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Aquí va un video que si a alguien no le provoca #peaktrans es que no es humano.
Sobre Jazz Jennings ya había hablado antes, creo.
Esta persona tan joven y carne de depresión, nació niño pero a los 4 años se puso un bañador de su hermana y sus padres la "convirtieron" en trans.
Fue la persona más joven en ser declarada transgénero en EEUU y a la corta edad de 11 años ya comenzó con los bloqueadores de la pubertad.
Luego vinieron entrevistas, libros, una muñeca, campañas de publicidad y un programa de televisión donde cuenta su vida.
Y empezó el negocio.
El "reality show", donde sale toda su familia como si fueran las Kardashian, les ha proporcionado a todos ellos popularidad y pingües beneficios en sus casi 10 años de emisión.

Pero, como resulta que todo está grabado, lo que se supone que es un programa que sirve para...
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#peaktrans for me was when I learnt about the cotton ceiling and how some men who think they are women believe the cotton knickers of lesbians akin to a structural barrier they should overcome.

It was when I learnt that medicine is harming gender nonconforming youth
#peaktrans was when I realised those children were most likely to grow up gay if we left them alone.

It was when I heard about MichFest; one small, peaceful place for women where they didn’t have to worry about male violence at all….until men picketed it
One of the protestors of “Camp Trans” also went on to murder one of the attendees, her wife&son after the event had been cancelled.

Yet even today people will talk about Camp Trans as the brave rebels and the women who wanted to keep their space as the wicked bigots.
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#YoungGCWomenUnite 🧵
Hey everyone, I’m a mom. I work in an allied healthcare profession. I’m a so called #terf. I don’t have a singular #peaktrans experience, but rather a culmination of experiences. So here we go!
Almost a decade ago, I learned that terms #genderdysphoria and #transgender. There were some people who had extreme distress about their sex and they felt happier looking and presenting like the opposite sex. They worked closely with doctors and therapists.
I didn’t care. None of my business. But when hospital coworkers and staff started saying #TransWomenAreWomen , I started to question it. How could they literally be women? #whatisawoman ?
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Para los y las que están abiertos a escuchar y reflexionar sobre lo #queer, dejo este hilo de recomendaciones. Yo estuve meses buscando sobre el tema hasta tener las ideas claras, así que me parece importante hacer este recopilatorio: feliz #peaktrans a todo el mundo: 👇🧵
Para empezar, os dejo un super blog con varios artículos donde se analizan la teoría queer, el intrusismo en el mov. feminista, la disforia, etc etc etc. Fue esencial en mi #peaktrans y está muy bien explicado:…
Tal vez os suene el libro "Nadie nace en un cuerpo equivocado" de @Jose__Errasti y Marino Pérez de la editorial @EdicionesDeusto . Aquí un vídeo para abriros el apetito hasta que consigáis el libro:
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Ayer alguien preguntó qué es #peaktrans y me tomé un ratito para responder.
Como me quedó apañado, lo he pulido un poco y lo cuelgo aquí.
Dentro HILO y que se inicie mi lapidación. ⬇️⬇️⬇️
Lo primero es distinguir entre sexo y género, el SEXO es biológico e inmutable. Cuando naces, salvo excepciones que ni siquiera son las contempladas por el colectivo transgénero, naces con cromosomas XX y órganos sexuales femeninos o cromosomas XY y órganos sexuales masculinos.
El GÉNERO es cultural, son las costumbres y roles que se asocian a un sexo. Si eres niña te deben gustar las muñecas y el rosa y si eres niño, el fútbol y el azul. O, más bien, NO te deben gustar las cosas de niñas.
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i have always been a feminist. At 9, I complained at school because boys got the footy workshop with the AFL stars but girls didn't. Suffered my first sexual assault was at 10, which was formative. In my teens I changed 'He' to 'She' when I read from the prayer book at schule...
I learned at university that sex = biological categories, female and male. It's binary. That's how procreation happens. "Gender" is a social construct and collection of stereotypes which harms us all. Reject gender, I say: men cry! women play sport! boys play with dolls!...
girls climb trees! women don't have to marry, take their husband's name, have babies, and do all the emotional labour in relationships. Resist!
I was happy to accept transwomen as women because I thought they challenged gendered stereotypes - men can wear dresses and be...
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¿Cómo se manifiesta el borrado jurídico de las mujeres? 🧵

