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A big thanks to Lewis for sharing this picture over on Instagram and for choosing GB Foam Direct to supply their #campervan foam!
If you need foam cut to size and shape for your #camper #van, head over to our website or get in touch with the team for assistance.…

#campervan #vanlife
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A big thanks to Glyn for choosing to GB Foam Direct to supply custom-cut foam for their #campervan!

"Absolute Quality. Cut to precise measurements and delivered on time. Excellent communication." Image
Need foam for your #van conversion? Visit our website to get in touch with the team for assistance:…

#camper #vw #vanlife #vanconversion
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Major Tom
Me Deeds

1 Man walking down the highway, WAS NOT having A bad day ..

He knew exactly what he needed to do to save the lives very few cared about,
Lives MOST didn’t care if they lived or died.
He Refused to throw the ones that loved him
& did everything they did for him to be free under the bus …

He chose to Never cut them down or let anyone hurt them ..
He chose to put the children first & wake up A world early enough so lives that weren’t going to be saved were saved, EVERYONE within that knew him,
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How did @coinbase Support @UPI_NPCI Payment support for Indian Crypto Lovers ?

Stay tuned and will write a detailed thread today.

1. How did they do it ?
2. Which PA is Involved ?
3. What is the risk which a Coinbase India user is exposed to ?
1/n @RBI @dilipasbe @NPCI_NPCI

How did @coinbase support Payment acceptance for #Crypto in India?

Coinbase a Global leader hatched a plan by using #ShellCompanies to get Payment Methods enabled through Payment aggregators and banks such as Cashfree, BoB, IndusInd and ICICI.
@gocashfree Supported them by issuing UPI VPA created in their own name :

Cashfree had also provided them with Payout Solutions to add money apart from UPI as a method.

So Cashfree used their own account?
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#Moskova'daki #Luzhniki stadyumunda, sözde '#savaş yanlısı' binlerce kişi toplanmış.

#Ukrayna'da öldürülen #Rus askerin babasının sahnede “Başladığımız 'iş' bitirilmeli ve topraklarımızı #faşizm den kurtarmalıyız” diyor.

Size de bir yerden tanıdık geldi mi? (1/21)
Bundan önceki gün, yani çarşamba günü, "#Rusya'nın #Ukrayna işgali ve ekonomisi bocalarken #Putin gaza bastı ve meşum bakışlarını #işgale karşı olan veya #Batı'ya sempati duyan #Rus lara çevirdi" (@NBCNews).… (2/21)
#Putin "#Rus halkı her zaman gerçek vatanseverleri hainerden (!) ve pisliklerden ayırt edebilecek ve onları ağzına uçan sinek gibi kaldırıma tükürecek. Bu konuyu 2. kez düşünmeyi aklınıza bile getirmeyin. Bu işte beraberiz ve ben batarsam sizde batarsınız (!)" dedi. (3/21)
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A partir das 08h, ao vivo na Globo, SporTV e BandSports!
#Tokyo2020 #JogosOlímpicos
20 MINUTOS! Bruno e Ketleyn já estão no preparo!

📸 Christian Dawes/COB
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High St has been made a time-consuming ordeal of masked inconvenience so people order home deliveries. Ergo Wishy-Washy #RishSunak wants to tax online shopping - i.e., take money out of consumers’ pockets and lower returns to businesses, large & small, struggling to adapt...
Bunter #BoJo wants us on our #bikes to keep us less fat than he and to kick-off the #Green Leap Backward of #NetZero; talks of cutting urban pollution but also frets that no-one wants to leave home, so wiping out the value of near inconceivable amounts of invested capital...
Public transport, too, has become more maskedly unpleasant & is still subject to the fears (needlessly) aroused in the #commuting classes. Bike lanes are promised, furthering disruption & inconvenience. To complete this vicious circle of cross-purpose & agenda-politics idiocy...
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ㅤㅤㅤ"Why'd you only call me
ㅤㅤㅤwhen you're high?"
ㅤㅤ Image

Dali tak lupa menenggak miras yang telah disediakan oleh pihak klab malam sebelum meninggalkan kursinya.

Kepulan asap dari kreteknya membuat wajahnya terlihat samar-samar.

Ditambah pencahayaan venue yang sedikit redup membuat para hadirin tak sadar kalau sang vokalis bersama drummer dan bassist-nya The Waterson telah berada diatas panggung.

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See next tweets for a close up photos of each MBO Cinemas Topper Cups with BT21

Take a closer look at #RJ! MBO Cinemas Topper Cups with BT21 available on 26 October at MBO Atria Shopping Gallery
Take a closer look at #CHIMMY! MBO Cinemas Topper Cups with BT21 available on 26 October at MBO Atria Shopping Gallery
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“But it’s believable to me that if there’s an impact it would be at the higher end (of the market),”

Let's say 700 homes change hands per year in West Side #Vanre. Avg say $3M per home. That's roughly $2B per year.

Say half that is mortgaged, so…
2/ $1B per year COMPLETELY controls the West Side mkt.

Last week I tweeted about ONE woman from China 10 years ago looking to buy 4 to 5 homes on the West Side. If she's looking to spend $20M, all you would need would be 49 more of her to completely buy up every
3/ property that hits the mkt on the West Side.

Is that so inconceivable?

50 wealthy Chinese investors could come in a corner the West Side #Vanre mkt.

Now throw in the local money launderers as in the #VancouverSun article and you need even less than 50 Chinese buyers.
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