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#Technocracy Rising:


n. A government or social system controlled by technicians, especially scientists and technical experts.

n. government by technical specialists.
Zbigniew Brzezinski called this the 'Technocratic Era' whereby governments could utilize technology to produce a more "controlled" society:

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1. Explaining The D.C. Owl thread
So, how did the owl that Q pointed out, get there?

The short answer is 1901-1902… This was right after the previous president was killed and Theodore Roosevelt was put in power. Let's go down an interesting rabbit hole.
So Theodore Roosevelt, in symbolism comms this image really sums up what he is to history. He killed the elephant. But it goes much deeper than that.
He was John McCain's idol…
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1. New 🧵 #MaxSpiersRIP 🙏🏼

Patriots, if you aren't familiar with him, meet #MaxSpiers 💥

I recommend you read through the thread then watch the entire interview. #KeepYourMindOpen 🧠

Ready for 🤯❓

Down the rabbit hole we go!🐇🕳
2. Here is the full video below. I will also post it at the end. You can view it here (there is also a part two which I'lll add later).

This thread will go over some of the highlights in the order in which they are discussed in the interview.

3. #MaxSpiers had a lot to tell us. Sadly, like #SethRich he's gone.

Here is an article about his end days. Then we will move on to the content of the video which is the topic of this thread.…
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1.We are about to examine many of the connections of #Romney > Intel agencies, #Ukraine, Iran, China, 911, NAFTA,#BainCapitol, #Maxwell, Guinness, Bibi, Branson, #NXIVM, Bushes, Cartels, EU, Virgin Cruises, Clintons..+ #WeAreTheNewsNow #Mittens #Clowns @POTUS #Qanon
@POTUS 2. Is Bain #C_A front? After all the clowns like to use wealthy people as it’s front companies such as Summit Aviation (DuPonts), CMC (World Trade Centers, Bronfmans), & others like Air America, and US Aid.
Let us take a look…#Clowns #Mittens #BainCapitol
@POTUS 3..Let us start here #Mittens #Romney #WeAreTheNewsNow H/t @liltilgerli
Endurance Specialty Holdings
Golden gate Capital
10 Mitt Romney Scandals That Shouldn’t Be Forgotten…
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Lots to dislike about 2020 Superbowl half-time show.

This was blatant child-trafficking symbolism.

Billy Graham was with Worldvision.
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Would you like a quick review of the Super Bowl halftime show? Family friendly right? 😳🤨 A little BDSM, bondage, strippers, orgies, plenty of crotch grabbing, & kids in cages. #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownfall Can’t miss their Lord of Chaos. Aka orb.
2. I want to draw your attention to design. If much of the show was decidedly about Latina power w/ JLo & Shakira, why would there be GREEK #symbology in the outfits. Note the young girl in the cage (👀🤦🏻‍♀️) & the dancers. That is a Greek KEY pattern. What is going on here?
3. This is what I see. Dante’s inferno. 9 concentric circles of Hell. This is their god. This is their earthly motivation.
Whether it’s intentional or not 🤷🏻‍♀️, 1 can still be used by the unseen power of influence, if not living in light & truth. #EpsteinTemple
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Symbolism Will Be There Downfall!! Take a look at the information we’ve been given that mentions Owls!!
#SuperbOwls #SuperBowlLIV #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownfall
#QAnon #Owls
What does the "Owl" represent to certain cults?
#SuperbOwls #SuperBowlLIV #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownfall
#QAnon #Owls
Their need for symbolism will be their downfall.
Follow the Owl & Y head around the world.
Identify and list.
They don’t hide it.
They don’t fear you.
You are sheep to them.
You are feeders.
Godfather III.
#SuperbOwls #SuperBowlLIV #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownfall
#QAnon #Owls
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TMZ is reporting that #KobeBryant has died in a helicopter crash, as well as everyone that was on board 🚁
5 total confirmed dead in the Calabasas CA crash.
3. Head on over to see thread by @ready_pen an exceptional decoder! I am not going to closely follow this story on #KobeBryant. I’ll add some when I come across big info.
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01/12/2020 Pickering nuclear 'incident' triggering mass emergency alert in Canada was sent in error

Symbolism comms: So a ton of people in Canada got an Emergency Alert. Why?

Let's begin the decode #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownFall… #Qanon #8kun
07/19/2017 Ontario Municipal Board OK's plans for Durham Live in Pickering
Do you get understand the message yet? As in an emergency alert set up thru that name back in 2017 near a Nuclear Plant to warn about a "Durham" going "Live" #JusticeIsComing…
Perhaps this will make it more clear - clearly they knew Trump would use him thus they set that up before he was even nominated to anything. He has since been tasked with very important things, but even more interesting than that... #QAnon
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The fellowship of the rings

Gemstones, ancient gods and #symbolism.
Why is this relevant?

