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Is it hot? It's true that Extremely Hot won't blow you away with any exciting animated action or original, hot bonus games. The upside of this slot machine, however, is that it adheres to tradition. #ATEEZinJeddah #StrangerThings…
by using a number of recognizable arcade-style symbols. In addition, there are still plenty of opportunities for spinners to realize their dreams of a large win thanks to the Jackpot Cards feature.…
and standard EGT software gamble game. Where can I access the Extremely Hot online slot's demo version? Stay still since VegasSlotsOnline has thousands of different slot machines in addition to a free demo. @AFrantzie…
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Il 7 ottobre 2015, anticipando di quasi un anno la prima stagione di #StrangerThings, usciva #PaperGirls, pregevolissima comic series che (tra le tante altre cose meritevoli) ha reso "omaggio" agli anni '80 molto meglio della fortunata e sopravvalutata serie #Netflix. THREAD 🧵🗨️
A differenza di ST, Paper Girls ambisce a essere più di un omaggio: si tratta di una storia di fantascienza originale e dotata di identità propria, dove gli anni '80 vengono usati (e dosati) come come cifra stilistica e non sfruttati commercialmente come operazione nostalgia.
Le citazioni sono ovviamente presenti, ma il "giochino" non si esaurisce nel collezionare figurine del passato: l'estetica anni '80 viene recuperata per essere messa in discussione, rivoltata, stravolta. La provincia USA rappresentata è molto lontana dalla realtà rassicurante >
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Kate Bush’s 1985 track “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” was bigger than a hit.

“It was a landmark and a genesis, an anthemic fount of agency and illumination,” writes @jennpelly. “It remains an eternal lighthouse in the night of being other.”…
That Bush is having a resurgence and connecting with a whole new generation thanks to “Running Up That Hill‘s” use in #StrangerThings — more than a sync, the song is a recurring plot point in the ‘80s-pastiche series — is cosmically perfect.…
The theatricality and horror of #StrangerThings aligns with Bush’s supernatural inklings. In a time of elevated cultural comprehension of female genius, her place in pop’s pantheon is undeniable.…
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Be careful what you flush because it may come back looking like something from #StrangerThings.

Wet wipes have been causing obstructions in drains across the country, and one company has now lost patience 🚽

Let's discuss 👇
Yorkshire Water reckons ‘millions’ is spent by staff clearing drain blockages each year.

Bosses have now called for mandatory ‘do not flush’ labelling on wet wipes to curb the issue.

Wet wipes – particularly baby and toilet wipes – cause some of the worst blockages 👶
Such blockages can lead to restricted toilet use for customers, sewage escapes into properties and gardens and in some cases pollution in local watercourses.

Yorkshire Water said current labelling on the products leaves consumers confused over how to correctly dispose of them. Picture: PA
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joseph quinn the actor doesn’t really fit the bill but i think joseph quinn as eddie munson can absolutely be joe keery and ben schwartz’ third brother #StrangerThings
all these kids are so….long… tall is a better word but i think long fits (i gotta say that mike looked so much like s1 mike though when he was telling el that he’ll fix everything) (it was kinda poignant) #strangerthings
argyle out here looking like the third ben&ben brother #StrangerThings
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If you live in the blue area of this map, we need you to vote in the Democratic Primary on August 2nd.

We need you to skip the statewide offices, our governor, SOS, and AG candidates are locked in anyway.

We need you to write in JOSEPH ALFONSO for US Congressional District 4. Image
If we fail to get 3,250 voters to do this, there will only be a Republican available on the 4th house district ballot, covering cities like #Kalamazoo, #BattleCreek, #BentonHarbor, #Holland, #Portage, #Saugatuck, #StJoseph, and #SouthHaven. That Republican is absolutely terrible.
Bill Huizenga represents the area of the district in the red square. His old gerrymandered district is in green. He's a no-name candidate in most of the district. He needs an opponent, especially one like Joseph Alfonso who is a Marine #veteran on the state plumbing board. ImageImage
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Fizemos uma viagem no tempo e relembramos looks icônicos de Millie Bobby Brown (@Milliestopshate), de #StrangerThings 🤩
⏳ 2016

#MillieBobbyBrown escolheu um vestido com detalhes em dourado e um tênis All Star cheio de pedrarias para a sua estreia no tapete vermelho
⏳ 2017

Aos 13 anos Millie já mostrava estilo de sobra!

