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Recently, Netflix released the film "Kathal," lauded by many as a heartwarming satire addressing caste prejudices and gender bias. Intrigued, I decided to watch it. However, the film left me exhausted and unsatisfied. #FilmReview #Kathal #CastePrejudice…
While the actors delivered decent performances, the storyline was mediocre at best, with tasteless humor sprinkled here and there. It's puzzling why so many reviewers praised the film for addressing casteism, when most of them come from privileged castes. #SavarnaGaze
"Kathal" lacks a deep understanding of how caste functions in rural spaces. The film's creative team treats caste issues superficially, as if it were a trending topic to capitalize on. Stereotypical scenes about caste discrimination feel performative and inauthentic.
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What would European Court of Human Rights decisions look like if they recognised + applied #intersectionality?🤔

The project “Intersectional Rewrites: European Court of Human Rights Judgments Reimagined” (@intersectRW) imagines a jurisprudence that rises to this challenge.

🧵👇🏾 Image
The volume will gather 15 judgments from the European Court, rewritten by activists, practitioners, and academics based on key learnings of intersectionality theory and praxis.
In doing so, it aims to contribute to a broader endeavour of critical rewrites such as the feminist judgments projects through an exclusive focus on the critical paradigm of #intersectionality.
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1/ Kick-off question from @DJDevakumar in the launch of @TheLancet racism and health series @raceandhealth

What does #racism mean to you?

This made me reflect on my personal definition of racism so here goes 🧵
2/ To me personally I think of #racism as discrimination whether *by thought and/or action* based on skin colour or geographical place or culture or religion or language or social attitudes that never operates in isolation, which brings us to the concept of #intersectionality
3/ Racism is always compounded or diluted by other systems of oppression or privilege like #patriarchy #classism #homophobia.
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Our paper is out!
Current #adaptation projects do not automatically enhance #gender equality | need to be intentionally brought in at planning & implementation stages.

23authors|9sectors|17739 literature|countless meetings

Delighted to have brainstormed👇figure with @Joyashree9
Embedding gender considerations and facilitating #women’s participation in project design and implementation along with #inclusive #policies, training, information access, planning, and monitoring is needed
Additional course correction for #SDG5 is needed.
Our #SDG5plus (SDG5+) approach takes into consideration #intersectionality and gender aspects beyond #women alone, & can help #adaptation actions move towards meeting #genderequality and other #climatejustice goals.
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The impact of #racism on maternal health & early life #RHOConf22


Systemic & structural determinants of health & effect of #intersectionality for women of colour #SDOH

Black mothers more likely to die than white mothers for >100yrs

The five whys as a framework
#RHOConf22 the landscape is changing

Imp of community partners, integration of social needs - new opportunities for the #ICS

Introducing panel @TeamCMidO, Dr Daghni Rajasingam, @MumsandTea and @BenashNaz 💙

Take the woman with you & have the will to act
Data obscures the human experience

Strategy based on #ProportionateUniversalism at scale and intensity equal to the level of need

Focus on #racist behaviour and who listens to who @TeamCMidO

@MumsandTea recommends data sets and ethnic coding “what gets measured gets done”
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I loved being back @Google, speaking at their flagship advertiser event of the year. It’s a huge honour to work the world’s largest brands on their inclusion journeys, making advertising more representative of the whole range of human diversity that exists #GML2022 #DreamJob
As a South Asian woman who experiences disability, I know what it feels like to be underrepresented, have your identity sensationalised and experience discrimination due to biases towards all the things that make you who you are. But it doesn’t have to be this way.
Not only is cultivating & being inclusive morally the right thing to do, but it will increase your profitability too.

