 Contact Tracing Programs Designed for Failure, Despite Bloomberg Money; Why Can't the U.S. Copy the Lessons of Hong Kong's Success? | naked capitalism…

#tracing #failure #contact #Bloomberg
Stretch and flow: Research sheds light on unusual properties of well-known materials…

#research #flow #materials #Stretch
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"Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?" (John Lydon)

The publication of this letter & the nature of its correction raises questions about the reliability of the academic record.

@llantwit @FFLMUK @RCPath @AAPTTweets @mike4path @Richard56 @JJPJ #autopsy


When the letter by Won Sriwijitalai & Viroj Wiwanitkit was published in #JFLM, fact-checking journalists @SureAndShare in Thailand shared their concerns about it on @Twitter & @Facebook.

@SureAndShare were concerned that they were unable to verify who the 1st author was (or where they worked), or the death of a #forensic #medical professional from #COVID19. They cautioned against sharing the story.

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History: Female, 50-ish, presented with hematuria.

Cystoscopy: Congested mucosa with bleeding ulcers

Biopsy from urinary bladder lesion

#pathology #GUPath
What should I do?
I should call the surgeon

“Did the patient have urinary bladder cancer before?”

Patient had cervix cancer, a year back
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#Pathology teams across the UK have developed some really innovative diagnostic solutions in response to the challenge of #COVID_19 - let’s build on the scale and pace of this innovation.

We would love you to fill in our questionnaire ⬇️ so we can collate, share, and learn from this work. What could the New Normal for pathology look like?

We will work with @NHSGIRFT to collate these summaries. What has worked, what has not, where are the challenges...

let’s keep this innovation and agility alive ⬇️

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70/F with no primary, 6 cm 😟 breast mass👿👿👿.
✳️CD117, SMA, E-Cadherin, S100: ➕
📢CK7, CK20, p63, GATA3, GCDPF, Mammaglobin, ER, PR, HER2, MYB, Synaptophysin, Chromogranin, : ➖
✴️CK5/6, EMA, Actin: 30% cells
☀️Calponin, GFAP: Focal
Diagnosis❓🤔 #breastpath #Pathology ImageImageImageImage
Few other areas of the tumor. Does it change your mind? ImageImageImageImage
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I am leading a team of Pathologists joining Covid care at #NYUPathology

Families of Covid19 pts are not allowed in hospitals now

A team of NYU Pathologists will now be talking daily with families of Covid patients and informing them about their clinical status

Covid care doctors & nurses are stretched & need our help

We will do daily chart review & join their daily patient rounds to learn about each patient.

We are each assigned a floor/ward & will speak to patient’s families daily; freeing up time for Docs & Nurses on floors

After talking with the families we will be entering a note in the EMR for the pt; hence also communicating family concerns back to the medical teams & the patients.

We will also be available for patients’ families to call with questions about their loved ones.

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Starting a series on clinical Pearls I am gathering in #COVID19 patients based on experiences of many experts

Will add as we go along

Feel free to add your own observations/experiences

#covidclinicalpearls /1
Anosmia is likely the most specific #COVID19 related symptom
30% of patients have anosmia as their 1st symptom
#covidclinicalpearls /2
Around 90% of patients have fever.
50% maybe afebrile at the time of presentation
Fever tends to be very resistant to routine measures in hospitalized patients
There is no consensus that NSAIDs are to be avoided in #COVID2019 patients

#covidclinicalpearls /3
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1/ Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 attached to cilia of human respiratory epithelial cell. This is one of the very first images of the SARS-CoV-2 virus isolated from patients.
2/ reproduced conditions of infection in a reconstituted human respiratory epithelium model cultivated at the air/liquid interface. This physiological model was developed and provided by the company Epithelix #COVID2019 #pathology #electronmicroscopy #virus
3/ Cette image a été obtenue par microscopie électronique à transmission sur la plateforme d’imagerie de l'Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (CIQLE). Crédits: #virpath Manuel Rosa-Calatrava, Olivier Terrier, Andres Pizzorno, Elisabeth ERRAZURIZ-CERDA.
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How about a #Tweetorial on immunotherapy in quiz and answer form? Let’s try it! I’ll post a quiz in one tweet and then the answer in the next, and so on. Scroll down to follow the thread!

#pathology #pulmpath #ihcpath #pdl1 #Immunotherapy #pathtweetorial
First question. When PD-1 on T cells binds PD-L1 on tumor cells, what happens to the T cells?
The correct answer is that the binding of PD-1 to PD-L1 INHIBITS T cell killing of tumor cells.

