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Ganapeshwara aalayam - Ghanpur


Ganapeshwara aalayam is the main gudi of the Ghanpur group of temples, locally called Kota gullu.
Ghanpur is 62 km from Warangal and 11 km from Ramappa temple.

Pic credit - Wikipedia
Kota gullu are a group of 20 temples. While some are small temples, Ganapeshwara gudi is the major gudi and 2 more temples big sized temples are there. Sadly all are in ruins.
Built during the time of Kakatiya ruler Ganapati Deva, it is of the 11th - 12th century.
This place is under ASI and to really restore it, the ASI will have to put in a lot of effort. It is not easy.
Here the temples are not just damaged, but devastated. Apart from the main gudi, the 2 big gudis are destroyed. Even going in is a risky affair, with the ceiling, beams
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Ramappa temple - Warangal


Ramappa temple, also called Ramalingeshwara temple is located in Palampet, 76km from Warangal. It was completed in 1213 CE during time of Kakatiya ruler Ganapati Deva & built by General Recharla Rudra.
The main structure is in reddish sandstone and it has brackets of black basalt. It stands on a 6" high star shaped platform.
It is the only temple that is named after its sculptor.

On entering the compound we see a smaller shivalay called Kateshwara gudi is in ruined state.
Inside Nandi and carvings are all damaged.
Yet it must have been beautiful at one time.
Bricks of Ramappa temple float on water, which is unique.
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Amongst Vaishnava temples in Chola Country, only #Srirangam had the privilege of being celebrated by almost the entire Vijayalaya clan, except Arinjaya, Rajendra ii & VErarajendra!

A whopping 192 inscriptions recorded the contributions of Cholas, of which 83 belongs to Kulotunga
Interestingly, Kulotunga's inscriptions mention Moolavar Renganatha as Anantha Narayana & Utsavar as Azhagiya Manavaalan.

Nammazhwar's Thiruvaimozhi, Thondaradippodiyazhwar's Thiruppalliyezhuchi were recited before Ranganatha for the first time during Kulotunga's reign.
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Padmakshi temple - Warangal


Padmakshi temple is an ancient temple built by the Kakatiyas.
Situated on a hillock, it is very near Sri Siddeshwara aalayam.

The steps to go up are a little steep.
Seeing the board saying that it was the way for darshan, with a little bending we went through the rocks. The way leads to a cavern. On the way we can see stones piled one on top of another by devotees. It is said that devotees pile stones when asking for a particular wish.
Going forward we can see a part of hillock where two small Shivalinga are kept with a Nandi. Beside it looks like a place where homam is done.
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Warangal - Ruins of Swayambhu Shivalayam


When I had planned a trip to Warangal, searching for places to see, I saw that Warangal fort is an important sightseeing place. So I was waiting to see a ruined fort. But when I went to the place called +
+Warangal fort, I realised that it was that section of the fort where previously a Swayambhu Shivalayam existed and now had relics which were excavated. On 4 sides v can see the famous Kakatiya thoranams, one of which v can c in above pic. Smaller thoranams r also there.
Now coming to the relics which fill us with pride for its sculpture and sorrow for the destruction.

Enlarge each pic if possible.
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Rudreshwara temple - Hanumakonda