Some hypothesis

#WWG1WGA #QAnon #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE #DarkToLight #Trump #DrainTheSwamp #DeepState #QArmy #SheepNoMore #UnitedNotDivided #MEGA @realDonaldTrump
Q posted these pics on 12/07/17
Q drew our attention to HRC's ring by posting the q asked by an anon
“what is that ring?”
I am not aware that Q has ever answered this question, am I correct?
I started to reread the drops, but it may take a while.😅

in the meantime, let's see what we have here.
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So, digging a little more on this. Focus on Queen Vic Monument but links to others too;
The Victoria Memorial is a monument to Queen Victoria, located at the end of The Mall in London. On 26 March the decision was announced to locate the Memorial outside Buckingham Palace and
slightly shorten The Mall. It was estimated that the work would cost £250,000 and decided that there would be no grant given by the Government to the construction. Funding for the memorial was gathered from around the British Empire as well as the public. Following the public and
national donations towards the funds, there was more money collected than was necessary for the construction of the Victoria Memorial. Funds were therefore diverted towards the construction of Admiralty Arch at the other end of The Mall, and redevelopment to clear a path directly
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03/26/2019 MISS THE RING Pope Francis bizarrely refuses to let churchgoers kiss his Papal ring by repeatedly yanking his hand away in meet-and-greet

Ok, so Symbolism comms - why would the pope do this? #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownfall… #Qanon
02/26/2019 Vatican treasurer Cardinal George Pell found guilty of child sex charges…
Timelines are important - this went public 1 month before thus the comm is likely related to the scandal. A message of sorts to relevant parties. #GreatAwakening
Before this happened Q said of the conviction.

#3 in the pecking order.
Define 'pecking' [animals].

"pecking" interesting word choice in this context.

Kiss Vs Peck (animal)?

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Hoaxes & Lies Perpetrated on Americans
Many of the elites of our world wish to control and own everything and to that end they have told some big lies. Here's some of the bigger ones.… #Qanon #GreatAwakening #CoreysDigs
Spygate and the Russian-collusion Narrative
Intelligence agencies, and many outside of our government, all colluded to take down our elected President. This in itself shows just how real Deep State is.… #SpyGate #RussiaHoax #SteeleDossier
Spygate/Russian-Collusion Narrative #FusionGPS -
- One of many threads I have in this feed on the same topic.
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Trump Tweet Comms -
He celebrates his 187 District Judges - It's been making news rounds and it's a special number in comms.
187 = Penal Code for Murder - it's clear something big is going on this week I haven't properly decoded yet.
Spacey Tweet Comms-
Kevin Spacey has a new video he tweeted out- and it's him stoking a fire while talking about "killing them with kindness" - Given Trump promoting the 187 - this makes for curious timing. #KevinSpacey #GreatAwakening
It'd be different if Spacey was more verbose - but his last vid was a year ago & it was full of comms I decoded. Long story short: He flipped and based on comms it was allowed due to him having the goods on someone really really big. #Qanon
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1. Stormy The Cow Thread
12/14/2017 'Stormy' the cow lassoed on highway after 2nd escape from church natitivty scene
Consider the timing: what major story started just after this?… #Qanon #GreatAwakening
03/06/2018 Stormy Daniels sues Trump, says 'hush agreement' invalid because he never signed

Reconcile with prior tweet, consider what might symbolize in comms a well endowed stripper. An animal known for "milk"… #GreatAwakeningWorldWide
As you can see from this Drudge link… Stormy Daniels begins appearing in news stories 2 months after that Stormy the Cow story. On Drudge alone there's 150+ links to Stormy Daniels stories. #QAnons
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12/05/2019 Pigeons spotted wearing tiny red cowboy hats in Vegas
Ok, symbolism comms… Note that I'm giving the date of the video not the date of the article as that's the start of the comms. #Qanon #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownfall
12/05/2019 Pelosi directs House Democrats to proceed with articles of impeachment against Trump

