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Tell the truth, It sets you free.

I Don’t care about your corrupt government system or any other worthless corrupt Government system, they all have been run by corrupt political crime families for years! … All the crimes upon humanity/children that they’ve Image
Committed over the past 100 +++ years, the crimes ALL OF THEM have been trying to cover up, Mislead the people from the truth with propaganda or running away from— none of the people in their respective Countries deserve to be suffering because of [Their]/Evils crimes upon
Children/Humanity …

It’s so easy too Tell the truth, so tell the truth about about the disgusting things corrupt .@Ukraine “Leaders” have committed with The United States (#OLD #GUARD)Political Crime Family “leaders” …

It’s no secret so many Countries have been working
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#AllahabadHighCourt stays eviction of an old couple from an old age home.

Calling the couple a pair of abandoned parents, forsaken by their own children, Court says,

"As if this was not enough, the old age home is also seeking (their) ouster."
#allahabadhc #Humanity #old
Bench of Justice Jaspreet Singh ruled that the couple would not be evicted from the old age home till the disposal of a case pending before the court of civil judge (junior division) in connection with the dispute relating to their stay.
#allahabadhc #allahabadhighcourt
The order has been passed on a plea filed by the couple against an order issued by an Additional District Judge (ADJ) on October 20, 2020 in which he set aside the order of the Court of Civil Judge (Junior)/trial court granting protection to the aged couple from eviction.
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[#VeilleESR #LRU] Après 15 ans de réforme sans discontinuité, « Enseignement supérieur et recherche : il est temps d'agir ! »

Rapport de l'Institut Montaigne remis à Frédérique Vidal.…
Universités : nouveau plaidoyer pour une hausse des frais de scolarité
par @mccorbier…
Après c'est toujours la même histoire :
1. l'ESR est sous-financé, donc il faut endetter les étudiants (pauvres) et leur famille (cqfd).
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OX in #IndoEuropean: #Vedic ukṣā́, #Avestan uxšā, #ProtoGermanic *uhsô (#Gothic auhsa, #Old Norse oxi, #OldEnglish oxa, #OldHighGerman ohso, #German Ochse, #Durch os), #Welsh ych, #OldIrish oss, #Tocharian B okso, A pl. opsi.
This word, my friends, is so fascinating that one could write a whole PhD thesis about it (trust me, I know). The immediate reconstruction for all items in 1/ is a masculine n-stem with a nom. sg. *hₓuksō(n). For such a stem we would expect a nom. pl. *hₓuksō̆nes.
However, just as all languages point to or are consistent with an “amphikinetic” nom. sg. *hₓuksō(n), the evidence of three separate and independent branches unequivocally supports reconstructing a “hysterokinetic” nom. pl. *hₓuksénes.
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I started teaching composition online in 2008. Here are some things I've learned over the years (a thread). #onlinelearning #digped #teamrhetoric #WPAlife
There are REASONS why online courses have higher DWF (drop/withdraw/fail) rates. One huge reason is that these courses can feel impersonal. Another is a lack of feeling accountable. Anything we as instructors can do to the improve the affective element of the course is critical.
I make many choices in my online courses to humanize the student experience. One key element of my #pedagogy is to respond to students' work via screencasting. Screencasting allows students to hear my voice and see my screen as I am grading their papers/digital projects.
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BIOSKOP TJAHAJA (CAHAYA) MAJENANG, Bioskop dengan bangunan Tempo dulu klasik dengan nuansa Vintage ala bangunan belanda.

Jujur Saya Excited banget buat ke Bioskop ini, terakhir kesini 20 tahun yang lalu, Dan setelah itu gedung bioskop ini lama gak beroperasi, Baru pada tahun 2019 ini mulai beroperasi lagi.
asli ini bener-bener Keren, Mempertahankan Bangunan asli, Juga sedikit Renovasi, Sekarang bioskopnya jadi keren lho, filmnya juga lumayan up to date.
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aujourd’hui la Tour Eiffel a 130 ans! (anniversaire de son inauguration le 31 mars 1889),
petite histoire de sa construction et de sa symbolique

à dérouler
1)Je dois commencer par vous planter le contexte politique.

La IIIeme république est installée depuis peu (1880 en gros) mais elle est déjà fragilisée et contestée
2)fragilisée par des affaires polico-financières, comme le scandale de Panama (1892) dans lequel trempe d’ailleurs Eiffel (scandale d’achats de voix de parlementaires et de patrons de presse pour obtenir une loi favorable à la compagnie du canal)
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Gold: We've seen dollar-denominated #gold soften a little since the start of February, as this chart shows.
Gold: The major driver of this weakness in #gold was the strength of the US dollar, which looks relentless on this one-month chart.
Gold: ...and this is reflected in #old's performance against other currencies which generally have not seen the same softness since the beginning of February.
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Saw U2’s sixth U.S. show, at the Main Event in Providence, 80 people, then again a few months later at CenterStage in RI. Saw R.E.M. at the Living Room in Providence two or three times, same 80 people. #old
Saw Throwing Muses play “dollar night” for 20 people; if you showed up, they gave you a dollar.
I took these R.E.M. photos at the Living Room way back and up close. Hey there @m_millsey.
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Don’t #accumulate anything whatever: #power, #money, #prestige, #virtue, #knowledge, even the so-called #spiritual experiences. Don’t accumulate.

It doesn’t mean become a #beggar or #renounce the world. Be in the #world, but don’t be of the world.
If you don’t accumulate you are ready to #die any moment because you have nothing to #lose. The #mediation is living #death.

Don’t accumulate inside, be poor in #spirit. Never #possess anything and then you are ready to #die.
The more you #possess, the more you are afraid to lose. If you don’t possess anything, if your #purity, if your #spirit is uncontaminated by anything, if you are simply there #alone, you can disappear any moment; whenever #death knocks on the door it will find you ready.
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O futuro ministro do Meio Ambiente é réu em ação civil pública ambiental e de improbidade administrativa, movida pelo @mpsp_oficial em maio de 2017, quando era secretário estadual do Meio Ambiente de @geraldoalckmin 😒
Conheçam @sallesnovo, o futuro ministro do Meio Ambiente, que, durante campanha para a Câmara, pregava que a melhor resposta ao MST e à esquerda era balas para fuzis calibre .30-06 🤨👇 (via @rubensvalente)
Zeitgeist: Indicação de @sallesnovo – que defende lidar com o @MST_Oficial na base da bala – como futuro chefe do @mmeioambiente ocorre menos de 24h após o assassinato de dois líderes do movimento na Paraíba (via @estelitac)…
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