- Fuente y soporte gráfico: @ContraBorrado /

1. En el deporte:
La participación de las mujeres en el deporte, tanto profesional como amateur, es un logro del feminismo de incalculable valor. (...) Existen categorías en base al sexo para garantizar la competición justa entre personas de iguales condición (juego limpio).
Mujeres/hombres tienen diferencias anatómicas que producen una ventaja deportiva para los varones, entendido el término en sentido estrictamente biológico: mayor densidad ósea, capacidad pulmonar, masa muscular, tamaño/ altura, que no desaparecen ni siquiera con hormonación.
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The UK isn't 'TERF Island', it's 'Awareness Island'. TRA's are seemingly unwilling or unable to understand what the 'problems' they are experiencing are actually about. You really, really need to understand it 1/ Image
What the UK has is a strong feminist movement, that largely originated within the political left / unions so understands class analysis. Highly organised & tenacious, they've raised public awareness like nowhere else on earth. 2/
So TRA's problem isn't "TERFs" as such, or even transphobia, but more that British feminists have simply informed the general British public, and in turn the wider world, about what transactivists are saying and what you actually believe 3/
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Should this person be allowed in women's spaces?

"A transgender woman threatened to stab a 10-year-old girl’s mother during a terrifying sexual assault in the female toilets of a Morrison’s supermarket."

Should this person be allowed in women's spaces?

"The 26 year old was jailed for dousing his ex in bleach, trying to torch him and stabbing him six times with screwdriver."

"Men have assaulted or violated women’s privacy in public bathrooms 21 times due to pro-LGBT transgender restroom policies." (2017)

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THREAD. #BoysWillBeGirls

This is a rap song about transgenderism and how a man cannot become a woman anymore than a man can become a bat.

The point: individuals are free to live their lives however they so desire – but biology cannot be overthrown.

In a sane world, such a statement ought to arouse no controversy.

Alas, we live in the age of moral epilepsy – a time when many are of the persuasion that men can possess a cervix.

A world in which 2 + 2 = 5 because the correct equation excludes odd numbers.
The song affirms a few simple truths – truths which today have become unutterable obscenities to some ears. Namely:

Sex is binary.

Sex change is impossible.

Sex is determined precisely at the point of conception and cannot be altered thereafter – in any way.

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#PeakTrans One of many moments I have had. I am witing this with permission from the victim.

Her aged 25 and her daughter aged 6 where in a well known shop chain in the UK.

They popped into a quiet loo.
A man in a dress forced his way into the cubicle. He forced her to grab his surgically enhanced chest. He violently raped her in the vagina and anus with his penis. Her 6 year old was with her.
"You like lady dick don't you"
"I'm going to destroy your little girl next"
"I'm going to make her suck on my tits and call me Mummy"
"My milk comes from a different place but is better than Mums"

These are a few things he said while raping her infront of her daughter.
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Poo boy decided to try to get my pages taken down rather than make good on his promise to answer questions. Too bad, I'd love for one of these trans activists to actually give a truthful response to that one.

#NotAFeeling #NotYourCostume #TranswomenAreMen #PeakTrans #Feminism
The TRA trolls have set their sights on me and are trying to get me banned from all the internets.
They got the post taken down on fb, soi f you like this meme you may want to save it while you can.
It's interesting, innit, how literally showing their own words is considered...
(cont.) scary and harmful...
He posted his "ask me anything" on my page btw, so I just took him up on the offer.
Anyway, these misogynists are trying to add me to the long list of feminists they've silenced, so if I disappear for a while, you'll know why.