Famously known as 1000 pillar temple, Rudreshwara temple is in Hanumakonda, which is right beside Warangal.
It showcases the famous Kakatiya architecture & was built in 1163 by Rudra Deva 1.
The temple measures over 31*25m & stands on a platform which is 1 meter above the ground.
The temple is called 1000 pillar temple bcs of the pillars used for the temple. The entire wall of the gudi is made up of pillars which are joined.
It consists of 3 shrines to Shiva, Vishnu and Surya on 3 sides of the Rangamandapam.
While Rudreshwara was having nitya Pooja and well illuminated, I am not too sure about Vishnu and Surya gudis. One was locked, the other not too visible bcs of low lighting.
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Continuing my series on Vishnu Temples in AP, on occasion of #VaikuntaEkadasi I take a look at temples in Southern Andhra, Rayalaseema region. Had earlier covered temples in Uttarandhra, Godavari, Krishna, Guntur regions.
While the Chennakesava Temple in Macherla is well known, there is another equally famous Chennakesava Swamy Temple in Markapur, Prakasam district. Built around the 15th century by Vijayanagara rulers, it has a 155'tall Galigopuram that can be seen from far.
The Markapuram Chennakesava Swamy Temple also has a 40 pillared Mandapa, and a Kalyana Mandapa with musical pillars. During Sankranti time, in mid of January, the sun rays directly enter the sanctum sanctorum here, which causes the murti to glow.
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On the eve of #VaikuntaEkadasi taking a look at some famous Vishnu Temples in Andhra Pradesh. The state has many temples dedicated to Vishnu, including the most famous of em all, Tirupati Balaji Temple, of which a lot is known. Nothing much to add from my side here.
Andhra Pradesh has a number of Vishnu Temples in varying forms, a large number of Narasimha Kshetras- Ahobilam, Simhachalam, Antarvedi, Mangalagiri, Kadiri most well known, not to mention the fact that almost every small town and village in AP has a Ramalayam.
I will be primarily looking at some of the well known, not so well known, and some very unique Vishnu Temples in Andhra Pradesh. These include Vishnu in other avatars too. Being a longish thread, won't be going too much into details of each temple. #VaikuntaEkadasi
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Sri Endala Mallikarjuna Swamy - Ravivalasa


Situated in the Ravivalasa village of Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh lies the largest Swayambhu sivalingam.

The Shivalinga here is 20m tall and 3m wide.
There is no enclosed temple for this shivalinga.
According to sthala purana, in tretayuga after Rama killed Ravana & was returning to Ayodhya, Sushena who was their physician expressed his desire to stay back at Sumancha Parvata & do penance for Lord Shiva. People around the area were with Ill health & he wanted to help them.
After some time passed Rama sent Hanuman to enquire abt Sushena. When Hanuman came, he saw the body of Sushena & feeling sad, he covered the body with a deer skin (ajina in sanskrit) and placed some jasmine flowers on top of it & went to convey the news to Lord Rama.
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Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple - Korukonda


Korukonda is a village in the Korukonda mandal of East Godavari district of AP.

Here lies the divine gudi of Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy. There are 2 gudis. 1 atop the hill & 1 at the foot of hill
The gudi at the foot of the hill is old but not ancient. The pillars of the temple signify its age.
There is a mandapam in the Prakaram. It has been cemented around parts of the pillar.
Besides this prakaram lies the way to climb the hill. Steps to the gudi on the hill.
At the bottom is a Peetam with garuda carved on the side and paadam on top. Bcs it has been worshipped with flowers, the padalu cannot be seen in the pic.

Then starts the difficult part.
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Kunti madhava temple - Pithapuram


Kunti Madhava Swamy temple is one of the Pancha Madhava temples.
The other 4 Madhava temples being - Bindu Madhava of Varanasi, Venu Madhava of Prayaga, Sethu Madhava of Rameshwaram & Sundara Madhava of Tiruvananthapuram.
The Pancha Madhava temples were consecrated by Indra to rid himself of the Sin of Brahmahatya.

Acc to the purana, Prajapati Twasta had a devout and pious son named Vishwarupa. He had immense spiritual power. The king of Devas, Indra became insecure and killed Vishwarupa.
An enraged Twasta creates another son Vritasura, born of the yagna fire to take revenge on Indra. Vritasura first performs penances by which he is granted boons that make him very strong. He attacks Indra, defeats him & takes Indralok.
Indra meanwhile takes the help of Trimurtis
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MAGNIFICENT and STUNNING Nellaiappar Temple is. 😱 it took me 3.5 hours to go around once. Again 2 hrs in the evening. Built by pandya king Nidraseer Nedumaran. A padalpetra sthalam. While the gopuram isn't tall, the area it covers is 14 acres. #WalkToTemple so overwhelmed. 😍
Apart from Shri Nellaiappar and Kanthimathi sannidhi, we have nellai govindar, Kuberalinga, Agni Sabapathi, Thirumoola mahalingam, Gananatha Dakshinamurthy, Agasthiyar, Kapila, Suradeva, Nayanmars and several others.
The beauty of TN temples is that, from Early Pandya to Late Nayakas, every dynasty through history have contributed and protected these temples. The magnificent mantapas & corridors.
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Pancharama 1 - Somarama


