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The #Midterms2018 have been exciting, but much of what we are seeing following #ElectionDay was expected by many. There were signs that the Left would stick to its old playbook (it has been successful for decades), and steal this election, too.

I hope this provides some comfort.……

On May 11, 2017, @POTUS created a commission to investigate voter fraud, illegal voting, etc.

That commission was closed months later, but the intel needed to move forward was gathered.
The special elections, such as the Senate race in Alabama between Moore & Jones, were monitored by federal, state, & local officials to gather real time data on how the steal is carried out.

Some of these state had just carried Trump by +20% points, but suddenly went Democrat...
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#Georgia Voter Purge Victim: “This Was a Strategy From Kemp” — my latest for @truthout… #BrianKemp #Midterms2018 #StaceyAbrams #ElectionDay #VoterSuppression
Yasmin Bakhtiari was told she'd been purged by #BrianKemp because she hadn't voted in two election cycles. But the National Voter Registration Act is crystal clear: You cannot lose your vote for not voting.… #Georgia #ElectionDay #VotingRights
This is why we’re suing #BrianKemp. Learn more about our lawsuit:… #Georgia #VoterSuppression #ElectionDay #VotingRights #Midterms2018 #ElectionFraud
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1. #BrianKemp should have resigned as Secretary of State before he purged half a million Georgians, before he told the counties not to even hand out provisional ballots to people he had wrongly purged.… #Georgia #ElectionDay #StaceyAbrams #Midterms2018
2. #BrianKemp should have resigned before he started enforcing a system of #ExactMatch and other gimmicks that have basically suppressed the votes by literally the hundreds of thousands.… #Georgia #StaceyAbrams #StopTheSteal
To now to just come up with a gimmick like putting one of his flunkies in charge, a political hack in charge to replace him, is hardly blessing the #Georgia election as fair and democratic.…
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"I'm Yasmin and I was blocked from voting for #StaceyAbrams.”

Yasmin Bakhtiari is just one of thousands of #Georgia voters who were purged by GOP Secretary of State #BrianKemp, without notice.… #ElectionDay #Midterms2018 #ElectionFraud
#Georgia voter Yasmin Bakhtiari was even blocked from casting a provisional ballot, despite waiting for over two hours in line and asking three times. In the end, she filed a complaint and left. #ElectionDay #Midterms2018 #ElectionFraud
This is why we’re suing #BrianKemp. As Secretary of State, he decided who was allowed to vote and which votes got counted—a clear conflict of interest while running against Abrams.

Learn more about our lawsuit:…

Support our work:
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#MartinLutherKing’s Cousin Blocked by #BrianKemp from Casting a Ballot in #Georgia — Despite Voting in every Election for 50 Years… #ElectionDay #Midterms2018 #VoterSuppression
92-year-old Christine Jordan, who was blocked from voting in #Georgia by #BrianKemp, hangs with her granddaughter Jessica. Miss Christine, #MartinLutherKing’s cousin, talked about the family reunions with the Kings at her house.…
#Georgia's GOP Secretary of State, #BrianKemp, took away her right to vote exactly 50 years to the day since she cast her first ballot in Atlanta. To get back her vote, she is ready to sue #Kemp in federal court, "If someone will help me walk to the courthouse." Any volunteers?
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1. This article will cover,

part of the plan

Q and Trump's thoughts on the election

Signs as to where this evil is coming from and what it really entails. Like what all Obama had in his pocket when he was elected.

The agenda of the globalists seen right now in current events
2. The plot of the wicked ones and how you can win against it

Need evidence of the Globalists? Look at the stonemasonry on a church in New York that predicted it 4 years prior. How did they know. Their roots are in Free Masonry. #Qanon, #Qarmy, #Qposts, #ENDTIMES, #Illuminati
3. It is not he who casts the votes, but he who counts the votes!

Who is actually controlling the vote?

Information on the people they are really trying to destroy and why! #Qanon, #Qarmy, #Qposts, #ENDTIMES, #Illuminati, #Midterms2018
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1/ Gerrymandering has backfired for Republicans in Dallas County.

Republicans had hoped to keep a majority of Texas House seats there when they redrew district boundaries.

Now, they hold onto only two of 14.

#Midterms2018 #Election2018 #txlege
2/ In 2010 amid a red wave, Republicans picked up several Dallas County seats just before the next round of redistricting.

#Midterms2018 #Election2018 #tx2018 #txlege
3/ Democrats allege Republicans packed and cracked Latino voters across the county to diminish their voting strength overall and ensure a GOP majority.

