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01. Thread

Goodbye Hanks!

1/7/20 Hanks: “Check the Gate...Gate was good!”

7/10/20 US Navy says “Hanks is ours now”
7/11/20 First Covid-19 dog “Buddy” died
7/11/20 Navy “He learned from his mistakes”
(711=411 in Pacific ⏰ #TheFourOne1)

Exactly 187 day delta—187

#Bye #Hanks
#SantaKnew #SantaThug
Hanks’ Running Days are Over

Exactly 12mo & 25d after Santa’s Flix Hanks’ “Running Days Are Over”, US Navy tweeted “Hanks is finally one of ours now”

6/14/19 🎅🏻 “Running Days are Over”
7/10/20 US Navy “one of ours now”

12m 25d for 12/25 #ChristmasInJuly
Interesting repartee between the @USNavy and the @USArmy about who finally “owns” Hanks now.
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Lady RED died today on the 25th, “Hey Qween” cohost

Wow! Matches #262 the RED RED Stringer. And “Queen” for chess?♟

RED RED stringer 25th
Hussein RED video 27th (response)
Hussein in Asia on 28th post stringer
More than one meaning
#262 cont.
...Hussein RED Indictments variables.
Think circle.
Expand your thinking.
Take multiple paths.
One connects to another.
Learn to read the map.
The map is the key.
Find the keystone. (—> is FLYNN!)
What holds everything together?
@ScotusSpotlight also found a connection to the RED RED stringer 25th for #262
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Want to know the truth about #GeorgeFloyd.Apparently George has no legs! They used a Mannequin made for disaster training purposes.The company that makes these mannequins is based in Minneapolis. The BIGGEST MSM #FakeNewsExposure in history!
#TheGreatAwakening #GeorgeFloydExposed
Look no legs!
7-Sigma, the company the manufactures these Mannequins.
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🚨🧐 New 🧵

1/ Stanley McChrystal is making headlines lately, so what better time to take a dive into his background. For those unaware, Stanley followed in his grandfather and father's footsteps serving in the Army. Herbert J McChrystal Sr. served during WWI (1895-1954)...
2/ Herbert J. McChrystal Jr. served during WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam. Interestingly, Jr. was born in the Panama Canal Zone just like NoName. Small world, huh? Wiki Source 👇…
3/ Stanley's Wiki info. "In February 1981, McChrystal moved to South Korea as intelligence and operations officer (S-2/S-3) for the United Nations Command Support Group—Joint Security Area." Source👇…
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01. Thread: Santa @bigredwavenow tweets about #ClearVisionSince1955, #TimeMachine & #BackToTheFuture. So how does it all connect?
Decided to dig in & have fun with numbers. Found interesting coincidences of Santa, Trump & the Kennedy’s, so come along as we travel back in time
2. Let’s start with the movie and some background. #BackToTheFuture is about a son who uses a time machine to help rewrite his father’s past to bring about a better future—rewriting history. The movie was released in 1985. “Well History is not going to repeat itself”
03. Dr Emmett Brown (Doc) builds a time machine out of a Delorean.
The Delorean has to reach 88 mph in order to travel through time.
2 prominent dates are often shown on the screen.
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01. Thread: Flynn and His Digital Soldiers--hijacking and profiting off of the Q movement?
#Q #QAnon #23PAIN #Flynn @bigredwavenow @GenFlynn @zulutym @realDonaldTrump @SecretService
02. Flynn and His Digital Soldiers
Flynn bragged that he has an army of Digital Soldiers to fight insurgency. What is meant by that and why would he need that?

#Flynn #Q #QAnon

03. 24 days w/ Trump vs. yrs w/Clinton/Obama

Flynn worked 24 days as #PresidentT’s Nat. Security Advisor before asked to resign by #PresidentT for lying to VP.
Flynn worked for years under Clinton’s/Obama.
#Flynn #Q #QAnon
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Thread: Countdown to “0”

Today is day 0 & #SOTU. Let the fun begin!

