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Bioluminescence lets humans see something special and rare: the quiet glow of ocean waves, the twinkling beauty of fireflies and the sparkling shimmer of forest floors.

#incredibleindia #oceanlife Image
If you haven’t witnessed this surreal phenomenon yet, here are a few places in India where you can see nature come aglow with living light. >>> Image
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Standing at 41 m (133 ft), this giant statue of saint-poet Thiruvalluvar is on a tiny island in Kanyakumari, where the Bay of Bengal merges with the Indian Ocean.

PC: Sridhar Appu

#DidYouKnow #incredibleindia Image
Thiruvalluvar is the author of the Tirukkural (“Sacred Couplets”), considered a masterpiece of human thought, compared in India and abroad to the works of Plato. Many of his ideas were revolutionary for his time. For instance, when he dismissed the caste system:
“One is not great because of one's birth in a noble family; one is not low because of one's low birth.” The poet also maintained that goodness is its own reward and should not be regarded as a mere means to a comfortable afterlife.
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So here’s the detailed day by day itinerary of my recent Sikkim trip. So much to explore in this beautiful state. We covered Gangtok, Lachung and Pelling. Day trips from each place. Also visited Darjeeling mainly for the heritage train and the zoo. It was an awesome trip and……
So we had a flight from Mumbai to Bagdogra (West Bengal) which is the nearest airport. I took an early morning flight (about 3 hrs duration) as the road journey to Gangtok is about 4-5 hours and we wanted to reach by evening latest. We had lunch on the way. After settling in the……
Next morning we were planned for local Gangtok sightseeing. Bakthang waterfalls, Institute of Tibetology, Chorten stupa. Some local fruits🍍 on the way too!


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When in Jammu a #HeritageWalk along with @Kirpal_Sing_Dev ji is a must do.
Blessed to be part of it in Jammu today. Image
Foreign Department & Army Headquarters of J&K State Forces.

Presently J&K State Forces is JAKRIF in #IndianArmy.

#IncredibleIndia Image
Gol Ghar inside Mubarak Mandi in Jammu.

#IncredibleIndia Image
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#भारत का एक ऐसा त्यौहार जिसमे पुरुष, महिलाओं का वेश धारण कर करते है पूजा अर्चना❣️केरल के कोटमकुलंगरा के चामयविलक के देवी मंदिर में एक विशेष त्योहार होता है जिसे "चंगुल कुट्टि" या "चंगुल कुट्टिका" नाम से जाना जाता है

#Bharat #Sanatan @incredibleindia #IncredibleIndia #Satyaagrah
It is a unique festival and probably the only one of its kind in the world, where men dress up in traditional women's dress and offer prayers. This is the #Chamayavilakku festival at the #Kottankulangara Sree Devi Temple in #Kerala's #Kollam district
The #Kottankulangara Devi Temple is a #Hindu #temple to the goddess Durga #Bhagavathy or #AadiShakthi, the supreme mother of power, located in the village of Chavara, #Kerala#India
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🧵A #MustRead : The business of Vedas is not actually physical sciences. But, in the course of developing philosophy, Vedas make some scientific statements. When we consider the question of space. The Vedas say that space is not empty; it is not vacuum. There are pages &

1/n Image
pages of arguments to prove that there are some qualities for free space and therefore it is not vacuum. It is precisely those qualities that we associate with space today, e.g. propagation of light and radio waves. Then the Vedas say that space is distorted in the presence

of matter! There is a discussion in the Shastras about the dimensions of the individual soul. Such a question is not even raised in science -whether in biology or psychology. What is the dimension of the individual soul? The first argument that it is of the size of

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Advaita Vedanta philosophy, one of the 6 philosophies of #Hinduism states the threefold learning discipline for students. I was surprised to find about these 3 stages in learning in philosophy
as I realised how deep&evolved our education system was thousands ago! #Education
1. Sravana: This was the proper listening to whatever was taught to the student. What is fascinating is that it included seeing and feeling aspects too. So we had #empathic #ListeningSkills in place thousands of years ago already.
2. Manana: This referred to reflecting on what the student had heard. It was very much like having an internal dialogue with the words. #EasternWisdom #BharatKiSanskriti #IncredibleIndia
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🧵#NamamiJagadgurum Series 005

(From 1981 When Sri Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamiji was Sannidhanam): The past history of the Sringeri Math proves that its Pontiffs are chosen by the will of the Divine Mother and that this pre-ordainment is no accident. Otherwise, why

should a boy in his teens go all the way and all alone, from Andhra Pradesh to Ujjain and stay with His Holiness from then on, without a day's break as student and disciple, for twelve years with no thought other than to study the sastras?

