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On parle beaucoup, ces temps-ci, de sexe, de genre, de transsexuel et de transgenres. Le préfixe trans (, qui signifie en latin “de l’autre côté”, indique un changement, un passage d’un sexe à un autre ou d’un genre à un autre.
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BREAKING: The Trump administration just announced its plan to deny transgender people experiencing homelessness equal access to shelters. #SheltersSaveLives #WontBeErased…
The proposal centers on the Equal Access Rule, which ensures shelters & programs don't discriminate against LGBTQ people. HUD Secretary Ben Carson plans to weaken those protections for transgender people seeking access to HUD programs. #SheltersSaveLives #WontBeErased
Sec. Carson told a House committee yesterday that he had no plans to revise this rule, stating “I’m not going to say what we will do in the future about anything. I’m not currently anticipating changing the rule.”

In short, he lied. This had to be in the works for a long time.
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THREAD: Buckle up, folks. We're here, livestreaming today's #SOTU, ready to set the record straight & stand up for trans people.
Before the speech kicks off: We expect the President to use this platform to spread lies & try to justify his attacks on marginalized groups. Want to know the *REAL* #SOTU? Check out our State of the Trans Union 2019:…
Tonight, we're honored & proud to say that @MaraKeisling is the guest of @RepDebHaaland, a great ally & friend to the transgender community:
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🏳️‍🌈#LGBTVoices Celebrates🏳️‍🌈

Today’s Thread Topic:

Binary vs. Non-Binary?


First, we need to understand the concept of being “gender binary”. Simply, it means viewing gender as two opposite categories of “male” (masculine)🧔🏾& female (feminine)👩🏻‍⚕️.

But what if you don’t fit into that mold?

@TransEquality: “Non-binary” is one term people use to describe genders that don’t fall into one of these two categories, male or female.

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THREAD: Let's talk about this dangerously ill-informed, "both sides," fear-mongering, concern-trolling nonsense of an @TheEconomist editorial on transgender rights.…
@TheEconomist 2) First of all, the editorial is built on the false pretense that gender is "chosen" It's not. Nobody's "deciding" a gender. Some people just **have** a gender doesn't align with the sex they were assigned at birth.
@TheEconomist 3) The editorial opens with all these claims about how @TheEconomist was good on gay rights. So what? That's the equivalent of saying "I have gay friends."

Not only are gay rights kind of irrelevant here, it's a clear indication they know they're siding AGAINST trans people.
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The existence of transgender people is not up for debate. Yet the Trump administration has apparently redoubled its efforts to exclude transgender Americans from the protection of federal civil rights laws.…
This administration — based on news reports over the weekend in @nytimes — seems to think it can write transgender people out of existence by issuing regulations declaring that sex is determined at birth and cannot be changed.
But we are watching closely. We are paying attention to the admin's connections to outside groups like the Alliance Defending Freedom, a hate group that seeks to undermine the rights + the dignity of transgender people and push them back into the shadows.…
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Trump is attempting to erase transgender people from existence by strictly defining the word “gender.”
In a series of decisions by the obama administration, the term “gender” was loosened under its legal concepts for federal programs, including education and health care.

If you remember the fights over who can/can’t use which bathroom, this was that.
However, a memo obtained by the NYT states that the Dept. of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is trying to establish a legal definition of “sex” under Title IX.

Title IX is the federal law that bans gender discrimination in education programs that receive government money.
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On Sept 15, 1935, the Reichstag unanimously passed two Nuremberg Laws.

The Reich Citizenship Law stripped the rights of anyone without German blood: Jews, Roma, "undesirables."

It erased them. They didn't go anywhere; they just lost protection & recognition of the law.

The Trump administration's attack on trans people is a systematic dismantling of civil and human rights.

It began with the military ban.
(Jewish businesses were boycotted in 1933.)

Now, they're stripping civil rights.
(Nuremberg Laws passed in 1935.)

What is their next step?
We're far from whatever insidious endgame they have planned.

We watched as they scaled up migrant persecution. Families were torn apart. Now children are in concentration camps.

This is the beginning.

If you're cisgender, you cannot ignore this.

Trans rights are human rights.
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I am proudly out as trans, and I #WontBeErased.

Please support @TransEquality, which I sit on the board of, as they fight this latest affront to human rights. Liz stands in front of a bog wearing a light blue jacket. she is wearing purple lipstick and slightly smiling.
This morning I considering leaving the hotel without makeup, because I wasn't meeting clients or filming today. But I made a snap decision to put on femme battle armor after the news.

Two strangers complimented me out of the blue on my lipstick today. Worth. #TransIsBeautiful
*considered. I should learn to proofread my tweets.
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SCOTUS won’t happen but by proclaiming his virginity as a defense, Kavanaugh has crossed the threshold & become a verb.

Kavanaughing is the act of defensive & glaringly insufficient* virtue-signaling.

*Assaults aren’t on a📆& virginity isn’t relevant—let alone a defense/excuse.
But instead of investigating, the public can only expect more kavanauging from the GOP
All the GOP has left is huffing, puffing & kavanaughing their way thru. But what virtue are they signaling?

Also, how many times has Kavanaugh—instead of answering—tried to Senate Judiciary members to answer their own questions? Has any nominee ever been so disrespectful?
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