Para o Teen Choice Awards de 2017, #MillieBobbyBrown apareceu no tapete vermelho com um vestido todo amarelo e um minióculos, para dar um charme a mais na produção
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#StrangerThings4 offers the deepest insight yet into Max, Sadie Sink’s character.

“Season 4 is when we really dive into the immense amount of pain that she’s in as a result of Billy’s death and the grief that she’s processing,” says Sink.…
“Everyone has different coping mechanisms, and for some opening up to others is really helpful,” Sink explains. “It could be helpful to Max, but it doesn’t operate like that for her. It’s easier to just avoid the conversation altogether.”… Image
Max channels her feelings into music instead, inspiring a revival of interest in Kate Bush’s classic “Running Up That Hill.”…
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stranger things 4 question thread! qrt with your answers :) #StrangerThings
how would you rank s4 amongst the other seasons? Image
what was your favorite song off the soundtrack? Image
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sam winchester (#supernatural) & eleven/jane hopper (#strangerthings) parallels — a thread:
‼spoiler alert for stranger things season 4, proceed with caution‼

a special thanks to @lesbiansamwena for helping me with this thread <3
both of their mothers have been taken away from them when they were little by people who were interested in them and wanted to use them for their own gains.
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Stranger Things - Season -4 -2022

மிகப்பிரபலமான இந்த தொடரின் 4வது சீசன் வெளியாகி உள்ளது. இந்த முறை தமிழ் டப்பிங் உடன் வந்து உள்ளது .

#IMDb 8.7

Season 4, 7 Episodes

Available @NetflixIndia

இந்த தொடரை பத்தி விரிவாக எழுதுவது ரொம்பவே கஷ்டம் ‌
#StrangerThings4 #StrangerThings Image
ஏனென்றால் இந்த தொடரின் கான்செப்ட் அப்படி மற்றும் ஸ்பாய்லர் ஆகிவிடும்.

சுருக்கமாக சொல்வது என்றால் Parallel Universe கான்செப்ட் இந்த தொடரில் முக்கியமான ஒன்று.

வேறு உலகத்தில் இருந்து கொடூரமான மிருகம் ஒரு பாதையை உருவாக்கி நாம் வாழும் உலகத்திற்கு வந்தால் என்ன ஆகும் ?
இதனை தடுக்க ஸ்கூல் பசங்க + பொண்ணுங்க குரூப் முயற்சி பண்ணுது.

இன்னொரு முக்கியமான கேரக்டர் Eleven . இவங்க பயங்கரமான பவர் கொண்ட ஒரு பெண். இவரின் பவரை உபயோகித்து இன்னொரு உலகத்திற்கு வழியை உருவாக்கிட முடியும். இந்த சீசனில் இவளின் சக்தி காணாமல் போய்விடுகிறது.
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Curiosidades técnicas en una escena de #StrangerThings

Si no la has visto, ALTO. No considero spoiler lo que pongo aquí (sólo detalles de la pantalla), pero quizás prefieras no saber nada de nada hasta que hayas visto la serie (temporada 4, capítulo 6).

La serie está ambientada en 1986. En una pantalla de una Amiga (1985) nos encontramos la siguiente interfaz. Parece una interfaz del estilo Workbench, pero en un monitor de fósforo verde.

