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#peaktrans really is the gift that keeps on giving. In unspectacular gender reasoning we are *all* expected to accept that because white women have a history of excluding black women from womanhood sex should no longer be the marker between the sexes.
Ergo... my ancestral tribe who are allowed to live as they have for generations are a bunch of transphobes and racists to boot 'cos "historical racism perpetrated by white women".
Is it any wonder that when Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi announced "trans women are trans women"..
... her love affair with the west ended? She became racist when she said "trans women are trans women" despite having pointed out "... I did not think of myself as black and only became black when I came to America...."
The irony alerts in all of this...
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Andrea Long Chu, a trans-identified male, has written a book on being a woman, called "Females."

Here are a few choice quotes.
“Autogynephilia describes not an obscure paraphilic affliction but rather the basic structure of all human sexuality. This is not just because everyone has an erotic image of themselves as female — they do — but the assimilation of any erotic image is, by nature, female."
Referring to fascination with sissification porn and the role it played in trans identity:

"To be female is, in every case, to become what someone else wants. At bottom, everyone is a sissy.”
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"They accused us of reducing women to their genitals and then renamed us 'people born with vulvas.'

They accused us of conversion therapy and then started transitioning gender non-conforming children."

(a thread by Charlie Rae)
#PeakTrans #SexNotGender #WomenWontBeErased
"They accused us of not letting people use the identity system they want and then campaigned to fire people for their identity system.

They accused us of phobias and then became "triggered" by any ideas different to theirs.
"They accused us of anti-science rhetoric and then spent the past few years protesting to silence academics.

They accused us of fear mongering and then in every debate tell us if society doesn't accept these gender ideas people will kill themselves.
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I escaped the transcult.

I was a proud ally. I marched, I fought, I was outspoken. I shared images that read, "some girls have a penis". Yeah, I know, totally nuts!

I was drinking that trans & libfem kool aid. But I've always had a hyperactive mind. I always question things >
And some things just didn't make sense. You might have had these questions as well.

What is the meaning of "trans"?
If we lived in a gender neutral world, would trans people exist?
Aren't trans women reinforcing female gender stereotypes? >
What does it mean to be born in the "wrong" body if the brain is not separate from the body? Unless you believe in souls?
If "trans" means to transgress the gender, if trans is anyone who doesn't conform, am I trans? I grew up as a tomboy...>
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#PeakTrans One of many moments I have had. I am witing this with permission from the victim.

Her aged 25 and her daughter aged 6 where in a well known shop chain in the UK.

They popped into a quiet loo.
A man in a dress forced his way into the cubicle. He forced her to grab his surgically enhanced chest. He violently raped her in the vagina and anus with his penis. Her 6 year old was with her.
"You like lady dick don't you"
"I'm going to destroy your little girl next"
"I'm going to make her suck on my tits and call me Mummy"
"My milk comes from a different place but is better than Mums"

These are a few things he said while raping her infront of her daughter.
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Cross-dressing is one of the most common paraphilias among convicted sexual predators.

"Accused Claremont serial killer Bradley Robert Edwards had a fetish for women's underwear dating back to when he was 13 years old."

#sexnotgender #vaw #MaleViolence…
"A cross dressing army veteran tried to rape an elderly cancer patient after delivering medication to her."

#sexnotgender #menaremen #maleviolence #MaleEntitlement #mvaw…
"Drunken transgender women viciously battered a teen in a "heinous attack" at a Tube station that was sparked over a "minor" row."

#SexNotGender #MenAreMen #PeakTrans #MaleViolence…
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Poo boy decided to try to get my pages taken down rather than make good on his promise to answer questions. Too bad, I'd love for one of these trans activists to actually give a truthful response to that one.

#NotAFeeling #NotYourCostume #TranswomenAreMen #PeakTrans #Feminism
The TRA trolls have set their sights on me and are trying to get me banned from all the internets.
They got the post taken down on fb, soi f you like this meme you may want to save it while you can.
It's interesting, innit, how literally showing their own words is considered...
(cont.) scary and harmful...
He posted his "ask me anything" on my page btw, so I just took him up on the offer.
Anyway, these misogynists are trying to add me to the long list of feminists they've silenced, so if I disappear for a while, you'll know why.

#WarOnWomen #Silencing
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"A manager said: 'You stated that a man’s internal feeling that he is a woman has no basis in material reality. A lot of people would find that offensive and exclusionary.'"

Thread 👇

#SexNotGender #PeakTrans #WomenWontBeErased #WomenStandUp…
"You stated that a man’s internal feeling that he is a woman has no basis in material reality."