Sri Someshwara Janardhana Swamy temple also known as Somarama is one of the Pancharamas.
Located at Gunupudi, at Bhimavaram, the present temple with Gopuram & Prakaram was built in 9th century by Eastern Chalukya Bhima.
The history of Pancharamas is thus.
Tarakasura was a powerful Asura who had the boon that he would die only at the hands of a child of Shiva. He had after penance to Shiva acquired an atmalingam which he wore & became invincible.
It is for Tarakasura samhaara that Karthikeya+
+ was born. Karthikeya as a child fought against Tarakasura and cut him up into pieces. But no matter how many times he did that, Tarakasura joined again & became alive. Lord Vishnu tells Karthikeya that this is happening bcs of the atmalingam that Tarakasura has. He tells +
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Sri Bhimeswara Swamy temple - Bhimavaram

Sri Bhimeswara Swamy temple of Bhimavaram, which is more than 1000 yrs old, is often confused with another illustrious temple of Bhimavaram, the Soma Rama, which is one of the Pancharamas.
As soon as we enter through the gopuram, we are in the Mandapam of the Rama temple which is in the complex. The Sri Bhimeswara Swamy temple is straight ahead. This temple has many more gudis constructed in later years in the same complex.
The Sita Rama aalayam that we see as soon as we enter the complex.
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The #Bonalu celebrations kicked off in Hyderabad today with the Golkonda Jagadamba Mahankali Jatara. #Bonalu is specific to Telangana and is dedicated to the worship of Shakti in the form of various Grama Devatas.
Though celebrated all over Telangana, it is the #Bonalu celebrations in Hyderabad that are really well known. It is celebrated in the month of Ashada, usually in last week of June or first week of July.
#Bonalu is more a corruption of the word Bhojanalu( meals or a feast) where devotees offer cooked food to the Ammavaru. The women carry earthen pots containing rice cooked with jaggery, milk, decorated with Neem,Haldi
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Jagannath Swamy temple - Vizianagaram


Right in center of Vizianagaram, lies a beautiful ancient temple. Ignored & neglected, this temple went into a sorry state, but was restored & brought back 2 glory in past couple of years.
Old pic Google
The temple considered 2 b a replica of Puri Jagannath temple, was constructed acc 2 rules of Pancha Ratra Agama Sastras. Along with Jagannath, Balabhadra & Subhadra, there are smaller temples 4 Venugopal Swamy & another for Mahalaxmi ma in the temple.
Dasavataras on the new walls
Devotees & locals formed the Sri Jagannath Seva Samithi 2 improve condition of the temple. Once they took steps 2 clean the temple, they were shocked to see the sculpture hidden behind thick tough coatings of paint or whitewash. They contacted ASI & endowment dept.

New entrance
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On the occasion of #NarasimhaJayanti today, taking a look at some of the well known Narasimha temples in the Telugu states of AP and TG. Narasimha is one of the most worshipped deities down South, the Telugu states by themselves have around 30 odd temples dedicated to him.
Some of the Narasimha Temples like Simhachalam, Ahobilam, Yadagirigutta, Penchalakona, Antarvedi have become major pilgrimage centers in the Telugu states. And like most temples there is a lot of history, culture, tradition associated.
One of the most famous Narasimha Kshetras in Telugu states is Simhachalam near Vizag, where he is worshipped as Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha, and colloquially referred to as "Appanna", this temple is visited not just by Telugu people, but large number of Odiyas too.
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Alampur Temple Diaries 4

Papanasi Temples

From the Sangameshwara temple, we went to the Papanasi Temples which is a cluster of 23 temples. The Papanasi Temples are also relocated to avoid damage by the Srisailam hydro power project.
These temples built between 9th & 11th century CE. Some started at the time of early Chalukyas but completed during the time of Rashtrakutas & later Chalukyas. The site has two main temples with carved pillars, the rest are small temples.
The largest temple is the Papanaseshwara temple. Built by the Badami Chalukyas around 9th century, it consists of pillared mandapa, antarala and garbagriha.