Arriba aparece versión 1.0, aunque a la derecha podemos ver Workbench 1.3.
Aparece una pantalla con código (oh-oh), veamos de que se trata. A simple vista, parece Java (1995), C# (2000) o similar, con referencias a un cliente de SQL (1974) o a ¿LINQ de C#? (2007)

Más abajo, referencias entre otras cosas, a TeX ¿LaTeX? (1984) y Turbo C++ (1990).
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Looks like we’re getting a slice of the Upside Down 👀 #StrangerThings
If you’ve ever looked at a Demogorgon and thought of red lettuce and fig, we’ve got some good news for you…
Our verdict? 🍕🤔
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Is the full name Millicent Roberta Brown, I've always wondered. Cos that is the kind of name you'd expect from someone playing McGonagall.
OTOH Millicent *is* Barbie's middle name. Seriously.
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ESPECIAL VERANO DE TERROR NETFLIX (2021). Analizamos las seis grandes producciones originales de terror, desde la trilogía #FearStreet al completo a la "Midsommar italiana" #AClassicHorrorStory o el thriller de vampiros #RedBloodSky. Pasen y lean: Image
#FearStreet1994(2021) divertidísimo inicio de la trilogía de terror de Netflix que actualiza los libros de R.L. Stine a la era #StrangerThings, carta de amor a SCREAM con twist sobrenatural y muertes con gran gore para un slasher algo televisivo muy dirigido a adolescentes ImageImageImageImage
#LaCalleDelTerror 1994 demuestra por qué el slasher juvenil de los 90 le debe mucho a series literarias como Fear Street, captando las claves del género que ayudó a expandir Kevin Williamson, muy influenciado por las dinámicas del terror de instituto de Stine o Lois Duncan. ImageImageImageImage
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De HISTORIAS PARA NO DORMIR hasta 30 MONEDAS, las series de terror españolas han dado miedo en televisión desde los años 60 hasta hoy, repasamos las mejores en un hilo cronológico con Chicho Ibáñez Serrador como gran pionero hasta el bombazo de Álex de la Iglesia.👇 ImageImageImageImage
HISTORIAS PARA NO DORMIR fue la antología creada por Chicho Ibáñez Serrador como respuesta ibérica a THRILLER de Boris Karloff, con adaptaciones de clásicos literarios de terror e historias originales creadas para la serie. Así era su mítica entradilla.
HISTORIAS PARA NO DORMIR tuvo 3 épocas, de 1966 a 1982 y entre sus mejores episodios hay adaptaciones de Poe, Bradbury... la representación de la indiferencia ante la asfixia española en 'El Asfalto', 'El televisor', 'La sonrisa', 'El regreso' o el horror ventrílocuo de 'Freddy'. ImageImageImageImage
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#LosNuevosMutantes (2020)💀💀💀½ es el club de los 5 Dream Warriors, una aventura de cómics Fórum con horror onírico juvenil de espíritu BUFFY y #StrangerThings. Reflejo Marvel de GLASS, da lo que promete su tráiler pero es como el piloto de una gran serie que ya no podremos ver. ImageImageImageImage
THE NEW MUTANS funciona como coming of age de superhéroes planteado in media res, adaptando la saga 'The Demon Bear' sin sorpresas para los fans del cómic, pero con toques de rebeldía que echaremos de menos en el Marvel que viene: tacos, héroes LGTB sexualmente activos y terror. ImageImageImageImage
#LosNuevosMutantes es un film pequeño, alejado de la espectacularidad de los grandes blockbusters, destila mimo por sus personajes pero da la impresión de haber sido remodelado durante la absorción de Fox a Disney, es un testamento a otra forma de ver el cine de superhéroes. ImageImageImageImage
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What seems to be now a weekly event with the @NJDeptofHealth, #NJ reported 699 new cases during the virtual update today. This felt like an outlier, and once again I call into question the data integrity issues that the state routinely finds itself in /1

First, I track the cases, hospitaliz., and deaths each day to see when the illnesses of these "new" events occurred. At first glance, it was clear something was amiss in today's data update. Since 7/31 when illness onset data collection began I've yet to see a # this high /2
One of the neat things about the new tab is you can see totals over periods of time. For example, here is the total unknown assigned cases over the entire pandemic up through Aug 3rd. There was only 615 cases that did not counties assigned (What are these?) 3/
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Lockdown Days with #Netflix

1. Money Heist

One of the most fascinating series which have Action, Drama, Suspense, Dark Humour and Emotions too.

