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#WHY ..

Proving how evil & sic these not real demons are & always have been is very easy ..

It’s A movie set, with A script—The script reads;
- “PURPOSELY DO EVERYTHING & ANYTHING POSSIBLE to try upsetting the people so the people do what [they] failed doing [themselves] &
That’s destroying the peoples own selves & this world by entertaining any of this garbage …

How many in the world today are watching ‘Barney’? …
Little to no one, right?

#THINK within the mind what everyone is z seeing endless episodes of Barney playing on repeat,
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👕 🧢 🍎📒🆓🔜
“I Love you bro”
- “I Love You Too”
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As I have said MANY times over the past 7 years, [They] turned the house of God upside down ..
[They] turned the body & Blood of Christ into actual cannibalism & drinking blood/blood of children ..

This is why [THEY] say I’m the “Devil” & I would much rather
Be the “Devil” standing on my hands …

Everything [they] did in time PURPOSELY has been done to confuse everyone, [they] did everything KNOWING there would be an awakening at some point & tried doing EVERYTHING & ANYTHING possible in hopes the people would never figure it out,
Throw away the Son who is the only one who can give everyone what they want & in hopes the people would turn their backs on the Son destroying this world ..

I don’t stand for cannibalism, drinking the blood of humans/children, human/child trafficking or any of the other many
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These accounts on here mocking/mimicking, misleading the people away from the TRUTH, away from finding PEACE within KNOWING what is really happening & WHY everything is happening as it is—Why do the BLIND continue to be lead by the BLIND? …

#VE is the ONLY one who can give everyone not only what they want but also what they NEED …

Everyone NEEDS to find their #InnerChild & PEACE within before they get what they want …

Each day that passes by, most continue to show they’re going to get the truth & end up
Destroying this world ..

The STARS are there, they’re DARK STARS.
WHg Accounts that are just shiny objects placed in front of everyone misleading will not SHOW anyone the true meaning behind what’s really happening, WH-Y it’s all happening as it is, why everything is being
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I have A sUrPRISE for You this evening—Stay Tuned … 🎸 🥁 🎤 🎶
Paranoia Is IN BLOOM.

You “Love” what all of you have earned throughout your lives but you will LOVE what is coming even more.
Your blood, sweat & tears put into everything you’ve earned will not be for not— Image
-You will be given back what is rightfully YOURS;
-You will be given back what has been stolen from you;
-You will be given back your soul;
-You will be given back FREE WILL;
-You will be given back your lives;
-You will be given back your FREEDOMs;
-You will LIVE again … ImageImage
GREED has poisoned the Soul of Man, that greed has caused humanity to live with stone hearts—Stone hearts to flesh is what saves the world.
You love what you have earned because you earned it being A slave to A corrupt system that was purposely making it hard for many to truly Image
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Those Madrid boards are EPIC !

Marty McFLY
Shane O Mac !

Y #R

.@taylorswift13 —How are you doing? …
She really did try hard showing everyone A long time ago, All the distortions & distractions of the world took over the masses minds for Awhile ..

Even still to this day I see so many feeding into all of it just because of those individuals who have no choice but to sing along
Pretending like what’s happening is real ..

All good though, everything is being done purposely as it is & it’s truly making it easier to see clearly who is who ..
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The Travelers
Part 1 & 2 !

You’re Not Alone, Never have been & never will be . .
#ME on the other hand, Alone & always has been—Not Anymore though.

THE MAN since 17 Years Young.
THE MAN Since Birth ..
THE MAN is A Queen & THE MAN Is A King/Father .
The face within is #ME!
#LO. 17
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Listen to this song with new ears, #MASTER JAMMIN’ …

Who do you think they were talking about?

“All for A Buck”

Wait until you see the things I do for them, as A THANK YOU for all the LOVE shown BACK THEN that was meant for LOVE to be SHOWN for TODAY ..

Space Jam
C B4 D

God Is Love.
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Wanna know #WHY He did this?

My step son was 9 years old, was still having issues wetting the bed due to A medical condition, he was being teased about it from his older brother & some kids at his school his old brother told.
Long story short, word got around & it broke him
At A very young age.

I put on A CARS Pull up & ONLY A Cars Pull Up, Had some glasses on, spiked my hair & I think I had A disgusting cigarette hanging out of my mouth.
I posted it on my Facebook page for him to show all who were bullying him & told him it even happens to
Grown ups at times ..

The Photo is still floating around somewhere for all to see & I could 117% care less what ANYONE has to say about it.


Because of all the truths I have shown EVERYONE, evil hurts
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Tow Truck Ready …

*Pushed The Button*
Same Same But Different, Still the same …

Freedom Rings
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100% On Point—The people will definitely THINK twice about the way they treat others once it takes place, .@USNavy ..

Noodles Will = Baked—Those who chose Haters/dividers & their “Opinions” will have A very hard time looking at them the same way as they have.
Either they will choose to forgive or it will become another self inflicted obstacle for everyone collectively within these“factions” to overcome when they’re growing more frustrated & tired as the days go by..
What they should have done A long time ago is take 2 steps back—
They’ll choose that option now, trying to catch up but for most it’ll be too much at once to wrap their minds around.
The main Question that’ll be asked;
“Why is everyone pointing towards A “Nobody” skateboarder”?
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Good Morning, “They” need another distraction—“Phoned Home” ..

