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That brings us to end of #uxaustralia

@docbaty is thanking all the speakers, attendees and reflecting on how wonderful it is to meet new people and catch up with those we don't get to see often. To come and share our thoughts and conversations, experience and stories.
One thing he would like to pick up on is that the conference has touched on a few themes that he's hoping were thought provoking.
For many it may have been challenging.
They speak to some of the issues we need to deal with as a practice.
What they didn't touch on was some of the things we need to deal with as a society.

We have a massive capacity for collective action.

Collectively we have an opportunity to have an enormous impact.
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Last speaker!
Joe MacLeod — Ends. A critical difference.

#uxaustralia #UXA2019
As part of @upfrontglobal #Upfront we have more people being part of the presentation getting experience on the stage.
Joe wanted to learn more about ends and why we don't design more of them
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Designing around the brain — Tea Ugiow

#uxaustralia #UXA2019
Tea runs Google's creative lab in Sydney.

Was a designer in 1999, was part of the first .com boom and bust, joined Google in 2005 and the last 14 years has been at Google.
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Next talk is Bridgette Engeler — Designing for tomorrows

#UXAustralia #UXA2019
It's a pretty dark world at the moment. Bridgette is a dystopian futurist.
She has a degree in foresight.
Bridgette is a professional futurists so she won't be talking about these topics.
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Next up is Zoe Green and Sam Grain — Respectful Curiosity, how and with whom are you building inclusion

#uxa2019 #UXAustralia
Talk begins with an land acknowledgment.
We are not the experts in other people's lives.

We are here to talk about our experiences working with different people.

Sam is asking people to stand up and sit down of you've never interacted with a disabled person.

Everyone is standing.
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Next up is @TimothyKariotis — Privacy, from laws to norms how privacy can influence design.

#UXA2019 #uxaustralia
Tim opens with an acknowledgement of country.
The actual title of Tim's talk is Sex, Drugs and Privacy
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Next up is Phillip Hunter — strategies for conversational interfaces.

#UXA2019 #uxaustralia
Let's talk about being human.

Those who are blessed or cursed to talk speak about 16000 words a day.

Not all of those are consequential but we use a lot.
Teens and adults shares 1300 messages on devices per day.

Is you're using email it's about 100 emails a day.

Conversation is a huge component of our lives.
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Back for day 2 at @UXAustralia!

First keybote: The design of meaning for the future of humanity by @kateo

#UXAustralia #uxa19 #uxaus2019
Kate is welcoming 5 audience members to the stage as part of the #upfront movement where people who are interested in speaking and want to breakdown some of the barriers.

You know it's not far off that we'll have robots sitting with us at events like this.

Kate sometimes makes a joke about still being able to make a living as a speaker because robots can't do that.

Then she got scheduled on a panel with a robot
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Closing keynote for day 1

Liz Jackson — Engaging in disability as a creative practice

#UXAustralia #UXA2019 #uxa19
While we're watching this video from this tweet, how does it make you feel?
Maybe you're inspired?
Maybe some faith in humanity?

If your blind you may say this add makes you feel a little different, exploited. But it has no audio. So it's not for them. So who's it for?
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Heading into the last session of Day 1

Synthetic Intimacy by Trip O'Dell

#UXAustralia #UXA2019 #uxa19
Trip has had a diverse career, ditch digger door to door salesman congressional staffer and in the last 10 years has been solving complex problems.
The intimacy we're talking about today is how we connect with people and the ability to form the bonds that make us human.

How many of you might say it's complicated when I ask you about your relationship with your phone?
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Next up Increasing access for those hardest to reach: trauma-informed design.

#UXAustralia #UXA2019 #uxa19
Trauma informed design seeks to design experiences in a way that does not retraumatise people using the service.

The principles are
Sexual assualt
Abuse of disabled people
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Next up is Martin Von Lupin — The Lorem Ipsom of data visualisation: how to design data driven wireframes.

#UXAustralia #UXA2019
Martin will share some of the strategies for data driven wireframing, the ones that worked and the ones that didn't.
Lorem Ipsom is a placeholder text that designers use as placeholder text so you can visualise how the design will look with content in it.
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.@ivyhornibrook is up and I've missed the title of her talk!

UX Designers have the a huge amount of transferrable skills and would make great product managers

#uxaustralia #uxa19
Last yeah Ivy was having a robust discussion about whether or not Product Managers are just UXers?

So if the roles are so similar why do designers hate it?
Ivy says first look at the calendar.

Being able to immerse in a problem and properly think and synthesise some research, step back and reframe the problem is a struggle as a product manager.
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Next up is Nadine Raydan from @ReachOut_AUS talking about the Next step story: young people, digital self help and better mental health.

Everything Reach out do is codesigned with young people.

Quotes from their audience:
We know they're no isolated incidence and they're they data points that drive what they do.

Self efficacy and autonomy are barriers that prevent young people seeking help.
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Alright! Back after the morning tea break and we're going into:

Designing for people in crisis.

With @jr_briarbird & Lan Huang

Content warning based on the title.

We'll be covering the redesign of the website for the Victorian Mental Health Tribunal
When people are in crisis they can be subjected to a compulsory treatment order:

At the end of the 28 days if your mental health team thinks you need to continue involuntary treatment they must seek an order from the tribunal.
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Next up we have @chrisnoessel — Designing Agentive Technology

Chris is here to talk to you about something he kind of made up and he wants you to hopefully see something new.
Chris has a DSLR camera and is going through the entire process of taking a photo with it.

There are many many steps.

The Google clip takes photos as long as there is light and learns which photos, people are meaningful and shows you the most relevant.
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Our keynote speaker is @aral — Small Technology.

We have a problem and that problem is called surveillance capitalism.

It is about the accrual of wealth and the accrual of information.

What happens when those who have wealth invest in surveillance to accrue information to accrue more wealth.
It has created a huge power differential where the wealthy know a lot about you, and you know virtually nothing about them.
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Kicking off UX Australia with Uncle Ray Davidson welcoming us to country.

Uncle Ray is reminding us we have one mother, mother earth and she loves us. If you're born on country then you belong to country and you are part of country.

.@docbaty: Almost 10 years to the day the first UX Australia was held. Over that 10 years the nature of the work we do had changed. In the first year it was focussed almost exclusively on web. No mobiles, tablets, services, the way tech integrates into the world around us.
When Steve sits in the audience he's amazed at how these tools and methods are applied today.

He hopes you can find wonderful connections that you can take back to your practice and further develop our industry.
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