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Like many, when Laura-Carrie SCREAMED & the House at 708 went Black I was left wondering=WHAT THE F**K JUST HAPPENED?
After 2 Weeks of pondering & research I now finally grasp the Clues left by Director David Lynch & Co-Writer Mark Frost.
To comprehend how #TwinPeaks ended, you need to watch BOTH Episodes 17 & 18 AT THE SAME TIME in synchronicity!
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Director David Lynch & Co-author Mark Frost carefully crafted Laura Palmer as a hauntingly tragic, beautiful soul the audience would slowly come to know through the eyes of those who'd known & cared for her.
The Series begins with the discovery of Laura's body, then moves to show the reactions of the Twin Peaks Community, her Schoolmates & Friends as they struggle to grasp that she is gone.
Weeping, lashing out or just silent in shock the emotions are raw & real.
Then, as the haunting & beautiful Laura's Theme plays, the camera focuses on the High School's Trophy Case & as the view pans forward we see for the first time the Iconic Photo of Laura Palmer as Twin Peaks's Homecoming Queen.
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#twinpeaks The Finale of Season 3 Broken Down=
Laura whispers SOMETHING to Cooper.
Whatever it is RIPS Laura out of the Lodge moments later

WHAT could do that?
Remember, Laura was IN the Lodge because BOB murdered her, like Good Cooper, she couldn't leave without a BODY
Laura let out a VERY SPECIFIC SCREAM when she was RIPPED out of the Lodge=where did she go?
What did she tell Cooper?
She told him to go back to Feb 23rd 1989 & prevent her murder(Two BIRDS with ONE Stone Laura & MADDY get to live!)
Laura was IN the Lodge because she was dead with no body to wake up in...
Laura was HIDDEN by 1989-JUDY with her memories suppressed since BOB failed to possess/kill her as a backup plan.
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#twinpeaks One of THE most amazing things Lynch did is use Laura's Iconic Photo so EFFECTIVELY in Season 3
From Seasons 1 & 2 as more & more of Laura's Sad & Tragic Life was uncovered the EMOTIONAL INVESTMENT in her Memory/Character grows.
FIRE Crystallized it with her sacrifice
Clearly aware of this, he carefully positioned Laura's Picture throughout the 2 Seasons as her "Haunting Presence"
After FIRE seeing her Picture made me quite sad every time I happened across it even DECADES later.
This is the brilliance of cultivating emotional investment
Lynch even plays to this tongue in cheek showing Deputy Bobby Brigg's reaction when he unexpectedly sees Laura's Picture & grows very emotional over his first love & her tragic loss
(Laura is the Modern "Sweet Lenore" akin to Edgar Allen Poe's Lost Love)
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1/ #Kollok1991
A Love Letter to #DavidLynch in the form of a #TTRPG
2/ When you think of #DavidLynch you think of #TwinPeaks, a show defined it’s quirky characters, otherworldly small town settings, and a cult following defined by early 90s Americana. #Kollok1991
3/ #TwinPeaks dared to look into small town life in both its earnest look into themes empathy vs secrecy and the horror that comes from what we view as normal. #Kollok1991
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After my theory on the #twinpeaks ending the other day, here’s my alternate take, which doesn’t necessarily contradict my first (if anything it adds to it).
The glass box in New York is Doppelcoop’s endeavour to trap Judy. The couple who have sex in front of it summon her, and she destroys them.
The only thing that can defeat evil is whatever golden goodness Laura is made of. Any iteration of this goodness gets stamped out, annihilated (Laura, Mandy.)
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@TwinPeaksRevolu I really would LOVE a dramedy spinoff featuring the Jones family. By dramedy I mean something like #Lodge49 on AMC: a drama about serious subjects but handled with a light tone and with moments of genuine hilarity and at other times black comedy.
@TwinPeaksRevolu I attempted to write a fanfic along these lines, but I kind of got boxed in along the way. I should take a fresh shot at this. However, seeing something like this in real life would be great. You kind of wish you could "choose your own adventure" at the end of #TwinPeaks S3.
@TwinPeaksRevolu If I was allowed to, I want to follow Dougie, Janey-E and Sonny Jim as they settle in to Dougie's new life. I see Dougie Tulpa v.2 as carrying certain aspects of Coop, particularly the ones that would work for a family man. I can't see Coop leaving his mission, though.
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