🎅🏻’s following count dropped to “0.” WH posted an update with the header “0+0=0”
WH Photos tweeted 19 “0’s” (19=S for 🎅🏻)

1/29 🎅🏻 said looks like a countdown
@bigredwavenow #Q #QAnon
1/29 at 9:11 pm ET (6:11 pm PT)Santa @bigredwavenow tweeted that it almost looks like a countdown. {123456789}

9:11 pm=2111 military ⏰
6:11 pm=1811

Also 9:11 for 9/11;
9+11= 20 for T for Trump

6:11 PT = 17 for Q
#Q2111 #Q1811
What a wonderful day
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Thread: 911 Mirror
1/15 Santa @bigredwavenow retweeted a past thread showing Santa’s pic being Q’ed 13 min after

11/6/18 (West Coast time)
9:11 am Santa retweeted a tweet with a Q pic
9:24:45 am Q posted (#Q2438) same pic

13m 45s delta. Let’s unpack this...
👀 #VeryInteresting
Santa’s tweet Timestamp
8:36 am PT= 17
11:36 am ET = 20

17 for Q
20 for Trump

Santa is bringing up a past tweet thread showing how one of his pics he retweeted from an account got Q’ed

Santa’s past thread:

11/6/18 Santa retweeted an account’s image of a Q in the sky. (Tweet later deleted).
Santa called it the Q signal Batman Style (to Trump)

Santa’s tweet Timestamp
9:11 am PT=20
12:11 pm ET=23

20=T for Trump
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Look 👀 at his selection of books...

Gee, Obama trolling himself...or...
Patriots are in control 😎

Enjoy the Show 📚🍿
The Age of Surveillance Capitalism

About the surveillance and collection of people’s data—#VeryInteresting as wasn’t Barry identified for spying on our President Trump for data collection as his political opponent?

The Anarchy: The relentless rise of the East India Company

Untimely cautionary tale of the first global corporate power. #VeryInteresting

And how many Biden, Pelosi & other family members getting paid out by overseas boards & corps? Asking for a Friend
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@colgrove11 @winter_snowgirl @AAnon_QsArmy @bigredwavenow @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn What happens if this case connects to him and he’s been under investigations since 2012?…
@colgrove11 @winter_snowgirl @AAnon_QsArmy @bigredwavenow @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn George Everyone comes at you like you’ve done the research. 3 of the Criminal PendingCases against FLYNN above. Q never refers to his Military Title-General. There’s the case that his Lawyer has entered into with the Washington Post=WP lawsuit to get declassified Docs for A Book.
@colgrove11 @winter_snowgirl @AAnon_QsArmy @bigredwavenow @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn Next, in the Other 2 Cases he’s being tried as a co-conspirator KNOWINGLY. That Tomorrow see image. Bijan has already been convicted. And Alptekin some how has diplomatic immunity. We’re still not sure about Kristen Verderame was corporate attorney for FIG. I’m interested to see!
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LOTS of Presidential comms going on today 3/8/19. I am only using the time stamp. I’m sure there are other comms, but I am just point out the time stamp comms.

Let’s dive in!
First POTUS tweet(Pic1) @ 7:24aEST
Correlates to QPost 444 (Pic2)
Who is ES? See (Pic3)
2nd POTUS tweet(Pic1) @ 7:26aEST
Correlates to QPost 446 (Pic2)
2 min delta from 1st post

#VeryInteresting how POTUS tweet is about Fox & correlating QPost is link to Fox article.
3rd POTUS tweet(Pic1) @ 7:32aEST
Correlates to QPost 452 (Pic2)
6min delta from 2nd post
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Have to get this out TODAY 3/3/2019. You will see why 😎

Looking @ more QPosts. Simply amazed at how this ALL comes together! Follow me:

Decided to break down time stamp of the The Trump Card QPost 2936 from 3/3/2019 (Pic1). Which lead me to QPost 832.,.
Looking @ Post 832, and the 1st thing that jumped @ me was that it was post EXACTLY 1 year prior to post 2936! NOT a coincidence!!
5th Line: This is not a game. Plays in to EXACTLY what #VincentKennedy @VincentCrypt46 tweeted yesterday.,.
The ! has a Logical Value of “Not” - I can post a link to this if you’d really like to know more. So his 2 tweets on 3/2/19 can read:
! Game for some. => Not Game for some.
The “Game” narrative fits perfectly with Line 5 of Post 832.,.
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QTeam doing a bunch of “testing” with private comms. See attached screen shot. All it says is “Test 3”
Capital T is 20th letter of alphabet.
Could this be Q saying “23”

I also included QDrop 123:
“Nothing is Random”

Also for testing NEW comms to make sure they are good, one replies back "Loud & Clear"
What's is this picture from QDrop 2892?
Is it raining? Storming? Must just be a random shot...
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