It kept me hooked throughout all the seasons with its edge of the seat thrilling moments.

Fav : Professor, Berlin.

Bella Ciao 🔥🔥
2. Stranger Things

Highly Entertaining..!!

I completed all 3 seasons in just 3 days.

It is so addictive, intriguing, suspenseful and very well written. The characters are so relatable..

Thinking to re-watch it again.

Fav : El, Jim, Dustin, Steve.

3. Kingdom

My first Korean/Zombie based series.

Totally Worth watching.

The Series is so Enthralling and Action packed. Be it the zombies or fight scenes or acting, everything was awesome.

The plot is amazing and every twist comes in at the perfect time.

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Pendant le #confinement, si vous ne savez pas quoi faire et vous adorez les escapes game, voici une liste non exhaustive des escape game à faire chez soi gratuits et payants 🥰
#RestezChezVous #escapegame #StayHome #thread
Saison 01 - Épisode 1, proposé par #Escapethecity
Avec l'aide de messenger et d'un kit à imprimer, plongez-vous dans vos séries préférées : #CasaDePapel, #StrangerThings ...
💰 Gratuit ! ⌚️ 60 à 90 min de jeu…
Piratage, proposé par @johndoe_game
Un piratage est en cours et risque de mettre en danger tous les agents 😱
Nécessite une imprimante, ciseaux, ruban adhésif, et smartphone ou tablette !
💰 Gratuit ! ⌚️ 30 à 120 min de jeu 👨‍👩‍👧À partir de 7 ans
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Empezamos las NOCHES DE TERROR en este hilo a las 22:00h (España). Hablaremos de FROM BEYOND (1986) como homenaje a Stuart Gordon, y puedes tuitear con con nosotros con el hagstag #FromBeyondHorrorLosers. Antes comentaremos alguna curiosidad, y a las 10 en punto daremos al play. Image
FROM BEYOND fue una historia de H.P. Lovecraft publicada en la revista THE FANTASY FAN en 1934. Es uno de sus primeros acercamientos al horror cósmico que marcaría el estilo de sus relatos más adelante. El relato tan solo tenía siete páginas. Image
FROM BEYOND (1986) fue la segunda adaptación de Lovecraft rodada por Stuart Gordon tras la exitosa RE-ANIMATOR (1985). Le seguirían CASTLE FREAK (1995) y DAGON (2001), entre otras. #FromBeyondHorrorLosers ImageImageImageImage
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Re-watching some shows while #socialdistancing for #MarchBreak? We're chatting this week about some of our favourites that have great #geology or interesting stories behind their #filminglocations.
#nspoli #cbpoli #NovaScotia #CapeBreton #COVIDCanada #covid19 #COVID19NS ImageImageImageImage
#GameofThrones used #Iceland's #Thingvellir Park as the #BloodyGate. Its landscape is caused by the Eurasian and #NorthAmerican tectonic plates meeting there and pulling apart at a rate of 2 cms per year. This made a rift valley: low land between 2 separating continents.
#nspoli ImageImageImageImage
#MagheramorneQuarry, #NorthernIreland, is the set for #CastleBlack and #TheWall in #GameofThrones. The quarry wall is used as a backdrop and effects make it look huge.
The site's limestone was used to make cement. #NS has a limestone quarry and cement plant in Brookfield.
#nspoli ImageImage
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.@laubf te cuenta las novedades con las @NetflixLAT empezó en marzo. @Late931Oficial @lolibelotti
#SpenserConfidencial, Spenser, un expolicía recién salido de la cárcel, se junta con Hawk, un peso pesado, para desentrañar una conspiración vinculada con la muerte de dos policías de Boston. Con @markwahlberg. Image
#ElSilencioDeLaCiudadBlanca, un inspector regresa a Vitoria para investigar una serie de asesinatos que imita el modus operandi de un convicto a punto de salir de la cárcel. Image
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