#Midterms2018 #Election2018 #tx2018 #txlege
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Thread 1. My latest #ElectionSecurity reporting on the presence of a #WiFi signal in the tabulating room in #Dallas TX - the state where @BetoORourke lost his #Senate race to @tedcruz…
2. The investigation is over a backdrop of previous trouble that #Dallas County had with the results in the March #Democratic #Primary where multiple precincts had more #votes than #voters. Never a good thing.
3. On @TheBradBlog I talk about the investigation & play exclusive audio of #LauraPressley, an engineer coordinating #election observers all over #TX who discovered the irregularities, so you hear directly from the person who is reporting the #WiFi signal.
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Lots of sniffing & low energy from Trump today suddenly touting bipartisanship w/ NANCY after Republicans lose House in #Midterms2018—which he calls “big incredible day…last night the Republican Party defied history.” Also compares to Obama midterms—which he called “midtown”😂
Incredible. Asked whether he’ll fight if Democrats subpoena his tax returns, Trump says they’re too complex. “People don’t understand taxes.”
Trump went off on Jim @Acosta, calling him “rude” and “enemy of the people.” Jim was asking about Russia probe & before that about the ad demonizing migrants (which Trump said “didn’t use actors”). Now he’s telling reporters “sit down, sit down” like they’re bad kindergarteners.
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News conference by @POTUS underway.
“Last night the Republican Party defied history,” begins @POTUS.
Without his #MAGA rallies there might have been a blue wave, asserts @POTUS.
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1/ #Midterms2018 saw a number of historic firsts:
The first two Native American women elected to Congress
The first openly gay man elected governor in the US
The first two Muslim women elected to Congress

Here are some of the candidates who broke new ground last night:
2/ At 29, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. The democratic socialist’s victory proved Dems can run on leftist ideas and win — even against party favorites.
3/ Democrats Sharice Davids and Deb Haaland will be the first Native American women to serve in Congress.

Davids's campaign appealed to her district's moderate suburban voters. Haaland told Vox that one of her biggest priorities will be working to fight climate change.
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1- Sentiment au matin post-#Midterms2018 : Trump a gagné.

Certes, les démocrates ont réalisé des gains en sièges et gagné plusieurs sièges de gouverneurs, mais la défaite au Sénat a un impact important, tout comme l'annihilation des jeunes stars démocrates. Mais surtout...
2- Les républicains récoltent les fruits d'un redécoupage très efficace en 2010 :

En 2018, les démocrates gagnent le vote populaire +9 et récoltent environ +35 sièges.
Alors qu'en 2010, les républicains avaient gagné le vote populaire +7 et avaient récolté +63 sièges (!!)
3- Au-delà des chiffres, on a une validation totale du style Trump : inculture, mensonge, insultes, violence... Tout a été totalement accepté par les électeurs républicains.

Avec un "divided government", on peut s'attendre à voir un dysfonctionnement à pleins tubes avant 2020.
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1/ Texas Democrats were hoping for a historic year in 2018. What they got instead was hope for 2020.

#Midterms2018 #ElectionDay #Election2018 #tx2018 #ElectionNight
2/ One source of Democratic optimism: single-digit victories this year for a handful of Republican incumbents who swept into office by double digits in 2014.

#Midterms2018 #ElectionDay #Election2018 #tx2018 #ElectionNight
3/ Other bright spots for Democrats came in the U.S. House and the Texas House, where Democrats knocked off powerful Republicans.

Beto O’Rourke didn’t quite topple Ted Cruz, but he carried Democrats to victory in battlegrounds suburbs.

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Lauren Underwood, the youngest black woman running for Congress this year, is one of the most exciting Democratic wins of the #Midterms2018:
It's a decisive swing in a surprising place: an Illinois district that's white and solidly Republican. "I learned to be a black woman in this community," said Underwood.
Between Underwood, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Abby Finkenauer, there are suddenly a few very young, very talented Democratic women in Congress.
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Sometimes I hate being right. This morning we said that purged voters’ provisional "placebo” ballots could decide the #Georgia governor's race:…

And today we spoke to two such GA voters who's been forced to vote on provisional ballots...