If you’d like any help with your inclusion journey, let’s have a chat

#Inclusion #KeynoteSpeaker #Intersectionality #Expert #Marketing
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A 🧵 for the anti-war feminists who argue against backing Ukrainian defence: an initiative delivering medication to survivors of Russian army’s sexual violence, helping women, girls & fellow survivors to prevent unwanted pregnancy and access safe abortion, that I've supported..
…asked donors to send money to the UA defence because without pushing the occupying RU & allied armies out of Ukraine, there is currently no way to reach many women, girls and fellow people who have been raped and to stop & prevent their rape and murder. A reality check. So..
Anyone who undermines defence in response to a military invasion needs to understand that denying people the means of self-defence enables rape, killing & imperial oppression. Doesn't feminism support a woman's right to self-defence against gender violence? Then it ought to…
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🧵 on Gloria #LadsonBillings, the primary source for bringing #CRT into the field of education. You know, #CriticalRaceTheory that so many super honest & super smart people have repeatedly liked to claim doesn’t even exist outside of Law Schools. 1/19
GLB injected her “critical(Marxist)” socio-historical racial lens of #CRT into the education system in 1995, with her paper written alongside William Tate, & titled “Toward a Critical Race Theory of Education” & followed that up in 1998 with…2/
“Just What is Critical Race Theory, and What’s It Doing in a Nice Field Like Education?”Two works that “extend the intellectual contributions of legal scholars; Derrick Bell, Cheryl Harris, Lani Guinier, Kimberle Crenshaw, Patricia Williams, Linda Greene, Mari Matsuda…3/
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🧵 abt “traditional talking circles” in settler colonial institutions. 1/ while I do support bringing in ways of communicating/relating/working through tough topics that r customary within many #indigenous nations (sharing/talking circles)…1/5
2/5 I do challenge the idea that these customs just automatically make the shared spaces equitable and safe for everyone participating simply because they r “indigenous” and therefore it is presumed that “everyone is is equal within the circle”…
3/5 I mean, one is not entering an alternative reality when joining a circle…it doesn’t matter who is leading it, if an Elder is present, etc. As #indigenous ppls settler colonial histories & current realities shape our lives so differently according 2 race, gender, class, etc..
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The problem with privilege.
Personal reflections from a very late diagnosed #ActuallyAutistic perspective.
Inequality is something most autistic people are horribly familiar with.
We get spoken on behalf of, pushed to the sidelines and ignored.
Most (probably all) autistic people experience inequality, but some of us are more unequal than others.
Additional inequalities are partly structural, resulting from prejudice and discrimination towards people who are black, brown, LGBTQIA+, physically disabled, non-speaking.
Age, gender, educational achievement, and social class also help to determine the attitudes and obstacles we encounter.
As a white 62 year old autistic woman I have privilege, but not as much as when I was younger, undiagnosed, and in the peak years of my professional career.
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The language of quant crit is in its infancy but the practice has a long legacy dating back to Du Bois and Wells-Barnett.

Let's use #QuantCritSyllabus to feature studies that use critical quantitative methodologies and frameworks. I'll start.
#AcademicTwitter #SocAF #QuantCrit
The Racism-Race Reification Process: A Mesolevel Political Economic Framework for Understanding Racial Health Disparities by @aasewell

#QuantCritSyllabus #HealthDisparities #MortgageMarkets
#MergedDatabases #Multilevel #GeneralizedLinearModels…
Collateral Damage: The Health Effects of Invasive Police Encounters in New York City by @aasewell & Kevin Jefferson

#QuantCritSyllabus #Health #Policing
#NYC #CommunityHealthSurvey #StopQuestionandFrisk #MultilevelModels…
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(1/10) ❗️Disclaimer❗️: Not an #intersectionality expert but care about #intersectionality & #healthequity. I want my research to reflect personal values. Below are just some of my musings on this ⬇️
(2/10) In my #epidemiology research, often constrained by what data is available to me...

e.g. forced to conflate #sex & #gender, treat gender as binary construct, collapse #ethnicity into meaningless categories etc. This is not good research! ☠️
(3/10) Most importantly, not doing justice to the people my research is aimed to serve. Want to change that.
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In this thread, I am going to provide definitions for some of the key concepts which often feature in discussions, training, arguments and even academic papers about autism.
Defining them and agreeing about the definitions can help us reduce our arguments and gain consensus more quickly -- or at the very least, it can help to ensure that we're at least arguing about the same thing, even if we don't agree about how to approach it.
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"The way we imagine discrimination or disempowerment often is more complicated for people who are subjected to multiple forms of exclusion. The good news is that intersectionality provides us a way to see it."

— Kimberle W. Crenshaw
"If you don't have a lens that's been trained to look at how various forms of discrimination come together, you're unlikely to develop a set of policies that will be as inclusive as they need to be."

— Kimberle Williams Crenshaw
"#Intersectionality is an analytic sensibility, a way of thinking about identity and its relationship to power. Originally articulated on behalf of black women, the term brought to light the invisibility of many constituents within groups that claim them as members ...
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Tweeting live from the #ichbinhanna conference organized by @AKellerGEW !
Warming up!
1/ All tweets about the GEW conference today will be here in this thread.
We're starting NOW with @AKellerGEW saying the opening remarks!

#hannabeidergew, #ichbinhanna & #dauerstellen!
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In-depth individual interviews of 25 #women #workers at the Ambassador Bridge produced #breastcancer risk understandings & agency narratives.

Kathy said: “put us all together, and pretty soon you have just got lots of stories that all have the same ending.”

