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A little mental exercise in querying the credibility of the just concluded #NEDG #BON #VPDebate. Not to worry I won’t use grammar but visuals so everyone can participate since we all can see. Here is the first one.
So investigators placed an onscreen timer in this video since the one at the scene was systemically compromised & turned off allegedly to give an advantage.
Interviewing the chief organizer much later on @AIT_Online here is what he said:
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So before we move on let us clear the air of some of the misinformation or slips at the #BON #NEDG #VPDebate before untruths become a reference point. The debate was alluded to have been won by the PDP candidate @PeterObi but here are some clarifications:
The VP @ProfOsinbajo claimed that Nigeria is producing 7000 Megawatts of Electricity but this is NOT True. According to the umbrella body of the electricity distribution company in Nigeria Association of Nigerian Electricity Distributors (ANED)...
...While there is an available capacity of 7,000MW, what Nigeria presently generates is no more that 5,000MW. This is because there is insufficient gas to power the thermal plants due to gas line limitations.
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On yesterday's debate:
1. APC's @ProfOsinbajo and PDP's @PeterObi weren't really spectacular; they never said anything revolutionary, the other candidates just made them look good.

2. A debate is usually to help undecided voters make their choice based on each candidate's response to critical issues raised. However, for most Nigerians that seem to not be the case, as their minds are already made up.
As a result, their opinion was already skewed before it was formed. Just as @Omojuwa rightly said, your opinion of who wins the #VPDebate is dependent on who you were supporting in the first instance.
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“Major cause of Poverty is Corruption” - VP Osinbajo #NEDG #BON #VPDebate. This is a grave lie. I have addressed this before. Corruption is everywhere in the world including in USA. Lack of productivity is what causes Poverty. This admin weaponize Poverty & lies a lot.
If the current admin mean well for Nigeria and have kept their promises to Nigerians, this debate is done already. All they need do is point to what they have done and justify the need to complete their work. It is as easy as that. They have failed. Simple. #NeverAgain
Corruption is not about stealing public funds alone. Nepotism, Abuse Of Office, subjugation of the rule of Law, religious bigotry etc are part of the catalytic factors that promote poverty and cripple productivity. The deliberate weakening of our institution is a critical factor.
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#PeterObi comes across as a really smart, competent leader.

Throws @ProfOsinbajo under the bus “the VP is in charge of debt management. We’re no longer part of MINT because we have a poor economy”.

Bad man. 😂😂😂 #2019Debate
The @yppnational VP candidate is having a serious case of stage fright. She wouldn’t win a secondary school debate. Always pivoting to what her undoubtably brilliant boss @MoghaluKingsley will do.

Really poor grasp of the issues. She should have read Kingsley’s book


#PeterObi dives into a treatise on the capital market. Argues convincingly about reducing role of government in the economy & allowing the private sector take the lead.

Highlights issues with lack of access to commercial credit.
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