#PURGED: Christine Jordan, a 92-years old grandma who'd been voting in the same GA precinct since 1968:… #ElectionDay #ElectionNight #Midterms2018 #Georgia
#PURGED: Rahiem Shabazz, a filmmaker and fellow victim of Georgia’s Purgin’ General, Brian Kemp:… #ElectionDay #ElectionNight #Midterms2018 #Georgia
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Current Fox News VP of political content, Bill Sammon, wrote a book including how to influence elections.… It was Sammon who constructed Megyn Kelly's questions to Trump (2015 debate) and Sammon who makes every decision about tonight. [Look up his bio]
The masks are off. Hopefully this example tonight with Fox News projecting the House for Democrats, while half the country polls are still open, will finally get people to recognize the political and ideological issues within the corporation that is Fox News. #Midterms2018
For those who might not know; and/or those who might have forgotten.

There is a ton of evidence about the ideology, and interests, at work. None of it is good; and all of it is done with a specific purpose.
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My dads take on Dems taking House and GOP holding Senate
😂 (cut him some slack. he's in Florida on his 6th Crown Royal waiting for 100% confirmation Scott/DeSantis win)
😂My dad should be on air calling elections! #Arizona #Midterms2018
😂I cant. Give my dad another drink. He's on a roll.
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The threshold for a recount request in Texas is 10% of the winner’s total.

For instance, if Ted Cruz wins with 3,000,000 votes, then Beto O’Rourke would have grounds to petition for a recount if he receives 2,700,000 or more votes.

Personally, I think the race is being called too early. El Paso precincts have not reported.

That’s Beto’s home territory, and Cruz leads with less than 140,000 additional votes.

With 64% of precincts having reported, Cruz is only a little over 200,000 votes ahead of Beto.

We very well might be looking at a recount, if the @BetoORourke campaign chooses to petition for one.

Still too early to know for sure what final counts will be.

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Breaking: Republican Sen. Ted Cruz wins reelection, handily beating Democratic challenger Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke. #Midterms2018
Breaking: Republican challenger Kevin Cramer wins North Dakota Senate race against incumbent Democrat Heidi Heitkamp in a landslide.

Heitkemp voted against Justice Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation, angering many constituents. #Midterms2018
House Update: Democrats flip longtime Republican district in New Jersey. They have now taken 10 of the 23 House seats needed for majority control. #Midterms2018
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🇺🇸 LIVE: BREAKING: Results from Indiana shows Republican Mike Braun keeps an impressive 14.5 percent lead against Democrat Joe Donnelly. Rep. Braun leads by more than 115,000 votes against Dem. Donnelly.
🇺🇸 LIVE: BREAKING: Republican Charlie Baker wins Massachusetts governor
#ElectionDay #Midterms2018
🇺🇸 LIVE: BREAKING: Results from Florida’s Gubernatorial Race shows Republican Ron DeSantis gaining some ground against Democrat Andrew Gillum. DeSantis is now behind by only 0.4 percentage points, with 82 percent of the vote in.
#ElectionDay #Midterms2018
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Breaking: Wife beater Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) wins re-election. #Midterms2018
Looks like Ron DeSantis will win Florida gubernatorial race. He's up by about 1 percentage point with only the panhandle (very red) left to report. #Midterms2018
Breaking: Andy Barr (R-Ky.) holds off Democratic challenger in 6th Congressional District. Big win!
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#Midterms2018 : plus de 39 millions d’électeurs ont voté par anticipation. C'est un record historique : en 2014, ce chiffre était de 20,5 millions. v/@ElectProject
#Midterms2018 : dans tous le pays, les chiffres de la participation le jour du vote semblent aussi largement au-dessus de la normale, et ils dépassent même parfois ceux enregistrés en 2016. Pour rappel, la participation lors des midterms est généralement inférieure de 20 points.
#Midterms2018 : à #Nashville, la participation est déjà supérieure à celle de 2016. La mobilisation dans ce bastion démocrate du très conservateur #Tennessee est essentielle pour que @PhilBredesen conserve une chance d'être élu Sénateur.
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This 92-year old #Georgia voter went to the polls only to find she’s one of #BrianKemp’s victims, purged from the voter rolls. This is why we’re suing Kemp:… #ElectionDay #Midterms2018
“She held civil rights meeting in her home... And today, to come out and not be able to vote, and no one can give you an expiation, it’s extremely emotional. And it bothers me, it bothers me to my core." #BrianKemp #ElectionDay #VoterSuppression #ElectionFraud
92-year old Christine Jordan is just one of more than 340,134 Georgians #BrianKemp has purged from the voter rolls based on dead-wrong evidence they’d moved from the state or from their home county… #ElectionDay #Midterms2018
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