The Shiva linga of Papanaseshwara is a 1400 year old markata lingam. Greenish in colour and shining.
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Alampur Temple Diaries 3

Today I will share with you a temple showcasing the splendor of the Chalukyas.
The SANGAMESHWARA temple was first located at the Sangam of Krishna & Tungabhadra rivers at a village called Kudavalli, 16km from Alampur.
Though the board mentions that it was built during the time of Vikramaditya I (655-81CE), it is believed to have been built by Pulikeshin.
Dwajastambham stamba and Nandi in a mandapam opposite the steps to the temple.
Due 2 Srisailam hydro power project, the temple was at risk of submerging, so it has been relocated 2 outskirts of Alampur by ASI.
ASI did a fantastic job of replanting the temple, without disturbing the architecture. They took pics, removed the stones layer by layer & rebuilt it
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Alampur Temple Diaries -2


Continuing with the Nava Brahma temples, the next one was
4. Garuda Brahma Temple
Built between 848-891 CE during the time of Vijayaditya.
Pillared mandapa leading into the temple.
The dwara palakas at the entrance.
The board says Ganga and Yamuna are on either side. But if it is Ganga & Yamuna, y r they holding a vinjamara like an attendant? Correct me if I am wrong experts.
I liked the Gandharvas floating above and the latticed windows.
Garuda above the Garbagriha doorway.
The wonderful layered sculpture and Gandharvas on either side of an elephant.
These blocks below the niches also are carved. Here Yakshas and Kinnaras are carved.
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Alampur Temple Diaries - 1

Alampur is a jewel in the state of Telangana. Situated in the Gadwal district near Kurnool district of AP. It is a temple town with Divinity, history and architectural beauty.

First we shall speak of Jogulamba Talli.
Jogulamba is one of the 18 Shakti Peeta's. It is where Sati Devi's Upper jaw with tooth fell. It is on the bank of Tungabhadra river.

The old temple was destroyed by Bahamani sultans and the idol of amma was safeguarded in the Bala Brahma temple. A new temple was built in 2005.
Jogulamba is in an Ugra Roopa. She is fearsome with a scorpion, lizard, frog, owl and skull in her hair. The new temple has a water pool around it, 2 cool the atmosphere and make it easier to worship her.
She is surrounded by Shiva as Brahmeshwara Swamy in the Nava Brahma temples
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There is no better place than the Sivananda Ashram in Nassau, Bahamas to study the Tale of Two Birds from the Mundaka Upanishad while the Govt and the City Shuts down #WalkToTemple Yoga Vacation 2019
the whole ashram with 99% non-desis but teaming with shraddha and saadhana, just took my breath away with the fabulous art work depicted at unexpected corners, walls, nooks...first day was sheer serendipity
all the participants who come for Teacher Training Courses and those doing Karma Yoga (free boarding / lodging in lieu of seva) have to attend the morning and evening dhyaana, bhajan, and satsang sessions. very humbling
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AHOBILAM - Part 3.

We had planned to have darshan of 5 Narasimha out of the Nava Narasimha temples. Had darshan of Karanja, Ugra and Kroda Narsimha by then. Then had the darshan of Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy. By then it was afternoon closing time.
Yagna's were being conducted by a Tamil spiritual trust at that time. So went to see the place. They had made beautiful arrangements.
It would have been a blissful sight seeing all the yagna fires burning. But the Yagna's had been conducted that morning.
In between the yagna ground, Bhagvan was placed beautifully. We were lucky that we went during the time that Yagna's were being conducted. Saw the wonderful arrangements.
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Lakshmi Narasimha temple in lower Ahobilam is a sculptural beauty.
The present temple is built in 15th century by Vijayanagar rulers & later expanded by Kakatiya kings, mainly Pratapa Rudra.
Temple and carving on outer walls.
The deity here is said to be installed by Venkateswara Swamy as he wanted to take the blessings of Narasimha Deva before marrying Padmavati Devi. The Koneru or pushkarini of the temple. The dwajastambham in the outer prakara.
The temple in the inner prakaram has exquisitely carved pillars. Pillars carved in each pillar. A sight to behold.
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