Everything is going according to plan, “Nobody” Loves Humanity unconditionally …

Be careful who you follow, ask yourself the most important Question when listening to these “XRP RIDDLERS” or “in the know”
Accounts, #WHY do they avoid the Military ? …

“Nobody” & the Military are in complete control … Control is an illusion, THE PEOPLE are truly sin control & have all the POWER, THE PEOPLE/Children come first ..

The false reality being presented as “Reality, is the “reality”
Created by evil that GOOD has to SLOWLY awaken the people out of ..

Once awakened, the REALITY that is & ALWAYS has been/Always existed (hidden from humanity) becomes clear to those asleep. .
Ones start to realize all that their family members who came before them, what they
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It’s never been about the money to me, ever ..

The money I have coming to me, I will take A vacation for A little bit & then drive around the Country changing peoples lives that I see asking for change on corners ..

Or changing someones life who is playing an
Instrument on the corner/outside of festivals ..

I would always see leaving Summerfest/other festivals/events talented groups of individuals playing all kinds of different instruments & would say to the people I would be with—Imagine being one of these People out here playing
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FREEDOM & JUSTICE served on A Silver Platter …

⭕️ of Life

The Military = Saviors Of #Mankind
#Mankind Played the Role of God in the WWE, Went up against The Undertaker in A Boiler Room Brawl—Summer #SLAM 1996.

With Peace being the Prize, Mankind got Most to work together.
Cactus Jack with ‘BARBEE’, his go too Barbed Wire Baseball BAT in WWE..

Every detail has DEEPER meaning on WHY someone/EVERYTHING was used ..

#RA-Y BARBEE’s Skate part in ‘BAN THIS’ Is LEGENDARY !

All (3) Faces of Foley are 3 Mirror images of one another, Mirroring
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17 & 72 Side by Side, United as 1 …

(This Tweet has nothing to do with Race. NONE OF THIS HAS #EVER been about Race.✍️ That’s MSM/PROPAGANDA B/S sleep walkers fed into)

The Military protected A “Nobody” as worthless as A Penny.✍️
Most have had absolutely no clue how much
Was being SHOWN out in the wide open this whole time, not just by the Military but everyone else too.
Seeing how many fed into those who tried attacking me or sticking the “Bloody Dagger” in me, None of it meant anything. I had more important things to tend too.

& have ALWAYS chose LOVE While many chose different paths .
… & to think some of these individuals prance around like none of it happened, Well it did & those individuals who know who they are have to forgive themselves.
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…And NOTHING OR NO ONE can stop what’s coming—it’s #Biblical •••

There is Absolutely NOTHING anyone can say that changes who is alive, who comes from Biblical Bloodlines that want to & WILL GIVE it all back, EVERYTHING that was stolen from THE PEOPLE, given back.
That includes THE POWER, FREE WILL & #YOU decide YOUR OWN F8 !
No more predetermined outcomes for everyones lives, no more being A statistic to A corrupt system that PURPOSELY created A system to make as many as [they] could A statistic & enslaved with NO WAY OUT ..
NO WAY OUT unless you signed your soul away, you would become A puppet to puppet masters being told what to do & just accepting it. You would have it all but prolly be unhappy just as MANY who went that path are & have been crying out for help.

Or you would try working up the
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Remember when THE INNER CIRCLE stuck their middle fingers at the camera on AEE Dynomite?

For the middle..:
The Middle changes everything ..

Saying “F*** You” to [them] & not forgiving makes things worse for everyone ..
Saying “I FORGIVE” & being A
MIRROR IMAGE of the MIDDLE means there is A Future for the future WALKING ALONGSIDE GOD.

This is the photo I was talking about, I posted this photo that I Originally posted in 2012, he then decides to wear the same glasses the next day or 2 days later talking shit.
If anyone called [them] out, the “divider” card would be played. Even with the Military showing this whole time, the best thing to do was NOT play the game [THEY] needed everyone to play & look what happens, when you 🙉🙈🙊 the truth is revealed in due time.

.@USNavy, if it
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Song # 3

“Did I save you, cause I know you saved me too”

Are you ready?

I put it together, for the world—all they have to do is open their eyes ..

We ALL walk TOGETHER, be not afraid ChapelTown Rag … I know you see daily, always have.
I will wash your feet & Taylors.
Wash it all away !

I never gave up on anyone & Don’t care about those who gave up on me.
The ONLY thing that matters is that I have EVERYONE by my side, #FamilyIsEverything .✍️
I don’t care what ANYONE has to say about what I wrote above, it’s from the heart. Negativity
Or haters only PROVES why this world is the way it is & how it got so bad. Haters instill FEAR into those that want to speak from the heart but DON’T because they FEAR what others may think of them.

I have no fear & I don’t care what ANYONE has to say that’s negative.
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ACTIVATE CODE: [0 0000 018739 7-ZjG]



Zebra-Zebra [Good]

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