So we have two pigeons filmed wearing red hats among other pigeons - the same day as this comm.… #GreatAwakening #ImpeachmentHoax
12/09/2019 Las Vegas animal rescue hopes to safely remove tiny cowboy hats from pigeon heads
Note that the Trump friendly outlet NYPost doesn't include anything about removal of the hats.… There are other articles like this one btw.
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12/05/2019 The Spygate Scandal Only Keeps Growing
"We’re all about to watch the amazing spectacle of key Spygate plotters commenting on their own scandal’s developments as analysts and commentators on network news show panels."… #Qanon #Spygate
12/09/2019 Spygate was a false alarm
"don't have to worry about story taking over the news cycle"
Interesting timing given OIG report. Symbolism comms that the drop they are preparing to run interference for hasn't hit (yet) h/t @MarvinsArmy208… #Qanon
@MarvinsArmy208 3.
Also on that last one, possibly trying to suck up some "spygate" search results today as well. Well anyway... still important day, Just not the one they feared and we anticipate the most. #Qanon #8kun #GreatAwakening
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10/15/2019 Pelosi’s New ‘Bullet Bracelet’ Runs Afoul Of DC Gun Laws?…
A bracelet with a bullet + orange Pelosi sometimes wears, supposedly to promote gun control legislation. Is there more to it? #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownFall #Qanon #GreatAwakening
You can see she wore it yesterday and she rolled up her sleeve and specifically again called attention to it and "gun violence".
And today we have a deadly classroom shooting, so what to make of it

At least two gentlemen seem to have concluded there is a connection - a "message" #Qanon
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Consider the following:
This week at Art Basel Miami Beach, a banana duct-taped to a wall sold for $120,000 a 2nd sold for $120k. A 3rd has two institutions interested & is expected to sell for $150k

Why? I will explain #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownfall…
Note in the article the banana's themselves are irrelevant and thrown out. It's the sale that matters.

So what's going on?

It's symbolism comms: A banana is famously phallic and is "taped" - i.e. a taped sexual act… #Qanon #GreatAwakening
We take the first pic and apply symbolism comms:
Red + Tiffany Blue fingernail polish.
Black lid white drink
Context of girls getting a taped banana on their Orange/Black phones + a list. (look closely at her left hand)
#Qanon #GreatAwakening #8kun
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Still wondering about this freak?

See my threads attached below.
#SymbolismWillBeTheirDownFall and at some point I expect to see this creep locked up w his cabal pals. #ElonMuskCabalPuppet

Make sure you read tweets below 👇🤯🤬 ⚖️
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Solomon's Rebuttal Thread
Vindman called it a “false narrative,” which he knew to be untrue based on “authoritative sources.” who found Solomon claims against Yovanovitch “preposterous … I think all the key elements are false.”… #Vindman
John Solomon: "Under oath to Congress, he asserted all factual elements in my columns about Ukraine were false" "And so Lt. Col. Vindman, here are 28 of my primary factual elements fact complete with attribution and links to sourcing"… #Qanon
Direct Link to Response…
Fact 1a: Hunter Biden was hired in May 2014 by Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian natural gas company, at a time when his father Joe Biden was Vice President and overseeing US-Ukraine Policy.…
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1) Since @IPOT1776 began digging into dog comms and “Very Good Boy” my friends and I noticed a similar type of comms, with equally “cheesy goodness!”
Group dig w/@8yeargap @TreyLebrecque @airsilent444 @Gcfawcett1 @TwacE_T
#QAnon #DarktoLight
2) If you haven’t watched @IPOT1776 video’s about dog comms, please do-or this probably won’t make a ton of sense. He’s definitely onto something, and without these vids, we wouldn’t have discovered the beer comms!
Thread by @IPOT1776:…
3) As Canadians, we keep an eye on our Crime Minister Justin Trudeau’s tweets.
Our dig started when Justin Trudeau tweeted during the NBA playoff series, leading up to the Toronto Raptor’s win.
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Science Symbolism Thread - This thread has a major sequence of decodes. It is part of my pinned thread for good reason. #Qanon
The first major decode it gives is the Moon, which is an essential comm to learn. It's my profile icon for a good reason. - You should now understand why I put the 17 on the moon - if you read the colour comms you now know why it's that colour.
Asteroid symbolism = info moving.
A way for inside agents (without breaking NAT SEC laws) to pass along to relevant parties updates about classified info moving around.

Elites always know whether to divest resources into trying to stop something #QAnon
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03/30/2017 Meet Reinhold Niebuhr @projectexile7 - James Comey's secret alter ego on Twitter.… #Qanon #GreatAwakening #JamesComey
@projectexile7 2.
Screenshot I made using Wayback. Note only people he approved could see.*/https://… So this wasn't for the general public. Some surely knew it was him and therefore he was relaying info this way. So what kind of secret tweets did he make? #QAnon
@projectexile7 3.
"I hope there are pee pee tapes" his pinned tweet. Hating on Assange, calling Wikileaks fake, calling Trump garbage and a terrorist, advocating no borders, race baiting, calling NRA mentally ill. Do you remember MSM saying he was a republican?… #Qanon
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