At a meeting in Calcutta he said

with characteristic humility "when I joined His Holiness, I had no thought in mind except to learn the sastras according to ancient Hindu tradition and leave the future to itself. But by the Grace of the Goddess I have been entrusted with great responsibility". And how

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कुतुब मीनार मुगलों में बनाया था, ये नाम भी उनके ही बाप दादाओं के लिखे हैं...

गुप्त सम्राट चंदगुप्त विक्रमादित्य द्वारा स्थापित महरौली का लौह स्तंभ

विष्णु स्तम्भ (कुतुब मीनार टॉवर) के पास, शुद्ध लोहे से बना यह लौह स्तंभ है। इसमें 99.72% लोहा, शेष 0.28% अशुद्धियाँ हैं। (1/8)
यह स्तंभ महान गुप्त सम्राट चंदगुप्त विक्रमादित्य दितीय ने अपनी शकों पर विजय के उपलक्ष्य में स्थापित किया था। इस लौह स्तंभ में आज 1600 वर्ष बीत जाने के बाद भी जंग नहीं लगी है यह लौह स्तंभ गुप्तकाल में हुए वैज्ञानिक अनुसंधान और प्रगति का घोतक है।

इस कोलोसस का वजन 6.8 टन (2/8)
है। निचला व्यास 41.6 सेमी है, शीर्ष पर यह 30 सेमी तक बढ़ता है। स्तंभ की ऊंचाई 7.5 मीटर है।

आश्चर्यजनक बात यह है कि वर्तमान में धातु विज्ञान में शुद्ध लोहे का निर्माण एक बहुत ही जटिल विधि और कम मात्रा में होता है, लेकिन लोहा इतनी शुद्धता का होना आज के युग में असम्भव है।
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16 Dhams of Maa Mahalakshmi

1. Shree Ambabai Mahalakshmi Mandir, Kolhapur, Maharashtra

2. Sri Mahalakshmi Thayar sannidhi, Chengalpattu, #Tamilnadu
3. Shree Mahalaxmi Mandir
Indore, #MadhyaPradesh
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Nestled in Rajsamand district, Molela seems a nondescript village to many. It’s often in the shadow of Udaipur, which lies about 15 kilometres away. ⁠

#DidYouKnow #IncredibleIndia #heritage #history
However, the village has a community of artisans that have garnered a name for themselves by developing a rare art style known as the Molela murtikala, where votive terracotta idols are made on flat surfaces like tiles and plaques.⁠
There is a local legend behind this unique craft that claims that there was a blind potter who dreamt of the deity Dharmaraj. In the dream, the deity asked him to dig for clay at a particular place and use it to make his image. ⁠
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12 divine mandirs in Rajasthan

1. Shri Khatu shyam ji Mandir, Sikar

2. Shri Jagdish Mandir, #Udaipur
3. Shri Eklingji Mahadev Mandir
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12 Unique mandirs of Ganesh ji

1. Sri Aishwarya Ganapathi mandir Avancha, Telangana
30 feet tallest monolithic
Ganesh ji's murti.

2. 700 years old, Ganesh ji's murti on the edge of a active Volcano named Mount Bromo in Indonesia.
3. sri Kadyavarcha Ganpati Mandir Matheran #MaharashtraPolitics

Carved out on a single boulder.
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The 700+ year old Aghoreshwara temple in Ikkeri, Karnataka is a brilliant piece of architecture. We went after sunset, but still could capture the beauty & witness evening aarti.

There is a massive Nandi, a beautiful Ganapati and the garba griha with a Linga & 32 seated Durgas!
The sculpture in Aghoreshwara temple is spectacular. Right from Garba griha to smaller murtis and even to the extent of hair lines/beads over a Devis head, the carving is so beautiful, that you will wonder how they did it in stone centuries ago!

World class art!
Centuries ago, the main deity here was a massive Aghoreshwara, an avatar of Shiva with 32 arms.

Today only a Linga.
I asked the locals.. what happened?
They told me to walk towards the lawn.