See nice tweet on this by @kis_lorand

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1/10 Ganglioglioma (GG)
Mixed neuronal-glial tumor
🔵composed of dysplastic neurons and glial component
Others features are,
🔵Delicate vasculature
🔵lymphocyte cuffs around vessels
#pathology #PediPath #neuropath #Tweetorial
@sza_jhcyto @miguelguzmanmd @HopkinsNeuropth @edusqo @DrGeeONE @ariella8 @vi_monappa @BrainIsThePath @Path_Matt @JMGardnerMD 2/10 Glial component can resemble pilocytic astrocytoma with,
🔵Rosenthal fibers
🔵Eosinophilic granular bodies,
🔵oligodendroglioma and other gliomas-like components
#pathology #PediPath #neuropath
@sza_jhcyto @miguelguzmanmd @HopkinsNeuropth @edusqo @DrGeeONE @ariella8 @vi_monappa @BrainIsThePath @Path_Matt @JMGardnerMD 3/10 Neuronal component shows neurons with dysplasia
(dysmorphic neurons) characterized by:
🔵perimembranous aggregation of Nissl substance
#pathology #PediPath #neuropath
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🤩I am constantly marveled by the endless ways in which we #Pathology and #LabMedicine, can use Twitter to engage, share, support & learn from each other. Here is the link to my presentation that celebrates the unlimited opportunities to harness Twitter👉🏽 Image
Like the #SolarEclipse that occurred in August 2017, to me, Twitter has been a community wide experience of marveling a visual process that can create a burst of awe at an organic velocity. It's really exciting to be engaged in this global experience. Image
#AcademicTwitter is using Twitter at the University and Research setting to teach. It has wide range benefits and I recommend reading the following article written by @soragnilab and @Aiims1742 published in @nature that describes this phenomenon.… ImageImage
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1/This is very basic but might be useful at a certain the basic question is how do you check quickly for the prevalence of a mutation in your favorite cancer question was: How often do we find NRAS mutation in malignant melanoma?
#pathology #molpath
2/ The question comes from an article on 14 melanoma cases that were found to be S100 and Sox10 negative. The authors found that the overall frequency of NRAS mutations in this small cohort was 36%. So as a first step I go to the homepage
3/ In the "Search" field I type "melanoma"
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A #tweetorial/#medthread on this complication of stem cell transplantation!

#MedEd #FOAMEd #dermtwitter #onctwitter #medtwitter #dermatology #dermatologia pc:@dermnetnz

1st, a poll:

How do you differentiate acute & chronic skin #GVHD?
Acute vs. chronic GVHD is usually differentiated by when it occurs: before or after 100 days since allogeneic stem cell transplant. BUT in the skin, MORPHOLOGY is key!

As with almost everything else in derm, start with the exam. That will tell you what you're dealing with!
Acute GVHD is usually morbilliform, which means "measles-like." Morphologically, we describe this eruption as "3-4 mm pink papules that coalesce into plaques." Whenever we see this in a SCT pt, the ddx includes the following:
- acute GVHD
- morbilliform drug
- viral exanthem
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A mini case: sections from the wall of the gallbladder with the following diagnosis 🎯
Questions in the thread...
#pathology #IHCpath
Q1: How do you interpret the p53 IHC stain? (hint: if you say "positive" then I failed as a teacher 😀😱)
Q2: In what other instances do you perform a p53 IHC?
It turns out that it is not a clear cut case in the provided pictures...AIS extending in Rokitansky-Aschoff sinuses has to be considered... not a gallbladder guy 😀 At the same time I would have a hard time signing out an AIS extending in RA sinuses diagnosis...
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Painless hemiscrotal mass in a child, complex hydrocele on ultrasound.

Testis mass + smear... Fight!

#pedipath #gupath #cytopath
Rhabdomyosarcoma is indeed the top-level diagnosis... but more importantly, what type??

Note: several H&E patterns here that correspond nicely to the patterns on cytology.

#pedipath #gupath #pathology
Note the multiple patterns here - and see how they relate to myogenin staining.
This is an uncommon example of mixed-histology rhabdomyosarcoma.

Classic Embryonal - variable myogenin
Dense Emb/Solid Alveolar - strong, diffuse myogenin
Sclerosing - Weak/absent myogenin

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30♀️ posterior chest wall mass. Good example of this entity. IHC in next tweet. #dermpath #pathology
#IHCpath: CD4 is also a myelomonocytic marker, so weak staining is expected in macrophages. Only strong CD4 positivity is counted as genuine for T-cells.
Full #IHCpath:
➕ Pan T-cell markers (CD3, CD2, CD5, CD7), CD8, perforin, TIA, beta-F1 (TCR beta)
➖ CD4 CD30 CD56
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