A thread

The research captures & explains layered & multifactorial influences on women’s narratives of #breastcancer risks & related agency and to see how #health and health knowledge are constructed in a #nested set of relationships.

Multiple information sources influenced #women’s #breastcancer risk and agency narratives.

Social, cultural & experiential information were all included.

#Workplace & #environmental exposures & socio-cultural aspects of work & environment were critical to the narratives.

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I discovered something new about humans: how parents name their children reveals info on how many kids they’re planning to have.

Thread on forthcoming paper in #Demography on kids’ names & sexual/fertility norms among #Irish #Catholics

Preprint:… Image
The map shows where Catholic parents chose distinctly Catholic names (Catholic Index) or traditional names (Traditional Name Score) for kids + their total surviving children as of 1911 (Net fertility). Family size highly correlated with Catholic and traditional names.
In 1860, a woman in an industrializing nation like Britain could expect to give birth to 6 children.
By 1940, that number had dropped to 2.
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MWCD Report (2019-20) states that out of 728 One Stop Centres, only 595 are currently operational.
It is the State's responsibility to protect and promote our Human Rights and Dignity!
#16Days #prajnya16days #nosgbv
@PriyankaSamy @DalitWomenRise @ifwedonotrise
Union Budget 2020-21 allocates a mere 0.8% (Rs.7986.34Cr.) for Dalit women and 0.34% (Rs. 3174.91Cr.) for Adivasi women from the total eligible Centrally Sponsored Schemes and Central Sector Schemes! Budget Justice??
#16Days #prajnya16days
@PriyankaSamy @ncdhr @dalitwomenrise
Almost 46,000 crimes were registered against Dalits in 2019 but the conviction rates are only 28%. Sexual violence on Dalit women reveals a pattern of impunity enjoyed by dominant caste State & nonstate perpetrators.
#16Days #prajnya16days
@PriyankaSamy @ManjulaHPradeep @sitara1
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*An appeal to NON-autistic people: please take a few moments to read this thread*

We (#Neurodivergent people) were taught early in life that everything YOU (#Allistics) said and did was what WE (#Autistics etc) had to aspire to.

We weren’t even told an alternative existed. 1/9
Our #Autism was suppressed before we knew the word for it.

When we protested, we were met with punishment and ostracism.

When we suffered in silence, we were never rewarded for protecting YOU from our *legitimate* anger.

We were converted to #AutisticMasking to survive. 2
All children need mirroring for healthy development. We #Autistics received very little.

Our talents were often not recognized or acknowledged. If they were, it was not for our benefit, but for yours.

Our faults were all noted and attributed to us alone. 3
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The Netflix film "The Social Dilema" provides a mass audience for critiques of social media surveillance but gives tech bros a platform to absolve themselves and no voice to the women scholars who have worked for years on these issues. @safiyanoble @ruha9…
I liked the part in the film "The Social Dilema" where they pushed on past the simplistic slogan that "If the product is free then you are the product" to Lanier's re-formulation "the product is actually imperceptibly small and unconscious changes in your beliefs and behaviour".
The film makes a valuable contribution by using Netflix to popularise how surveillance capitalists use social media to identify our psychological vulnerabilities and triggers in order to profit from suruptiously shaping our consciousness, consumption and voting behaviours.
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So pleased to be able to bring my workshop - Working withIN diversity - to another cohort of counsellors. Exploring identity, intersectionality, power, privilege & oppression. #workingwithindiversity #intersectionality #counselling Image
Exploring positions of oppression and power. Something which exists in the counselling/therapeutic professions & practice. Can be experienced as microaggressions, criticising or dismissing an 'other's' experiences, work, success, projects or progress. Professional envy is real! Image
Our afternoon discussion - what impact do you think #intersectionality might have on the counselling process, therapeutic relationship and presenting problem? #counselling #identity Image
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📢📢📢 Our report on #intersectionality in Europe with @CIJBerlin is out !
Find out how an intersectional approach can
✅ tackle structural inequalities
✅ address intersecting grounds of discrimination
#ReclaimIntersectionality #IntersectionalJustice Image
What does #intersectionality mean for the EU action plan against racism?
✅ address structural inequalities
✅ re-centre race in equality policies
✅ collect #equalitydata
✅ screen policies from a race equality and intersectional perspective
Read our 📖:… Image
Don’t have the time to read our full report on #intersectionality in Europe with @CIJBerlin ?
Read our summary to have the essentials and start adopting an intersectional approach in your work!
#ReclaimIntersectionality #IntersectionalJustice Image
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