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1. Ali Alexander says he’s had private 1-on-1 conversations with Musk.
2. 90 days ago Musk reinstated Alexander’s feed.
3. Today Musk suspended that feed over allegations of pedophilic grooming.
4. Many MAGAs now say Alexander’s proclivities were well-known.
5. Did Elon know?

6. Musk says he’s obsessed with child protection on Twitter.
7. But he removed many of the protections Twitter had against material that endangers kids.
8. Alexander says he was intermittently in touch with Musk as Musk plotted a Twitter takeover that loosened child protections.
9. As Alexander and Musk were in touch and Alexander says he had a voice in how Musk approached his Twitter play—including, presumably, loosening child protections—it appears Alexander may have been engaged in pedophilic grooming.
10. Shouldn’t media ask about Alexander’s role?
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(🔐) PROOF EXCLUSIVE: Kimberly Guilfoyle’s Congressional Testimony About January 6 Was As Bizarre As Any the House January 6 Committee Received

This is the fourth entry in PROOF’s year-long JANUARY 6 FILES series.

I hope you’ll subscribe and RT. #J6Files…
1/ This part of the PROOF analysis of Guilfoyle’s absolutely shocking January 6 testimony focuses on the last week of December 2020, when Trump was at Mar-a-Lago plotting his January 6 coup.
2/ At the time, Guilfoyle was living at Mar-a-Lago. As was Don Jr. Guilfoyle’s top aide, Caroline Wren, was the chief organizer of January 6 at the time. And the top donor Guilfoyle had personally developed for Trump (Julie Jenkins Fancelli) was the chief funder of January 6.
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Quite the night for Democrats today in special elections.

- In New Hampshire, a Hassan +9 seat is D+11.
- In Kentucky, a Biden +31 state senate seat is D+54
- In #VA04, they're on track to win a Biden +36 seat by 45.

None of these things mean especially much in the larger context of elections, given how noisy specials are, but you'd rather win by large margins than not, and at the very least it dampens the notion of asymmetric partisan enthusiasm at the moment.
in other news, I hear there's a #TheTwitterFiles thread part 16 or something that came out and there's a big GOP internal debate going on over bathrooms that apparently we are supposed to care about
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If there were one thing I'd want people to understand, it was that the CIA's taking out of President John Kennedy and his brother Senator Robert Kennedy cowed the left in this country. There was hope when Democratic Senator Frank Church had the guts to take on the CIA (Thread)
On Christmas Eve, 1974, Sy Hersh dropped a piece many believe was leaked by CIA director William Colby in a move to oust the corrupt Dulles sidekick James Angleton. Hersh's piece exposed illegal CIA domestic ops (2)
But despite a serious investigation, through a combination of carrots and sticks, the CIA managed to turn the narrative away from their illegal activities and assassination operations to the need for greater intelligence and security. (3)
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Yoel Roth's "Trust & Safety" team censored political opponents, while secretly working with the FBI.

WAPO: Yoel Roth is a Victim of Mean Tweets…
If you report something WaPo likes, you're a "journalist". If you report something WaPo doesn't like, you're a "conservative journalist"!😂
Also, calling the #TheTwitterFiles a "series of tweets" is like calling the Afghanistan Papers "a series of sentences".
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TWITTER FILES PT.5 "LA RIMOZIONE DI TRUMP DA TWITTER". 🇺🇸 Fantasmagorico racconto di quando l'esecutivo del social, corrotto dal potere, ha deciso di stracciare policies e costituzione, aprendo una delle pagine più pericolose della nostra storia: LA CENSURA. Leggere 👇👇👇

1. La mattina dell'8 gennaio, il presidente Donald Trump, con uno avvertimento rimasto prima di essere a rischio di sospensione permanente, ha twittato due volte.
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1. On the morning of January 8, President Donald Trump, with one remaining strike before being at risk of permanent suspension from Twitter, tweets twice.
2. 6:46 am: “The 75,000,000 great American Patriots who voted for me, AMERICA FIRST, and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, will have a GIANT VOICE long into the future. They will not be disrespected or treated unfairly in any way, shape or form!!!” Image
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Notice how #TheTwitterFiles “blacklist” only includes conservative voices. They’re suggesting only the right have been marked but I know for a fact that nonpartisan, anti imperialists, state-affiliated, actual non lib left, Pro Palestinian accounts DO get shadow-banned & censored
Waiting to see Zionist Bari Weiss expose how much pro-Palestinian content is censored & shadowbanned, or to see revelations of how little engagement state-affiliated accounts get, even blue checks. For example here’s how many views a regular RT video gets
A little over 400. Despite me with 91,000 plus followers retweeting RT who has 3 Million Twitter followers. This is unheard of. But it gets worse. Here’s how much an account with only 15,200 plus followers gets in 3 hours. Compare that to RT.
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Will @elonmusk address the fact that US elections aren’t only manipulated via propaganda, censorship & tweets but via the entire electoral process that gaslights people who question the worst, most easily hacked & fraudulent election system in the world as conspiracy theorists?
Will @elonmusk address the clear shadow ban on “State-affiliated” media accounts and remove them? Even if the label remained, perhaps make it so US affiliated accounts get that same label, EU/NATO? He’s been asked multiple times?
Will @elonmusk unban the account of Julian Assange, the most consequential journalist via Wikileaks? And will he “educate” himself on this issue he’s been asked countless times? Will he unban other journalists who’ve gone after the State Dept and MIC?
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I wrote a 🧵 about this whole Hunter / Twitter scandal.
🍆 💻
🍆 💻 🐘 😱
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63: And then Brenda Carter from accounting said she didn't want to chip in for a cake for Mark even though Brenda ALWAYS eats a "big ass piece of cake", according to an ex employee. Brenda has said openly that she's a Democrat (clearly Democrat)

78. What we know for sure is that former CEO knew nothing about Mark's birthday huddle in the conference room and birthday cake was never offered. So much was handled behind closed doors. Again, Brenda took a slice of cake and went back to her office (key democrat)
78. It is obscene how many sandwiches Brenda left in the refrigerator, according to former employees. Her name was on many sandwiches and the ones without names looked like hers. Comms from high up shared concerns as to why sandwiches were brought but now eaten.
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@federalreserve I would like to report a fraud.
In 1972 Someone used my name
and unlawfully converted it
And now a bunch of crooked traitors are trading it on the stock market.
I have proof that I've been trespassed on since birth and I require remedy.
@federalreserve I guess I should back up my CLAIM with some citations.
I'll try to keep them in somewhat of a time-line explaining the FRAUD and TRESPASS at the time of my BIRTH.
@federalreserve Let me also state that I'm just a carpenter and not a lawyer.
So please do not take this information I provide as legal advice.
I will try to post citations and tools like dictionaries,style manuals and military manuals.
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