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1/ Gerrymandering has backfired for Republicans in Dallas County.

Republicans had hoped to keep a majority of Texas House seats there when they redrew district boundaries.

Now, they hold onto only two of 14.

#Midterms2018 #Election2018 #txlege
2/ In 2010 amid a red wave, Republicans picked up several Dallas County seats just before the next round of redistricting.

#Midterms2018 #Election2018 #tx2018 #txlege
3/ Democrats allege Republicans packed and cracked Latino voters across the county to diminish their voting strength overall and ensure a GOP majority.

#Midterms2018 #Election2018 #tx2018 #txlege
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1/ Texas Democrats were hoping for a historic year in 2018. What they got instead was hope for 2020.

#Midterms2018 #ElectionDay #Election2018 #tx2018 #ElectionNight
2/ One source of Democratic optimism: single-digit victories this year for a handful of Republican incumbents who swept into office by double digits in 2014.

#Midterms2018 #ElectionDay #Election2018 #tx2018 #ElectionNight
3/ Other bright spots for Democrats came in the U.S. House and the Texas House, where Democrats knocked off powerful Republicans.

Beto O’Rourke didn’t quite topple Ted Cruz, but he carried Democrats to victory in battlegrounds suburbs.

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1/ THREAD: We asked @TedCruz, @BetoORourke and @NealDikeman 17 policy questions we crowdsourced from young Texans.

Here’s what they said to each one.

#tx2018 #txsen #MidtermElections
2/ Should the state or federal government increase the minimum wage?

@BetoORourke: Yes
@NealDikeman: No
@TedCruz: No
3/ How should the government help Texans build wealth through homeownership?

@BetoORourke said "expand existing home-buyer assistance programs that help with down payments and mortgage loans."
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1/ You may be seeing reports of Texas voting machines changing the selections of some straight-ticket voters.

But the voting machines are not at fault. Here’s what is happening, and how to avoid it.

#earlyvoting #txlege #tx2018 #txsen
2/ Voters have reported voting for straight-ticket, but when they reviewed their final list of selected candidates, someone from an opposing party was picked instead.
3/ Here’s the deal: The problems reported are the result of “voters hitting a button or using the selection wheel before the screen is finished rendering,” which de-selects the pre-filled candidate selection.
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1/ @BetoORourke and @TedCruz are fighting over America’s most conservative large county.

Will Tarrant County flip in 2018? Is it really a battleground for Democrats and Republicans?

#tx2018 #txsen
@BetoORourke @tedcruz 2/ Tarrant County is a complicated place — the county is urban, suburban and rural all at once.

The outlying ranches and suburbs are mostly a backwater in Texas politics.

Gerrymandered to the hilt, the national parties have mostly ignored this county.
@BetoORourke @tedcruz 3/ But since Trump's election, things have changed.

There’s organic Democratic activism and Beto O’Rourke's high-risk bet to stake his statewide strategy on flipping this county to his party.
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THREAD: On the first day of early voting in Texas, a few civic-minded goodies from your friends at @texastribune👇
#txlege #txsen #txgov #tx2018
@TexasTribune From @AlexSamuelsx5 @rdmurphy: Everything you need to know about casting a ballot in Texas in the 2018 midterms…
#txlege #txsen #txgov #tx2018
@TexasTribune @AlexSamuelsx5 @rdmurphy From @rdmurphy: Every single candidate on the ballot in Texas in statewide, congressional, legislative and State Board of Education races…
#txlege #txsen #txgov #tx2018
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1/ For the first time in a generation, there is a Democrat running for Congress in every single district in Texas. #tx2018
2/ Most of these candidates will likely lose. But many are seeing a fundraising boom.
3/ In 2016, Texas U.S. House Democratic candidates had raised $11.4 million at this point in the cycle. This year, they’ve doubled that number.
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1/ THREAD: Democratic early voting surged across Texas. Democratic turnout more than doubled from four years ago, while Republican turnout rose less than 15 percent. #txlege #tx2018
2/ 370,219 Democrats voted early in the state’s 10 counties with the highest number of registered voters compared to 282,928 Republicans. #txlege #tx2018
3/ In 2014, Republicans outvoted Democrats in early voting in those ten counties 253,019 to 184,489. #txlege #tx2018
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