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En esta pieza @G_Casillas nos reseña la crisis de 1994-1995 que desencadenó en una de las más profundas recesiones de nuestro país.
Añado algunas anotaciones de mi parte que, seguramente por problemas de espacio, no se amplían en el magnífico artículo.
El nombre de "Crisis del Tequila" vino dado de fuera de 🇲🇽 por las reverberaciones y/o contagio que esta crisis en nuestro país ocasionó en otras economías emergentes.
En México se popularizó llamarla "El error de diciembre".
Me parece que este episodio resalta la "trinidad imposible" en una economía, es decir, tener simultáneamente un régimen de tipo de cambio fijo (o semifijo), libre movilidad de capitales y una política monetaria independiente. Algo tiene que ceder.
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The #Zapatista tour of #Ireland, a long aul’ thread (but pix and vids!) to wrap up

In 1994 indigenous peasants in the mountains of SE Mexico rose up against #neoliberal capitalism, their latest struggle in 500 years of resisting colonialism…

#LaGiraZapatistaVa #EZLN Zapatista women at La Realidad
If you need a backgrounder, here's Mick McCaughan, ex-Latin American correspondent for the Irish Times and Guardian introducing why the #Zapatistas matter:

27 years later, they hold liberated territory the size of Munster –

governing themselves from below

with a powerful #womxn’s movement

practicing #AgroEcology

and with their own culture, education system, community media...

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Yesterday was the last day of the #Zapatista Journey for Life in Ireland.

15 days of meeting activists and campaigners from social movements and communities in struggle around the island.

Tues AM started with a radical walking tour of #Belfast:

here at the international wall. International wall
The afternoon was an indoors encuentro


Learning from each other's struggles in @Culturlann: Culturlann encuentro
#Zapatista women singing songs with @grainneholland in Cumann Cluain Ard last night Zapatista women in Cumann C...
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The #Zapatista tour of #Ireland is winding up...

They have met w social movements and communities in struggle across the island...

Each learning from each other, and thinking together...

How do we build a better world? Build a new world
Y'day they visited #LoughNeagh and heard from lake protectors who are challenging agricultural pollution and sand dredging of the lake bed.

The struggle against #extractivism is a global one. Zapatista women at Lough Neagh
At the #Belfast community garden GROW, working across community divides and with migrant & women's groups. GROW community garden, Belfast
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Three weeks ago, paramilitaries linked to the ruling party in #Mexico looted and burned two #Zapatista warehouses which stored this year’s coffee harvest.

You can help the Zapatista communities by making a donation to the coffee solidarity campaign.…
"We call on all those who recognize that solidarity is our strength to denounce this attack on Zapatista autonomy and to help recover the loss of their coffee harvest."…
At their annual celebration, the Zapatistas took aim at the Mayan Train and tree farm megaprojects that trample the rights of Indigenous people.

From the #ROARchives…
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But armed insurrection can also make tactical sense in particular contexts. Here I am at an international meeting held by the armed #Zapatista movement in Mexico two years after their armed insurrection - their armed rebellion worked /9
The Zapatista rebellion happened in a context of extreme repression & although they used the armed rebellion to open a space they put a halt to violence as soon as a deal could be negotiated. Their practise is mostly NVDA with the guns far in the background just in case /10
Here I am a couple of years later at the Prague World Bank protests in September 2000. Hours of intense rioting saw most IMF delegates panic and flee the city, ending the conference. This rioting wasn't violence as categorised by WCRW research /11
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