I was so sad to see the remains there.. You can guess what happened in 17th century 😔
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Remembering late 1st superstar #RajeshKhanna Ji on his Birth Anniversary
1st Superstar of Bollywood
💫 15 Consecutive Successful Films between 1969-71
💫 First Bollywood Actor to give 5 hits in a year 1970,1971
💫He is among those actors who have 25+ hits in a career .
#Salute to our brave soldiers - without them we cannot sleep peacefully in our homes 🏡🏚
रजाई ओढ़े ओढ़े सोच रहा हूँ कि वो
बर्फ ओढ़ कर कैसे रक्षा कर रहे होंगे
हमारी, #IndianArmy🇮🇳❄️☃️
We love Indian Army🇮🇳
#JaiHind 🇮🇳 #salute_indian_army 🇮🇳…
I'm out
Good night everyone
Day has ended
Off to bed 🛌
See you tomorrow evening Namaste 🙏
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महादेव की काशी के मनोहर घाट🔱
1. दशाश्वमेध घाट
2. जैन घाट
3. चौसट्टी घाट, ओमकार घाट
#Kashi #UttarPradesh
4. मुंशी घाट
5. राजा घाट
6. दरभंगा घाट
7. निषादराज घाट
#Banaras #UPTourism
8. मणिकर्णिका घाट
9. अस्सी घाट
#Varanasi #upnahidekhatohindianahidekha
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Sri Aurobindo on Bhagavad Gita, humanity's greatest asset: The human mind moves way forward, alters its viewpoint and enlarges its thought substance,and the effect of these changes is to render past systems of thinking obsolete or, when they are preserved, to extend,to modify 1/6 Image
and subtly or visibly alter their value. The vitality of an ancient doctrine consists in the extent to which it naturally lends itself to such treatment; for that means that whatever may have been the limitations or the obsolescences of the form of its thought, the truth of 2/6
substance, the truth of living vision and experience on which its system was built is still sound and retains a permanent validity and significance. The Gita is a book that has worn extraordinarily well and it is almost as fresh and still in its real substance quite as new, 3/6
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The history of the figures made in the 'Singhanpur Shelter' located in Raigarh, Chhattisgarh is 30 thousand years old. Here we get to see images of many animals apart from humans (hunting, dancing)
By @MinOfCultureGoI

#IndianRockArt #AmritMahotsav #IncredibleIndia
Discovered in 1910, Stone Age remains have been found here in Singhanpur rock shelters. Some of the most popular prehistoric drawings seen here are images of birds, deer, wild boar, elephants, snakes, humped cattle, rhinoceros, wild buffalo, mermaids, hunting scenes,
geometric designs, scenes of agricultural activity and dancing scenes in several colors have also been drawn. Human figures, animal figures, palm prints, bullock carts, scenes of day to day life, generally painted in white are also found here.
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12. Majestic international airports
In India

1. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport- Mumbai
2. Indira Gandhi International Airport - #NewDelhi
3. Kempegowda International Airport - Bangaluru #Karnataka
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12. Incredibly beautiful & divine places in Odisha

1. Shri Jagannath Mandir, Puri
@LostTemple7 Image
2. Konark Sun Mandir, #Konark Image
3. Shri Lingaraj Mahadev Mandir, #Bhubaneshwar Image
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12. Brilliance of our ancestors

1.Sree Padmanabhaswamy Mandir Thiruvananthapuram ,Kerala
It is difficult to measure the exact direction of the sun even today.

2. Ram Setu, Rameswaram Island #TamilNadu

It is Visible even from space. Example of engineering and science.

जय श्रीराम 🙏
3. Kailasha Mandir, Ellora Caves, Verul #Maharashtra

Carved from upside to down centuries ago.
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12. Hampi's monuments which will fill you with pride.

1. Sree Virupaksha Mandir
It is dedicated to mahadev.

2. Shiv lingams

108 and 1008 Lingams carved out on two boulders.
3. Stone Chariot

It is a shrine dedicated to Garuda, vahan of bhagwaan Vishnu.
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16. Dhams of Maa Mahalakshmi,

1. Shree Ambabai Mahalakshmi Mandir, Kolhapur, Maharashtra

2. Shree Mahalaxmi Mandir,
Pune, Maharashtra Image
3. Sri Mahalakshmi Thayar sannidhi, Chengalpattu, Tamilnadu Image
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20. Night view of our Majestic mandirs in India.

1. Kedarnath Mandir, Uttarakhand
2. Sri Ranganathaswamy Mandir, Tamilnadu
3. Meenakshi Amman Mandir Madurai, #TamilNadu
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