This is a reversal. Women are stating that WE have a basis in material reality.
However, a man's claim to our identity is seen as more valid than our own material reality.
Let's be clear: women saying 'No' to men, in any capacity, is viewed as offensive under a system of male domination. We live in a world where men feel entitled to our time, our free labor, our emotions, our sexuality, and our reproductive function.
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1) #PeakTrans #PeakClapTrap Had enough today, rape victims called bigots, BAME meeting barred in Lewisham. So here it is a series of tweets, so done with pathetic sanctimony of certain man-babies: Autogynaephilic cannibalism...
2) Autogynaephilic cannibalism - they are not women, can never be women, can't own, can't subdue, so, like a serial killer these fetishists have to trophy hunt and cannibalise their targets entirely.
By absorbing each and every experience, like the cannibal they hope to absorb..
3) the power of their target and the result is to vanish women away.
Dangerous as it is repulsive.
This is sickening beyond belief. This is very disturbed men who want to devour and completely absorb women, womanhood, femininity, body, 'magical made-up essence of', femaleness.
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Hey kids, give me a call. Don't let your parents know.
Just another trans activist fighting for males to have access to all women's spaces: toilets, showers, changing rooms, hospital wards, prisons, waxing salons, girlguiding tents, - nothing should be off-limits to men.

Not weird at all, no no.
Satana Kennedy as Zinnia Jones is cited in a @guardian piece by @HannahEP as part of a trans community "very scared and worried" about the BBC Transkids documentary

Satana: "Unhealthy environments for child-rearing are so tragically commonplace"

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@FondOfBeetles @giyadas I'm American. I had a similar reaction. The Trump admin. memo is (predictably) idiotic use of language. But - I needed to get a better understanding of what the memo is so poorly attempting to address. Some things I didn't know about the BHO admn transgender policies:
@FondOfBeetles @giyadas…
Basically, 44's admin created a document that interpreted Title IX in some pretty radical ways that conflate biological sex (legally protected class) with gender identity so that the latter should be viewed as the former.
@FondOfBeetles @giyadas This was kind of a work around to the problem of resistance conservative legislators would have had to creating law to define gender identity as a protected class. The document basically lays out the expectation that schools will accept the conflation of sex with gender...
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Kajsa Ekis Ekman (KEE) wrote last week about Kristoffer Johansson who will be moved from class 1 security men’s prison to class 2 security women’s prison. There are no class 1 security women’s prisons in Sweden. Take a guess why. #peaktrans #radicalfeminism #marxism #swepol
We can no longer coddle men’s emotions. Kristoffer Johansson raped, smeared his sperm on his victim, murdered and butchered her. He then feigned concern and joined the search party for her body. The butchering of Vatchareeya Bangsuan is a part of men’s terror against women.
Vatchareeya’s murder is a terror that women grow up with and is normalized by societal institutions. It is not random that he was a man and she was a woman. That Kristoffer’s emotions has higher priority than women’s lives is a natural consequence of institutionalized patriarchy.
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if you ask for the definitions of words like woman, girl, female, man, boy, male
if you use transphobic dogwhistles like “sexually dimorphic,” “biological reality,” and “sex stereotypes”
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It’s so funny and ironic how #liberals call #RadicalFeminism#WhiteFeminism”, yet, I’ve come across so much actual #racism directed at me and other #GenderCritical black women from self-righteous #trans activists/allies and libfems. 🙄
I’ve gotten more racism from that crowd in the past two weeks than I’ve gotten from any #RadicalFeminists in two months. Or any amount of time. Liberals routinely erase the radical #WomenOfColor from history who either called themselves #radfems or influenced radical feminism so
that they can call radical feminism “white”, misappropriate #Intersectionality from #BlackFeminism to try and justify including males in #feminism, argue that “transwomen are women the same way Black women are women”, (racist and dehumanizing comparison of black women to males),
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Man who decided a few months ago that he's actually a woman got called a man by a @Lyft driver. The man almost cried, but is now relieved that @Lyft has deactivated the driver for this grievous crime, thereby depriving him of his livelihood .
Yes and it's this man, more of a man than you'll ever be, who got a man fired today for calling him a man.
Man who decided a few months ago that he's actually a woman now calls the police on a latino bar for noticing he's a man and not letting him into the women's toilets, which are reserved for women.

Guy seems hellbent on putting people out of business for hurting his feelings.
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Hi there #peaktrans - Today let’s all say FUCK GATEKEEPERS.

Story time, how Trysha first got HRT.
I was a mess. The year was 1995-1996.
I discovered on usenet and my mind was blown.
I kept it quiet, from everyone. Trans was a thing,
I wanted HRT yesterday, but there was no support, no help, no nothing.
I started asking people for help and was told no. No no no no no.

I couldn’t find a therapist, when I did, they sent me away. I found a support group of 50+ year olds I didn’t pass some test or something, and they vanished into the aether.
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Okay time to go on an adventure!

Wish me luck~ 💜
Adventure over but I’m gonna turn this into a thread about the adventure. First stop: shops! (I didn’t take pictures of these because it felt rude)

First thing I did was go to the local comic shop and skim some stuff, mostly the new Sonic comic from IDW.
Anyone else find it a little weird that of all things the legacy of Sonic Heroes is that its Badniks have become the new staple of Eggman’s army?
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