#WarOnWomen #Silencing
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Hey kids, give me a call. Don't let your parents know.
Just another trans activist fighting for males to have access to all women's spaces: toilets, showers, changing rooms, hospital wards, prisons, waxing salons, girlguiding tents, - nothing should be off-limits to men.

Not weird at all, no no.
Satana Kennedy as Zinnia Jones is cited in a @guardian piece by @HannahEP as part of a trans community "very scared and worried" about the BBC Transkids documentary

Satana: "Unhealthy environments for child-rearing are so tragically commonplace"

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@FondOfBeetles @giyadas I'm American. I had a similar reaction. The Trump admin. memo is (predictably) idiotic use of language. But - I needed to get a better understanding of what the memo is so poorly attempting to address. Some things I didn't know about the BHO admn transgender policies:
@FondOfBeetles @giyadas…
Basically, 44's admin created a document that interpreted Title IX in some pretty radical ways that conflate biological sex (legally protected class) with gender identity so that the latter should be viewed as the former.
@FondOfBeetles @giyadas This was kind of a work around to the problem of resistance conservative legislators would have had to creating law to define gender identity as a protected class. The document basically lays out the expectation that schools will accept the conflation of sex with gender...
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Kajsa Ekis Ekman (KEE) wrote last week about Kristoffer Johansson who will be moved from class 1 security men’s prison to class 2 security women’s prison. There are no class 1 security women’s prisons in Sweden. Take a guess why. #peaktrans #radicalfeminism #marxism #swepol
We can no longer coddle men’s emotions. Kristoffer Johansson raped, smeared his sperm on his victim, murdered and butchered her. He then feigned concern and joined the search party for her body. The butchering of Vatchareeya Bangsuan is a part of men’s terror against women.
Vatchareeya’s murder is a terror that women grow up with and is normalized by societal institutions. It is not random that he was a man and she was a woman. That Kristoffer’s emotions has higher priority than women’s lives is a natural consequence of institutionalized patriarchy.
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if you ask for the definitions of words like woman, girl, female, man, boy, male
if you use transphobic dogwhistles like “sexually dimorphic,” “biological reality,” and “sex stereotypes”
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It’s so funny and ironic how #liberals call #RadicalFeminism#WhiteFeminism”, yet, I’ve come across so much actual #racism directed at me and other #GenderCritical black women from self-righteous #trans activists/allies and libfems. 🙄
I’ve gotten more racism from that crowd in the past two weeks than I’ve gotten from any #RadicalFeminists in two months. Or any amount of time. Liberals routinely erase the radical #WomenOfColor from history who either called themselves #radfems or influenced radical feminism so
that they can call radical feminism “white”, misappropriate #Intersectionality from #BlackFeminism to try and justify including males in #feminism, argue that “transwomen are women the same way Black women are women”, (racist and dehumanizing comparison of black women to males),
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Man who decided a few months ago that he's actually a woman got called a man by a @Lyft driver. The man almost cried, but is now relieved that @Lyft has deactivated the driver for this grievous crime, thereby depriving him of his livelihood .
Yes and it's this man, more of a man than you'll ever be, who got a man fired today for calling him a man.
Man who decided a few months ago that he's actually a woman now calls the police on a latino bar for noticing he's a man and not letting him into the women's toilets, which are reserved for women.

Guy seems hellbent on putting people out of business for hurting his feelings.
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Okay time to go on an adventure!

Wish me luck~ 💜
Adventure over but I’m gonna turn this into a thread about the adventure. First stop: shops! (I didn’t take pictures of these because it felt rude)

First thing I did was go to the local comic shop and skim some stuff, mostly the new Sonic comic from IDW.
Anyone else find it a little weird that of all things the legacy of Sonic Heroes is that its Badniks have become the new staple of Eggman’s army?
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